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  1. Hope there's still place for me. Thinking about a green dragon druid that I've discussed with you, Ny.
  2. I'm sorry, but the game is off. Thank you for showing interest, and I hope you'll be interested if I ever try to start this again.
  3. RL caught up, also waiting for a few players to leave in characters.
  4. Didn't see in the character generation-thread how medi-gel will work. Will it be a part of basic treatment or a heal-effect with a complication?
  5. Hmm, right now we have 2 who are thinking of playing doctor types, one of them is me, should I change my concept or is two possible?
  6. How about languages, those from other species would know their own tongue.
  7. Are "classes" restricted to their defined powers of the game or can we choose what fits the characters?
  8. She would be a combat-medic along with asari commandos on the battle on earth, living as a nurse or a doctor after the war to help rebuild earth with some ties to military. In combat she would most likely use cryo or stasis effects along with a heavy pistol and a stun-rod. Would that work?
  9. I've already finished it, so I'm totally fine with that.
  10. Alright, time to post your characters. Feel free to discuss if your characters have met before, know each-other or the like.
  11. I'd like to throw my hat into this. Would an asari medic (Sentinel class), work as a basic concept? At what year does the game start in the setting?
  12. Since most have their characters ready and I'm pretty new here, what's the next step? A thread to post your characters? If so, where should that thread be made?
  13. Allowing Combat technique: Brutal to go up to 3 ranks, with a good explanation for that sweet third rank.
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