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  1. Fisher nodded, very relieved that things had not turned out for the worst. The disappointment and sense of betrayal Mr. Syracuse could have brought to bear would have cut out his heart worse than a dozen very sad Jewish mothers. "Fair enough. I'll let the others know that's the game plan. Thank you, again, Mr. Syracuse. Now I need to go help Austin follow up a lead. Those witches aren't going to banish themselves. And wipe that smug smile off Marius' scummy face." Mistakes had been made, but he could bounce back. He was Fisher Capra, a kami demigod! Even in the face of trouble, you could always go beyond, Plus Ultra!
  2. "No, it's not." Fisher closed his eyes for a moment as violin strains wafted through the air. Then he opened them again. Time to get it over with. "You know Adrianna Dionekou?" After Archimedes gave him a nod, Fisher continued. "We reached out to her through Dane, see if we could get some help finding the witches. She didn't seem interested, so I got carried away. I... told her Marius stole the Nekiya from you. I'm sorry, I didn't think things through and I've gotten you in trouble with Zeus. Or at least given Hades leverage over you." Now Fisher had to wait and see how the Band's mentor would respond. Strictly speaking, Prometheus had defied and tricked Zeus on two occasions, thus the daily eagle-eating-liver torture. But Mr. Syracuse still probably qualified for a brutal falcon-clawing.
  3. Fisher wilted under Grim and Laurie's vitriol, as her reminder caught up to him. Kami. He really had fucked up. His head slipped into the palm of one hand. You idiot. Just like with when you tried to bind the witches. Can't think even slightly beyond the task at hand, and all you've done is make things worse. "Dale, I made the mistake of giving her information she and her dad could use against Mr. Syracuse. The Greek Gods are a very cutthroat family. Anyway, start looking into Ms. Cunningham, as Grim suggested. We fell down on the job because we thought Adrianna could solve our problems, and look how that's worked out." He got up with resignation. Darcy deposited another coffee in front of Austin at the same time, and Fisher turned to her. "I'm sorry we dumped everything on you like you." He pecked her quickly on the cheek. "Forget the tea." Fisher left the Coffee Pot with heavy tread of guilt and resignation. As everyone said, he needed to visit Mr. Syracuse, and the the library was his destination. While he was on the way, Fisher dialed Dane's number, schooling himself to adopt a more calm, even tone when he spoke. One could not be a voice of support if you sounded like you were full of your own issues. When Dane came on the line, before he even spoke, Fisher could hear the faint rhythm of Ed Sheeran in the background and a what sounded like a woman in the back talking. With only her voice, he assumed she was on a phone call too, laughing and catching up with some she knew. "This is Dane." The golden haired son of the Aesir sun god spoke gently and calmly into the receiver. "S'up Fish-bro? Everything go okay? She going to help?" "I think so." Fisher responded, trying not put too much into his voice. "How are you holding up?" "Good, I guess." Although Fisher couldn't see him he could hear the shrug in his tone. "I mean, I hate dumping Adrianna on you guys like that, but if she can help, right? Just be careful, she's not a bad person, just," he sighed. Dane saying bad things about others didn't really seem to be in his nature. "Well, she can be a conniving lady. Keep your guard up." "That's good advice, thanks." Oh, Fate was howling its head off somewhere. "Look, if you feel like wanting to talk about it later, my door's open." Fisher promised, seeking to remain reassuring. "Talk about what?" He replied. Dane, like any other guy out there, bottled his negative side within and pretended like it didn't exist, Fisher knew type: jocks, tough guys, overachievers, all the Aesir. "I mean, if she gives you problems, hit me up, but her and I in the same room... well, that's probably not a good idea." Although in Rachel's case, she let it spew out like a volcano. "You know, what happened between you two - if you want to." Fisher explained patiently. "One more thing. Where did you see those birds falling from the sky?" There was a pause as whomever the female was, Fisher suspected his aunt whom he talked a lot about, hijacked the conversation and spoke to Dane about some groceries she wanted him to run and get. Fisher smirked and shook his head as he patiently waited for Dane who spoke to her with nothing but sweetness in his voice. Finally his voice was more clear as he placed it back near his mouth. "The Pier, bruh. Uhh, you know how all the birds go under when the rain comes?" He paused for Fisher's 'yeah' before he continued. "Well, they were all packed under there, dead. Pretty gross. I called the Sheriff and he was sending his boys down to do whatever he does in that instance. That was yesterday in the evening that I called, so they might still be at it." "All right, thank you." Fisher smiled. "See you tomorrow night then?" There was a pause of confusion as Dane didn't quite connect he dots of Fisher's thoughts. "Oh! The party. Right, yeah, bruh, certainly. See you guys there." "Same here. Have a good day." Fisher listened to Dane's goodbye before hanging up, and sighing. Well, that hadn't went catastrophically wrong. Fisher tapped out a quick text to Grim: Birds at Pier. Will investigate after visit with AS. Now to the school and face Archimedes.
