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  1. Fisher refrained from facepalming. "You're missing the point. He wanted to meet us in person!" A sigh. "Fine. We'll go see Mr. Syracuse, and you can deal with Michael, all right?" He felt as if his suspicion had been confirmed: Gollum-ichael had gone into hiding for the time being and alarming as his being on the loose was, there bigger problems according to the ancient librarian. Ugh. Rachel and her stubbornness!
  2. Fisher's lips partly slightly in shock. At least, that was what he thought. In the rearview mirror, Grace saw Fisher's jaw drop and work. Whatever he was hearing from Mr. Syracuse, it must be bad. Fisher was wondering what precisely would be worse? Well, it would seem they were about to find out. "Ok. We'll be there. Bye." Fisher snapped his phone shut, and redialed Rachel's number. When she picked up, Fisher kept his voice level. "Rachel, you and Nadya need to get back here. Forget Michael." Before the athlete could protests, Fisher went on. "Mr. Syracuse wants us to meet him at the school library. Apparently, this is only the tip of the iceberg."
  3. As soon as Fisher was in the back seat - and made sure to buckle up, his next step was to scrabble for his cell phone, taking a moment of searching before his fingers fastened onto the black plastic grip. It struck him that they didn't have a phone number for Mr. Syracuse, but vaguely - he remembered the extension for the library. First Fisher dialed the Salem High number, and as soon as the automated (annoying) menu started up he punched in the extension. Heart thudding, he waited for the voice of the man who had been Archimedes come onto the line. "Mr. Syracuse? It's Fisher. We're in our first situation." It was hard to come up with another word to sum up the events that had transpired in the haste of the moment. "Michael Lancaster didn't show up for school, so we decided to look into it. He's gone Were-Gollum." Milli-seconds later Fisher realized that Mr. Syracuse might or might not have read Lord of the Rings - odds were against him having seen Peter Jackson's film series. "I mean, he's turned into some wild ghoul-thing, killed his mom, and is on the loose. We need advice."
  4. Fisher followed, more than a bit aghast at the ravening form of what had been Michael. Though Michael didn't fit the zombie profile, more like a were-Gollum (yes, he'd read and watched Lord of the Rings). Then, before waiting for much of any answers, Nadya left in a bound. "Wait-" Because how did they know, given the already disemboweled (and beheaded) corpse of Mrs. Lancaster, that Gollum-ichael was going to strike again, particularly after being ambushed? Retreat into hiding would also be very likely... And then Rachel descended after Nadya, with the refrain of telling them to contact Mr. Archimedes Syracuse - but not waiting to learn of the information gathered. Fisher stared at Grace and Austin. "Okay... who calls, and who drives?"
  5. Well, Fisher bitterly noted, that was one thing Mom had definitely chosen to omit from mentioning to him. The stuff about Eric, Mercedes and their ne'er-do-well hodgepodge, that was. On the other hand, he wasn't sure if the others had picked up on the fact that some of the faculty were implied to be Scions as well. Sure, it had taken a few moments to process, but still. Would that be good or bad? And, thirdly, the 'exciting' fact that there were multiple bands in the same place. Was that translation for the Chinese 'interesting times'? Best find out what they'd be dealing with. "So, Mom hinted that there would be these titanspawn monsters we'd fight. What are they like?"
  6. Fisher turned around and moved to Rachel as she pounded into the house. The pale, shuddering look on his face said it almost before Fisher actually did. "Mrs. Lancaster. Her horrifically butchered corpse. ...Yeah, I'm not going to complain about calling the police." At least, a morbid part of him seemed to whisper in Fisher's ear, they had something to deal with now. What the hell, Fisher shook his head, wondering where that came from. A women was gruesomely murdered, so how could he possibly have a thought like that cross his mind? Everything mortal dies eventually. No, nononononoo. Crazy thoughts. Light Yagami breakdown not allowed! Forbidden! Unacceptable!
