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  1. Fisher was a bit surprised at hearing this from Lancia. Or rather, whoever was possessing Lancia, now that that was confirmed. Granted, he'd seen some hints of tension or issues in the kitchen room, but nothing on the level of what was being proposed. Assuming this wasn't some sort of complicated trap. Start with gathering more information, he decided. "First things first, which of the three are you? I think it's only appropriate to address you by your actual name." "I'm dressed like Orphan Annie, which do you think?" Her tone was slightly snarky, but she quickly reigned it in. She shrugged off his request dismissively. "Besides, what does it matter? Lancia, Ann, I'm both and neither now. Call me whichever you like." "Okay." Fisher shrugged. "Let's start with the obvious questions: what were you planning on doing, and why are you willing to sabotage it all? The Underworlds vary, but..." A memory of eternal chill lashed his skin for a moment. "They don't have a lot of good places. And I bet you three didn't get assigned to one of those." "Who says I'm sabotaging anything? What's been done can't be undone. The seal was shattered hours ago, it's what Betty has planned for tonight that I intend to stop, providing you and your agree to my terms, which are simple... I help you get rid of Betty and Abigail, and you let me stay. I keep this body and I swear, I won't cause anymore trouble." So there it was, the dastardly little catch - wait, what was that about the seal? Fisher frowned as he realized. Grim had expected the witches to use the ritual tonight to break the seal, so if that wasn't their goal... shit. Assuming she was telling the truth. "The seal to what?" "I don't know," she shrugged shaking her head. "Some sort of seal. One of several that's locking something or someone away. I don't know and I don't care. Now, Betty and Abigail for my freedom. Deal?" She wasn't lying, Fisher realized. And really, it wasn't surprising they hadn't asked, the trio of witches were probably overjoyed at seizing freedom to begin with. Which put him in a difficult position. Morally, noxious as Mercedes and her companions were, letting Ann stay in Lancia's body struck him as wrong. But the Band was clearly steps behind, which wasn't good either. Sure, he could try lying, but Fisher didn't like his chances. "I have to talk to the rest of my Band first." 'Anncia' sighed, rolling her eyes. Apparently that was not the answer she wanted, but instead of complaining further, she signed. "Fine. Go talk to them. Give me your number, I'll text you so you can get in contact with me. I can't be seen associating with any of you or they'll know I'm not going through with it. Let me know when you're ready and I'll find you." Fisher nodded. "Perfectly reasonable." He gave her his number and then left, heading upstairs. Speaking of phones, Fisher pulled out his phone and started texting the others about what Ann said and her offer. And then it hit him that he probably could have texted Grim about the witch trio getting away from the party. Ugh, Fisher found a chair and sat down. Between his failure to seal the witches at the high school, the awkward stumbles when talking with Adrianna, now this. So much for being the smart number two, and a competent hero, was he?
  2. "Thanks!" Fisher beamed as if he hadn't heard Grim insult him. Grim began to wonder if Fisher had hit his head somewhere before Fisher stepped in and frowned, with an embarrassed look. "Listen, Nads..." Fisher leaned in and whispered in Grim's ear. "I came here to let you know, and only mentioned Darcy to throw Runa off. Get your head out of your ass, Grim." Was Grimsley like this 24/7, always assuming everyone was being stupid? That was a question for another time. Fisher leaned back. "So watch out for guys with melted cheese and guacamole all over their jerseys. Gonna find Darcy now. Bye." The Amatsukami Scion left, not to see his girlfriend, but to go back to following up on the Terrible Trio. They were looking for privacy, so that first meant going deeper into the mansion beyond where most people definitely would. Upstairs or downstairs then? Probably downstairs to start. Basements made the most sense.
