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  1. If Seeker heard the volatile telekinetic, and it's hard to believe he didn't hear his condemning judgement, he didn't respond. There was no acknowledgement that the scrawny man had spoken at all. He looked at Mary and shrugged. "They shouldn't have put you in that situation in the first place," He said simply. There was no real malice in his voice, just a simple opinion. His attention shifted back to the giant avian mutant. "Yes, they call me Seeker. I was only 12 the last time you saw me." From his behavior it didn't look like his attitude had changed much in the intervening years. "How did they catch you again and why didn't they terminate you?" As he spoke he listened to the conversations around him. He sussed out that Matt was the one with the bloody scalpel. He caught Gold's words and Grav's as well but chose to say nothing. He didn't know any of these people and frankly didn't care about their problems or issues. He didn't really care what Tengri had to say either, but it passed the time until Matt acknowledge him so he could get this chip out of his body and get down to the business of rescuing his parents.
  2. "I'm not too worried now," Seeker said. "I know how his powers work and what he's ca0able of. I'm prepared." When the portal manifested, like a dark blot of ink in the air, a few inches off the gbround he smiled. "A spatial manipulator? I take it there are more than just five of you I faced in Germany. This could be fun," Seeker wasn't smiling but their was a twinkle in his eye not unlike a kid at christmas. He'd watched impassively as Jeremy materialized through the warp with an unconcious man in his arms. He took note of them with his mutsnt sense while nodding at Jeremy's greeting. "Call me Seeker," he said simply before stepping through the hole in the sky himself. It was a strange sensation, something he'd never experienced before. He felt his guts tgwist for the briefest of moments before steepping out into the chilling cold of the Tibetan mountainside. Before he'd even fully emerged from tghe porgal Seeker had activated his mutant sense again, sensing over a dozen mutants. "So which one of you is Matt?" He said, realizing one of the mutants he was sensing was familiar to him. "Tengri?" He said when he spotted the avian mutant with his eyes. "What are you doing here?"
  3. Okay I'm making an adjustment to the teams. Teams 1 and 2 are fine as is but I am going to merge teams 3 and 4. So Team 3 with be Icarus, Neutrino Girl, Talos and Titan.
  4. "All I know is that they are in a little walled village in the mountains of West Virginia somewhere," He said slowly. Could it really be that easy he thought to himself? As a little boy, travelling withthe circus sideshow, his parents had always warned him about the dangers of outsiders or strangers; even other mutants. It was a lesson he carried with him for 8 years while at the mery of the DEHA ansx its value was proved time and again. Never trust strangers. If was taking everything Ulysses had to override that feeling now and he hoped he wasn't going to regret the decision. He thought about his parents. The stoic and stern looks that would cross his Pappa's bluish-green face when he misbehaved, his Mamma's warm and generaous smile and the way her long red tresses of hair shifted and dancedof their own accord. He thought about the last time he had seen them. One hour after 8 yearsn as if that doctor hadthought that was suffient time after all those years! Wait, the Doctor! "But I know of someone who will know more!" He added quickly. "There was a doctor who came to visit me and ask me a bunch of questions about what I thought about my treatment. She arrainged for me to see my parents briefly. She will know more about where they are." Ulysses paused and tried to remember. "What was her name? La- Lacroix? Yes,that is it! Dr. LaCroix. We find her and we should know exactly where in West Virginia my parents are." The young man was excited now. "Oh, I am so ready for this," He was talking faster nownow and there was a fire in his eyes. "The decision is made. Get this chip out of me and I am ready to go."
  5. Hey guys, I just wanted to say thank you for your patience while I get everything sorted and set up. Unfortunately posting from my smartphone is more tgrouble than I thought as anyone who is reading my seeker posts can tell. I have one more day of work and than I am off for at least Saturday, which should see the other oficial caper threads started. I also want to say I am enjoying all the fiction threads very much. Great job you guys! Joani, the paper mache Talos suit had me giggling all day yesterday... Anyway, I just didn't want you guys to think i'd bailed on the game or anything.
