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  1. "The Lord of Torment and Dark Lady need to be taken out for several reasons. First, he is corrupting other Material Intelligences to his purpose, second, while you put a stop to their actions in the battle, this is not the first time they have attempted to pull a world into alignment with Terminus, though until your battle with them pinning down their reasons for actions and where they were based has been much harder until now, as being in Terminus and turning their energies into necrotic essence had hidden them from the web of Fate. More importantly, we believe they are attempting to align multiple worlds in a manner that will allow them to drag an entire region of space into Teminus, killing billions. It was almost certain that Kry'sta'tor was supposed to be one of them, but your actions saved the system.. Once your encounter with them was recorded, we called on certain spies we have sent into Terminus, of whom, Kiss of Shadows is one of our newer agents, a renegade who operates against the will of the ones who are called Death Lords. According to her self stated words, she seeks to protect the balance of life and death, and is protector of the sentient ghosts of Terminus from abuse by the living and the dead, mainly necromancers, though she is also apparently one herself. This is the woman and her appearance on record. She spends most of her time in Terminus, but she is under consideration for membership in the marshals, depending on how she deals with this mission, your report will tell me what we can expect from her." Ayesha pushed a button and sent the picture to everyone so they could see who they would be dealing with. "She has provided reliable information and assistance to us for some time, and was able to pin point the Lord of Torments when we sent our contact to ask her about him after your report, apparently, they are old enemies, she didn't know we were looking for him in particular until our contact asked about him. Other agents have independently confirmed her information, so we known, at least on this level, she's telling us the truth. It will be your assessments, after this mission that will decide our future actions regarding her.
  2. "Actually" Ayesha spoke up. "I don't believe a portal to the Celestial Mountain from the ship is a nessary installation, I have someone else who can provide that sort of capability directly, after all, one can dock a ship the size of a cruiser at the base of the Celestial Mountain using the spell Summoning the Heavenly Portal, and we brought a Journey's caste navigator I am going to assign to your ship who knows that spell. Her previous incarnation also did some exploration into the Terminus systems, and she's a able geomancer, she's more or less ideal for this mission." She tapped a communicator. "Artaith, if you would come aboard please." As soon as the Journey's caste exalt had joined them she would continue. "This is Navigator Artaith Iraida, who holds the exaltation of the Golden Seeker of Storms, who I believe was known to Nova Corona. The Golden Seeker was always willing to go places and seek out knowledge that others considered too dangerous, Artaith here is both a sorceress of the Celestial Circle and a capable Martial Artist, I believe she will be an invaluable asset to your gathering." She paused gave a moment for everyone to greet Artaith before coninuing again. "And I have a far more detailed and complete plan for dealing with these renegades. We have several spies within Teminus itself, including a number of ghosts who has been quite helpful, and a renegade deathknight day caste known as 'The Kiss of Shadows" who is quite willing to assist us, she knows and hates the Lord of Torments and his Lady, as well as knows where they live, but she desires a degree of commitment from us before she's willing to actually guide anyone too them." "What we know of Terminus is that it's a dark reflection of the universe, every star system is a series of dark and damaged planets spiraling around a black suns that provide little in the way of light and it's all overlayed above yet a third strata of existence the inhabitants fear called the labyrinth, at the heart of which exists the Neverborn, the vestiges of the slain stellar intelligences and below them, the pit of Oblivion a place of total annliation. Dark ghosts known as Spectors who serve the neverborn and even darker beings known as Deathlords serve as agents of their will exist within this domain, be wary of the Deathlords, most of them are more powerful then Deathknights and no method we have found can truly slay them, but they can be defeated and imprisoned. The most ancient of worlds within Terminus, however, is the system of Stygia, where dark cities built into many asteroids circle around their black sun. It is here that we plan to send you to redevous with the Kiss of Shadows and those ghosts who serve as part of her network. As to your concern about the solar essence within you, we have a artifact known as the Obsidian Mirror, it will alter a solar essence to appear as a abyssal one for a limited time period."
