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  1. There's maybe a page worth of new content... and it's all in black and white now... not worth the money.
  2. no problem, I'm just upset that I forgot about this website, and when I came back, cool stuff was happening.
  3. Let me know if you need a volunteer to proofread for logical consistency, I've got nothing better to do.
  4. By pace, I'm talking about the real life pace, I expect the world to change pretty dramatically in game. Do you have any suggestions for the game?
  5. I'm running a global scale Aberrant game for some friends and I was wondering if anyone could offer some input. I'm currently planning on using a modified version of the MET system for backgrounds. Influence is replaced with corporate influence, church influence... etc. Also, because it's going to be PbEM, it's going on a scale of 1 Week:1 Month... depending on how the pace works out, mostly because of time zone differences, I want a slow pace. The focus and theme is that Novas change the world, each player chooses a long term goal or ideology for their nova, they then attempt to reshape the world in this image. I'm also considering making the game open for new players at any time. There's approximately 6000 Novas in the world and less than a thousand of them are accounted for in the books. Thanks for your help, I'm hoping to impress some friends who have had some pretty bad experiences with roleplaying in the past.
  6. I think D20 Aeon will be worth my money if they introduce new material. Also, if they give dual stats to any new powers I would be absolutely thrilled. It would give D20 fans a reason to buy all the Storyteller material.
  7. I have heard references to chat sessions with the developers of Abberant. Does anyone have a copy of the transcript? I have heard references to: Divis Mal being "unconquered sun" or something like that; The Nova with the highest intelligence has Mega Int 8, (and since the only Nova with Quantum 8 is Mal...) The Colony is not a named character from the Abberant timeline. Could anyone confim/clarify these claims?
  8. My guess is that in the last book Divis Mal will come out of the sky laughing "suprise! it was me the whole time. Then all the really angsty goths will kill themselves for having invested so much time and money into what turned out to be a superhero game. Then White Wolf will ressurect the Aberant Product line and everyone will rejoice (except the goths)
  9. The question is, however, did they make ENOUGH money. It's obvious that there had to be a financial (or something else -not- related to making the game better) reason for the change, otherwise they would have called it D+D 4th Ed. Dr. A
  10. Live Action Role Playing White Wolf created a streamlined version of Vampire the Masquerade for use by large numbers of people. Most conflicts are determined by the use of paper rock scissors. The Vampire book is Laws of the Night (I think) although the complete rules are present in all the other WoD adaptations (mage, hunter etc.) The problem is that the system places huge emphasis on attributes. Basically, one can have a number of attribute aspects (wiry, clever, rational ...) for the three attribute categories. Tests use paper rock scissors instead of dice, with ties going to the person with more attributes and the loser loses one attribute temporarily. There is more to it but the huge emphasis on attributes makes finding a fair system for Mega Attributes difficult. I hope this clarifies things a little. I appreciate the interest. Dr. A
  11. I think this game is over, Sorry everyone. I don't have a good way to access the internet, and I've lost most of my notes. I hope I haven't let anyone down. When (if) I redo all my notes I can probably continue the plot, or just post the rest of the story so that others may use the story in their own campaigns. Again, I apologize Dr. Arbitrary
  12. I've got a friend who is really into the LARP business and has been attempting an Abberant LARP. Anyone have any suggestions, or ideas as to how Abberant could be adapted into a LARP. The Mega Attributes are the major concern, they go far beyond the WOD powers, Mega Str, would beat even extremely high level potence. i'd apreciate any ideas Thanks Dr. A
  13. I've always played as normal attributes seem perfectly plausable to a human, Strength 5 is ok on the mind, while Mega Str 1 is obviously impossible. Even (for quantum 6+ Novas) strengths of 6-10 seem plausible... Well, 10 is pushing it, but what I'm saying is that even a little bit of a mega characteristic will creep out a baseline (maybe just a little bit), but the normal ones will be okay on the Psyche. I hope I explained my idea, It's kind of weird to explain. Dr. A
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