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  1. Kia nodded at Abel and nodded. "Okay," she said. "Be careful." She didn't say that this was pretty much exactly the reason why breaking up was for the best. They'd always lived in somewhat different worlds...now the gap between them was much wider. Once upon a time, she'd have gone with him, and been eager to do so. Now she felt instead a kind of serenity settle over her. The Irregulars were forces of nature. They had this.
  2. "At first I was thinking I'd go back to school, to a university," Kia answered, glancing away as she thought it over. "Now I'm leaning towards taking a year and seeing if I can get some kind of an...internship or some kind of practical thing going first, since I'm not going to have problems with money for school." She sighed and looked back at Abel with a smile. "So a lot of studying and work, I guess. I want to get out into the world...maybe still try to save it, but as a small part of something bigger." And with that, it was time. Kia hadn't thought through how it would go, but she could feel that the conversation had reached the right spot. "...and since I'll probably be away from home a lot, we should probably talk about us."
  3. "I didn't really know until someone asked me," Kia answered with a shrug. "I knew I was kind of stressed out, but I figured it was other stuff. I'd never really stopped to really think about it before." She gave Abel a smile, then pointed out something that lab tech who'd visited had mentioned, "This could be good too, you know. There could be other Keys who would want to do something like this. It might really help them to know it's possible. We don't control how or when we unlock, but...we're not trapped that way."
  4. Kia opened her mouth to deny it, then hesitated and said, "I guess it does, a little." She leaned forward a little across the table. "It wasn't something that just happened to me. I chose it. I...wished for it, I guess. It was a choice I made. I don't think it could have been forced to happen." "Everyone's so freaked out by it. I mean, you're all playing it really cool and all, but I know you guys. I can tell when you're upset even with the whole 'I'm a Key I don't show it on my face' thing. But to me, this is...it's almost like when we first unlocked. I feel like..." Kia paused, thinking, trying to put what she felt into words. "...like the sky's the limit again. Like I can do anything I want."
  5. Kia listened intently, to what Abel said and to what he didn't say. Abel liked to...deflect conversations, she'd found. Try to form funnels of words that moved things away from what he didn't really want to talk about. This was the time to talk about those things though. Kia didn't want anything left unsaid. "What about how it happened bothers you?" she asked.
  6. Kia tilted her head slightly as she watched Abel. She wasn't a superintelligent posthuman, but she had a pretty firm grasp of who Abel was and what kind of things occupied his mind. "This...bothers you, doesn't it?" she asked. "I mean, me. What happened to me."
  7. Abel smiled, and asked, "So where would you like to eat Lunch today, Kia?" Kia shrugged, "That salad they have here with chicken and little orange slices would be nice. I think I'll have one of those. And some lemonade." She returned his smile and said, "You're kind of distracted, huh? Everything okay at work?" Referring to what happened at Irregular Solutions as just 'work,' as if he was selling insurance or something, felt a little weird. But also perfectly normal. That was the world she lived in. Well, the one she used to live in.
  8. >Kia, somehting has occured at the lab and it might be best if we do the scans elswhere. How about I pick you up do the scans remotly and while the computers are doing there thing we grab some lunch?< Kia had to laugh to herself when the text came through. It was just like Abel to frame meeting for lunch in terms of getting scans made. It wasn't a mocking sort of laugh though...she actually thought it was cute, even if it did underscore some of the tensions between them. She hoped he wouldn't take any of what was happening personally. She didn't want him to feel like he should change. Having already ridden her bicycle out to a little secondhand store she really liked, it wound be easy enough for Abel to find her. >Sure. I'm over at Cedar Closet. Might be at Jacobsen's by the time you get here though. It's practically right next door though.<
  9. Kia shook her head. "Not really 'do' about it...I just want to know more. I know why it happened, but not how...and I don't know what happened to the, uh...rest of me?" She winces a little. "I mean, there was a lot more of me. And I'm just hoping it all disappeared, and isn't floating around in some dimension out there somewhere. That'd be really...yuck." "And I figured you guys would want to know too, so...yeah." Kia shrugged. "Have at it. Figure it all out."