  3. "I haven't seen any iced hot chocolates about." Fisher said, giving Runa/Elsa a look. Sure, the frost giant might be done with the graveyard and witch scheming, but that didn't mean he overlooked her threatening Darcy. The fact that Fisher had pointed to it for evidence that Darcy shouldn't be diving into supernatural showdowns was irrelevant and totally not hypocritical. Not in the slightest. Teenage boy mind says 'nothing to see here, move along now. Arigato.' "Honestly, it might be a bit over-packed." Fisher said casually. "Lancia and Porsche have ran off to find some privacy, and they're the hosts. Well, Mercedes' assistant hosts. They really didn't think this through." Well, Fisher thought they were likely to get ready to start whatever they were up to, if the trio were the witches, and he was sure Grim would catch the hint. "Speaking of packed, do you know where Darcy is? I looked, but I can't see her in all this..." He waved an arm at the crowd.
  4. "Thanks for the plaudits." Fisher said honestly. Although, were he a real bartender, he probably should have been able to slip in a 'what's on your mind?' like the guys on television did. More information on Mercedes' trio, whether or not actually witch-possessed, couldn't hurt. Well, there was one conversational point open here. "The whole house is packed." He reasonably pointed out. "Where could you possibly go to get away?" If this ritual was going down at the party, it would have to take place in private, and there wasn't much of that around here. Lancia gave him a coy look. "Sorry, that's a secret." Accepting defeat, Fisher raised a glass to her in turn, and Lancia turned and departed, hips - no. Fisher sighed, and sipped a little bit more from his glass of experimental drink. Not being Rachel or Nadya, he doubted he could track her through the noise and crowd, so he lifted the glass and decided to find and update Grim, since the heterochromatic Scion was coordinating their operation.
  5. Huh. It was the first time Fisher, in his admittedly limited exposure to the popular types, had seen a rift show between Mercedes' posse. Their characteristic silence obviously played a large part in this image of unified oppression over geeks, nerds, and anyone else Mercedes felt like stomping into the dirt to demonstrate her dominance or because she just felt like it. "It's not exactly professional." Fisher warned her. "I'll take my chances." Lancia replied, her voice making a reckless leap into amateur alcohol sound like an elegant swan dive into some lush glade pool. She really was one of Aphrodite's handpicked people, wasn't she? Fisher shrugged and repeated the process, fixing another glass of his concoction, before offering it to her. "Hope you enjoy." To his surprise, Lancia downed it quickly. "Seems fine to me." She flashed him another smile, and Fisher recognized how guys could go crazy so easily. "Another one, please." Really? Well, Fisher figured, if she really wanted to put her liver to the test... He shrugged. "Your funeral." The Scion of Izanami observed the near-empty jar of olives and started looking for another.
  6. Was Lancia a car brand? Because it was fitting that the witchly three - great, now Nadya was getting into his head there - would bear the names of fancy cars with great looks, and terrible, terrible costs. Fisher had been fortunately enough to generally avoid their attentions, because he'd already had the unfortunate attentions of Eric Donner to begin with. Nadya, thy sacrifices for the good of all have been noted, and the multitude shall, in their hearts, render infinite thanks shielding them from dat ass- No! Fisher jerked his eyes away from Porsche's ample, bouncy booty. EVIL BOOTY! Steel yourself, Scion of Izanami, from unclean temptations fueled by hormones. For they are Medusa reversed. Hot chick on the outside, snakes absolutely inside. Remember the pure charms of Darcy! Fisher focused on trying to pull something together from the drink options. With the divine constitution of one with the grave in his ichor, Fisher figured he'd be fine as long as he only served himself his concoctions. Thus, he began experimenting with elixirs, one ear picking up the two harpies (not the literal ones, sadly, you could spear those without consequences or potential remorse) flirting with the gormless guys around. So the gin was there, and the vermouth - a pair of black olives packed with juice to squeeze in... wait? What was that?
