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  1. I believe I covered that question earlier on. http://www.rpgpost.com/topic/17269-nation-building-pathfinder/page-3#entry306344
  2. Me I'm still waiting for character submissions to come forth. Either in here or in my inbox. ,, That said I've got something like 4-6 people interested it seems. A healthy number at least.
  3. Well, getting out is going to be a challenge and there is a reason you've ended up where you have (whether or not you find out what it is is another matter). The game itself may or may not end with you getting out, at this point there are no actual plans for anything beyond that. But we all know how RPs tend to grow and meander somewhat.
  4. While starting recruitment for a second game while I have yet actually get the IC thread up for the first might not be the height of wisdom here goes. ,, The premise for this simple; your characters wake up somewhere other than where they went to sleep. More specifically a chamber within a dungeon complex of unknown size and location. While mercifully enough you have all your gear enough supplies to last a while at least you may or may not actually know anyone else in the group on the outset and no one of your knows how you've ended up where you are. So your goals are simple; survive and preferable make it out. And possible enrich yourselves on the way. ,, And while this is in theory a straight forward dungeon crawl, that need not mean simple hack 'n slash. A rogue or something to help with traps would be helpful I imagine though. Characters need not be from any specific setting, but if you wish they may. These need not be consistent between characters though. ,, Oh, and I'm using a randomized dungeon similar aids to cut down on my own workload, just so people know. ,, Character creation as follows. 25 point point-buy. (I'll link to the relevant chart in the morning.) Level 1, 500 gp budget and you start half-way to level 2 (I'm still undecided whether to use the fast progression or the medium one). Anything in the SRD goes unless I say otherwise. Any class, any race without a level adjustment and so on. While I'll have to investigate whether or not the SRD holds the rules for such I'm looking at letting any race with less than 15 RP (race points) spend points up to that. ,, Looking for between 3 and 6 players, might handle more though.
  5. Blargh, while I have been feeling under the weather and been bothered by a headache which has been hindering my progress with the intro I did recall that there's something which you, the rulers at least, can get done on your end for turn one: The Upkeep, Edict & Income phases. (IC depictions will of course have to wait another day so I can get the actual IC thread up) ,, Oh, and Hyoseph, until you do get time to sort things out in detail for your kingdom I'm going give you the following fudged numbers. Economy, Stability & Loyalty: Arrange +15, +20 & +30 as you wish here until futher notice. Consumption modifier of -1. Unrest of 0 (-1 in Buffer). And, oh, 16 BP left in your treasury. This probably a bit lower (except BP) than you'd have with detailed work, but it's hardly bad and it's easier to adjust upwards retroactively than downwards. ,, As for the phases, as short-hand for those not checking the SRD or have the relevant book on hand: Upkeep: 1- Make a stability check (DC 25 at the moment for all of you [20 + #hexes(4) +#districts in settlements (1)]), if you succeed you lower unrest by 1 (or if already 0 you gain 1 BP). Should you fail by 4 or less you gain 1 unrest, 5 or more and its 1d4 unrest. If you've got buffered unrest reduction that will eat up to half the unrest gained (rounded up) or the size of you buffer, whichever is less. 2-Pay consumption, most of you will have nothing to worry about here (no edicts active during round 1). Should you against expectations end up with a negative value in your treasury your irresponsible fiscal policy increases unrest by 2. 3- Fill vacant magic item slots, I don't think anyone actually has that in any of their settlements at this point so shouldn't matter. 4- Modify unrest. If you should so wish you may at this point have the Royal Enforcer attempt to reduce unrest (should you have any) at the risk of lowering loyalty. ,, Edicts: 1- Assign Leadership, everyone has (in theory) filled their slots, but if you haven't now is the time. 2- Claim (and abandon) Hexes. At the moment you can claim no more than 1 hex per turn. For this round, assume that whatever hex you're interested in has been cleared and explored and is ready for claiming, which will cost you 1BP (and raise your Kingdom Check DC by 1) should you wish to do so. 4- Build Terrain Improvements: Up to two at this point and with the size of your kingdoms being what they are. You may also prepare a claimed hex for building a settlement. Plains require no special preparation time but each other terrain type will require between 1 month (hills & deserts) to 4 months (mountains & jungles) before such preparations are complete. This also does cost resources payable either in increments over the time required (if more than 1 month is required) or as a lump sum up front. 