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  1. You know you could have taken that as an opportunity to role play realizing your super genius is talking over people's heads or some such? I hate post ret-conning.
  2. Sounds like a slight Reboot. I'm fine either way. Option 2 intrigues me.
  3. The fight is/was basically just for motivation. to get the characters to realize just standing around was a bad idea. The robots are only minions so if you feel like flexing your super powered muscles and showing off a bit we can finish the fight, otherwise I'll just fast-forward to the end of it. ,, That brings up another thing. I haven't heard anything from Moira in a while. Moira if you are still keeping an eye on things here, can you please PM me?
  4. Hey guys, so.....apparently I completely derped and totally forgot about DCUO. Thank you Carver for reminding me in chat! ,, Are people still interested in the game and would you like to continue?
  5. Me. Sorry, I've been distracted. ,, I'll get something up tonight.
  6. What season are they on now?
  7. So is this you officially resigning from the game then?
  8. Okay I've been thinking about this and it's a will check for the being to avoid being summoned as opposed to a skill check or activation check on you part. So my ruling would be that each Elemental to be summoned would get the Will check. ,, Normally I would roll stuff for the NPCs but because they are under your control essentially, I'm going to let you do the rolls for them. so yes, you get to roll for 3 more elementals. Note however that when Moira takes the game over she may rule differently on this as it's her game.
  9. Alrighty so here is the Initiative order for Round 1 ,, Jenny: 31 (holy crap!) George: 22 Robots 16 Big Ray and the Kids: 15 Deezy: 13 Nochlev: 10 Newcomers: 9 (this is the group of 7 that Jenny and Deezy just released) TeleForce: 5 (LAME!) ,, So Rebecca is up first.
  10. Okay this is the combat thread. I will need initiative rolls from everyone. If you have any questions about the action, where things are and so on this is the place to ask them. ,, The room is about 40 feet wide (east to west) and about 120 feet long (North to South). The doors are north and the robots entered via the south wall. George and Ray are 5 or 6 feet away from the door. Misha, Emily and the Latin boy are about 15 feet away from the door, with Teleforce and the children about the same distance but off to west side of the room. Deezy, Jenny and the 7 newcomers are about 25 feet away from the doors (so roughly 95 feet away from the back wall). Deezy is on the west side, Jenny on the east and the newcomers pretty much gathered in the middle. The robots are moving but currently at the back wall. There are at least 12 robots, 6 from each panel, but it appears more are behind them. ,, If you need any more details please ask.
  11. TeleForce’s words came too late. As the 7 people Deezy and Jenny released got their bearings, the woman Misha slapped regained her senses and some of her composure. She had just enough time to introduce herself as Emily to the Russian as he helped her to her feet before the noise started. ,, It sounded like a violent, heavy rain on a tin roof, but it was coming from the far end of the long room, away from the doors. All heads turned to the source as 2 panels about half as tall as a man opened in the back wall. Form these panels poured packs of crab shaped robots the size of large dogs. They had sensor eyes that glowed a dull red and instead of pincers at the end of their arms there were a variety of high tech looking tools. The noise was the sound of dozens of robotic legs pounding on the floor as they flooded into the room. Other than the noise of their passing, they made no sound and seem to beeline directly towards the front of the room and the pods that lay empty and broken there. ,,
  12. The man in the white super suit looked at Misha like he was going to say something, but instead turned and jogged towards the door. At Georges greeting he extended his hand so the man could shake it. The name is Raymond, tho most folks call me Big Ray. Not sure where the suit came from. One minute Im roarin down the I-61, the next minute Im on my back and this suit is on me, He said with a shrug. He reached over his shoulder and tugged a small rod that had been attached to his back which rapidly unfolded into a 6 foot staff. Got me this here fancy staff too, He said with a smile and pointed one end at the ground. The staffed purred with a mechanical hum and ice spewed out of the tip. In short order a 5 foot long, 3 foot high fence of ice was strategically positioned in front of the door. There, that should give us some cover, He said as he took up a position behind it. So what about you; whats with the knight in armor look? The young man trying to help the panicked woman with the living hair threw Misha a dirty look as he uttered a stream of angry words in Portuguese at his back while he strode off to handle the other group. He tried once again to grab the womans hand. When he made contact she screamed and some of her hair wove together forming a crude sort of tentacle. It grabbed the teen, lifted him fully off the ground and hurled him several feet away from her. The boy landed with a thud and rolled once. slowly he got to his knees. He was breathing heavily and a slight nimbus or sheen of energy began to manifest around him; shock and surprise clearly registered on his face.
  13. "Go secure," Devona said. Phantom knew that meant the call was about to be scrambled and that he was to go "silent" on his end. Talking out loud really wasn't necessary when making connections over the net any more yet most people still did it to one degree or another. Hearing your own voice seems to help organize and orient most people. Still 'mental' conversations were just as easy. ,, Four people have been murdered on Mars. She let that sink in for a moment. Normally that wouldn't draw Firewall's attention but considering their shared interest in Earth artifacts and the manner in which each of them died it has come to our attention and concern.
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