  7. Okay, seriously, what was Yukiko's problem here? What was wrong with one or two recommendations to use as a good starting point? Apparently, Yukiko was very much part of the Donner Party, able to tell him about how the Band reflected on oneself without a trace of awareness as to the irony. Fisher was tempted to open his mouth and call her out on it, but his skin prickled for a moment, phantom chills from Jigoku running down his neck. No, he was better off simply taking what worthwhile suggestions she had presented and let the mockery slide off like water off a duck's back. "This was very enlightening, Yukiko. Thank you. Please excuse me." Fisher turned and walked off, finishing off his Irish Coffee. At this point, he was tempted to get another one, to take his mind off the Scion of Susanoo's edged and pompous lecture. Fisher shook his head, realizing he shouldn't let it weigh on his mind. Let Yukiko sneer, his Band would speak for itself tonight, through deeds, not words. That said, he did feel like another drink. Yes, how about a martini, shaken not stirred. Just to see if James Bond was onto something there.
  8. "Blunt... but I take your point." Fisher admitted in the face of Yukiko's withering critique. In defense of anime and manga, to conflate them with Western comic books and cartoons was drastically unfair. Fisher had always enjoyed some of them, yes. But he'd found anime and manga to be different. They presented a much greater variety of genres and concepts, and richer, deeper stories. It was not just the epic fight scenes associated with Dragonball Abridged, but there were the intricate, masterful strategies of Legend of Galactic Heroes, the wacky yet passionate adventures of One Piece, just to name a few. In short, they resonated with him in a way that just felt right. So learning he was the child of a Japanese goddess seemed fitting. Being blamed for the actions of some guys who needed to take a chill pill was unfair, and shouldn't be an indictment of the art form. But Fisher recognized that the Amatsukami was millennia older than Astro Boy. He'd only focused his efforts on studying the beings and monsters of Japanese myth, and the stories, to a lesser extent, while neglecting the culture behind it. "So... Yamamoto Tsunetomo. What else do you recommended I look up?"
  9. In the face of Yukiko's impassive bluntness, Fisher could responded that it probably wasn't luck. He could have pointed out that his Band had worked well together, both in small groups, and as a whole. He could have mentioned that they'd done everything while having multiple newer Scions pumped through the Band by their mentors. That their collective mentors had done so because they regarded his Band that much more highly than the Donner Party. He could have said all these things, but chose not to. Fisher had learned the consequences of letting his emotional grievances take the reins. He was not going to make the same mistake twice. So Fisher simply smiled politely at Yukiko. "I see. Would you please explain it to me then?" At worst, she'd probably call him a lucky fool some more. And if he was lucky, he might just learn something. "Luck?" She craned her head to look at him, her long parted slightly allowing him to see her pale face hidden behind a curtain of shadow. "It's when you bungle through experience after experience with no real measure of talent or skill." "What it means to be Amatsukami." Fisher replied, keeping his expression under control.
  10. Fisher and Darcy entered the mansion hand in hand, as the clamor of music, chatter and other noises poured over them like a tidal wave. Carefully, they worked their ways through a knot of teenagers, one of whose hair flowed like grass in the wind - probably because, to Fisher's eyes, it actually was grass. Darcy playfully punched him in the shoulder. "She a magical girl, or should I be worried about your wandering eyes?" "Nymphs aren't my type," Fisher insisted, "and the only magical girls I care about are Madoka Kaname and Homura Akemi." Darcy held a hand up to her mouth, gaping in mock horror. "Heresy! In the name of the moon, I shall punish you!" Fisher chuckled. "I'm pretty sure the Scions of Tsukuyomi have dibs on that line." "Mmm." Darcy hummed, then her eyes glinted as she pointed out a black-haired, tan-skinned woman, who had come with her pet. The cat riding on her shoulder looked somewhat like a miniature lion, stretching his head out to take in the sights and sounds, managing to remain balanced while retaining a languid feline air. "Let me guess, Egyptian goddess?" "Egyptian someone." Fisher partially agreed. The cat in question, in his view, had not stuck out its neck, so much as there was a whole lot of neck. "She's got a pet serpopard." This became a game for the two. Darcy identified people she suspected to be mythical beings in disguise and guessed what they were, Fisher used his Scion-VisionTM and extensive reading on the subject to confirm or correct her claims. It