  7. A long pause, which itself was not suspicious, if the parents were distracted. After several seconds, Fisher reached out and tapped the doorbell button again. The chime rang out clearly. And, still, nothing. Fisher frowned and looked at the others. This was a bit stranger now. It occurred to him to take the next step towards getting in. Simply, Fisher took the door knob and experimentally turned it. The firm motion showed that no, it was not locked. "Well, we did say we were coming to bring Mike his homework." He pulled open the door and gestured in an 'after you' gesture to the other Scions. There could easily be mundane explanations for all this, but let that stand not between bored semi-divine teens and a chance for some glory!
  8. Fisher stiffened temporarily again. Fate, which according to Mom really did exist, seemed to have it out for him. Eric was a Scion too. Which explained his brute strength, but that just did not help Fisher at all. At least he didn't have to be ashamed of being shit-frightened of a mere mortal. "Buffy the Vampire Slayer TV show. Wise old mentor."
  9. Fisher gave Rachel a firm look as he perceived her hints of doubt. "It starts small, then it gets bigger and bigger. At least in the mangas, and let's be honest, we're meant to be and do the sorts of things they make stories about. Better than letting the anticipation kill us."
  10. Fisher blinked, before the exact import of the words broke in, along with him seeing everything around in the library as with fresh eyes for the first time. He knew. "He knows." Ok, it wasn't the most eloquent of responses. Fisher stepped up to Mr. Syracuse. "You know. So, what does that make you precisely? God? Older Scion? Just the wise old mentor?"
  11. Weeks of let down, with Fisher expecting something heroic to do, while handling the unheroic fact of Eric Donner's academic whims and feeling like his mom had cheated him of something thoroughly. Nadya, Grace, Richard and Rachel didn't seem to be finding anything happening either. And with all of them together at once, and the questions about Michael Lancaster floating around, the Amatsukami Scion decided that something was gonna give here. "We should look into that." Fisher quietly told his companions. "It could be nothing, but seriously, I'm tired of waiting for a shinigami to come crashing through my window."
  12. Fisher nearly jumped at the touch, but when he turned his head it was just Rachel. Unfortunately, given the context of her question, 'just Rachel' was bad enough. Rumors had floated around about what she did to a male bully back in elementary school. The sort of beatdown that was so vicious it that the idea of it lingered to teens. And he knew for sure that she had a short way with the abusive. Except this wouldn't deter Eric. And anything she did would only ruin Rachel's well-earned status, making the whole exercise meaningless. "It's nothing," Fisher insisted, his voice not up to the lie, but more so for the next: "You don't need to worry."
  13. Name: Fisher Capra Pantheon: Amatsukami Patron: Izanami Calling: Anime Hero-Sage Nature: Visionary Age: 16 Gender: Male Ethnic Background: Caucasian Nationality: American Eye Color: Gray Hair Color: Black Background "So how do I explain my story? I guess it goes like this. Mom was a medical examiner who was looking to take a break, but not exactly a people person. Strange thing, a couple years back I tried to learn more, but found nothing. Cape May County ME, that was in the records, but I couldn't get access to any records, or even some co-worker or associate who remembered her." "Dad was something of an up and comer at an ad agency. How they hit it off, I just don't know. They got married, had me... then things just went downhill. I don't know