  10. The former cheerleader nodded. "I think it's gone. I'm not sure how...but I feel like I know why. Anyway, that's why I wanted Sean to be here. She probably knows more about this quantum stuff than anyone. And as for why, well, my powers were...taking me places I decided I didn't want to go. Taking me away from Earth, and away from the people and things I care about. Away from me, if that makes any sense." She sighed and waved a hand around at the room. "Do you know how long it's been since I really felt hot or cold, or hungry, or tired, or...like a person? Everything...everyone...looked so small, like I was seeing them from a long ways away." Kia smiled. "But I'm back now. I feel...more in touch with things. Like I'm part of the world again, not all curled up in a cave like a dragon in one of Sean's games, peeping in through a hole in the wall."
  11. She smiled at him and shrugged. "I feel good. Actually great. Abel..." Kia leaned over to put her hand on his arm. "I want Sean to be here before I go into detail, but you should know this happened because...I asked for it to. I don't really know if this is it, or if things will change again, but this isn't something someone did to me."
  12. Abel arrived first. Kia was in the kitchen, humming to herself as she put together a plate of snacks. She'd put on a blousy orange and yellow sun dress...the kind it was still a bit chilly to wear outside, but she turned up the thermostat inside. It was...kind of nice to have that sort of feedback from her body about the world. As a key, she'd been capable of being aware of temperature, but over time had sort of stopped paying attention to it. Because heat or cold didn't limit her, or threaten her, it just sort of faded from her perceptions as irrelevant. The same thing with her feeling of energy, of pep...as a key she'd been literally indefatigable...possessed of enough energy to run a marathon around the equator. And yet now she FELT more energetic, because there was a tangible limit she could measure herself against. Any amount of movement against an infinite backdrop felt minuscule. Hence, a bit of spring in her step, a bit of sway in her hips as she turned some music on. She heard a rumble in the distance, the sound of air displacing around something moving quickly. Almost as fast as she heard it there was a knock on her door. Abel calling her name. "Come in!" Kia called as she brought the platter of snacks over to the coffee table in front of the couch. When Abel entered she went over and up on her toes to give him a hug around the neck. This wasn't going to be easy. None of it. It was right though. It felt righter than just about anything for nearly a year. Was it weird that she had to lose her powers to gain control over her life? "Hi. Thanks for coming." Kia waved at the couch. "I have snacks. Sean isn't here yet."
  13. In response to Jeanne: Normally a 'beach day' would have sounded like great fun, but Kia's heart wasn't in it at the moment. Even so, she sent a 'Sure, sounds good,' over the guild chat. Maybe it'd cheer her up a little. Kia's Bedroom Kia sat upright in her bed her head throbbing but not hurting, her heart racing, she was sweaty and she couldn't feel her powers, couldn't feel guildchat, couldn't feel the Quantum. She was alone, Her connection was gone. Her first reaction was panic. Was it an attack?! Had someone figured out a way to neutralize her somehow?! Feeling small and helpless, she lay in the dark, heart hammering, not knowing if the end would come. It didn't. On reaching out to the 'guild chat,' she realized it was gone for her. Aside from making her feel very isolated and vulnerable, she also realized that Abel was probably freaking out by now, so she felt around for her phone (when was the last time she noticed a thing like darkness?) and fired off a quick text to everyone on her Irregulars group. ...this is kia something happened and i'm not on chat anymore but i'm ok... By the time she'd finished texting, and taking dogged pride in actually using apostrophes, the reality of the situation was starting soak past her knee-jerk instinctive reactions to the deeper pools of her brain where reflection and cognition churned. Was this because of what she'd asked? Was she really...normal again? Kia knew Lilly could 'turn off' her powers when she wanted, at least most of them. Even then though Lilly remained virtually superhuman. Kia had no idea how turning off her own powers would work...or how it HAD worked? Was her larger self just gone, or was there a giant glob of biomass floating around in a pocket dimension just outside reality forever? That was SUPER disturbing. Hopefully it had all just vanished. Abel would know. Or Sean. She texted them both individually. guys, i lost my powers...we need 2 talk... She turned on the little lamp on her bedside table and started getting dressed. Was it weird that she was weaker than she'd been in months now...but somehow felt lighter? It was finally soaking in. She wasn't going to have to turn into things anymore, or conjure hordes of weird critters from her own flesh or...or be weird and inhuman and kind of gross. It was finally over. She could be normal again. By the time Kia was tying her shoes the pounding of her heart was from excitement, not fear. She even spared a silent moment of thanks, just in case the spirits were still listening.
