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  1. Battle Lance was standing in classical 2 by 2 formation waiting for Lt. Thorne’s orders. Nathaniel checked the loadout of his Marauder making sure all systems were nominal and glanced sideways to his wingman Rogue. Parallel to them were Warpath and Hyena ready for action. Opening a channel Nathan waited a few breaths before he actually spoke. His voice was calm and serene, almost like a whisper. “They’re probably going to try to get as much distance between us and them. We should have the superior range and under normal conditions they wouldn’t stand a chance because we would simply wear them out over time. But time is not on our side. I don’t care if we actually win by the agreed upon rules. The Clanners make the mistake to follow their rules too strictly and they rarely expect betrayal because they prefer the direct confrontation. I suppose after Tukayyid they had to revaluate their pressured rules of engagement.”, he pushed the throttle forward initiating full speed on his Marauder while he scanned the horizon for a possible target. “5 Minutes can last forever in a real fight but it won’t be enough for this engagement. Just assume that the Enemy is expecting reinforcements and we have to take them out before they arrive. I don’t expect to win this challenge, I DO expect a hit ratio of more than .666. Make your shots count.” Nathan went for a direct head to head approach to the starting position of Recon Lance, forcing them to move at least parallel to them if they wanted to avoid getting too close. As soon as he could tell which side they would evade for he’d give his next order. “Everyone follow my lead, stay close together – we spread in star formation on my call. Lets make them sweat.”
  2. For a moment Nathan just stared at the offered hand before he realized it was meant as a greeting. He stood up, shaking Geoff’s hand and nodded at him. “Nice to meet you. Is there anything I can do for you?”, he asked while his eyes took good measure of the young man and stopping briefly at Geoff’s still slightly reddish cheek. That put a smile on Nathan’s face and he shook his head in amusement but waited politely for an answer or explanation. It would be surely entertaining to hear how Geoff got himself into that situation.
  3. Nathan watched the whole scene with pleased bemusement. Even though Deezy didn't 'get' his initial bid they at least got the idea to turn this training into a reasonable form of competition. Still it wasn't entirely done since they haven't really agreed on the terms... but by the looks of it Lt. Tiegart's round up was setting the rules for the match. "Bargained well and done.", was Nathan's reply to that as he nodded to Olivia watching Command leave for their assignment. Looking back at the others who were probably a bit surprised by this odd figure of speech, he simply added, "That's how the Clans seal their Batchalls - it's like a formal handshake, that the terms of battle have been agreed on." He looked really pleased by the outcome of this and smiled at himself as he closed in to Jules and Geoff. His eyes were focused again and he assumed his somewhat stiff stance which he was used to by years of service with the DCMS. The exotic beauty intrigued him - less in a sexual way, although she was breathtakingly beautiful - but much more in what she didn't show. Something was not quiet right and Nathan was almost sure she was holding back something, something big. If his straightforward look and examination of her would be taken as indiscreet or impolite his own handsome features gave him some leeway to get away with it - and he really wasn't checking her out, it was more as if he was trying to see the real Jules and not the one dealing with Geoff... or any other man actually. "We shouldn't worry that much about any rewards for winning this challenge. We have to win it first before we can think about incentives.", he smiled at his Lancemates and looked over to his table - "Want to join me to talk tactics?", his invitation was open and polite - it was hard to tell if it was actually an issued order in disguise...
  4. "I would welcome any volunteers from Recon Lance.", the new Lance Commander Lt. Nathaniel Thorne pronounced as he stood up and bowed politely cursing himself for his behaviour the moment he stood straight again. Damn habits... "I prefer shooting live targets and we don't have much time to be fully ready for combat as a unit. As for an incentive, how about a bet? I'm not sure how familiar everyone here is with the Clan Batchall and bidding so I'll roughly summarize it for you: I, Lt. Nathaniel Thorne Lance Commander of Aldridge's Avengers Heavy Battle Lance challenge the Recon Lance for a fight of honor. Here's my bid - Anyone on Battle Lance can maintain full target lock with any of your mechs for at least 30 seconds. Your dead if you're for 45 seconds on our sights.", Nathan waited for a moment before he finished. "Your counter bid should raise my challenge. We tradeoff bids until we agree to one set of conditions. Since you were asking for incentives I leave it up to you to come up with a nice price. I heard Hyena is stashing some nice Liqour somewhere in his bunk.", he winked at the goofy Mechwarrior and smiled friendly. He was still new to the unit and hoped he hasn't crossed any lines with his little 'game'. They would be facing the Clans on the battlefield and he thought it might be worth knowing how their system of challenges worked - just in case they would be facing a Clanner who would issue a Batchall.