amused them long enough to reach one of the bars. The bartender, Fisher observed, had the distinctive long nose and wings of a tengu. From the list of cocktails, Darcy selected a Pina Colada, and Fisher got an Irish Coffee. Darcy split off after they received their drinks, having spotted a friend she wanted to say hello to. Her boyfriend took a swallow of his drink, tasting the richness of the cream and sugar, then found a spot against one of the walls, where he could watch the flow of the crowds and see if anyone stood out. Beyond the obvious bevy of supernatural attendees, obviously. It occurred to him that he hadn't done any drawing lately, and so he preserved the images in his mind. A funny thing, how the reality of his life now seemed to surpass the imaginations of his artwork to date. Movement caught his peripheral vision, and Fisher turned his head to see Yukiko walking over. "Fisher." She tersely greeted him. The other Scion of the Amatsukami held a glass filled with something he didn't recognize, and leaned back against the wall beside him. From the stony look on her face, Fisher suspected she was not fond of the crowds. "Yukiko." Fisher politely responded. She had the distinct flaw of being in the Donner Party, but then again, as an exchange student and Scion, she probably hadn't joined them by choice. She didn't quite follow them into their depths of wrongness, And Austin seemed to be having something going with her, which further confirmed her being a cut above the rest of them (a bar low enough to challenge a limbo expert, to be sure). They were in the same pantheon, but he didn't know a lot about her, it occurred to him. And another thing popped into his head. "I was wondering. Doesn't it feel weird that we're about the same age, but I'm technically your uncle?" A rather unusual conversation opener to be sure, but Fisher admitted to himself that his curiosity had been pricked once he started thinking about it.
  11. Fisher sidled up to Darcy while the others drifted in, smiling. "Hey, you look great. Wanna be the girl in my chair?" Darcy laughed. "Now that's terrible, I find you guilty and banish you to a dark terrible future where my word is law..." Fisher grinned unashamedly. "But you love me anyway." "Yes," Darcy admitted, "I do." Fisher and she kissed, and he felt a thrill run through him. Arguments and worries aside, he was so happy to be with her. Then the vaguely familiar black girl arrived and introduced herself. Yet another new Scion to teach without being informed. Yes, better the Band than Donner's bunch of... wait. Fisher remembered now he'd heard something about Horace Farrow and Valerie Vaskr, that the sick creep hit on her regularly and she hated him. Not exactly as good as loathing Eric Donner himself, but... "Witches?" Val inquired. "Yes," Fisher answered. "The genuine culprits from the Salem Witch Trials. And we don't know which three people they're possessing. It might not actually be Mercedes, you know." Nadya looked at the Amatsukami scion as if he claimed the sky was chartreuse. "Anyway," Fisher went on, "welcome to the Band, Valerie."
  12. Fisher frowned as he tried to work his hair into the proper shape, but no, even with the band holding it in place, it still looked like a poor excuse for a top-knot. A consequence of his short hair, he acknowledged. In hindsight, it would have been much easier if he'd settled for Season 5 after all. Well, Fisher figured as he looked himself over, it was probably as good as it was going to get, and everything else looked good. A white and grey gi, the obi wrapped tightly around his waist... Fisher bounced his feet off the ground, hearing the clack of the wooden geta sandals. And of course, the replica katana to smite evil. Comb Tooth in pen form had been slipped into the obi. Fisher turned and headed out. "Fisher?" Fisher stopped as he was approaching the door, and turned to see his father looking at him. Philip frowned, seeming to notice the costume his son was wearing. "Are you going out?" "Yeah, big Halloween party." Fisher said. "Oh. Just that I thought we could watch a movie together. It's been a while since we've done anything together." Philip said cautiously. Fisher felt his gut wrench on the spot. Normally, this would be one of the most wonderful things to happen - except he needed to go to Mercedes' house to help protect the world and the band was expecting him. Fisher opened his mouth, not sure what to say, but then Philip shrugged. "Don't worry. If you already have plans, go ahead." Philip assured him, though the resigned or perhaps somber layer in his voice bothered Fisher terribly. "Ok," he said, "but maybe another night?" "Another night. Have a good night, Fisher." * * * * * * "It suits him." Fisher approached. "Just as the burrito... suits you." Fisher decided to say. He looked at the house, and the mythical guests mixed in the crowd. "Do you think they can sense what's going on, or is Fate just making things difficult for us as usual?"
