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  1. Resak gazed down at the young vampire, his yellow-orange eyes darkening when passion. “Yes, as always Aderyn. You know what I like.” The prince’s large hand reached out to cup the vampire’s chin, his thumb smoothing over the soft blood-drinker’s lips. When Haruhi tried to nip at that thumb, Resak jerked it away. “I am not prey,” the Nibelung growled, but there was no rebuke in the words. There was no room in Resak for anything other than lust. That bold hand ran down Haruhi’s chest and belly to wrap his hand around the other’s cock. Haruhi gasped with pleasure, noting that Resak knew what he was doing. The prince expertly stroked the younger man, causing bursts of energy and fire to race through his body. Before he pushed the vampire to the edge or past, Resak stopped and released him. Stepping back, Resak sought to control himself. His pants were on—and would stay on just a moment longer. He was large and powerful, and could hurt one or both of his partners if he didn’t retain self-control. “Aderyn, what do you think we should do with him first?” Resak’s grin made both of their hearts pound.
  2. Resak’s breath escaped in a soft moan as Aderyn’s lips kissed a blazing trail of sensation over his stomach. His hands rose to bury themselves in her feathers, their softness as familiar as ever. He’d known her touch all his life; they’d slept together as children, huddling for warmth under furs. Her peering down at him with her bright eyes was one of his most constant memories. His first sexual experiences had been with her, their awkward fumblings their shared secret. Startled and not pleased, Resak twisted to see the vampire standing in the corner. The turn only accentuated his toned body as taut muscles moved under his skin. It also brought the bulge in his pants into profile, something that Haruhi couldn’t help but notice. When the vampire’s timid red eyes dropped to his obscured cock and had trouble looking away, the irritation turned into male pride. Gently untangling himself from his Songbird, the Nibelung prince sauntered over to the vampire, looming over him. Resak liked to dominate his partners, and the shaking vampire was a rare treat in the demon world. Most males felt the need to pretend they were alphas, but Haruhi didn’t even try. “I don’t do shows. You want to stay, you have to play.” Resak’s tone was hot with lust as he eyed the small vampire. Resak cupped his full groin and rubbed himself, drawing Haruhi’s eyes back down to his groin. Seeing the vampire was entranced by the movement, the goblin prince tugged open the button of his pants, drawing down the zipper. The head of his cock jutted forth proudly, aching to be free of its bondage in his clothing. Normally, this would be defined as a show, but Resak was betting the young vampire wasn’t going to leave. Resak’s fingers teased at the edge of his pants, threatening to reveal more, even as Aderyn slipped up behind him. She reached around his waist, her pale hands dancing over his muscles and scars. “It’s your call. Staying or going, vampire?”
  3. Resak didn’t pause as he made his way back out of the girl’s dorm, ignoring the various female demons in various states of disarray. His songbird still rode on his shoulder, and he had one large hand on her ass, holding her in place—while giving her covert squeezes, of course. Resak’s mind was not on anything other than the feel of the female over his shoulder. At the boy’s dorm, Resak took the stairs two at a time, and if any of the others noticed, they were wise enough not to interfere. Resak would have met interference with extreme violence at this point. The goblin prince was beyond wired; he’d passed into a state of mind where if he wasn’t allowed to have sex or violence he was going to snap. Right now, he was choosing sex. Part of him was aware that he wasn’t entirely himself, that while he liked sex and violence, he usually wasn’t pushed into it quite like this. He was cognizant of it—and didn’t care. At his room, he slammed open the door, glaring at the hiding imp. The damn thing watched all the time, and while he didn’t mind so much, it acted like watching him was a victory. Resak didn’t spare long to stare down the demon; he was too eager for what came next. With a smile, the Nibelung slipped his songbird off his shoulder and dropped her lightly on the bed. The young demon reached for the harness that held his weapon and pulled it loose; the heavy axe dropped to the floor as he drew the edge of his shirt over his head. Throughout, he was unaware of the shadow that had followed them from the girl’s dorm.