  5. “There’s more to them than meets the eye, Mel.”, Nathan’s voice took on a more somber note. He didn’t like it but part of him even admired how the Clans ‘worked’. They were less... tainted it seemed but then again there were political plots under the surface which caused disharmony. One might think the Clans had a common goal but the Inner Sphere wasn’t their sole target – they also warred against each other, even now. “We’ll kick their asses, I’m sure about that. Being stationed here under House Kurita contracts should give us more than enough missions against the Clans.”, Nathan nodded at Mel acknowledging his story but he was also sure that Mel wasn’t really in the mood for sharing personal stories by the way he poured himself a double Oberon. "Will you excuse me, Mel? I want to finish my notes. Thanks for talking.", Nathan excused himself and gave Mel another nod that was originally meant to be a bow. He would still need some time to completely adjust to his new situation. The ex-Draconis Tai-I returned to his table and got out his notepad and pencil staring into the distance for a minute or two before he continued writing. Goeff "Rogue" Wealks Pilots a Clan 'Loki' in Prime Configuration. The Clans refer to it as 'Hellbringer'. A very versatile Mech if you have access to the different Pods. A luxury we won't have. The Loki Prime is another Energy-Heavy Mech and the lightest of the Battle Lance. It also lacks Jump Jets which I have to keep in mind when planning strikes. It still is a fine addition to our Lance and should give us a significant advantage in combat - if put to right use. I have yet to meet this 'Rogue', haven't seen much of him since my arrival but from what I have heard he's probably the most senior member of my Lance. The youngest being the longest in the unit... odd, odd. I guess I should learn to get used to these kinds of oddities. I have a feeling this isn't the last. Nathan put the pencil down and re-read his entries. He didn't draw a portrait of 'Rogue' but he left enough space above the entry hoping to get a chance to make a quick sketch of the young man should he show up and not bounce right of again. That man seemed to always be on the run. His eyes blinked several times as he allowed himself to relax a little and let his mind wander astray. It was a welcomed change to draw a blank and just stare beyond the horizon. He didn't know his future and his past was... gone. Nathan didn't notice how he had been sighing for the last minute or two, drawing deep breaths as his mind started grinding again. He was setting up new strategies. Putting together what he has learned during his captivity as 'Bondsman' of Clan Nova Cat and from his experience on the battlefield. He'd have to start training with this unit very soon - they were all individuals thrown together into a Lance - they might aswell be fresh out of boot camp.
  6. Nathan’s smile turned into a brief laugh as he shook Mel’s hand not believing what he just heard. This guy didn’t know when he crossed lines but Nathan’s face remained perfectly friendly and polite. “This might take too long, honestly.”, he replied with an apolegetic look. “I was born on Quentin when it was still controlled by the Federated Suns. House Kurita conquered the planet when I was 10 years-old and the FS never bothered reclaiming it. I joined their military because I had no other choice.”, Nathan paused and gathered his thoughts for a moment. “We might have more in common than you want to admit, Mel – I too don’t know what ‘home’ really means, I’ve never stayed in one place for more than a couple of years, sometimes only months or days. I have probably more of a Merc’s soul than I like to admit.”, he glanced over at Jules smiling at her with a hint of regret or was it sadness? “The Clans reached the Periphery long before they started the invasion – did you have contact with them? Was there any hint what they were up to?”, Nathan had learned quiet a lot about the Clans and their motivations to invade the Inner Sphere but some of their politics still eluded him. Their warfaring nature didn’t reveal if they had an ultimate goal, like conquering the Inner Sphere or if they were racing towards something and trying to get there first – like a competition with very cruel results. Nathan also learned that the Clans acted very differently even though their combat behaviour was generally the same, Clan Wolf for example cooperated with the worlds they conquered while Clans Smoke Jaguar and Jade Falcon did not and thus had constant trouble with partisans and guerilla resistances who tried to reconquer their planets. At least the Clan Juggernaut was brought to a halt after Tukayyid and the truce would hold for another 10 years – enough time for Nathan to reclaim his place and forge a unit to strike back at the Clans and drive them off the Inner Sphere for once and for all.
