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  1. Cursing, Geoff struggled for a moment to keep Lucy upright, then modified his course, angling off to the right, trying to maintain the range on Recon lance while distancing himself from his lance mates. His left torso's armor registered as completely stripped, and the rest of his torso was a shot away from exposing internals as well. Geoff activated his radio again: "Armor breached, distancing to avoid destruction splash. Over." He continued to fire at Tiegart's Shadow Cat, and cursed again as his fire bracketed the smaller 'mech without hitting it. Crunch [kael] 1:32 pm: Rolling for piloting check: kael *rolls* 2d6: 3+1: 4 kael wipes his brow. [kael] 1:56 pm: Alright, so a pair of ER PPCs again, at Tiegart. Target number 9 again (4 + 4 Long range +1 walk +1 Tiegart's movement -1 Targeting computer). [kael] 1:56 pm: ER PPC #1: kael *rolls* 2d6: 3+5: 8 [kael] 1:56 pm: ER PPC #2: kael *rolls* 2d6: 5+3: 8
  2. "Ouch!" Geoff whispered to himself. He had enough discipline to keep idle chatter off the comms, and they were only using simulated weaponry, so he hadn't really lost two tonnes of armor, but he had enough theoretical knowledge to know the situation wasn't the best. Double checking to make sure he was clear, he returned fire with the only weapons of his that had range: his ER PPCs. Unfortunately, he hadn't quite had as much training in gunnery as he'd had in piloting, and it showed: one of his shots was off by a few degrees, and ionized particles caused a small gout of steam to erupt a few meters from one of the Shadow Cats, although the other one only missed by about a meter. Sadly, close did not count in the case of ionized beam weapons. Using his chin switched, he opened his channel to the rest of the lance. "Boss, you know how much I hate to whine, but I suspect I'm going to be used for target practice." The cabin was spiking in heat, as the battle computer simulated the heat bloom from firing the two heavy weapons. "Do we have a plan to deal with this little range issue?" He chinned the channel shut, then added to himself "At least one that doesn't involve me riding a fireball to the heavens?" Crunch! [kael] 8:49 pm: Alright, Long: Gunnery 4, +4 at long range -1 targetting computer +1 me walking, +1 for them walking is an 8. (4+4-1+1+1). 9, dammit! [kael] 8:51 pm: Alright. First ER PPC: kael *rolls* 2d6: 2+4: 6 [kael] 8:52 pm: Second ER PPC: kael *rolls* 2d6: 4+4: 8 [kael] 8:52 pm: Third ER PPC: [kael] 8:52 pm: Whatcha mean I don't have a third ER PPC?
  3. Maneuvering carefully over the rough ground, and trying to keep the lance commander's Maurauder covering his left flank, Geoff walked Lucy forward at cruise speed. Hopefully, they won't make me the pincushion, he thought, the snorted at that. Said the lamb on the way to the butcher's yard. Well, this lamb bites back! He brought up his targetting computer, looking for a lock for an alpha strike, and hoped Lucy could keep it together until they cleaned up recon lance. (If Nathan's running at full speed, Geoff's going to walk for his first turn to try to keep steady for an alpha strike, or at least a pair of PPCs. If Nathan's being careful, Geoff's not going to go any faster than the boss.)
  4. Unsure of how to deal with the delay in the handshake, Geoff dealt with it the way he dealt with everything he was unsure of: he charged right in. Hmmm. Officers like to know the inside scoop. Alright. "Well sir, Hyena's fine, er, spirits not withstanding, I would appreciate some support in stocking the pantry." He paused, looking at the man he suspected would be his future CO appraisingly, the quirk of his left eyebrow lending melodrama to the effect. "After all, every military unit in history has marched on it's stomach." He glanced around warily, eyeing Hyena for a moment, then pausing for a fraction of a second upon spotting Warpath, before leaning forward towards the lieutenant. He raised a hand to block Hyena's line of sight to Rogue's lips, then stage whispered "Just between you and me, I managed to get a few kilos of Red Angus top sirloin and a case of this rye whiskey the locals make." Then he stood straight again, still keeping his eyes on the man in front of him while nodding knowingly for a moment. In a completely normal tone of voice, he continued: "I might be able to double up on that, with a judicious approval of the use of petty cash funds and the use of the lorry this evening. Or if you could arrange leave, we could have a responsible but liberating night on the town." He smiled, then blinked and suddenly straightened. "Sir! a responsible night on the town, sir!" You idiot! Did you just ask your CO for leave to go drinking in town within five minutes of meeting him?
  5. Geoff, spluttering and red faced, was more than happy to squeak a "yes" in response to his lance commander. Women aren't supposed to be this... this... GAH! Tactical withdrawal! He spun, and gave Nathan a proper half-bow to Nathan. Not the respect that he should show one's superior, Nathan thought, but better than curt nods he's been giving me up until now. It was abundantly clear to Nathan that Geoff was unhappy about Nathan, but on it was also clear that he respected the chain of command, and was never outright insolent. "Come on! We have a victory to plan! Road runners to catch!" Geoff yelled, leading Battle lance away from Recon. If he was a little too loud, only that and the bright red of his cheeks gave it away.
  6. Looking up and to the right, a frown crept across Geoff's face. "So if we win, we get honor, and if they win, they get good Sushi made by a beautiful woman?" Geoff said, apparently to himself. He seemed to struggle with the concept for a few more seconds, then shrugged. "They're crazy. This is a crazy idea. That makes sense. Sort of. Somehow." "Hey Jules, will you make me sushi if we 'kill' two of them before they take any of us?" he asked, grinning in gleeful anticipation.
  7. There were very few things Geoff liked more than driving fast. Most people wouldn't call a cargo hauler fast, but Geoff couldn't usually roll the windows down and let his hand channel the wind in the things that he could drive faster. There was always something the base would need from town, and there was very rarely anyone else who was interested in spending the time to go there and get it, so Geoff often managed to volunteer for the job once or twice a week. Besides, most of the people who might be picked were technical support, and had minimal military training. It wasn't like Geoff was going to fix a mech anytime soon, and he could take care of himself if it came to that. As the company dropship came into view, Geoff realized he was rubbing his cheek again, and smiled, despite the sting of the reddened handprint on his left cheek. Besides, he thought to himself, there's plenty to do in town. Uh-oh! I'll bet that's the new lance CO. Time to make a good impression. Geoff started slowing the vehicle down far earlier than he normally would have, and brought it to a gentle stop a few meters from one of the dropship's cargo doors, then hopped out, full of confidence. Then he noticed Hyena with that bottle of paint thinner that he pretended to fancy. "Special delivery! I think there might be a bottle of something drinkable in the this supply run! If I get a hand unloading the chow, I might even be able to figure out where it is!" Exuberance! COs loooove exuberance! He put on his most disarming smile and held out his right hand as he stepped forward. "Geoff 'Rogue' Wealks!" he gushed out, hoping he didn't sound too immature.
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