  4. His possession running to him freely and Kiba allowing it made Resak a touch calmer. “I said to stay in the room. I didn’t know where you were.” In those words were the fear that had driven him to such extremes. His fists unclenched and wrapped around her shoulders; compared to her delicate frame, his hands engulfed her upper arms. Breathing in her scent helped, too. Resak had relaxed enough, and it was clear he wasn’t going to hurt either of the smaller monsters currently pressed against him, that Kiba started to relax too. “Are you done with Kiba?” Resak asked his songbird, though he didn’t take his eyes off of the werewolf. Aderyn peered up a him with her innocent and helpless expression. “Yes. We were just doing something besides waiting forever in the room.” A ghost of a smile touched Resak’s lips. “Alpha Kiba, thank you for entertaining my songbird and her friend.” “You’re welcome,” Kiba murmured, his ruff slowly lowering. With that, Resak scooped Aderyn up and tossed her gently over his shoulder. Her hand was pulled from the vampire’s by the maneuver, and Resak didn’t seem to notice as he turned and headed for the stairs. Already, his thoughts were flashing forward to getting to his room - and what would happen there.
  5. Resak was almost ready to kill when he stormed into the girl’s dorm. His white hair bristled slightly; it wasn’t like a pelt that stood straight up, but he was able to flare it slightly when he was agitated—and the Nibelung prince was very agitated. The surest way to make a Nibelung angry was to take something he possessed, and there was nothing Resak treasured more than his songbird. By the time he’d reached the dorm, he was half-convinced that Kiba had stolen his Aderyn. The succubae were still at the corner of the first floor stairs. Resak’s eyes narrowed when he saw them. Their beauty called to him and made his lust sing like the Endless Ice. But his possession was possessed by another, and he shouldered past the woman. One moved to stop him, her claws holding his shoulder a bit too tightly, drawing blood. With a roar, Resak slapped the hand away and smashed her into the wall. The succubus considered mentioning that she liked it rough, but instead prudence won out and she slumped to the floor, passive. He stormed up the stairs, aware that he’d given away his advantage. The pounding blood in his veins didn’t care about advantages or surprise attacks. It wanted to see a scarlet spray of blood fill the air. The smell of his blood was thick in the air; he wanted his enemy’s blood to join it. In the hallway, he saw the bulk of the werewolf’s body, with his back to them. Beside Kiba was the vampire and Aderyn, but seeing his songbird safe didn’t diminish his blood rage that easily. “Aderyn,” he called, but it wasn’t his normal voice; it was the rasp of impending outrage. The three of them turned; Kiba saw him and his golden eyes narrowed. The alpha wolf wasn’t meaning to be aggressive but he couldn’t fail to answer the silent challenge in Resak’s eyes. An alpha is as much a protector as a Nibelung and both males were starting to see the other as a threat. Kiba squared his stance, violence in his eyes as he lowered his head and released a soft, rumbling snarl. Resak’s answer was a bellow in rage. In Nibelung, he cried, “Return my varin to me, or I’ll melt the snows with your blood and give your body to the Endless Ice!”
  6. “Want me to walk with you over there?” Even as Resak asked Darrik the question, his eyes darted to the boy’s dorm, clearly eager to get back to his toys, especially if Darrik wasn’t going to be in the room. “Nah, I’m fine. You go find what you’re looking for.” Darrik smirked knowingly, waving for the big guy to head back to the room. “Cool. Later!” Turning, Resak walked briskly to the building; he didn’t need to be told twice. He pushed through the door, snarling at the troll who immediately thought better of demanding a toll. Aderyn was waiting, and maybe that little vampire, too, and Resak felt his lust begin to burn as he bounced up the stairs. All during the fights, he’d kept his mind on the fighting and not on what waited in his room; now he was free to let his brain tarry over those thoughts. By the time he opened his door, he was about to rip through the front of his pants. He actually had his fingers on the button of the uniform pants when he realized he was alone in his room. “Fire-fucker!” he snarled, seeing their clothing on the floor. The bed was rumpled too. “They left!” Flicker’s little voice piped up from behind a stack of books. “Where. Did. They. Go?” Resak ground out. “They left with Kiba!” The werewolf alpha? “With?” Resak asked. “Or did he take them?” Normally, the Nibelung would have never given the imp an opening like that. “I don’t know,” Flicker said, hiding his glee at the chance to mess with a big person. “They were in the hall and I heard them talking and then they were gone!” Normally, the goblin-prince would have noticed that Flicker hadn’t mentioned the removal of clothing, but that was missed by the prince in his agitated state. Resak snarled and left the room, leaving Flicker behind giggling to himself at the stupidity of non-imps. In the hall, the Nibelung knelt and sniffed the floor, the smells verifying Flicker’s account. Growling, Resak trotted down the hall and headed outside, tracking down his songbird. Kiba had better not taken them, or Resak would have a new white coat as a gift for Aderyn.