  7. "Geisha...", Nathan nodded looking down and smiling inwardly. "Oh yes, of course.", his smile turned into a wolfish grin exposing his perfect white teeth. "You know the word 'Gei-' means Art or Arts and 'sha-' means Person - Geisha - Person of Arts, or an artist if you want to put it that way. I think the right word you were looking for is prostitute but I can understand that these two traditions can be easily confused.", by the tone of his voice Mel could tell that this was a topic he disliked. "I don't expect you to understand my way of living. The DCMS has taught me everything I know, showed me the meaning of Bushido - the way of the Warrior.", he paused briefly before he summarized it just in case Mel didn't know what he was talking about, "Discipline, Honor and Respect." "I don't expect you or anyone else for that matter to understand this but don't make assumptions based on hearsay. I'm trying to be open minded here and leave all of my prejudice behind - blank slate. Why don't we start over?", he asked and made a step forward reaching his hand out to Mel for a formal handshake. "Hi, my name is Nathaniel Thorne - you may call me Nathan if we're off duty.", his smile was back to his 'friendly' mode and his voice was even and polite. Nathan for his part meant every word he said.
  8. "Sounds like a real treat.", the Lieutenant remarked, eyeing the shot glass suspiciously. "From the records I've seen there have been 3 high risk, high yield assignments which you succesfully completed - can you tell me anything about your former Commander? All I heard he got incinerated in his Marauder's cockpit during the last mission. I assume by some Clan elite Warrior.", Nathan wasn't really used to this kind of small talk. The DCMS had very strict rules about how to talk to your subordinates and especially when. There were no real 'informal' meetings, nothing like these periods of wait for the next contract. It would take some getting used to for him to fill the gaps between assignments but it was a hundred time better than playing liaison for the Clanners. From the distance Jules could see that Nathan was keeping his usual formal distance, as if he was surrounded by some kind of neutral zone that no one was allowed to breach. And even though Mel wasn't the type he was thrilled to deal with the results this unit produced were impressive and not to be trifled with. A company of Battlemechs, used under the right strategical condition could make a decisive difference - something of Thorne's speciality. The ability to get the maximum effect out of the limited resources available was something he admired from the Clans.
  9. "It's Lieutenant Thorne, or Nathan if you want to be informal, Mel.", he didn't mean to lecture him but Nathan preferred one or the other, but not a mix-up like Hyena was proposing. Unfortunately his british accent didn't make it sound like a well meant advice - it came off a bit too brash probably. One of Lt. Thorne's unusual talents was languages. The knuckledraggers and techs have heard him speak German and Russian as fluently as he was in English - and those weren't even his native tongue. Nathan kept up his smile and tried to salvage some of the damage he might have done. "I don't think we're having anything on the premise or else the Tai..., I mean Captain," he corrected himself quickly, "would've told me. I guess some leeway can be given as long as we're not on call. How long have you been serving in this unit, Mel?", it was an attempt to gather some information from his subordinate and he knew he would've to exchange some of his past but he was well prepared to share just enough without giving away too much. His eyes did notice the exotic beauty sitting under her tree and studying a book and he acknowledged her informal greet by nodding back at her. He'd talk to her once Mel would be bored of him, which would probably happen in the next five minutes. People who drank had the custom to find a drinking buddy and Nathan never drank alcohol but there was surely someone nearby who wouldn't refuse the offer to get a shot of Oberon's finest...
  10. I can imagine doing one or two of the NPCs - but I will wait for the others to make their pick before I take what is left over.