  6. Hey Sand, rush here. I am sorry itMs taken me so long to post here I just got really busy setting up AoH and now work. I am still game to play however. Again, sorry about the wait.
  7. Ulysses reddened in embaressment as she spoke to whoever was on the other end of the phone. He could already hear his mother chastise him for his rudeness. When she got off the phone he spoke. "I am sorry for my rudeness. The DEHA gave me the moniker Seeker. That will do for now." &e looked back at the 12 year old layed out on the beach. "What now? I really think he needs some serious medical attention."
  8. Ulysses looked at Lamia levelly. "Don't call me a leech. It's insulting and inaccurate. Yes, I replicate the powers of others but I don't interfere with my target's use of their own powers." He paused a moment as if to collect hiis thoughts. "You know, only three things won you that fight; suprise, luck and a lack of condern for collateral damage. You may have the element of suprise for a while, but eventually the DEHA will figure out you aren't just a random pack of feral mutantsmaking raids. When that happens, their focus and tactics will shift and they will go on the offensive." "The collateral damage issue will get someone on your team killed; it's just a matter of time.you've got 1 guy with no self control who does't even care if he take out his own teammates and a girl who should be nowhere near a battlefield. It is only luck that prevented someone from your side from getting killed. In the end you were really lucky and caught us unprepaired, but you can always count on that so I wouldn't go trumpeting you team's skills too loudly." Ulysseslooked down at Strike, realizing he didn't even know the kid's real name. "Look you kidnapped us. We didn't come to you. I don't know how he feels but I don't owe you anything. If you want my cooperation of for me to uses my senses for yourside rather than for theirs then the price is the rescue of my family. You can't assure me that will happen, but your leader or leaders can. Once I have that assurance, I'll gladly let you pull thar damn chip out of me but if I don't get that, then I will go back. All that matters to me is the safety of me family."
  9. Internally, Ulysses grudgingly admitted that Lamia had some valid points. He couldn't really expect her to be aware of his situation and it's unlikely that anything would happen to his parents before they confirmed he'd actually gone rogue. They were most likely safe for the time being but that wouldn't last long. He still didn't like her even though his rational resons for his dislike were rapidly evaporating. He considered her offer for a moment. "To be honest, your people are poorly trained and not exactly stable. I'd be more afraid of one of them hurting or killing my family than actually rescuing them." He paused. Now that he was calmed down he began to concider the situation more fully. "Are you even in a poition to make that offer. I get the feeling you aren't the one in charge. Perhaps I should talk to your leader about this. And another thingb why do you keep refering to the DEHA as 'he?' It's an organization, not a person. It stands for the Department of Extra-Human Affairs.
  10. That is so awesome Dawn. Big congratz! So when does your next one come out?
  11. Quick question about the xp Dawn. Is the last line of the bonus experience meant for Seeker or are the npcs getting xp? Also is the bonus xp in addition to the first list of xp or is it already included?
  12. Ulysses slowly calmed down but was clearly still in pain. The sorrow written on his face gave way to anger and a simmering resentment at her words. "I could care less about those pigs." Seeker spat antagonistically. "But they have my family and unless I can get back before they realize I am gone, they will murder them." "You have condemned my family to torture and death. I hope you are satisfied," he said finally, his voice filled with defiance and hatred.
  13. Ulysses groaned and opened his eyes as he sat up. Even before his vision cleared, he knew something was wrong. He wasn't on a bed; it felt like sand and brought back memories of his early childhood with his parents. His parents! Seeker was immediately alert and looking around his surroundings totally unaware of Lamia or the fact she had spoken. "Nooooooooo!" He screamed and a telekinetic gust roared around him dislodging sand and earth in the area, creating a swirling vortex around the boy 15 feet high. The display lasted only a few seconds before the power holding the earth aloft was cut and it fell back to the ground around the sobbing boy who was finally looking at Lamia. "You've killed them," he sobbed.
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