  7. Resak had already flinched back from the attack when the magic was sucked into the Darrik’s staff. Even as the Nibelung took notes on this interesting new ability of his roommate’s, he was focusing on Kana. As her words, he grabbed his roommate’s arm. “I appreciate that. I care not for the differences of dragons; it sounds like you ladies need to work these things out, anyway.” He took a step backwards, then another, and thankfully Darrik didn’t fight him. Didn’t Darrik once tell him Kyra was a friend? Resak wasn’t sure he was remembering that right, but he also wasn’t going to say anything about it. “I’m done, Darrik. I’m going back to my room and checking on Aderyn and that vampire, cracking any skulls that need to be cracked in relation to that mess, then going to bed.” Yellow-orange eyes peered at Darrik coyly. “You wanna go to the girl’s dorm and find Jezebel? No point in not, and I’m sure she’s ready for some cock. I know I’m ready to put my cock in a warm hole for a few hours.”
  8. Ice-damned Dragons! Resak snorted in disgust at the sight of the two giant lizards squaring off. He was prepared to not get involved until the sisters had either dueled it out or they had pummeled each other to the point where he’d have no trouble going after them. The realization that Kana had been gathering lackeys was annoying, but that was another dragon eccentricity. The damned fire-fuckers were full of them. Then the lackeys moved to grab Kyohei. Resak would have left it alone had Kana left the fighting to just Kyra. But taking other students as “trophies” wasn’t allowed by any stretch of the imagination. As the two Harpies went for Kyohei, Resak jumped to intercept them. Grabbing a wing in either hand, he slammed the two screeching bird-women together. “Keep it between you and your sister, Kana! No involving the other students!”
  9. “It’s Resak. Because when you’re in your dorms, you’re not trying to get off the school grounds and go home and infect every other mother-fucking demon in the ice-forsaken world.” Resak sounded grumpy; he was really tired. Not necessarily physically tired, but he’d had all he could take of whatever fucked-up instinct the demon of the moment was following now. The wind gusted the dress against her body again and Resak smirked. “Unless you’d like to have some fun right here and now. I’d be game for it.” “I have a boyfriend.” The succubus nodded her head at Kyohei, who didn’t seem to like the conversation. Resak tilted his head to the side and undressed the smaller male student with his eyes. “He can join us,” Resak answered, his voice warming with lust. It was probably the first time Kyohei was aware of being viewed as a sexual object by another man.
  10. Resak made a face at Delilah’s words. He bloody well knew who she was, and she should know him. Yes, his father wasn’t a demon lord, but that didn’t make him a nobody. Either she was a ditz or she didn’t care to know; neither was acceptable and both were annoying. She was the daughter of a major demon, she should know other demons. He was also annoyed by the assumption that if he and dragon clashed, it would be the dragon eating and Resak being eaten. Now was not the time. With effort, Resak put away his offended pride. Instead, he focused on the dragon, who had not declared peaceful intentions yet. He shifted his stance to be defensive against the dragon. When Darrik tried to lighten the mood, it only soured his—particularly at the words claiming he was taken. He was not. He hadn’t gotten a Nibelung pregnant yet, so he was most certainly not bound to anyone. Darrik had no idea of the insult that he’d just levied against Resak, yet it was the knowledge that Darrik had not understood the insult that allowed Resak to let it pass. “You all need to get to your dorms,” he added, feeling the need to make them do exactly that. His instinct to command and possess was raging in him, and only the knowledge that he wouldn’t do either if he tried to make them held his hand.
  11. Resak was tired. He and Darrik had ranged all up and down the campus, breaking up fights and sending people off to the dorms. In a few rare cases, they’d had to restrain them until the faculty could take the students away for permanent holding. If Resak was tired, then so was Darrik. The human was holding up well to the punishing ordeal they’d gone through, but he could tell his roommate was flagging and losing steam. Time to head back to the dorm room. Even as Resak said, “Hey, we need to eat and rest, wanna head back to the room?” he caught sight of Kyohei. And beyond Kyohei, the form of a rather large red dragon was creeping toward him. “Hey! Kyohei! Behind you!”