5- Create & Improve settlements: Also simple, 1 domicile-type building & 1 building of any sort (provided you can afford them). You can also now actually form that settlement you prepared for (well, on a plains at least within this timeframe). This would however not increase your building rate or anything like that while also increasing your Kingdom Check DC, so you probably wont. 6- Create Army Units: As it says. Keep in mind you currently have no standing army deployable beyond your settlements, and even that is essentially militia. Before too long you'll want something I'll wager. For now though you (the PCs) are pretty impressive and can so far deal with the unorganized threats random wandering monsters pose. 7- Issue Edicts: Simple really, but to much text involved for me to replicate here sorry. In short decide frequency of national Holidays (boosts Loyalty, increases consumption), degree of Promotion for you kingdom and its businesses (increases Stability & consumption) and set severity of taxation (Boosts Economy but lowers Loyalty). ,, Income: 1- Make withdrawals: if you wish you can withdraw BP from you treasury for 2.000 gp apiece, and increase unrest at a 1-1 ratio as well as the people grumble when government and national funds and resources go to personal use. 2- Make deposits: on the flip side you can boost your treasury by infusing hard cash and valuable or even magical items; every 4.000 gp nets you 1 BP.(see also step 3 in the SRD for expensive items). 4- Collect your taxes: make an economy roll. If the result equals or exceeds your Kingdom Check DC (25 unless you've expanded earlier in the turn) you divide the result by 3 and collect that much BP. You also add in direct infusions from certain Terrain Improvements. ,, Hopefully that'll tidy you over for the little while I need to get that IC thread finished.
  6. Blargh, terribly sorry about my unannounced, unplanned and somewhat longer than needed absence. ,, Unless there is an outcry from the players, or something unexpected shoves itself in my face, this'll launch at the end of the month. Whatever is unfinished at that point with those still willing to play I'm willing to fudge until it gets sorted out. ,, Above all I just want to get this underway and not have it be stillborn.
  7. Gavien yeah, gotta finish up a few things and then get him into a digital format.
  8. Each Hex claimed after the first one (i.e your capital) costs 1BP. So 3BP spent on expansion. Later on it's likely a good idea to hire explorers to, well, explore unclaimed hexes you seek to claim (you may or may not accompany them as you wish) which would cost 1d4 BP per month the expedition is expected to last (paid for in advance). Then it's a matter of dealing with any hostile creatures living in the hex (driving them away, capturing them, persuading them to join you or just plain killing them as applicable) before claiming the hex at the usual 1BP cost. It is possible to forgo spending BP on an expedition and simply going on your own, but that is significantly more time consuming and will in all likelihood occupy all your none-governing time for that turn.
  9. I would imagine it's not rolled from the generator in Ultimate Campaign. Which is a sometimes useful tool, mostly for inspiration. ,, As for the background itself. It looks fairly good, though I would like to see a reason for why he's come across the ocean and is involved in founding a new settlement/kingdom/nation rather than trying to pursue his ambition back home. ,, And I'll just sneak in an update on how things are looking for a start right now. ,, Kingdom of Seran (Krul & co): Basically done, just gotta finish up a few minor details. ,, House of Dulat (SalmonMax): I just gotta get his second NPC char done and sent and then they're good to go. ,, Culessa (That'd be me): Gotta review some numbers and do a bit of recalculations. Last looked them over before Myrra pulled out, so need to cut an NPC down and such. Still, essentially good to go. ,, Hyoseph: Still a bunch of stuff to finish up. Still, got the NPCs half done and I know where he's set up camp and such. Still need stats, names & what he's spent his four backlog turns doing and such of course. ,, Ace: Still need a starting location, names, stats, some idea at least for NPCs and what you're doing with your four backlog turns. I'd prefer to see at least some of that in the next few days. As it stands you've got practically everything left since I haven't seen anything beyond that bit of background (which, as I said, is basically fine at least).
