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  1. There was an article in Game Informer a couple months ago...supposedly, the crew that developed CoH has broken off and was working on Marvel Universe online, but there was some kind of dispute with the guys at Marvel, so they bought the rights to Champions and are turning it into that instead. Basically, it works like CoH in a lot of ways, except that you design your powers as you get them (e.g. My Energy blast is yellow and comes from my palms, my avatar does an underhand throw animation when he uses his power), and after you make your character, you design your arch-nemesis, which then goes under computer control. Later in the game, you are supposed to be able to choose a public or secret identity, and there are missions and whatnot related to that, as well as a character creation for the alternate identity. Even cooler is that you map your powers to the controller in whatever way makes sense to you. NO RECHARGE! You have an energy bar, and you can do whatever you have energy for, and when you're out....I guess you run. Oh, this is a console game, btw, for xbox 360 and ps3. Let's see...what else... Oh...they said that there will be archetypes, but that all powers are available to all archetypes, some powers are just more expensive for some archetypes than others. Also, it's not just a city... it's the whole world! Including, as of the writing of the article, jungles with lost dinosaur civilizations, arctic strongholds, and even the MOON! Oh, and I read somewhere online (not in the game informer article, but I can't remember where) that they are talking about a free demo where you create a char with no powers just for socialization...so that the civilians that you imperil or rescue could be real people...don't know the truth to that one. I do know, however, that they are trying to go with smaller areas, so that the interiors of buildings are available from the exterior (so if you can phase through walls, you can go right in...or if you can smash through walls, the same) Also, they want full pvp, and trust the community to work out unfair behavior (after all, what is a supervillian except a ganking pker?) Don't know how much or how little the final build will resemble that (due around Christmas 09, a lot can change), but at least they are being ambitious
  2. Holy Crap! Slider's dead? I got back from a hairy outing in Sudan on Tuesday, and I crashed until just now. They're saying Teragen? God, I met her once...she and Andy Parker spoke at the Rashoud Facility in Toronto while I was staying there. Recruiting for Utopia, I guess, I was kind of out of it at the time. She tried real hard to meet everyone, though, I remember that. She touched my shoulder and told me that I would be ok, to stick with it. That's it, no big deal, but it helped some. Wow, I can hardly believe it. Just when you think you've seen it all, done it all, nothing can touch you or surprise you...
  3. Yeh, I know ya too. I check in occasionally myself, although I rarely post. Good to see ya back.
  4. What about cellular life? Couldn't you, in theory, create cancer by encouraging malignant cells to flourish...or an AIDS type phenomenon by encouraging all cells to seek and destroy the CD4 T cells...or take a person who has a case of influenza, and make him a super-flu carrier by teaching the flu to change and adapt to all attacks against it? Alternately, you could be a tremendous healer by doing the opposite of those things. Basically any health benefit or hazard that has been postulated by medical nanites could be realized with this power. Similarly, environmental, or 'earth' health could be affected by a sustained effort by a Nova with this ability...this is most likely part of how Utopia was able to clean the oceans an atmosphere. Granted, this is not a flashy power, or one with any sort of instant gratification...but I think it could be interesting to see what a clever player or ST could make of it.. My $.02
  5. Not sure if this will help you in any way, but I thought I'd share the coolest use of Luck that I've seen in my games. I was a player in this particular series, not the ST, but one of the other players built a character around luck, premonition, pretercognition, and quantum construct. Dr. Han Kevnoh, a Russian MD, was one of the neatest concepts ever, I thought. He did not at any time believe that he was a nova. His taint was moderately high, I believe, and he thought that he had been asked to the Rashoud facility to consult on the case of a good friend of his, Anna, who he believed was the nova. In fact, she was his childhood imaginary friend, made "real" through the judicious use of quantum construct. I believe she only existed just before she would enter the room, and only until she left it. Sometimes, Dr. Kevnoh would answer his cell phone when it hadn't rung, and excuse himself from the room, "Anna wanted him for a minute"...and the room would explode in fiery chaos a moment later. She never pulled him back from the precipice, exactly, she just always needed to speak with him moments before all the bad juju started flying. She never spoke to us, of course. As far as we were concerned, she was mute. It took a bit of time to realize that Kevnoh was in fact, crazy. But...crazy like a fox?
