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  1. Anthem - PL 10 Strength 5, Stamina 5, Agility 5, Dexterity 5, Fighting 5, Intellect 2, Awareness 2, Presence 2 Advantages Agile Feint, Assessment, Benefit: Security Clearance (Aegis), Close Attack 8, Connected, Defensive Roll 2, Diehard, Great Endurance, Improved Defense, Improved Initiative, Inspire 2, Interpose, Leadership, Precise Attack (Ranged, Cover), Takedown, Teamwork Skills Acrobatics 10 (+15), Athletics 10 (+15), Close Combat (Unarmed) 2 (+7), Expertise (Military) 4 (+6), Insight 8 (+10), Perception 4 (+6), Persuasion 6 (+8), Ranged Combat (Shield Throw) 8 (+13), Stealth 2 (+7), Treatment 4 (+6), Vehicles 4 (+9) Powers Diamond-Steel Alloy Shield (Easily Removable (indestructible)) . . Shield . . . . Damage: Strength-based Damage 2 (DC 22; Penetrating 2) . . . . Enhanced Trait: Enhanced Trait 6 (Traits: Dodge +3 (+13), Parry +3 (+13)) . . Shield Throw . . . . Damage: Strength-based Damage 2 (DC 22; Increased Range (ranged), Penetrating 2, Ricochet (1 bounce)) Cadmus Project (Advantages: Diehard, Great Endurance) . . Regeneration: Regeneration 2 (Every 5 rounds) . . Speed: Speed 1 (Speed: 4 miles/hour, 60 feet/round) Offense Initiative +9 Damage: Strength-based Damage 2, +13 (DC 22) Damage: Strength-based Damage 2, +13 (DC 22) Grab, +13 (DC Spec 15) Throw, +5 (DC 20) Unarmed, +15 (DC 20) Languages Native Language Defense Dodge 13/10, Parry 13/10, Fortitude 8, Toughness 7/5, Will 6 Power Points Abilities 62 + Powers 17 + Advantages 23 + Skills 31 (62 ranks) + Defenses 17 = 150 Complications: Secret: While not 'completely' secret, her Identity of Carrie Williams isn't public knowledge. Often, her secrecy is protected either by Cadmus contacts or security clearances. Responsibility: Anthem is an Agent of Cadmus. Motivation (Loyalty): Anthem is loyal to Cadmus. She often follows orders without question.
  2. ,, Should've explained this better. For that, I apologize. ,, ,, 1. ,, While slightly annoying, I respect why you're doing it. For the record, I don't take offense. ,, ,, 2. ,, The 'shoehorning' is less about shoehorning and more about promoting versatility. Speaking from experience, if I don't do something similar, I usually have 'clones' of the same type. Think of it less of constricting, and more of it 'thinking outside the box'. Almost every team comic, cartoon or show follows this trope and each looks different. That's why I use it. ,, And btw, don't feel as if I'm telling you who to romance. I merely mentioned that a trope within the trope was that triangle. There is nothing stopping your character from romancing an npc or another player or no one at all. I'd never take that roleplaying freedom away. ,, 3. ,, I didn't mean to offend, by any means. ,, The term 'The Chick' is what the trope is named in the source material and doesn't express my views. And even then, TV tropes named the role that not to offend, but, actually, to match your view: They mock the fact on how this role is usually a woman (TV tropes is very sarcastic, one of my favorite sites to browse) and how terrible it was that in the olden days, this woman was useless. ,, This role (and any of the roles) can be either male or female, and I aim for this role to be an emotional center. I don't require, expect, or force this role to be a woman, for him or her to be in love with the lancer hero, or whatever. ,, ,, btw, you're on notice Dawn. You stated that you dig a Fate game, so if this doesn't fly, I'll keep you in mind when I brainstorm something else. Thanks for the post.