  4. Fisher mentally winced at Darcy's reaction and realized he probably shouldn't have added that order on top of her workload. Bad boyfriend Fisher. He should make it up to her. Take her out, date night. What was that place she liked? Well, there was the Ledger, but that was expensive... Or maybe, a calm part of his mind suggested, just excuse himself, and quickly apologize to her? Then Grimsley was moving ahead with the story and Fisher realized he'd embarrassingly gotten distracted. And then Grim flirted with her. This jarred Fisher into full focus, though it occurred to the Scion of the Amatsukami that they did seemed to have a bit in common. Fisher cleared his throat after Laurie affirmed Grim's tale. Adrianna wanted it to be worth her while? Well, Fisher felt he had an opening. "It was the Nekyia." Adrianna's shocked look confirmed she recognized what he was referring to. "Marius, with possible help, stole it from Archimedes. He's been dropping it in the hands of people, offering it to help solve problems of theirs, and inevitably bad things happens. We've stepped in before they could become bigger problems, but he keeps disappearing with the book and repeating the process." Fisher spread his hands. "Going by his track record, Marius will give the Nekyia to the witches, if only to see what actual magical practitioners will do with it. I think stopping a dangerous tome tied to the Underworld from continuing to run around in the World is in your father's interests. Whatever Putnam, Parris and Williams will do with it won't be. To be clear," before Ms. Mergers and Acquisitions got the wrong idea, "this is not a 'yours if you help us' offer. It goes back to Archimedes."
  5. Fisher sighed as the obvious answers came into place. "We weren't the only ones there. Dane and Eric Donner's Band helped us bring down Spearfinger, and Mr. Syracuse, the Sheriff and the teachers arrived the moment after we finished her off. Mr. Syracuse caught Nadya grabbing the heart shards, and I doubt he'd have missed the Donner Party trying something. The best I can guess is that he, Sheriff Farrow or one of the teachers grabbed the missing piece. What, some kind of teachable lesson?"
  6. With a brief sigh, Fisher conceded the point to Grim, whom of course had already left. Nadya and... Laurie? Laurie came in, and Fisher almost flinched from the way her gaze skewered him. Kami damn it, it wasn't his fault! Sometimes being a nice guy sucked, when everyone seemed to leave it to him to patch up arguments and sooth tempers. Yes, Grim was right, but why did he have to say it in a way that sounded like he was offloading responsibility onto Fisher? And Laurie blaming him for not being on hand magically twenty minutes ago to provide emotional support. "Tea, one sugar, when you have the time please." Fisher wearily said, drawing an eyebrow from his girlfriend. "If family comes over I'm going to be drinking a lot of it." Maurice's commentary about hospitality had prompted Fisher to begin examining actual tea-making (not microwave and done). Not that he expected a maternal return, but some practice would be good if kami or some kitsune decided to make an official visit. She nodded, Fisher pecked her on the cheek, and Rachel arrived. Everyone present and accounted for then. He nodded at her and then came over to meet another child of the gods of death, his Aesir leader after him. "Hello, Adrianna. I'm Fisher, and and this is Rachel and Austin. Thank you for making the time to see all of us on such short notice."
  7. "I've read the books in the library." Fisher replied, amused by Maurice's point. "And yeah, I'm sure I'm old enough to know about Hephaestus and the chain trap." "Chains?" Nadya pounced on that comment, waggling her eyebrows. "If you want to know, go read the books. They'll suit that filthy imagination of yours." His smile disappeared after the jab. "They can't feel love though. ...I should have known." Maurice looked at him, and Fisher felt the sympathetic encouragement. Holding it in wouldn't do him any good. "My mother is Izanami, Queen of Yomi, progenitor of the islands of Japan, She Who Invites. She who married dad, had me, and then left us when I was four. Came back the same time Austin, Nadya and Rachel's parents did, to tell me I'm a Scion, and whoop gone again. Not even a letter or text. My family's just as broken as before, except for the addition of relatives I know have their own issues with each other. But you're wrong, Maurice. She knows her concept: death." Fisher took a pull of the ginger ale. "A dead marriage, a dead mother, a dad who may as well be dead inside. I'm half-expecting to learn my house is built over a graveyard."