  3. Just so folks know, sense this is the perfect time to introduce her, I'll be posting a response to everyone as soon as I have Artaith's sheet complete Also, sorry to see you go Vera, I'll shift her to a background roll then, sense I don't want to lose her.
  4. Radiant looked bemused a moment by the refusal on the part of several of the exalts, then looked at Ayesha and Dren before looking back at the assembled exalted and spoke up again. "You misunderstand, but the misunderstanding is comprehensible, the process takes about four weeks and involves coating the starship in a thin layer of adamant and tiny soulsteel circuits, what this does is alter the necrotic essence of Terminus so that within the ship so that it operates under the laws of standard reality, inside of the ship, it also alters essence use inside the ship to look as though it is necrotic, appears as though that of ghostly arcanoi and abyssal when looking from outside. The ship itself will have the ability to appear as though it is made of soulsteel rather then orchichalcum. " He paused a moment. "And, if it will ease folks minds, it will require a much more total refit, but we can also put in a direct gate in the heart of the ship to the Celestial Mountain, should you need a quick retreat."
  5. On the plus side, you now have 2 weeks of training time to spend on the charms you want, and I gave everyone a major amount of xp, check the Information thread.. Send me PM, or include a new PM at the end of your character sheets for whatever your spending your xp on, 2 weeks likely isn't enough to get everything you want with your XP, but you'll have a bit of time during the Vara refit for some more training.
  6. And here we go, let the ride into the darkness begin, let's see if you folks can't be the light you need to be. Sorry this took so long folks, life sucks sometimes.
  7. Time Period: Two Weeks after events of Diplomatic Endeavors After dealing with matters on the planet, the Marshal's sent word for Dawn's Wrath and it's crew to be at a specific location, not an actual star system, but one of those unusual places between the stars that actually had a exit on the canels, one that was known only to the Marshals and one that they sent the method of getting there to the material intelligence of Dawn's Wrath. In essence, they would be depending on the ship itself to get them there, but that was more or less what orders involved. The rest of Dan's command, were to be be sent on to another location, but every exalt including the Captain of the Nobel Endeavor was requested to be on the Nobel Endeavor. Upon arriving at the darkness between the stars, a small shuttle was waiting for them, and after sending the codes the ship came aboard, and Marshal Dren and two of the leaders of the Marshals, the Journey's caste Grand Marshal Ayesha Ura, and the vara Adamant Caste, Grand Marshal and Vara Fleet Admiral Radiant Blade of the Stars . The three of them exited from the shuttle, before they were willing to speak, they requested that everyone be present for the meeting. Once everyone was there, they got down to the heart of the matter. "Thank everyone, for being patient about this, the Vara requested that this meeting take place in extreme privacy, as they did not wish to reveal this information publicly, we are here to emphasis the importance of your next mission, and to prepare you for it." Ayesha glanced at the other Grand Marshal present, then at the rest of you, then stepped back to allow Radiant to speak. "Thank you, Ayesha" The adamant caste male caught the gaze of both of the Adamant caste present and gave them a momentary nod before he bowed to everyone present. "While many rumors exist regarding the Consensus, and my people, many of them are questions that we do not answers, we find the other races tendency for dishonest behavior distressing and certain ideas are more harmful then others. We will now confirm a rumor that we have chosen not to answer, but to you alone, we ask that you do not tell anyone not present this infomation, but we do not require that you oath yourselves to do so, if someone else comes to us asking about these things, we will neither confirm nor deny them. Yes, the Consensus remains in distant contact with the Stellar Intelligence, Autochthon, and we have a number of things that we can do with and through that contact. We will now make use of that link on your behalf, we now invite you to our greatest capital, the system of Urvar, were we shall refit upgrade the Dawn's Wrath for the Terminus Subspace Realm. Our process will make it so that the ship maintains a field of standard essence in the heart of the Terminus