  10. First off, sorry 'bout not replying yesterday. Had a thunderstorm roll in and I felt poorly enough to head to bed quite early. I'll get background info up either tonight or tomorrow. ,, As for your question regarding liberating a country please clarify. Do you mean in game? As backstory? By military might or personal deeds? It would help a lot actually if we could discuss things like that in chat, or by PM. As it stands I lack enough a clear enough question to formulate a good answer too. I'll have go though. ,, If you mean as backstory for this game; the continent has only been open to colonization for a bit less than two years so any countries (on the coast at least) are real young. And not particularly large either. You see the maps a bit higher up on this page? None of those little kingdoms is even four hundred square miles in area. Any country you liberate as part of a backstory for your own nation ruling in this game will, if on the same continent as everyone else and therefore actually part of the game, be a colony plain and simple. ,, In game, that will be handled either as a military venture, an actual adventure, or more likely a mix of both. As the rules stand you do need to have no gaps between controlled areas (though water hexes may be claimed, and with luck and work you can have an underground connection) so if you "liberate" a foreign country in game you'll likely simply end up installing a new regime unless it actually borders you.
  11. BP is an abreviation of Build Points; the "currency" of Kingdom Building. It represents an abstraction of available Resources such as labour, foodstuffs, materials and simple cold hard cash. It is primarily generated by your kingdom's economy roll (if successful you recieve 1/3 the of the roll as BP), terrain improvements of a resource gathering nature and infusions of personal wealth from you and your ministers (if they're altruistic enough and times are hard). Not having any build points available doesn't mean you're broke; it simple means all your assets are bound up for the moment and no loose capital is at hand. And Myrra, it is sad to see you go but if you think it is for the better I will not dispute it. You're welcome back if ever you feel like it.
  12. Alright, as things are starting to come together, and I've got stuff starting to come in from everyone but Ace, I figured I might as well post up a bit on how that influences the map. ,, Salmon Max got a bit of luck in his rolls. He's got a Resource boost, a free Watchtower, and a (not shown here) ruined stable in his capital. So good for him, he opted for open rolls as well. ,, Hyoseph got if anything luckier, two damned nat 20s, earning him some sweet resource boosts for his little southeastern kingdom. ,, Me, I got a bit less luck than Max did, no ruined building, but still nice. ,, And Krul's group, I only know generally where they'll start (unless something's changed majorly) so I haven't done their rolls. But still, it's a nice piece of land down there in the southwest. Alright, updated with somewhat more correct info at least. Still don't know where they'll spend their three expansion hexes though. ,, Oh, and houseruling/bodged together rulings in place without official errata (if there is one for this do kick it my way would you). 1: Fisheries; you may construct 1 per appropriate water feature (Coastline, river, marsh, open sea, lake etc.). So a coastal hex with a river would allow two fisheries to be built. 2: Farms & Woodlands; you may construct a farm in a wooded hex (provided the underlying terrain and other requirements are met) but it will cost an additional 2 BP and only reduce consumption by 1 as expanding the agriculture too much would mean removing the woods. You may in fact do this (cost & time to be decided) but that will render any Sawmills inoperable.
  13. At a glance I'd say there's still enough people interested for me to go ahead so I'm not folding this that quickly. ,, And while yes, I quite probably did over react I certainly won't accept the whole blame for that powder keg going off. ,, Anyway; Ace, it's a homebrew with the details outside of the lands you'll be settling still kept fairly vague. If you've got ideas for a nation or culture your character comes from put them forward and hopefully they'll just slot in, otherwise we might need to nudge a few things here and there. ,, Speaking of the lands you'll be settling. Have a map: I should mention that anything more than two-three hexes inland is sketchy to you at the moment (and I might in fact alter a few things here and there, even add a river or two more). But this should give you ideas for where to settle at least. Do some planning, that kind of stuff.