  13. Fisher frowned at the poisonous nature of the words drifting between Dane and Adrianna. The question that had rested at the back of his mind was coming to the fore. Should he ask it though, given Dane's angered state? Well, yes, he had to. It was clear that the bad blood between the two was the obstacle between this deal they needed, and the harm the World faced if the seal broke could well be incalculable. And he could not bridge it, without understanding the source. "Dane, be honest with us." Fisher spoke softly, hands shoved in his pockets. "I have been honest." Dane growled at the scion of the Kami, his face taking on ever more a wolfish cast. "Yes, you have," Fisher agreed, whispering softly, "but you haven't told us everything. The way you told it, Adrianna took a big one for the team, to protect you guys. Sure, I could see she being pissed at you for ruining it by getting into the fight, but it certainly doesn't explain why you're at her throat." Fisher stared at Dane, non-judgemental but insistent. "So what happened afterward?"
  14. "Yeah." Fisher said, trying to bring up the Fisherhigherlogic.exe in the welter of emotion and hormones. Darcy's words were... well, they resounded surprisingly well with Fisher despite his wish otherwise. Because, let's be honest, Fisher wouldn't have liked her like that if Darcy wasn't that energetic, go-getting, determined girl. The Amatsukami Scion had subordinated that to a desire to keep her safe and protected. Knowing how willing she was to step up and take the risk alongside him was both alarming and comforting too, he realized. Something Fisher wasn't going to work through in an evening. Grim moving the topic over to Adrianna reminded him. "About that. So I went and told Mr. Syracuse... He said it was all right, he'd told Zeus about the Nekiya a while ago. He also advised us to continue pretending she's got leverage over us, and use that to help figure out what Adrianna's plans and if we can trust her. Something to keep in mind while we're planning this."
  15. Fisher breathed out, some of the tension going away as the group left. It could have gone much worse, particularly with Darcy drawing attention as she did. He was forced to utter another, smaller sigh at Dane's... Dane-ness, and Grim's understandable reaction. Austin going alone with it did not help. For now he just settled for holding Darcy's hand as they walked away. "See," he told her, "this is what I was talking about." "In their eyes - and I suspect, most of the beings we're gonna be dealing with - you're just a 'mortal.' As Popo put it: you're below the dirt, let alone the worms in the dirt. If it wouldn't have started a fight, she'd probably have..." Fisher shied away from directly spelling it out. "Well, 'pecking order, bitch' and you don't have Krillin's ability to take a hit. And this was a peaceful conversation." A fight from the beginning, with Dane as a protector, Fisher knew how easily that would end tragically. "So do you get why I don't want you going in with us in these situations?"
  16. "That's very gracious of you." Fisher replied, no trace of sarcasm, outwardly, at any rate. It had already taken him a bit of focused self-control to not snap at Runa's mocking comment towards Darcy. He took a few steps forward, coming up behind Grim and to the right. "But what is happening won't be a game, to the people who will suffer because of it, to our home. If the Aesir chose to act this way in Joutenheim, would you stand for it either, foolish as it might be?" Fisher offered them a humorless smile. "And despite your warning, you have chosen to involve yourself in the game." Though she said there was no glory in killing them, that itself still implied the seiðkonur valued it, which raised in turn other questions. "Why have you taken the risks? What glory do you expect to gain from participating in the Salem witches' plots? Please, enlighten we children with your experience and wisdom."