  3. I attempted this before, but a hangup formed when people expressed disinterest with game system. Changing system to Fate Core. ,, If you don't have The Fate Core rules, then I am free, thanks to OGL, to lend out the rules to whomever is interested in this game (since you're a prospective member of a gaming group). ,, Background: Keeping this quite simple. Just as X-men had a school for gifted youngsters, so does this. Additional details will be built both by backgrounds and Aspects. I'm keeping it lite and letting Fate take control. Recruitment ,, While the setting will be built heavily from the backgrounds of the accepted builds (a strength of Fate Core), somethings to keep in mind: -The school is similar to The School of gifted youngsters in X-men. Thus, your character was either recruited by school reps, given to the school by authorities (government or police via court order, etc), or related to the staff in someway. The team itself is government operated and ultimately answers to the Secretary of Defense. If recruited, how was his/her powers found out and what does s/he (or his/her parents if forced) expect when s/he enters the school? If s/he's forced by the government, why? Is s/he a dangerous meta who is still young, but one strike away from being sent to a super max prison? Is s/he innocent, but is capable of great destruction due to lack of control? -The power origin will be Mutation. I won't turn away other origin's however (ex. powers derived from greek mythology, alien upbringing, etc). Now I say mutation, but by all means, your characters can be human looking. -While episodic, if we last long enough, a plot will form. I may use published adventures from time to time but majority generated by player actions, settings and aspects. -Be sure to take note that personal goals, life complications, npc's and places you create via background and roleplay are fair game for me to use at anytime. -I believe in spotlight time. You spend points on a skill or a particular expertise or knowledge, then I 'will' find a way to incorperate it. There will be no wasted points here. (So the smart girl will have good opportunities to make the others look dumb in comparison, the heroine will have opportunities to inspire, etc) ,, Builds ,, Build requirements First off, I want builds that makes sense that matches background and personality. Also, your character needs to be someone who will NEED her teammates to be successful. If she can solve problems on her own, she's too powerful. Secondly, I'm also going to be strict with roles within the team. I used the TV troupe 'Five-Man Band' as a rule stick for the roles. This includes personality (which you are free to create on your own) and to some extent, powers. The Five Man Band: ,, NOTE: While I'm strict with the roles, you're open to be creative within those roles. Do not feel that you're locked on a particular Gender, or style. just like the TV trope these are based on, you can easily turn some of these on their head without changing the role itself. The Hero(ine) — ,, Now first off, the 'Hero' or 'Heroine' is not the focal point of this campaign. I have my way and EVERYONE will have that chance. This is the leader of the girls. Can have any powers but needs to have some type of leadership feat or advantage. Doesn't have to be a 'Cyclops' or 'teacher's pet' or what have you, but this person should have some sort of clean rep. Most important thing to think about as you build the personality and background is 'WHY' has s/he been chosen to be the leader. The Lancer — I admit, it'll be tough to be a contrast to the hero without knowing who s/he is, but if you're going for the Lancer. try your best for a build that is the 'Wolverine' of the group. No, I'm not talking gruff or angry, but someone who has attitude who'll butt heads with the Hero. Just as I asked WHY the hero is the leader, the question you should ask yourself is WHY the Lancer isn't the leader. What about him made him get rejected for the job? That right there could lead to the chip in the shoulder. The Smart Guy — Now let me say something. The smart guy/girl doesn't have to be the 'geek' (That could be the leader for all we know). This guy or girl is the one with the wisdom. He's the one who is either superintelligent (like Spock), or have a bucketful of common sense. Don't feel limited to 'battlesuit' or 'gadgets'. They work perfectly, but if you want to try another build that allows for a smart build, go for it. Obviously, what I'm looking for is intelligence and why she is so smart. For bonus points, what also shapes her to be a trickster or comic relief? The Big Guy — ,, Not much to say, cause it's cut and dry. I need to make a note here: NO ONE SHOULD BE STRONGER AND TOUGHER (THAT INCLUDES EQUAL) THAN THIS CHARACTER. I can't stress this enough. If you was as strong as this character, then why have a strong person. Now mind you, you may have a strong character and not be the Big guy, but be aware that you need to be careful and watchful of builds. As for what I'm looking for, no, you don't have to be dumb, you can be smart (but be mindful of the smart guy). I will be looking for a bruser, but if I like your personality and background enough to make an unique powerset stick, I'll accept it. The Chick (or Heart if female dominated) — ,, NOTE: This is not limited to female gender, and if this character is female, you are not required to be the stereotypical 'eye candy fanservice' that has become so common it's been parodied a million times. Feel free to take the route of X-Men, where the chick of that group, Jean Grey, was the most dangerous of the group. ,, Also, take note of Buffy: tvs. In that show, Xander (I think that was his name) played the chick role, where he was the emotional center. ,, What I'm trying to empahsis is that the Role is called 'The Chick' cause TV Tropes was being sarcastic. Any Gender can fill this role. Let me say off the bat: This role (unless you want it to be) is not meant to be the useless role. What I aim for here is the 'mother hen', the one who breaks up the fights, the one who inspires, the one who calms down the tempers that flare between the Lancer and the Hero. ,, Also note: often in five man bands there is usually a romance triangle between the chick, lancer and hero, I don't see why it shouldn't happen here. This is probably the most versatile role. You may think you're limited to psychic or telekinesis, but any power can do. just besure to have a personality (and the advantages) to be able to inspire others. ,, Third, I'm using 2/4 split (Two Free Stunts/Four Fate Point refresh) balance. Powers can be represented by Aspect or Stunts. -Last thing: My door is always open. While my work hours constantly shift around, I do have one or two opportunities a day to check the net. Feel free to drop concerns and suggestions.
  4. Cpu and internet back-up. Feel like ages since I've been here. >_>

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      You should come back :)

  5. Not much to say here. The proposal: You make a hero/heroine, they are either a rookie or a seasoned vet, who are united by fate when a sudden disater strikes a city that had little to no metahuman presence in the past. As I get more interest and people start making characters, I will put up more setting info. I'm looking from 4-5 players. Having at least the basic book of Marvel Heroic is preferable (and will have priority over those that don't unless I _really_ like the concept). I will help in character creation if I'm given a concept. Pretty much it. Questions, comments and concerns will be taken here or by PM.
  6. Almost finished my full Background for my character. Once finished, will post it AND the build in this thread.
  7. Just a heads up that yes, I'm still planning on running this game. I'm just taking it slow since we currently only have two PC's. Jeremy and Moira, you two do not have to worry about an sort of abandonment.
  8. Never played Pathfinder, so sticking to a 3.5 build (was told it was similar). I'm going to need major correcting. Going for a fighter akin to Conan/Red Sonya. Going to be a fighter instead of barbarian though.
  9. Seeing that I have some interests, I added some questions in the op for you folks to think on. Give me your opinions so I know what yo're comfortable with.
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