  14. War-Room Observation Area "Come sit. Ask the spirits what you wish I am sure they are listening and if it is good they will help." Kia sat down and tried to think, but it was no good. Her head was just a jumble. Trying to sort through all the conflicting feelings and make sense of it only made it worse. So she stopped trying, and just started talking. "I don't really know if I believe in spirits, but...I want to feel like I'm part of the world again. Not all coiled up in some...other place, just poking my finger out into it. Right now, it's like...I'm growing into a world of my own almost, but that's never what I wanted. I want to be connected to THIS world. And all the people and places and things and INVOLVED and...and that's how I used to feel, and even if I have to give up my powers I just really want to feel like that again. I want to need things, so that I want things, so that getting things feels important and good." She sighs. "It's good that I had powers when I needed them. I'm grateful I got to help protect people. I'm just afraid that right now, what I am...what I'm becoming...is going to take me away from everything I love. Everyone. Sometimes I look around and everything looks so small. Or I'll see some animal or something, and for a second I'll only see it as something I want to add to the creatures I can make." "So I don't know if they're listening, or if it's good, but...I'd really like to just be myself again. Please."
  15. ******** THE WARROOM OBSERVATION AREA******** Kia shrugged and started to walk over, then turned and walked past. It felt better to stay on her feet and give that restless energy a way to express itself. "I'm just not happy," she admittedly...then immediately buried her face in her hands for a second. "God that sounds so entitled. I have super powers and can be or do anything but I'm not happy...ugh. It's just...I am really glad that I got to help save the world a couple of times, and I wouldn't trade away my memories of being an Irregular for anything, but...it's not the life I ever wanted. I did it because I felt like I had to, and..." Kia trailed off. "...and now you don't feel like that," Pete supplied in his quiet, unobtrusive voice. Kia nodded slowly. "Yeah. I just feel so...cut off most of the time. I never see my parents. I hardly ever see the others, and when I do it's always because we have to GO somewhere or DO something. I'm tired of it, but it feels like I'm being selfish and ungrateful..." Pete shrugged. "Feelings don't care much about selfishness or gratitude sometimes," he reckoned. "That doesn't make them bad though." After a moment of silence, Kia said, "You know, at the end, Pandora did something to us. She made us remember things that never happened. Like whole other lives. At the time I just kind of pushed through it but lately I've been remembering how...much happier I was in some of those other lives. No powers, no military, no weird nerdy inventions...just me and friends having good times and bad times and..." Again, she broke off. "Do you know me?" Kia asked Pete then, looking around at him. Her eyes were moist. He shrugged again. "Just what they tell us when we start getting trained." "Everything about me is a lie now," she said softly. "This...thing you're looking at, it isn't me. It's how I used to be. I'd fill most of the building if I was being myself. And I'd probably scare everyone so much they'd send the Army to try to kill me." She paused and added, "But they wouldn't be able to." Kia wiped her arm over her eyes and paced back the other way. "I hate feeling this way. I hate feeling like I'm lying to people I love. I hate feeling like...like everything I think I am is just a...skin on milk. It's like nothing means anything anymore. Going to the beach and swimming, looking at the stars, going shopping...it's like a puppet show I'm putting on with my littlest finger." Pete was quiet all through her confession, just listening. Finally after she hadn't said anything for a little bit, he asked, "You talk to your friends about this stuff?" She shook her head. "I could maybe talk to Lilly. Sean wouldn't really care, and...Abel would just decide it was something broken he had to fix." Kia sniffled and wiped her nose again. "It's just...they all feel like they are where they belong, you know? So me saying I don't, it'd be like me saying I don't like them or don't want to be around them." "Do you not?" "Of course I do!" Kia hesitated. "I just...don't know if I can be. I don't know what to do. I mean, I guess there's nothing I can do. I can't go back to how I was."
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