  17. After a moment, everyone shook their heads in response to Grim's question. "Okay!" Darcy proclaimed exuberantly, before looking over the map. "So we need to-" "Excuse me." At this point, Fisher's mind had observed the metaphorical form titled 'Proposal: Darcy Running Around the Cemetery,' and stamped a big red DENIED on top of it. "Thank you for helping out-" "Oh no, mister." Darcy scowled and held up a hand. "I am part of this 'we.' You are not going to keep me out of this 'for my own good.'" Fisher stepped forward and frowned at her. "Look, if it were just zombies, that would be dangerous enough, but there's a sorceress giant involved. It's just not safe. I'd never forgive myself if I let something happen to you." "Dude, don't worry." Dane voiced, the sunny Aesir stepping in to back up his fellow peppy personages. "I'll stick close to Darcy and make sure nothing happens to your girlfriend." Fisher's mouth twisted and parted, but... ...For the love of the kami. If this was Grim in Fisher's place, he'd obviously have no issue informing the stoner of his low opinion of Dane's ability to provide protection. Unfortunately, Fisher was a nice guy, which meant he had to come up with the herculean task of finding a tactful way to respond. "Then someone else would have to cover for you." Grim blessedly delivered his blunt opinion. "Right now, Darcy, you're going to be dead weight." "She should get the chance to prove herself." Laurie stated. "No one ever became great simply by watching from the sidelines." At this moment, the daughter of the music god could have passed for Dionysus' daughter, standing upon her mark while Fisher delivered a betrayed, 'Et tu, Laurie?' expression. Grim regarded this argument in stony silence before reluctantly nodding. "A fair point." He acknowledged, but with semi-bad grace. Personal heroism mattered greatly to the Aesir, after all. "Seriously?!" Fisher weakly replied, caught up in shock. Even Rachel was nodding. Traitors! Traitors, all! Finally, he latched onto one hope. Maybe after seeing this, she'd realize it was too dangerous. "Ugh. Fine, but you are staying in the back. All the way back."
  18. "I am Fisher Capra, child of Izanami-sama." Fisher decided for this first time, it couldn't hurt to keep the formality. "I humbly ask of you three things. Can you describe the person who carved the runes? What time were they carved? And did you see or feel anything happen after the runes were carved?" Hopefully this one would be more helpful than the one in Sheriff Farrow's example. And if not, the opportunity had to be better than nothing, right?
  19. Fisher frowned as he examined the rune. Grim of course, was the unquestionable authority on those in this Band, but Fisher's studious nature made him a close second to the younger Scion on matters of the mystic and occult. "I'm not sure if Grim would be intrigued, or offended. This is... I dunno, Splenda Norse? Vegan Substitute Norse?" The power was real though, as the death energy, though fading, still touched Fisher's skin like the cold of that Jigoku experience. Fisher pulled out his phone and snapped a picture of the rune for later, so Grim could offer more analysis and commentary about it. "But it definitely channeled a death-linked ritual. Beyond that, I don't know." An idea occurred to him, blooming like a rose. "But I can find out." Fisher cleared his throat and cast his mind back through anime, looking for all those moments of politesse and times when characters had to employ decorum. "Kami of the boardwalk." He bowed, facing one of the pillars. "Sorry to disturb you, but we would be grateful for your help. The wicked are perverting the natural order in this town." He bowed again, for safe measure.
  20. Fisher nodded, very relieved that things had not turned out for the worst. The disappointment and sense of betrayal Mr. Syracuse could have brought to bear would have cut out his heart worse than a dozen very sad Jewish mothers. "Fair enough. I'll let the others know that's the game plan. Thank you, again, Mr. Syracuse. Now I need to go help Austin follow up a lead. Those witches aren't going to banish themselves. And wipe that smug smile off Marius' scummy face." Mistakes had been made, but he could bounce back. He was Fisher Capra, a kami demigod! Even in the face of trouble, you could always go beyond, Plus Ultra!