  12. The vampire’s clinging was hard enough to deal with, but Aderyn was familiar to him. He shifted his grip until the songbird was pressed to his chest, the beautiful feathers tickling his chin. Aderyn all-but purred as snuggled in closer, arousing the Nibelung. The urge to take control of his songbird through the most primal way possible soared through his mind, but a greater part of him was aware that this area wasn’t safe. There was danger to that which was his, and so the Nibelung ignored his possession’s cuddliness. It was messing with him that Aderyn was acting like he’d just had sex. The songbird was his, not Haruhi’s. But there hadn’t been sex, and that was the only reason that Resak could walk away from it right now without trying to kill the vampire. Thankfully, the sense that the area wasn’t safe was an overriding force for the young monster; if there were issues about possession, Resak could work them out later when there wasn’t greater danger. “Darrik, wait a second and I’ll come with you. Aderyn, I need to go. Haruhi, you’re staying here, but keep your fangs out of my songbird. You’ve both had enough.” Settling the two on the bed, he gave Aderyn a rare kiss; the gesture was mixed affection and possession. It was an apology to his lifelong companion for not staying and a warning to the vampire of his ownership over Aderyn. That done, he rose and gathered his weapons, and left with the human.
  13. Resak watched nervously. He wasn’t bothered by seeing Aderyn aroused by another; he’d given permission for this to happen. He wasn’t bothered even by Aderyn being fed on; Aderyn was a songbird, not a Nibelung. What concerned him was whether he’d recognize the danger in time to pull Aderyn away. Having a companion songbird survive to adulthood was a matter of pride and it would look bad to lose him now. Moreover, Resak didn’t want to lose him. As the glow grew brighter, he grew more uncertain. Finally, he could take it no longer and reaching down, caught Haruhi by the arm and Aderyn around his chest. Using his strength, he pulled them gently but firmly apart, saying, “Enough! Stop now! You’ve had enough, vampire!” He would not lose Aderyn now–not here.
  14. Anything. It was a tempting word to a young man who had never been denied anything until coming to school, and had only recently learned to deny himself. His body remembered the way the young vampire had looked under his splayed fingers and he felt a rush of blood in his young, virile body. Anything covered a lot. But Resak was Nibelung, not a goblin. Being Nibelung meant more than being a base monster; it meant protecting that which was yours and being strong. School and his father had taught Resak that strength wasn’t what you carried in your arms or legs or back—it was the power of your heart and soul to rise above petty, trival and live a life of meaning. That was why the Nibelung ruled the other goblin-kind, for when they ran about doing as they wished and weakening their bodies with the poisons of human flesh and their mind with the meaningless search for things, the Nibelung worked hard and lived hard. The Nibelung didn’t live in the cold because they liked it; they lived there because it was where they had been told to live by the Endless Ice. It was hard but it was good, and while the others lived in soft lands and ate soft foods and became soft throughout like rotten wood, the Nibelung lived in hard lands and cut their teeth on dragon-meat and became hard like iron. You might say that Resak had a bit of pride. Sex that could be had for the price of letting a vampire feed was the soft way. If Resak wanted to plunder that one’s body and claim the fullness of it, he would do it the hard way. The Nibelung way. “I ain’t doin’ it.” Resak twisted the ropes a bit more, restraining the struggling, starving creature. Aderyn looked at him, surprised, and his generous mouth tightened as he realized that he sort of wanted to do it, just to make Aderyn happy. “Aderyn, I can’t be prey. You know that.” His songbird’s mouth opened to explain that Resak had gotten it turned around but the Nibelung didn’t let him speak. “I can’t. Darrik?” The warlock gave him a look and Resak sighed. “Aderyn, if you wish to do it, I’ll allow it. But I’ll not make you.”
  15. Aderyn froze in fear, the instinctive reaction of a songbird coming to the fore – again. Resak didn’t freeze as the instinctive reaction of a Nibelung roared forward. Somehow, the little vampire had gotten himself away from Resak, but that wasn’t happening again. As the vampire launched himself at the songbird, Resak caught him by the back of his shirt. Scuttling along on the floor as he was, being drawn up short like that made him look like a dog straining against a harness holding him back. Then Resak drew him back and casually tossed him into a wall. It wouldn’t hurt any demon of note, but it should give the Nibelung a moment to get what he needed. As the vampire staggered back to his feet, the big teen yanked his net out of his trunk. As Darrik wondered that this roommate would actually keep a net in his armory, Resak tossed it over the vampire and tangled it around him. “All right,” he said, staring down at the raging, trapped vampire, “now what do we do with him?”
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