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  1. "I don't think it's the Stymphalian birds." Fisher observed, with both the laptop and an array of books around him. "They meet the flesh-eating and Titanic bird qualifications, but the others probably would have found those metal feathers around. There's the tengu, but..." Fisher paused and broke the cap off the bottle of Coke. "Even at their worst, there's no records of them eating people, let alone children." They needed more information to narrow things down. There were flocks - pun intended - of legendary avian monsters.
  2. "Nyet." Fisher fired back. "This isn't our first investigation, trust that the others know what they're doing. Besides, too many groups will end up tripping over each other if we all concentrate on the same task."
  3. Fisher shook his head as he realized Beth had misinterpreted Laurie's proposal. "She meant we go and hit the school for research, not the crime scenes. She listed Nadya & Mercedes for the first," and that would be a real gamble there, that the two might refrain from tearing strips off each other (verbally or physically), "Austin and Rachel for the second, Grace and Aaron for the last. Besides, it would make more sense, more of them have super senses. I don't, certainly."
  4. "Yes, I've found it's rather necessary when dealing with zombies and other supernatural monsters." Fisher ground out. He should have been more pleasant, but Beth was completely aggravating him and everyone. It's only the first day, the Sheriff's placing her with us for this very reason, don't want her to become like Eric or Mercedes, but she's already a bitch! Does she think by being a bitch people will like her unironically? Gah!
  5. Fisher however, already had the folder in his hands from Rachel now, and fended off Beth's attempts to grab at it. It was hilarious actually, to see Beth trying to grab and grab while Fisher kept shifting it away from her reach, even while somehow able to focus on its contents. Except his face kept getting darker and darker in expression, because really, this stuff was unbelievably horrible. He had practically thrown up over Gollumichael's handiwork, but this, he was so stoic it bothered him. Finally, Beth gave up, snorting and stuck out her tongue. "Eh, not like I really wanted it." "I'm sure." Fisher growled, his composure cracking at at her immaturity. Gods, even Nadya took these things more seriously! "These kids were eaten. But not for their flesh and organs like you'd think. About three quarters of their muscle and all their bone marrow. Here's the really sick part. All their organs were untouched, except for their livers, which were removed before they were eaten."
  6. Fisher joined the others in their response to the Sheriff's summons. Mercedes' being a bitch aside, it was a good question as to what he wanted to speak to them about. If Beth weren't here he would assume Scion matters, the war against the monsters and all that, but she was. And Fisher didn't know her all that well - unless she was a Scion too? Dane had been one without a Band. And Laurie had arrived and joined their group... there really were a lot of godly children all in one town, Salem or not.
  7. Fisher examined the text, and immediately beamed like a high-powered searchlight. Objective completed, mission successful, victory! Quickly he typed a response back. --Wonderful! And yes, I guess I did, but yay!-- Then the latter part of her message caught up to his conscious thoughts. --And what do you mean by keeping an eye on me? I can totally take care of my self.--
  8. "Seriously?!" Fisher's incredulous voice piped in, cutting off the moment sharply. He shook his head as he walked forward to the knot of three, having seen Rachel's dive-bombing smooch. "That's why you were so riled up about Billy - UST?" Rachel found a vein pulsing, reminded of their talk at the diner and opened her mouth to correct Fisher, but the nerd went on without a beat. "Glad that's over with." Heedless of the Aesir Scion's potential anger, Fisher meandered over to Darcy with tunnel-vision focus. Well, he didn't have to worry about being jealous over her with Billy any more. The great debate he had waged mentally in the night had come to a climatic decision. "So Darcy, I was hoping you would go with me to Homecoming... platonic or romantic as you prefer." His voice sped over the second part of that, with fear of embarrassment hastening it. "You don't have to answers now, uh, see you later." Flushing, Fisher practically darted off. The die was cast. In more ways than one. Eric by now would be discovering the homework flow had been cut off.
  9. Fisher here. Ready to bring more monsters to Yomi's embrace.
  10. "Oh, we do." Fisher rubbed the pup behind the ears and smiled as she showed a look of pleasure. What followed therefore was a summary. Amber the nymph, the nemean mother and her lost offspring. Victor being surprisingly sweet. Hey, if he wanted to preserve his reputation as a hard-ass, he shouldn't have let down his guard among students. More sadly about myrmidon hunters, the mysterious Scion and the death of Honiahaka. And that now the nemean pup was theirs to take care of. "And this is where I would like to point out that most of you will have a difficult time getting her past-slash-approved by your parent/guardians. I..." And there was a brief flicker of upset, very brief, as Fisher knew why he wouldn't, "...won't."