  8. Fisher had to clamber slightly to raise himself up across Maurice's oversized fridge in order to reach a can of the ginger ale that was, simply put, four times the size of a normal human being's container of fizzy soda brew. It gave him a chance to collect his thoughts and make sense of what Maurice said. On the one hand, it seemed impossible to connect the idea of love and art to a being that killed children and ate their livers without the slightest sense of remorse. And, if Fisher was being honest, almost killed him. A phantom remnant of that agony from his broken neck signaled through his body, though Fisher thankfully had his feet solidly on the ground at that point. Then again, Maurice and Wolf were proof that being titanspawn or nemeans did not mean unintelligent, or devoid of the ability to communicate, or care. Still there was a large difference between them and Spearfinger. As Maurice said, the monster of Cherokee legend had darkness in the soul. Well, the best villains weren't one-dimensional in stories, but it was easier to think of them that way in real life. Especially when they did horrible things. Fisher took his mind away from philosophical brooding and turned his hopeful, interested gaze on Maurice and the subject of crafting. "What do you think you can make from it?"
  9. The dwarves are unionized? Fisher decided to see if he could incorporate that into the tabletop game he was running. Meanwhile, he supposed he couldn't begrudge Mr. Syracuse for his secrecy. Even if Rachel felt like the librarian God and the other faculty were being ass pains by rotating extra people through their Band, even if as a show of faith in their good character, since you obviously couldn't use the Donner Party as role models. "Alright." Fisher smiled back. "Where do we go to meet him then?"
  10. Fisher promptly marked a mental note to talk to Rachel about her problems. Yes, she sounded like she'd hit anyone who actually tried, but Fisher was her friend. She wouldn't do that to him. And besides, she'd pulled the whole 'none of your business, personal issues are my own thing' about Billy Troup back at Racks and Rhinestones, but Fisher had calmly called bull, pointed some things out and now Rachel and Billy were dating. All thanks to Fisher. Well, partly - but he'd given her the first clear nudge to think things through, and that'd gotten the ball rolling, right? Right. Now, to Dane's suggestion. On the one hand, Dane was a nice guy. On the other hand, he thought going as a giant burrito was a good idea, and possibly replaced a sizable portion of his gray matter with marijuana. On the other other hand, they didn't have any other options right now. Conclusion: cautious inquiry. "Mind giving us some more details about her?" Fisher asked.
  11. "In fairness, she's making progress." Fisher insisted, popping out after Austin. "The thing you need to understand about Rachel," Fisher calmly went on, putting away a metal water bottle he'd finished drinking from back into his backpack's side pocket, "is that while she can be intense, once she's warmed up to you, there's no more dedicated person you'll find in your corner." He was used to smoothing things over until the acclimation period finished, even if Grim wasn't acknowledging that he'd made it through her adjustment period. "I'm Fisher Capra. Welcome Dale, and we'll help you through the madness." Dale could pick up there was something endearing and comforting about his presence, even Grim seeming to relax slightly. This was an honest to goodness nice guy. "To answer your questions, this isn't the X-Files. It's Percy Jackson, except all the major pantheons of legend are around, and there's no Camp Half-Blood. There is however a war and monsters to slay. And today, we learn how to turn our trophies into lovely magic items, since Nadya finally decided to stop hoarding the literally shattered heart of Spearfinger, the twisted Cherokee spirit we brought down." "I wasn't hoarding! I was conducting independent study!" Nadya protested, hands up, but clearly Fisher, rolling his eyes, wasn't fooled. "Nadya, you act like hearing the word 'study' gives you a rash. Actually, I'm certain the only reason you'd study is if it would magically make Mercedes Rhodes burst into hives." Unsurprisingly, Nadya started envisioning that glorious image.
  12. Everyone looked back at Nadya like she was nuts, given her choice of priorities. But then Fisher slowly bit his lip and thought for a moment. "Actually, Nadya might have a point. Location searches clearly aren't working for us. Now, if Austin's assumption is correct and they did possess students, then Mercedes' party is the best way to learn if anyone has been acting differently. It doesn't seem like we have any other options." "See!" Nadya crowed, pumping a fist in vindication. "It's a good thing I figured this all out for you guys." Fisher rolled his eyes. "Of course you did. I'll have to think about what I'm going as..." Darcy interrupted him by coming over and whispering in his ear. Fisher blinked, then nodded. "Okay, and you would be..." His face blushed, then turned into a big grin. "Really?! Okaaay then, if you're up for it." Darcy's cheeks flushed, but she nodded. "Right, spill!" Nadya demanded, sensing something very juicy here, juicier than a rare steak that Wolf might have torn from hapless prey. Darcy smiled at her. "It's a couple's thing. No spoilers."
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