  11. He wasn’t really daydreaming. In his minds eye scenes from the last battle replayed again and again trying to find the critical moment when he failed to see it was a trap. Nathan sighed heavily when his thoughts got interrupted by Mel’s singing voice. First impressions... Nathan focused back on his notepad and then put it back in his chest pocket and stowed the pencil next to it. He stood up from the table and gave Mel a brief nod stopping himself from bowing like he normally would. “Hello... Mel.”, he pursed his lips briefly and let out another sigh. “What are you celebrating?”, he inquired obviously not familiar with the habit of getting drunk ‘just because’. While Mel was still in silly mode Nathan tried to read the label on the bottle of Liquor and rolled his eyes when he recognised the brand. “Before you ask, I politely decline.”
  12. It has been nearly 6 weeks now that Nathaniel Thorne, former Tai-i of the DCMS and bondsman of Clan Nova Cat was a free man again. He retained most of his personal belongings, at least the little things he still possessed which he called his own. There was a number of old graph paper notepads which contained his observations and drawings from his time as Bondsman – it was his way of easing his mind and put things in order and it helped him visualize what he learned from their culture which was in some ways similar to the DCMS way of the warrior and Bushido but also very different, almost to an alien degree. When the quartermaster of Aldrigde’s Avengers handed out a new graphpaper-notepad Nathen earned the same look he received from most of the unit since his arrival. His education and code of conduct, indoctrined into his very being by the DCMS, reflected in his every day dealings. He bowed instead of shaking hands, he kept a certain distance when he talked to the staff, like a zone of respect he didn’t want to breach or be breached. Nathan was generally polite and friendly and should any conflict or missunderstanding arise his force of personality, some would call it charisma, managed to ease the tension and get things done without involving violence – but he was always ready to fight, should he be forced to. He was sitting just outside the Dropship observing how the technicians checked the mechbays and went through their maintanance checklist. He appreciated Aldridge’s command and detail for these things. It was paramount for unit like this to keep their equipment in pristine condition. The wind blew his long hair in chaotic strands over his face but that didn’t bother him. Nathan took his pencil and opened the notepad starting on the first page. 20th June, 3057 – Lt. Nathaniel Thorne – Notes III Captain Aldridge’s Company of Mercenaries seems to be my new home for the next couple of months, maybe even years. At least I’m back in command and back in my Mech – a very welcomed change to the last months I spent in disgrace and captivity by Clan Nova Cat. I must confess these Clanners treated me better than my own people which made me re-assess the general state of affair concerning the Clans. I had a brief glimpse at how and most importantly why they were on this invasion and much of it was politics – at least as far as my understanding could fathom. Yet they destroyed much and they were here to stay. Even after the truce they cannot be fully trusted. Something I have to keep in mind the next time we meet on the battlefield. Aldridge gave me command of his Battle Lance. An unexpected move I must confess but not unwelcomed. His men are disciplined and capable but I have yet to learn the strength and weaknesses of my lance mates. He looked over the landscape and then back to the Dropship and started to sketch a rough portrait of Julia WhiteElk. With a few quick lines he managed to capture her exotic features, a talent he could trace back to his mother, who had been a teacher of arts back on Quentin. Nathan smiled before he continued to write. Jules Warpath WhiteElk – There are not many female Mechwarriors in the DCMS, something that is part of the patriarchial tradition of House Kurita. She pilots a Black Knight – a rare sight on the battlefield and thus little intel is available about its capabilities. Something I intent to take full advantage of. It takes a special breed of Mechwarrior to pilot a Mech with a huge swordlike hatchet for close combat manouvres. Taking out a Mech sometimes resulted in a meltdown of the fusion reactor – standing too close to it could be the last mistake you made. I doubt Captain Aldridge is keeping records of his Mercs, at least not the way I’m used to so I will have to take my personal notes here and see how to evaluate what I observe. Our encounters have been brief and formal. Then there is Mel Hyena Grimson – Another quick sketch capturing his goofy features followed before Nathan continued with his notes. Pilots a Penetrator, another jump capable heavy mech fitted with a barrage of Lasers exclusively. If he knows how to manage the heat he could deal some serious damage. Something I have to assess soon in order to put him to maximum effect. He’s a nice contrast to the beautiful exotic Lyran, and seems to have a loose tongue but maybe I got him wrong, who knows? Assuming Captain Aldridge’s choice of Mechwarriors was as thoroughly as the strutcturing of his unit I can look forward to fighting alongside these soldiers. Nathan looked up and let his eyes stare into the horizon. He was not quiet finished with his notes but sometimes his mind drifted off when some memory resurfaced from the battle which had changed everything and cost him his honor. One day he would reclaim his place and wash his name clean, one day...