realms. A full explanation of why awaits Ayesha's explaination, we also extend a personal invitation to the heart of our realm itself, it is rare that anyone is given this invitation, Ayesha is the most recent individual we extended this too, almost a thousand years ago." He glanced over at Ayesha, who then nodded and continued the explaination. "Yes, we are sending you into the heart of the enemies power, part of the purpose is to eliminate the Lord of Torment and the Dark Lady, but we also have a further goal, find out what is going on in there, the Terminus realm is one that should never have existed, and much of what goes on there we only know from questioning ghosts, or the Death Knights, and the shadow worlds which are on the edge of terminus, we have very few contacts there. What we do know is that it is a place where darkness and death rule, and the living do not regain essence normally there, the refit process will make your ship an isle of reality, a place where essence is gained normally and rules of normal space apply, which means ghosts and the like will not be able to enter your ship. This is a very important mission, as we understand it, the agents of Terminus wish to bring about total Oblivion, the more we know, the more we can oppose their goals." She glanced back at Radiant who then continued to his tone was formal it was clear this ritual from his tone and the bow he made specifically to Dyna. "I also confer an answer to the Adamant Exquisite Dynamic Synergy: The Consensus responds; bring the one who bears the exaltation of Nova Corona and Lady Kestrel to the Sacred Temple of Adamant at the Heart of the Song within Urvar and your Request will be answered to the satisfaction of all." He then turned his gaze to everyone present. "We also open to all here, with the understanding of both the danger and difficulty of this mission, our warriors, our works and our ways, by the Will of the Consensus. Ask it of us, and we shall provide whatever aid we can upon this endeavor, ask of it if us, if it is within our power, it is yours, as long as the stars shine."
  8. Alien Races - The Vara - AKA: The Jadeborn, the People of Adamant, the Maker's, The People of Earth Vara Adamant Caste (With Wings installed): Slightly Mature Image This telepathic silicon based race are born of crystal and essence, they are amoung the most ancient races in the galaxy, though they are in a state of near constant war with the void based races known as Voidspawn (aka Darkspawn). The Vara live in a state of near perfect harmony, possessing four castes who exist in a diamond of perfection, and answering the Consensus, the spiritual and telepathic synthesis of their combined unconscious and dreaming minds, but active burning stars disrupt this connection on some sort of deep level, and as such the Vara are only comfortable in brown dwarf star systems, though their Exalted caste can overcome this difficulty, the rest of them simply are too uncomfortable to live outside such places without exalted help. The will of the consensus embraces the Exalted (Even human ones) hold a level of spiritual holiness among them though the Consensus, though association with the enemies of creation is rejected amoung them... the Adamant do not have this difficulty either, which is why they are the Priests, Diplomats and Envoys to the outside universe. Adamant: Though there are rumors that the Stellar-Intelligence known as Autochthon has Alchemical Exalted (possibly true, considering that the Vara were heavily involved in Autochthon's design), they are young in comparison to the Adamant Caste. The Vara never created (and never would create) any kind of Alchemical but the Adamant (Jade is used in their own birthing process, and the other magical materials, with the exception of Adamant, are not Crystaline enough to hold the souls of this Silicon based race) Vara possess four castes, and three layers of power: Worker(54.9%), Warrior(40%), Artisan(5%), Adamant(0.1%) || Unenlightened (75%), , Enlightened (24.9%), Exalted(less then 0.1% - about 1 in a thousand) Cultural Peculiarities: (1)As a telepathic race, the Vara view dishonesty as a form of insanity, though they know and understand such behaviors they find it strange that other races persist in such peculiar behavior. (2) They love beauty and artistry, they can take much longer to create things but what they make is made to last and made to be beautiful. (3) Not having a sense of modesty the Vara only use clothing when it's a matter of function, protection or decorative purposes, they consider humanity's view on clothing to be a bit ridiculous. Major Star Systems (All Brown Dwarf