why, and Dad never really wanted about it. By the time I was just past 4 years old, divorce. We were in New Jersey, so there's a joke here somewhere." "I guess it was one of those love at first sight deals, because Dad never really got over it. He had a number of girlfriends over the years, but remained a single parent. Maybe that was why I fell in love with anime and manga. No, I'm not an otaku nut... but it made a great source of entertainment and escape from paternal perennial moodiness. Dad ended up reaching out to one of his former co-workers who had a strong independent firm now going in Massachusetts, so that brought us three years ago to Salem - so Dad could become a new partner." "Then a few days back, Mom showed up. Out of the blue, looking exactly the same as in the old photos when I was still a baby. Shocker, but things got weird when she said she was the Japanese goddess Izanami..." Attributes Strength ••, Dexterity ••••, Stamina •••• Charisma •••, Manipulation ••, Appearance •• Intelligence ••••, Wits ••••, Perception ••• Abilities Academics •••• Awareness •• Art: Drawing •• Athletics ••• Brawl ••• Control • Empathy •• Fortitude •••• Integrity •••• Investigation ••• Medicine • Melee ••• Occult ••• Presence •• Stealth •• Legendary Traits Virtues: Duty ••, Endurance ••, Intellect ••, Valor ••• Legend: ••• Legend Points: 9 Willpower: ••••• •• General Traits Health Levels: -0x5/-2/I Soak: 6B/4L/2A Dodge DV: 7 Attacks: - Clinch: Speed 6, Accuracy [2]+7d10, Base Damage 3B [Piercing], PDV - - Unarmed (Light): Speed 4, Accuracy [2]+8d10, Base Damage 3B, PDV 6 - Unarmed (Heavy): Speed 5, Accuracy [2]+6d10, Base Damage 6B, PDV 5 - Comb Tooth: Speed 5, Accuracy [2]+11d10, Base Damage 7L, PDV 6 Epic Attributes & Knacks Epic Charisma • [Benefit of the Doubt] Epic Dexterity •• [Cat's Grace, Untouchable Opponent] Epic Intelligence •• [Math Genius, Perfect Memory] Epic Stamina •• [Damage Conversion, Self-Healing, Regeneration] Epic Wits •• [Instant Investigator, Rabbit Reflexes] Birthrights The Thousand-Draught Pendant - Relic ••• [Access to Darkness, Death & Earth Purviews] The pendant is little more than a somewhat polished piece of rock on a chain, but it is a piece of the very boulder by which Izanagi blocked off Yomi to ultimately escape his angry wife. Comb Tooth - Relic •• [Adds Legend to Dexterity+Melee rolls, Can Change Form] Before Izanagi was able to escape the vengeful Izanami and her shikome, among the other things he did to slow them down was break off his hair comb and dash it to the ground. The teeth changed into bamboo shoots. Now, one of them is the haft for the relic naginata that bears its name. For discretion's sake, it can also take the form of a bamboo writing pen. Boons Night Eyes (Darkness •) Death Senses (Death •) Safely Interred (Earth •) The Wakeful Spirit (Tsukumo-Gami •)
  14. "Oh, they aren't." Fisher agreed, casting a furtive glance towards Eric in particularly. The anxiety and fear, coupled with Eric's grin, rather particularly hinted at why Fisher was so sure of this. "Eric Donner, Villain With Good Publicity Numero Uno, and his associates, Horace Farrow and Bridgette De La Croix. Do your best to steer clear."
  15. Fisher looked between them once more, then the feeling of hunger and the frustration of being Donner'ed made him decide to grab the full scone and tug his backpack over his shoulders. "Let's just worry about this later. I'd like to get through class, and not have to think about demons crashing through the window just yet."
  16. Fisher turned and heard... oh. Rachel. Huh. The decent athlete girl and the newcomer girl. And also part-divine. Ok, at least maybe he could hang around them for safety from Eric. He managed a smile and came over. "Oh, hey Rachel. And new person."