  14. Vivi, it's not the world building that I'm objecting to. It's the fact that its put forward as a statement of fact rather than a request or a suggestion. ,, And Dave, I'm honestly kind of sorry to see you go. While I may have been a bit coarser in my language than necessary you have been slowly getting on my nerves with how you frase your injections. A simple "according to [source]" before those statements would have gone a long way here. That bit about follower and cohort cost & possible income? Given that its stated nowhere in the SRD that I can find at a glance makes it the kind of thing you might have wanted to preface and provided a link to the source before stating it as haughty fact. And an a mid-low level character making thousands a month? In a system where carpenters are stated up as 4th level experts? Either 1st level characters start destitute or there's a horrible, horrible inbalance in how that was worked out given that the average wage is a miniscule portion of that.
  15. First, PC & Cohort details, and a few minor equipment thingies. ,, You start with 61.000xp (aka lvl 8 and a bit) and 40.000 gp worth of equipment & disposable funds allocated however you want. I may veto singular items though if I feel that they're too out of place or overpowered for your level & budget. If you have an Item Crafting feat (or more) then you may simply pay the crafting price for any item you could make (within reason, just cause a nat 20 would let you make the skill check doesn't mean I'd let that pass). If you have the Rich Parents trait you start with an additional 5000gp, that you may trade in for Build Points if you so wish at a 1000gp = 1 BP ratio. ,, Early Firearms are available (as Eastern, Gladiatorial & Primitive Weapons). The Cost of Early firearms is halved due to their increasing abundance, but still count as Exotic Weapons & Advanced Firearms may not be purchased. ,, There is an armor called Munitions Plate (essentially mass-produced half-plate). Being made in several predetermined sizes these suits can be produced more cheaply (costing around 400 gp) and adjusted to fit the wearer (as long as he or she is of a close enough fit) easily enough with just the straps. Unfortunately it's got a worse check penalty (-9) and spell failure (50%) than actually fitted half-plate. Still, it can be stored for years if need be and used to outfit soldiers an-mass. (This mostly for background, I expect all of you to wear better stuff than this which can't even be found in masterwork quality). ,, Spears (not long-spears or half-spears, I'm talking the basic thing) can be wielded onehanded as a martial weapon. The historian in me is sick to see the most widespread fighting style in history being impossible to implement. ,, Leadership is free for Rulers, non rulers get to satisfy themselves with purchasing it if they want cohorts and basking in the increased prosperity their kingdom enjoys under the capable guidance of their Rulers boosted influence. ,, Cohorts are generated using a 20 point buy, and are subject to a maximum level of Your lvl -2 (baring unusual circumstances, such as a class ability stating otherwise). if you desire more than one cohort you can split the XP needed for that maximum level (provided your leadership score is high enough), at this point that'd be 23.000, between 2 or more cohorts. (No trying to cheese it and getting 11 lvl 2s though). A feat called Increased Cohorts is available for those who have Leadership and raises the level from which you can split the XP to your lvl +1 (75.000xp at this point) and distribute as before. Cohort Equipment is set as the standard for a PC of their level (16.000 for a 6th lvl one). If you, or the cohort, possess an Item Crafting feat applicable to their gear, use the crafting cost as with your own gear. ,, Kingdoms with less than the highest number of PCs will get assigned equivalent NPCs to make up the difference. Unless they refuse such of course. I.e if Ayame's kingdom's got the most PCs at 4 and Hyoseph sits alone in his he's entitled to 3 NPCs made to PC standards. ,, Each Kingdom starts with a budget of 80 Build Points (plus any from Rich Parents or other modifiers negotiated with me) and four turns "backlog" to have spent however much or little they want of it (no upkeep or income for these turns).
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