  21. "No, it's not." Fisher closed his eyes for a moment as violin strains wafted through the air. Then he opened them again. Time to get it over with. "You know Adrianna Dionekou?" After Archimedes gave him a nod, Fisher continued. "We reached out to her through Dane, see if we could get some help finding the witches. She didn't seem interested, so I got carried away. I... told her Marius stole the Nekiya from you. I'm sorry, I didn't think things through and I've gotten you in trouble with Zeus. Or at least given Hades leverage over you." Now Fisher had to wait and see how the Band's mentor would respond. Strictly speaking, Prometheus had defied and tricked Zeus on two occasions, thus the daily eagle-eating-liver torture. But Mr. Syracuse still probably qualified for a brutal falcon-clawing.
  22. Fisher wilted under Grim and Laurie's vitriol, as her reminder caught up to him. Kami. He really had fucked up. His head slipped into the palm of one hand. You idiot. Just like with when you tried to bind the witches. Can't think even slightly beyond the task at hand, and all you've done is make things worse. "Dale, I made the mistake of giving her information she and her dad could use against Mr. Syracuse. The Greek Gods are a very cutthroat family. Anyway, start looking into Ms. Cunningham, as Grim suggested. We fell down on the job because we thought Adrianna could solve our problems, and look how that's worked out." He got up with resignation. Darcy deposited another coffee in front of Austin at the same time, and Fisher turned to her. "I'm sorry we dumped everything on you like you." He pecked her quickly on the cheek. "Forget the tea." Fisher left the Coffee Pot with heavy tread of guilt and resignation. As everyone said, he needed to visit Mr. Syracuse, and the the library was his destination. While he was on the way, Fisher dialed Dane's number, schooling himself to adopt a more calm, even tone when he spoke. One could not be a voice of support if you sounded like you were full of your own issues. When Dane came on the line, before he even spoke, Fisher could hear the faint rhythm of Ed Sheeran in the background and a what sounded like a woman in the back talking. With only her voice, he assumed she was on a phone call too, laughing and catching up with some she knew. "This is Dane." The golden haired son of the Aesir sun god spoke gently and calmly into the receiver. "S'up Fish-bro? Everything go okay? She going to help?" "I think so." Fisher responded, trying not put too much into his voice. "How are you holding up?" "Good, I guess." Although Fisher couldn't see him he could hear the shrug in his tone. "I mean, I hate dumping Adrianna on you guys like that, but if she can help, right? Just be careful, she's not a bad person, just," he sighed. Dane saying bad things about others didn't really seem to be in his nature. "Well, she can be a conniving lady. Keep your guard up." "That's good advice, thanks." Oh, Fate was howling its head off somewhere. "Look, if you feel like wanting to talk about it later, my door's open." Fisher promised, seeking to remain reassuring. "Talk about what?" He replied. Dane, like any other guy out there, bottled his negative side within and pretended like it didn't exist, Fisher knew type: jocks, tough guys, overachievers, all the Aesir. "I mean, if she gives you problems, hit me up, but her and I in the same room... well, that's probably not a good idea." Although in Rachel's case, she let it spew out like a volcano. "You know, what happened between you two - if you want to." Fisher explained patiently. "One more thing. Where did you see those birds falling from the sky?" There was a pause as whomever the female was, Fisher suspected his aunt whom he talked a lot about, hijacked the conversation and spoke to Dane about some groceries she wanted him to run and get. Fisher smirked and shook his head as he patiently waited for Dane who spoke to her with nothing but sweetness in his voice. Finally his voice was more clear as he placed it back near his mouth. "The Pier, bruh. Uhh, you know how all the birds go under when the rain comes?" He paused for Fisher's 'yeah' before he continued. "Well, they were all packed under there, dead. Pretty gross. I called the Sheriff and he was sending his boys down to do whatever he does in that instance. That was yesterday in the evening that I called, so they might still be at it." "All right, thank you." Fisher smiled. "See you tomorrow night then?" There was a pause of confusion as Dane didn't quite connect he dots of Fisher's thoughts. "Oh! The party. Right, yeah, bruh, certainly. See you guys there." "Same here. Have a good day." Fisher listened to Dane's goodbye before hanging up, and sighing. Well, that hadn't went catastrophically wrong. Fisher tapped out a quick text to Grim: Birds at Pier. Will investigate after visit with AS. Now to the school and face Archimedes.
