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  1. "Let's see. Because we were informed when our parents Visited, and how many do we have in common with Donner's group?" Fisher dramatically counted across his fingers. Or dramatically feigned counting. "Oh wait, none of us here. Grace and Aaron did, we know, but their dad is Tezcatlipoca, Mr. Syracuse specifically said is a right bastard. So waiting is perfectly in character for him." Fisher retained a calm beneath his argument, remaining the patient one in contrast to Rachel. "Our parents were the ones who made the call - not to say I don't have issues with mine - but you can't put the blame on Mr. Syracuse for this. And in the end, we don't know the reasons for when and where they scheduled things. For all we know they had a Godly Skype session and decided that Eric's Band sucked and we would be better. In the end it doesn't matter. We'll make our own reasons. We'll make ourselves important and so awesome Thor will want you to autograph Mjolnir. And we protect Salem. Because it's what we do, it's what you do Rachel. You are our determined leader and we'll follow you." "Also," Fisher suddenly added, "I think you're subconsciously riled that Marius and the ghost witches are out there and you have to wait without having anything to hit."
  2. "We didn't have the energy for creativity." Fisher said, not in the least sheepish whatsoever. "Not that night. Story time." The memories came back as he explained. "It was several weeks ago. Coach Fingers took Rachel and I up to Savoy Mountain. A nymph he knew had asked for help. Honiahaka, the area's guardian nemean wolf, someone Amber and her sisters raised, had gone crazy in the past few days. Wanted us to investigate. Turned out she had a pup, a pup who we found was kidnapped by a bunch of myrmidons to lure Honiahka out." Wolf started growled, understanding what Fisher was talking about and remembering. His eyes closed and voice deeply somber "Yeah. Wolf's mom was mortally wounded in the fight. Wolf watched her die. And I saw how Rachel was crying. How she hugged Wolf. And how she fought Mr. Syracuse and Coach Fingers when they suggested sending Wolf elsewhere." Fisher opened his eyes and locked them with Grim. "You're like Wolf was. Hurt, alone and without family. And while Rachel's mouth may not have been connected to her brain, it certainly wasn't connected to her heart. Because in her heart deep down are the same kind of feelings she has for Wolf, I know it. Give this a little patience, a little faith, and you can have what Wolf has too."
  3. Fisher wasn't worried about Grim's reservations, they were accounted for. Step one of his master plan of mending was complete. Now on to step two... At the Stables... As Fisher had planned they were there ahead of when Rachel was expected to arrive. Good. "Now, as I promised." He put his fingers to the door and pulled it open. Grim heard the barking before he saw the exuberant furball pile in. Fisher caught Wolf and hugged her and petted her. "Hey girl. It's good to see you to." The nemean wolf pup saw Grim and looked at him, interested and tongue panting. "Wolf, this is Grim. Hopefully he'll be part of the Band and around here too. Grim, meet Wolf."
  4. Well, Grim was going to raise the obvious, no hiding what Fisher had been planning. Fortunately, the exact plan Fisher had devised enabled him wiggle room for the response. "She's called a Band meeting set in about a hour. By which point I imagine she will be ready and prepared to apologize. My intention is to stop by the Stables early and show you the thing I want you to see. After that, stay or leave, your choice." Fisher's hand didn't waver nor did his face.
  5. Fisher tried to point out that no, it's important that you go to Grimsley and correct this, but Rachel cut the call. Giving her time to think was one thing, but how was he going to get Grim to agree to come along in the seething mood towards Rachel he was in. I can't work miracles, demigod or not Captain! If she had been still on the line he might have said it with his best Scotty expression. Instead, he sighed again and sent out a series of texts to Austin, Nadya and Laurie repeating what Rachel asked. Finally, he went back inside, found his seat across from Grim and took a bite of his sandwich. After chewing and swallowing, Fisher evaluated Grim and then decided to take his shot at it. "Well Grim, I have a proposal. We enjoy our coffee and sandwiches, you perhaps educate me about the secrets of runes," Fisher had noticed the book and knew from experience that having someone who cared about your interests was an immensely important thing when you couldn't get that at home, "and then we take a walk down to something I'd like to show you." Fisher extended a hand. "Deal?"
  6. "For kami's sake, Rachel!" Fisher snapped with exasperation. "If you've got a problem, take it up with Mr. Syracuse, don't take it on Grim. Calling him a stray, really? And bringing up his grandpa's death? You make it sound like you're accusing him of murdering the man. And if you're not, what, the perp coming after him too? We're Scions, it's what happens. Grim has felt unwanted his entire life and now he feels like you regard him as just more unwanted trouble. Now, I don't know why you're in this mood, but I want you exercise self- control, come back and apologize to Grim. One you've thought out. C'mon, Rachel, I know you're better than this."