  6. Didn't Al Gore make some kind of claim like that when he ran against Schroer in '00?
  7. And...just to complicate things further, the Jumpers were not themselves novas(aces), the nova was the one whose only (that I know of) power was that he could imbue these gangbangers(no pun intended) with the jumping ability...so put that in your pipe and let me know what you come up with, cause I'm stymied
  8. quote from interview on September 13, 2005 with John J. Miller: "I handed in the new Wild Card novel (DEATH DRAWS FIVE) last December. I have heard conflicting dates of publication, but it looks like either Jan. 2006 or March 2006. George is close to handing in a proposal for three more volumes, a traditional Wild Card triad in which there will be a linked theme for the first two anthologies and a full-blown mosaic novel to cap it off. Keep your fingers crossed." I know mine will be
  9. The Ballad of Casey Jones "Casey Jones you better watch your speed"
  10. You can have Domination, and not have Telepathy. Thus, if you want your Domination to be telepathic, then you buy the extra. In order for your Telepathy to channel mental powers at the same range as your Telepathy, unhindered by the range of the original power, you buy the Channelling extra. I don't see a conflict. Now, I have already stated that my take on Surreptitious Telepathy differs from the rules, so obviously I am not on point with the book there, but I get the sense from reading the Domination power description that with the power Telepathy, you can communicate your Domination mind to mind. If you do not have Telepathy, however, you cannot do this unless you have the telepathic extra on your Domination, which is cheaper than buying Telepathy, and rightfully so, as it is very much limited to the Domination only, and not normal mind to mind communication, and certainly not mind-reading. Remember, it doesn't say "must be able to speak to the victim", it says "must be able to communicate with the victim", meaning that a deaf Dominator could concievably use sign language to Dominate another deaf person. At least, that's how I read the rules. YMMV
  11. Quote:Originally posted by Harold 'Mythic' Anderson: No, the rules are rather clear on this. Standard Domination must be spoken, period. The Telepathic Extra allows the instructions to be given telepathically as does Telepathy with the Telepathic Channeling Extra. Otherwise, just having standard Telepathy and standard Domination does not allow for telepathic commands under the rules.I disagree. The rules say that Domination is not "inherently telepathic". That allows a bit of wiggle room on the telepathy issue. The telepathic Channeling extra allows telepathic domination, mental blast, etc. up to the RANGE of the telepathy, even if the victim is not in the range of the other power...so it's a range thing. If "the Dominator must be able to communicate with the victim"...and the Dominator can communicate telepathically, then why should I make him add an extra that does nothing for him, just to allow him to do something that common sense tells me he should be able to do? I still hold him to the Domination range, so what's the prob, Bob? Quote:SPEED: Also, I decided that telepathy is automatically surreptitious... Harold 'Mythic' Anderson: I think you're reaching a little bit here. I agree that it's a little strange to know who is doing the reading but I'm perfectly cool with targets of standard Telepathy knowing their minds are being read. That way the Surreptitious Extra is still worth something and standard Telepathy is still closer to a level 2 power. Yah, I know, that's just the way I wanted it to be, although I think that if I have never had my mind read, and had no training on how to discover if my mind was being read, then if something weird happened to my mind I think I would be very confused and worried about my sanity, but would probably not come to the immediate conclusion that my mind was being read.
  12. Speaking of ST discretion...The way I read Domination, the instructions can be given telepathically if the Dominator has telepathy and the dominated is within the range of the Domination power. The reason I say this is that the Domination rules say something pretty close to, "The Dominator must be able to communicate with the victim, Domination is not inherently telepathic"...the key word there is INHERENTLY...if the character is telepathic already, I figure he can dominate telepathically, without the need for the telepathic extra... Also, I decided that telepathy is automatically surreptitious..that's just me being arbitrary there, because the idea that the victim AUTOMATICALLY knows not only that their mind is being read, but WHO IS DOING THE READING, is complete and utter nonsense(Billy Smith in Akron, Ohio is IN MY MIND!!!)...I make it an awareness roll at +2 difficulty, +Power Rating dice if the victim is herself telepathic...
  13. hmmm...well, that's unfortunate, as Roger Wellington has put Puppeteer in a Time-Stop bubble, which must certainly have broken his concentration hold on Verdicte...poor Wraith is maimed already, can she hold out? We'll see next Saturday night...
  14. no...The description says that the dominated person will do extremely complicated tasks, "go home, write a letter, mail it to this po box in Boise Idaho.." etc. So, you're saying that the Dominator must concentrate THE WHOLE TIME to get them to do these tasks?
  15. So...Puppeteer dominated Verdicte, telling him telepathically to "protect Caryn Sanders"...Luckily, he knew who Caryn Sanders was, and had the means to protect her, but HOW LONG is he supposed to do this? For the rest of his life? Now, the rules on Domination say that he can make a will roll/spend a will point to reduce the effectiveness by one, but Puppeteer got 7 net successes, needing only 4 for total domination. Would this reduction be available every round? every scene? And if so, Verdicte only has 3 Will, so his total eventual reduction would be to 4, meaning he's still under total control...so, again, HOW LONG does Verdicte protect Wraith, a.k.a. Caryn Sanders?
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