Stars): Urvar, Teffa, Dijak, Rurk, Lutar, Shinning Kren, Pless Vara Characters: Use Mountain Folk rules with the following changes - the Basic Pattern Charms: Essence Satiation Method (x3), Stone-Still Lungs (x3) and the Telepathic Merit are added for Free. Advanced Enlightened (Essence 5+) Can install Alchemical Charms of up to essence 3, allowing Vara access to quite a few charms beyond their own.. but they can't use them in Arrays or combo them. Affected by the Mountain Folk Curse as part of their nature and connection to the Consensus, not a limit placed upon them. Vara Exalted: Alchemical Adamant Caste only, use Alchemical Creation Rules with the following Changes: Change Mentor for Genetic Alteration 3 and reduce Bonus points by one.. the these points are used to grant them the telepathic merit. Vara Adamant Castes do not posssess or need soul gems, Vara possess soul gem effects by virtue of the Consensus. Besides not needing to breath, Vara Adamants (As apposed to Autochthon Adamants) do not need to eat or drink either. Animal Banner: Instead of causing memory loss, Vara Adamants add Essence to any teamwork related action with allies as automatic successes, this includes such things as coordinated attacks, repair, piloting or assisting in command of starships, etc. Furthermore, Vara Adamant caste can learn Mountain Folk charms (excluding the enlightened pattern) at a cost of 12 xp per charm if they so chose, which they rarely do, as most Alchemical Charms are better. NOTE: Adamant should never possess Appearance less then 3. [NOTE: This is the only Player Character Alchemical available - the other castes are not available. Deal with Clarity like other Alchemicals, but they are linked to the Consensus not the Design of Autochthon, Aesthetic beauty is also important at all levels of clarity, and the Collective Well-being of the Consensus always matters.] --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Sarians Uploaded with ImageShack.us AKA: Lizardmen, Dragon Kings The Sarians are a young race, according to the lore they rose to a intergalatic society just before the Malfean war began, as such they have no normal Exalted in their ranks, but the Sarians have different ways of things then humanity. They practice the elemental arts of aeromancy, geomancy, hydromancy, pyromancy, and biomancy, arts which have relation to ancient dragon blooded arts, but are different in their exploration, for the universe has changed greatly. Some however, chose instead to follow the paths of Martial Arts or Sorcery for further power and enlightenment, and these are also great among their people. In addition, a few Sarians form 'Pacts' with the various spirit intellects and create a fusion, or 'Chosen' to deal with the kinds of things that humanity has the Exalted do. But their embrace of Sol Invictus and seeking his patronage has brought a new kind of exalt, one that has only just begun to appear among humanity as well, the Exergents. Sarians are a lizard like warm blooded warrior race who evolved on the planet Rathess, they ended up following four seperate evolutionary paths, creating the 4 breeds of Sarians that exist today. They only gain sentience as they gain essence, , and thus their youth is a time of savage growth that affects this warrior race for all time. Some of the planets under their rule are not Sarian but human worlds who sought thier protection, or were conquered by them. Saurians also pay attention to maintaining the environment of the planets they inhabit, they make use of a strange vegetative and crystal technology that interests other races, and non of their worlds are city worlds, deceptively, the most inhabited worlds of the saurians tend to be jungle worlds, like their homeworld of Rathess. Elder Saurians are called Dragon Kings, and are powerful leaders, for the Sarian Combine is a weird mix of Monarchy, Meritocracy, Theocracy and Tribal Chiefs that humans find somewhat disconcerting but that the Saurians seem to lean toward naturally. They have a very strong code of honor and personal responsibility. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Genetically Engineered Humans -Ariels - aka, the Sky Born, the People of the Air Genetically altered for wings and sharper vision, their home star system of Szezakan is quite deep in the frontier, and the system is not even a planet, but a ring torus of atmosphere taken from a gas giant, according to legend the system was actually designed this way, a massive ring of air circling around a star. The location is dominated by air and wood elemental aspects, with some water, but very little earth or fire related elements. Great floating trees that stretch from one end of the breathable zone to the other, huge jungles floating in the central regions, fliers dominant this vast domain, which is why the Ariels are the dominant race in this region. A few dragon blooded bloodlines of Air and Wood can be found among them, and sometimes even Fire Aspects as well as a few celestial exalted. [Homage: Larry Niven - Integral Trees] -Aquatics - aka - Ocean born - People of the Sea Bearing the Gills and Elemental Water Adaptation and Longevity genetic alterations, the Aquatics are also far from the Imperial center and live on mainly ocean planets, a large collection of them centered around a star system containing several water and ice planets known as Seahome. Seahome itself, the primary planet is water to the center core, some very unusual projects were part of it's creation, and series of interlocked artificial rings made of orichalcum, moonsilver and jade around the planet, producing the magnetic field necessary to protect the worlds life from the solar rays. Nothing appears capable of harming the rings, and several space elevators and space stations (they can be harmed) have been anchored to them, as they remain exactly 50 miles above the equator of the planet all the way around. The Aquatics were genetically engineered for survival in such worlds back even before the creation of the Solar and Sidereal Exalted. Some water aspect bloodlines are found among them as well, and they have the occasional Lunar among them. -Siren's - aka - Daughters of Serenity, Derogatory: Breeder Telepath, Mind Witch, Possessing the Telepathy, Selective Conception, Longevity and Enlightened Essence || Unique Deficiency: These Traits are passed on genetically, but only to female offspring. [NOTE: Exalted Siren's only have Telepathy and Selective Conception] The Sirens are something of a particular genetic engineering project began many years ago by a collection of Serenity Caste Sidereals and the Dragon Blooded clan of Forest Witches, on their jungle world in the Oreithyia star system, where interaction with the arcane and strange mists that exist in the star system allow them access to very unusual powers, but does not reach beyond their world. Nevertheless the Breeding project of the Serenity and the Forest Witchs have created the Siren's, whose powers do continue beyond their world. Mortal Sirens practice Thaumaturgy, Terrestial Martial Arts or rarely even Emerald Circle Sorcery, but it is the Exalted Siren's who get the most attention. In some parts of the universe, their kind are very unwelcome, but the Forest Witchs who are Sirens have lead to some very high breeding Dragon Blooded among their own, and as the Siren's have grown better known, they have become extremely welcome among a number of Dragon Blooded bloodlines. Sidereals among them also are mysterious and sometime speak of specific breeding projects. [Homage: Frank Herbert - Dune - Bene Gesserit] NOTE: Dan's Daughter and much of his crew belong to this Human Variant - Lintha - aka - The Demon Pirates Lintha have been altered from the basic human matrix by the Stellar Intelligence now known as the Yozi Kimbery, worked some very unusual changes into their basic essence matrix. All Lintha can learn spirit charms as though they were Demon-Blooded, and essentially possess enlightened essence, but even more then that, they can host the Infernal Essence of the Ravager Caste much easier then human Infernals, living more then a thousand years rather then a century or so as other Infernals (who do not become Devil-Tigers) do. The Ravagers were made from twisted eclipse castes exaltation, and can sanctify oaths based on revenge, hatred and other negative intimacies, as well as learn non-infernal charms like other eclipse related casts... there are not many such exaltations, perhaps a dozen or so at the most.
  9. Well, folks, as this point, next post from me is going to be a new thread, so go ahead and make your closing posts from this one, then we'll be moving to the next major mission
  10. Chase The blast from the Voidfighter took Xia completely by surprise, she hadn't even noticed that she had been tailed by the fighter, so distracted had she been by escaping Zed's chase. The Sidereal assassin had begun to relax at this point, fairly certain she had gotten away, when the blast from Voidfighter's cannons struck both her and the bike she was riding, the precision and force of the blast enhanced as it was by Vera's charms was perfect, and energy of the blast destroyed both bike and rider, leaving nothing but blood, bone and wreckage to fall down to the streets below. Leaving it to Vera and Zed to comfirm the kill and move on.