  17. The wind danced through his short reddish hair as his red GTO roared down the street blaring Five Finger Death Punch. Two other were in the car with him, Bridgette and the one-eyed Horace. They were talking, more like yelling, over the music until something caught the driver's eye. Eric Donner, driver of the vehicle and Salem High's all-everything slammed the brakes and the vehicle squealed to a halt. Horace almost hit his nose on the back of the seat and Bridgette had to stop herself from going through the windshield by bracing herself with her arm against the dash. "Eric, the hell...?" Her accent was rich with Creole, a product of her New Orleans upbringing. "Don't like my driving," He got out and slammed the door. "Walk." Eric took several steps, his stride was far longer then the nervous pace of the quarry that had suddenly caught his interest and demanded he leave his car in the middle of the road. He picked up his pace to slight jog and finally caught up to the person he was following. He reached out with one arm, grabbed the boy like a vice and pulled him back, slamming him hard against a tree. "Fisher!" The excitement in his voice bordered on sociopathic. "Have a good summer you little faggot?" Before Fisher could answer Eric tightened his grip. It's like this guy was on steroids for his steroids. No kid should be this strong! His varsity jacket reeked of Bridgette's cigarillo smoke. "Same as last year, you got it? English. Science. Math. And if I get anything below an A minus, I break your god damned neck. That sound cool to you?" The amount of beatings Fisher had taken from this guy suddenly all rushed back in a painful memory. He realized that Eric was waiting for an answer... Not again, Fisher thought despairingly as he tried to get away. There really wasn't much he could do about the depredations of Eric Donner. He'd never had a fighting chance against Salem's football greatest. Dad was always at work or too dispirited to be a person to tell. The school faculty or classmates? That was the path of the naive. Eric was the golden boy in the eyes of about everyone else. One would think that ever since his divorced and gone mom had made a shocking return in the past few days, the now divinely-blooded Fisher Capra would be able to tell Eric where to shove it, and with more oomph. Indeed, something in his blood seemed to twist at the treatment he was receiving. Again, the path of the naive, and also suicidal. Eric was still monster-scary, crazy and still too damn strong. While in the past few days, Fisher's senses had changed enough (particularly in the nighttime) to demonstrate that he was indeed, something more than human, his body hadn't conveniently produced the strength to break free. Fisher closed his eyes, not wanting to give Eric the benefit of his utter humiliation in them. And tears. It would be like a red flag in front of a bull. "I hear you." "Good." Donner let him go and straightened his collar for him. He slapped his cheek softly a few times before letting the last one strike hard enough that it made an awful sound. "Don't you just love higher education? Making friends and all that? Now get to school, I have classes to pass." He felt the tears swelling up in his eyes. Not from the pain, but from the humiliation. He could hear Bridgette laughing and Horace's wheezy chuckle. His cheek was throbbing and probably already turning red. The GTO squealed it's tires and the engine roared as they past the fledgling Scion. Welcome to Junior Year. His day already thoroughly ruined before it began, a dispirited Fisher trudged up to the school steps.
  18. I sent Fisher Capra in. He's something of an anime/manga nerd, friendly enough, does well in classes. Is fairly capable at drawing. A few years ago, he moved to Salem with his single, divorced dad, whom is a partner at an ad agency in the region. Also Junior Year. Turns out the mom that left is Izanami, the Japanese Queen of the Underworld.
  19. Dave flushed in embarrassment as Cassandra started ranting and feeling angry, even if she was ludicrously focusing on the nearby Thrall plastic statue as the would-be debate opponent. She was such a nice girl, and did he have to set her off a lot? These were the sorts of things that made the comic store staffer feeling very very awkward, and he tentatively approached his friend as if she would turn around and maul like a tiger. "Cass? I'm sorry, it was just my opinion... and I just meant Tolkien in general... Are you alright? You're talking to the plastic Thrall." At least he wasn't alone in feeling like the nerdy scrump of the world - sure he was Psi-Warrior, but there were plenty of active good heroes in Bay City in the end.