  11. Meanwhile... In the temporally non-linear reaches of Fate and space, Fisher was in Coach Finger's old car, as they headed back after the long battle and remains of the battle of Rhinestones and Racks. The giant pup was on his lap in the back seat, curled up in Fisher's arms and stroking hands. Her mother was dead, Belle's sisters had gone global, so she said she had to entrust the pup to them. Well, Fisher could probably swing it past his dad. Maybe it could actually help him. Pets were therapeutic, right? "So yeah. I don't think I'll be calling my attacks again. It does sound kinda silly." "You think?!" Victor Fingers uttered in a tone of voice that said the need to use the steering wheel was all that prevented him from facepalming.
  12. Oddly, as his flesh and bone reknitted themselves together, Fisher found the twisted part death part life writ on his face less shocking then before. Oh, right, the Kojiki copy in the library had gone into the decay on his mom in the Izanagi-Yomi scene in gruesome detail. It hadn't stopped her from taking much more normal forms in his lifetime. But the battle was almost over, he finally noted. The pup was about to leave its cage - which left the knot of remaining myrmidons. Darcy had the utter shock of Fisher walk forward too calmly for what he was doing. Which was decapitating one man with a that blade on a stick, not even stopping before it cut out the throat of another.
  13. Fisher glared and bared his teeth in an angry furor at the launcher-toting bastard. There was the mother wolf shooting, the collateral explosive damage, the risk to actual people, the fact that he'd brutally beaten Belle... and of course, he had four more grenades still left. Fisher charged him, thrusting Comb Tooth into the myrmidon's abdomen, but something in the ant-man's constitution kept him standing and going even when impaled in the gut. "And you're not blade-proof, asshole!"
  14. Fisher didn't even notice Victor's scorn. Too caught up in anime fixation, the coach had to decide, with what corner of his mind still left under the battle rage. Fisher slammed the blade of Comb Tooth into the ground, and in a display of acrobatics that should have been impossible, swung himself around like a gymnast on the rings. His feet smashed into one myrmidon's head, then with another twist, hands still gripping the naginata's hilt, Fisher drove the other into the ground with a snap kick, then let go and landed on the ground in a deep crouch.
  15. That was not a diversion. Well, it might have been - if not a good one - if Rachel hadn't drawn all the attention to them in her sudden appearance. Now she wanted to get stuck in the middle of myrmidons with guns. So now Fisher had to as well, rather than let his friend and Bandmate get riddled with lead. Fisher leaped in, Comb Tooth growing from the quill once more. Another myrmidon found itself jerking away from a blade that cut through vests tacky and protection-less. "COMB TOOTH'S BITE!" Oh good lord everyone. Fisher had officially descended into shonen nut mode.
  16. Fisher frowned at seeing the odds. Comparing guns to his improved resilience? Well, the spartoi had given him a pounding with that shield. Guns could still probably harm him badly. And there were a lot of guns in this area. The trailer with tarp obviously looked like where you'd keep a nemean wolf pup. "We need a diversion to get most of them out of here. Then we could hit the trailer and get the pup out."
  17. Fisher blinked, then reached for his quill. "Let me guess. Titanspawn?"
  18. Fisher let out a wheezing sigh. "Given that my mom is the ruler of Yomi," he said, not knowing if Victor was still around to hear, "I'm not even certain that either would be possible." He wiped the sweat off his forehead before doing his best to follow Rachel in the growing dusk.
  19. Fisher peered more closely at the tracks. There was something about them in particular that nagged at him. "So the tracks go west." West. West. What was west of where they were? Ok, if they kept going west, they would... .... Fisher suddenly smacked his face and let out a muffled cry of indignation at the absurdity of it all. "They went to the TRUCK STOP!" All this exhaustion, and they'd only succeeded in wasting a lot of time going in circles.
  20. "...Because it's not in the park anymore?" Fisher suddenly realized. "I mean, if she's been trained to not go beyond the park boundaries, or you know, mystically bound to stay within the limits? That or it really is dead and she's just raging at people."
  21. "Probably." Fisher agreed, looking out around the expanse of woods. "Implying we can get her to stop if we return her pup. But if a hunter killed the pup..." That was a path with no answer that would leave the group feeling happy. Could they find and save the pup before the mother killed again?
  22. "Fine." Fisher flatly muttered, not quite giving Victor a dirty look. Would it kill him to not be such a jerk about it, logical points as they were? You'd think he'd demonstrate more kindness around Amber, his friend, or at least contact of the sort that men generally liked to keep on good terms with. "So how far does the wolf range? Does she have a den that you know about?"
  23. Fisher kept eating, but finally paused to consider Victor as the absence of Rachel raised the issue to concern for this coming wolf hunt. "You know, if there turns out to be a way to get this wolf back to normal - within reason - we should do it, not kill her." Why did he get the sense Victor was going to brush this off with a 'pff, women' kind of response?
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