  13. Personal Information: Identity: Lt. Nathaniel Thorne Handle: Justice Nicknames: Nathan or Nate Occupation: Lance Commander Marital Status: none Known Relatives: none living Allegiance(s): Aldridge’s Avengers Physical Traits: Weight: 175 lbs Height: 5’10” Apparent age: 30's Age: 36 Gender: Male Eye Color: Green Hair Color: Dark Brown Handedness: Right Appearance: Nathan has an unusual appearance for someone born in the Draconis Combine. His Davion-Heritage is clearly visible by his caucasian traits making him stand out from the general populace of House Kurita who are mostly asian. Ever since joining the Avengers he has let his hair grow longer which only seem to add to his attractiveness. Nathan is definitely someone gaining second looks from most females who have a weakness for the quiet and silent type. His most remarkable features are his green eyes which seem to pierce some kind of veil and are always set to the horizon – as if he’s looking for something that reaches beyond. Skills and Personality: Nathan joined the Avengers roughly 3 months ago and instantly showed his value both as veteran Mech Warrior but also with considerable experience as commanding Officer. He has extensive Knowledge about the DCMS Organisation, Military Tactics and even Clan Lore. As a former DCMS Tai-i he commanded a Battalion of Mechs for House Kurita. How he ended up with the Merc Unit is something he rarely speaks of, if at all. Nathan is a quiet very level-headed Lance Commander. He always maintains focus but isn’t as stuck up to ignore the occasional joke or prank. He is also not reluctant to share his knowledge with his peers and subordinates and takes his time if someone requires more time to follow his logic. Even though he is not part of the DCMS anymore he can’t ignore years of training and indoctrination and hence his general behaviour is very strongly ‘flavoured’ by his upbringing. Background Nathan’s parents originally were citizens of House Davion until their homeworld was taken by the DCMS and soon incorporated into House Kurita territory. Nathan was born during that tumultous time of uncertainty when there was still hope that House Davion would recapture their lost planet. As he grew older it became clear that House Davion had given up their efforts to conquer back a difficult to defend planet at the Draconis Border and thus relented their claims. Unwilling to despair and not quiet able to relate to his parents stories Nathan quickly adopted the DCs way of live and fully embraced it, enlisting with the DCMS as soon as he was old enough. His talent soon brought him up in the ranks of Mech Warrior forces of House Kurita and he fought many battles in his favourite Marauder MAD-5D variant created by House Kurita. During the Clan invasion he managed to establish himself as a seasoned and reliable Commander and his ability to adapt to unforseen situations earned him a name even among the ranks of the invading Clans Smoke Jaguar and Nova Cats. Unfortunately during a raid on Wolcott in 3055 his luck abandoned him. False intell and a chain of decisions based on false assumptions ended in him being dishonorably discharged from his service as Mech Warrior and commanding Officer. Even though this smelled like a setup Nathan had no way to proof that he was led into a trap and his pride and sense of honor demanded from him to accept this fate since he should’ve seen the trap before running straight into it. His record and Theodore’s Kurita change on the rules of Bushido saved his life though, and he was left in the service, stripped of rank but used as Liaison’s Officer. Nathan accepted this fate waiting for an opportune moment to wash his name clean. It seemed his fate had a different goal in mind when he got entangled yet again in a raid which ended him being taken as bondsman by Clan Nova Cat. Not being a stranger to the Clan they put him in their service which he reluctantly accepted but he refused to share any strategical or military knowledge he had about the DCMS. He was willing to fight and die for this honor and it has been dangling like a Damocles sword above him ever since. When Jason Aldridge challenged the Clanners and won his trial he also managed to free Nathan from his bondsmanship – Nathan has ever since been a loyal member of Aldridge’s Avengers and a valuable asset.
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