  20. The rat-like mutant with a more serpentine tail extended, with the tail growing to impressive lengths, and soon the mouse bodied mutant toward the sky, with a massive python tail and roared. "Yes," Splicer called out, "Go, Mouse-thon Rex!" Psi-Warrior came to a halt hovering a few inches above the group, in stupefaction. "You sound like a Pokemon trainer with poor naming sense." Then he tried to gauge the mass of the critter, then decided, as it appeared to lunge forward - whatever. The Mouse-thon stopped short against telekinetic resistance, and slowly - Psi-Warrior grunted at the mental strain, went completely off the ground, slowly. The Mousethon howled and swept its tail about, but that only worked to knock away and swat the crowd of changed citizenry around them. "Oh posh on all that!" Splicer snapped as the sphere started to move away from the scene. "They'll still be changed as long as the DNAlterator functions, and that's what matters." Then the swinging massive tail collided with the sphere, and it went flying over the buildings like an oversized baseball. "He's right." Psi-Warrior admitted. "We need to find this thing and stop it."
  21. "Whatever you say." Dave replied, helping Cassandra up yet again. It wasn't really possible to mention the fact that Talos' gender identity, if there really was one, was definitively male. He himself was wearing a rough approximation of the helmet and armor worn by Gimli, son of Gloin from Lord of the Rings. Cassandra rolled her eyes. "Your Gimli thing is soooo cliche." Dave snorted and elbowed her lightly. "I think the classics should be honored now and then, Cass." They passed a sign promoting the Mariner's presence today, reminding Dave that on impulse, he'd stashed the Psi-Warrior costume in his backpack. But seriously, would it really be needed today?
  22. Psi-Warrior too found the mutated citizenry moving quickly upon him, but with a deep breath, he leaped and with telekinetic adjustment, did a sudden whirling twist over the claws, fangs and other instruments of injury, sweeping a hand across like a wizard. Crimson forms of shuriken, dozens of them, flew out in an arc of psionic energy, knocking down and back the wave of bestial creatures, but the metal shriek of Talos' struggle grew louder. But the psychic hero focused, and the behemoth to its surprise, found itself yanked off and launched like a big football into the crowd. Then avian screeches filled the air, and before he could react, it was Psi-Warrior's turn to land in the shit, as raptor-like figures with sharp talons and beaks latched onto his arms and hauled the blue-costumed hero into the sky.
  23. Another form intersected with the charging creatures, which turned out to be the limp form of another creature, a mottled sort of two-legged bear, knocking them into a mutated pile. Talos looked the way the improvised projectile came, and saw the hovering figure with the distinctive blue ninja suit on. Neither had really met before, but both recognized the other - the cyborg official city defender and the earliest-known Bay City hero after the Mariner. "Psi-Warrior. Do you know what's going on?" Talos asked as the psychic floated down to the ground. "Something's changed all the people in the neighborhood, into these." Psi-Warrior said, a hint of repressed worry in his voice. "I don't know how-" "I DO." The noise itself was something to wince at, but coming up to them was what looked to be a levitating spherical robot with a glass eye and speaker holes below it. "Darn volume..." the voice repeated much lower in volume now, "Please, heroes, this is a major scientific experiment, and I, Splicer, demand you leave it be. The DNAlterator must be unhampered in its function."
  24. 2:25 AM - Approaching Mission Psi-Warrior supposed he should really be going to sleep. Just because he had made super-heroics a regular part of his life and sitting at home watching stuff on the TV was frustratingly boring, didn't mean that he should be out past midnight. But falling asleep would mean falling to his death - levitating well above the buildings of the city below. And when that flash of light had appeared, surrounding an entire neighborhood, much of Mission, he realized with shock - it was a sign to investigate if nothing else. As he zoomed into, and closed onto the scene he could hear screams and shouts everywhere. Worse, inhuman, bestial growls, snarls, braying. The door to an apartment building slammed open, and as Psi-Warrior began to descend, a dark-skinned man, still in pajamas, was shaking, yelling... mutating?! Before the hero's eyes, the civilian was twisting and transforming into an monstrous form. The shudder hit Psi-Warrior as he realized this was going on all over the neighborhood! The poor transformed bystander suddenly noticed the psychic - and baring fangs and claws now, pounced!
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