  7. "Please excuse me a minute." Fisher stood up promptly and made his way out, leaving his coffee and sandwich. Once outside, he pulled out his cell phone and called Rachel. Soon, she picked up. "Rachel, it's Fisher. Darci tells me she saw you and Grim talking. Please indulge my curiosity, what did you talk about?" His tone was light and casual, as if he didn't know the details of the conversation afforded to him by Grim.
  8. Fisher let out an exasperated groan, pressing his head against his hands. Rachel was their leader and a good friend, but she did not understand how to avoid the Aesir stereotype. And Grim had thrown out some pretty clear history of issues. Ones which Fisher had some familiarity with. Once again, he had to rectify the situation before it went down in flames. "Ok, first off, that is not what she meant. Mr. Syracuse and the teachers have a habit of shuffling new Scions through our Band and she's annoyed at them, not you. I don't see the problem - the only other main band is the Donner Party and as per the name they will tear apart and devour you, figuratively anyway." Grim remained silent and skeptical and Fisher continued. "And yes, utterly stupid and terrible word choice on Rachel's part. That's why I'm second in command, because someone has to do the thinking around here. I promise you, she did not intend to make you feel unwelcome. None of us do." He really, really, sincerely meant it.
  9. Fisher nodded and slid into his seat, taking a sip of the coffee before he cleared his throat. "Since I didn't get a chance to say this before, welcome to the Band. How much did Rachel fill you in on?" Being reminded of what had just transpired made Grim frown, his lips drawn back and the tightness of his flesh around his bones stand out. A sinking feeling entered Fisher's stomach again. Rachel couldn't have have messed something this simple up, could she? He sighed plaintively, a resigned voice coming out. "What did she say?"
  10. Darci turned back to the counter, suddenly to break into a glowing smile as Fisher leaned over it. "Hey. What are you doing here?" "Checking in on my girlfriend." Fisher said, still knowing it was all sinking in for him. Darci, his girlfriend. She smiled and gave him a peck. "Also, coffee and a sandwich. Made with your love." Apparently it was the right thing to say, which earned him another kiss. As he passed over the money, she leaned in. "You know, Rachel was talking to Grimsley over there." Fisher nodded, knowing the implied question. "He's going to be hanging around us for a bit. That kind of stuff." She knew what that kind of stuff meant, the demigodly, superheroic stuff. Hard to picture Grimsley like that. But Fisher took his food and drink over to that booth. "Hi Grim. Can we talk?"
  11. I don't have any side stories planned. But I'm cool with participating in any that people would like me to.
  12. I'm fine with introducing Grim over the weekend.
  13. So the Band meeting isn't something that needs to be 'on-screen' but the gist is that Fisher and Austin fills the others - and Mr. Syracuse - in on the whole witch ghosts loose in Salem again, Marius swiped the Nekiya and moved on, etc. Is there anything anyone else would bring up? I know Nadya needs to give those Spear-Finger heart-shards to Mr. S for trophy forging.
  14. Fisher raised his head up to meet Laurie and then made a snap decision. "I'm all right. As much as I can be right now." With the palpable lack of Nadya present, Fisher presumed the spell had broken as promised and now their Romani member had gone to exact her pound (or a hundred) of flesh from Niles. Fisher did not pity him. "Everything's taken care of." Fisher couldn't bring himself to drag down her evening. Further, that is, as she had taken Eric Donner as a date, so it was by definition bad enough already. "We're gonna have to have a Band meeting about it tomorrow anyway."
  15. Fisher was glad to get away from this mess now and leave lingering concerns behind, at least for a bit. He got back to the dance floor to find the room abuzz, for whatever reason. Darcy was right where he left her, mouth pursed with disapproval. Fisher winced and sidled up beside her. "Hey. I'm sorry it took a bit. It was pretty serious stuff though." Darcy's mouth softened as she met the eyes of her boyfriend. "Did you make out with Bridgette in front of the whole school and embarrass me in the process?" Fisher blinked at that oddly specific question. "No." Darcy rested her hand on his shoulder. "Then I'm cool with you. ...But not Rachel." She muttered in an aside. Billy was a friend of hers after all, and what gives with Rachel pulling that on him like that? Fisher was once again confused. "What did she do?" Darcy gave him a deadpan look. "You didn't, she did." A fatal exception has occurred. Fisher.exe has crashed. Reboot Y/N? "Rachel kissed Bridgette." Fisher repeated slowly, making sure he understood this latest sin of the Band's leader properly. "Yes," Darcy assured him frankly, "straight on the lips." Honestly, she wanted to kiss Fisher on the lips, his dumbfounded look was so adorable. "And," Fisher added, giving an incredulous and suspicious look towards Bridgette who was still in the dance hall, "And Rachel wasn't audibly saying 'You broke my heart, Bridgette, you broke my heart'?" The kiss of death would make sense. Sadly, Darcy was to take it from him. "No Godfather stunt. Oh, good pun." "Unintended." Fisher replied before looking into the palm-lines of his hand at point-blank range for guidance.
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