  11. Chase Sequence As the solar closed from above, flying within her voidfighter, she was able to insert herself into the aerial traffic from above, and with her enhanced senses and the direction she was given from Kestrel and her team, she was able to pinpoint the fleeing sidereal below, well enough to have her pull up on all of her targeting systems. The Void fighter was, in fighter configuration, much faster and easier to fly then the hoverbike that Xia was on, and Xia didn't yet know she was being followed by it. The orichalcum fighter did, however, stand out in traffic to a very high degree. Diplomatic Dancing The combined efforts of Althea and Methis mixed together to make a mixture of blue and golden light, shadows from their combined light played against the walls. The ordinary humans dignitaries didn't have a chance, the energies and charm effects combined between them, especially as Althea added her own charm effects, perfection in life and first performance excellency, pushing the beauty and perfection of her dance to the limits of her ability as an exalt. Harmony in every step, perfection beyond that of what any mortal was capable of. The exalted, namely the dragon blooded within the gathering had more ability to resist, but even they could not shield against the effects of both serenity and eclipse combined, those most able to resist the effects were the ones who were excluded from the full force of the effects, and Dan was working to persuade the old warriors who were the most resistant to this treaty, adding his own efforts to those of his daughter and newest ally among the solars, while the Queen was working on those of her courtiers who were most resistant. As the dance came to an end, and the work on the treaty itself was now to begin as Althea and Methis began to move toward a equitable agreement and Althea turned to Methis. "If you would, Prince Methis, put this agreement into writing and seal in before queen and court, that we might all come to equitable agreement this day?"
  12. The Assassins The battle went very quickly, too quickly in fact for the degree of opposition that was expected, for most members of the party, it seemed as though the Sidereal, Xia was not there, but Gianno drew upon considerable strength of will and knew better, the sidereal had altered fate and destiny to insure that she wasn't there. Meanwhile, without Xia's support, Blue Wind and Lily alone were no match for the combined efforts of the celestial exalted. As fate realigned itself so that Kestrel's attacks fell upon Blue Wind instead of Xia, her sorceress sister screamed and begged to be allowed to save her, willing to tell them anything and to do anything necessary if it would save her sister. Demanding explanations, the Air aspect told them everything they wanted to know, explaining their targets, the three individuals who hired them, two local nobles and a member of the Mnenom Syndicate from a distance. The targets had been the Queen, her niece Vera, and the sidereal, Althea. The details of why were not entirely certain, though the two nobles were close enough to the throne for the reason to be understood, and the Carthak and Mnemnon houses were rivals. Meanwhile, with explanations and introductions, Gianno was able to present his credentials, of a sort, with Dyna and Dan confirming them over the net link though the heartstones. With the information that Lily was able to impart to her, Kestrel had Zed attempt to intercept Xia as she shifted to a different location and took to the streets, the water aspect barely managed to follow her even as Kestrel began to relay the information back to Dan and check to see if they had any way to intercept the Sidereal. Diplomacy Meanwhile, as Dan and Vera were moving to rejoin the small gathering around the queen, Dan was contacted by Kestrel to inform them most of the assassins had been caught, but one of them was attempting to escape. At the moment, the only one with a good chance of catching her was Vera, using the Voidfighter that had been gifted to her by the queen upon her exaltation. So the Zenith was quickly running out of the gathering, heading to her ship even as Dan moved to join his daughter and the queen. Just in time to hear Althea speaking to the circle around the queen about their next move. "I am going to begin a prayer to invoke peace, harmony and the maiden serenity, if you would would care to extend your efforts to mine, I would welcome it, Prince Methis. I intent to invoke the full power of my caste in this, so you should prepare yourselves." With those words, she drew a prayer strip from her garment and wrapped it around her eyes, it became solid, made of starmetal and blue jade. Then she moved to the center of the room and began a song and dance that was both prayer and blessing, calling on the maiden of serenity to bless this gathering, to bring peace and harmonic resolution to the talks and to bring the diplomats together in one purpose. Her perfomance drew the eyes of the entire gathering.
  13. The intent had been to shorten the file that had the battle, but I lost it with an accident reboot.. so, I'm going to have to make a shorter post then I had intended.
  14. Alright, a bit of slacking off because of working on aberrant doesn't mean I'm not going to keep Heaven's reach going.. (also because of work lately, life has to take a priority too) Now, the plan to meet yesterday to work on this thread of combat was derailed by work, and I failed to indicated to enough folks that I planned to pick up the slack today, so we'll try this again. Saturday, tomorrow, 11 am pacific standard time..
  15. And we're waiting on you folks.. although, I suppose I could run combat this saturday in chat if folks preferred it to be moving faster then posting, and everyone is available to do so.
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