  23. Fisher mentally winced at Darcy's reaction and realized he probably shouldn't have added that order on top of her workload. Bad boyfriend Fisher. He should make it up to her. Take her out, date night. What was that place she liked? Well, there was the Ledger, but that was expensive... Or maybe, a calm part of his mind suggested, just excuse himself, and quickly apologize to her? Then Grimsley was moving ahead with the story and Fisher realized he'd embarrassingly gotten distracted. And then Grim flirted with her. This jarred Fisher into full focus, though it occurred to the Scion of the Amatsukami that they did seemed to have a bit in common. Fisher cleared his throat after Laurie affirmed Grim's tale. Adrianna wanted it to be worth her while? Well, Fisher felt he had an opening. "It was the Nekyia." Adrianna's shocked look confirmed she recognized what he was referring to. "Marius, with possible help, stole it from Archimedes. He's been dropping it in the hands of people, offering it to help solve problems of theirs, and inevitably bad things happens. We've stepped in before they could become bigger problems, but he keeps disappearing with the book and repeating the process." Fisher spread his hands. "Going by his track record, Marius will give the Nekyia to the witches, if only to see what actual magical practitioners will do with it. I think stopping a dangerous tome tied to the Underworld from continuing to run around in the World is in your father's interests. Whatever Putnam, Parris and Williams will do with it won't be. To be clear," before Ms. Mergers and Acquisitions got the wrong idea, "this is not a 'yours if you help us' offer. It goes back to Archimedes."
  24. Fisher sighed as the obvious answers came into place. "We weren't the only ones there. Dane and Eric Donner's Band helped us bring down Spearfinger, and Mr. Syracuse, the Sheriff and the teachers arrived the moment after we finished her off. Mr. Syracuse caught Nadya grabbing the heart shards, and I doubt he'd have missed the Donner Party trying something. The best I can guess is that he, Sheriff Farrow or one of the teachers grabbed the missing piece. What, some kind of teachable lesson?"
  25. With a brief sigh, Fisher conceded the point to Grim, whom of course had already left. Nadya and... Laurie? Laurie came in, and Fisher almost flinched from the way her gaze skewered him. Kami damn it, it wasn't his fault! Sometimes being a nice guy sucked, when everyone seemed to leave it to him to patch up arguments and sooth tempers. Yes, Grim was right, but why did he have to say it in a way that sounded like he was offloading responsibility onto Fisher? And Laurie blaming him for not being on hand magically twenty minutes ago to provide emotional support. "Tea, one sugar, when you have the time please." Fisher wearily said, drawing an eyebrow from his girlfriend. "If family comes over I'm going to be drinking a lot of it." Maurice's commentary about hospitality had prompted Fisher to begin examining actual tea-making (not microwave and done). Not that he expected a maternal return, but some practice would be good if kami or some kitsune decided to make an official visit. She nodded, Fisher pecked her on the cheek, and Rachel arrived. Everyone present and accounted for then. He nodded at her and then came over to meet another child of the gods of death, his Aesir leader after him. "Hello, Adrianna. I'm Fisher, and and this is Rachel and Austin. Thank you for making the time to see all of us on such short notice."
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