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  1. Lance strolled into the auditorium, looking as fabulous as ever. His black Armani suit was spotless and unwrinkled, his hair perfect. He gazed around the auditorium, eyes adjusted to the light levels reflexively until he spotted Ross slouched in one of the isles. he debated leaving Ross to himself but he knew their current "situation" was having a negative impact on the young man. Lance was not one to shirk away from his problems and from what he'd heard from Horst Ross' attitude was becoming a problem because of him. ,, He slid gracefully into the seat beside Ross and smiled at him. "Hey handsome, how are you doing?" He sounded genuine; he always sounded genuine. While his primary focus was on the young man in front of him, he was also paying attention to the other people and conversations in the room. It was almost impossible for him not to. From the look on Ross' face it was clear that he was still raw about their 'relationship.'
  2. Sometimes you just need to have a little patience or ask the people involved privately what their intentions are. I know you can vomit forth umpteen posts a day but some of us don't work that way.
  3. Jezuz hold your water Kami. Half the people with interested characters, including myself, have yet to post. ,, Have some patience already. There have only been 8 posts total between about 3 or 4 characters...
  4. Okay here is my CN Nova teen. I'm still working on his background and he's going to erupt during the earthquake in Mexico City. I figured I'd let everyone get a gander at his stats in case I've made any mistakes.... ,, Just a Note, the Backgrounds in brackets are what Wyck will gain once he officially joins the DSA. ,, Wyck Brannon Nature: Unsure which is appropriate yet. Allegiance: DSA and Adopted Family Theme: Personal Physical Transformation Attribute & Abilities Strength 3, Dexterity 3, Stamina 4 Brawl 3, Might 3, Athletics 2, Drive 2, Stealth 2, Endurance 4, Resistance 4 Perception 4, Intelligence 3, Wits 2 Awareness 3, Academics 1, Computers 1, Engineering 1, Science 1, Rapport 2 Appearance 3, Manipulation 2, Charisma 2 Style 1, Streetwise 1 Backgrounds Attunement 5, Ally 2, Node 5 (Backing 1, Resources 2 Mentor 2) Willpower 3, Quantum 5, Quantum Pool 100, Initiative 6, Movement 7/16 (32)/32 (64), Soak 7/4 Mega Attributes Mega Strength 1 (Unbound) Mega Stamina (In Theme) 3 (Adaptability, Regeneration) Mega Dexterity 1 (Omnidexterity) Mega Perception 1 (Electromagnetic Vision) In Theme Powers Body Modifications -Adhesive Grip: Wyck can physically bond with surfaces. This allows him to walk up walls or along ceilings at his normal walking speed, and to cling to those surfaces at his normal Might rating -Extra Limbs - 2 Extra Arms: -Extra Health Levels-Bruised: 6 -Extra Health Levels-Maimed: 6 -Quadrapedal Movement level 2 -Spinnerets Bodyshift 3 Homunculus 3 Incorporation 3 – Ammo Symbiosis Matter Chameleon 2 Sizemorph-Growth 4 Sizemorph-Shrink 4 – Full Power Out of Theme Powers Clone 1 Poison 2 - Projectile BP Spent 5 on Intelligence 5 on Appearance 5 on Backgrounds NP spent 76 NP Spent 10 points on Quantum Pool 1 point on Backgrounds 6 points on Mega Stamina (In Theme) 3 points on Mega Strength 3 points on Mega Dexterity 3 points on Mega Perception 7 points on Body Modifications (In Theme) 3 points on Bodyshift (In Theme) 6 points on Homunculus (In Theme) 3 points on Incorporation (In Theme) 4 points on Matter Chameleon (In Theme) 4 points on Sizemorph-Growth (In Theme) 8 points on Sizemorph-Shrink (In Theme) 5 points for Clone 10 points for Poison
  5. Perhaps Instead of enforcing a certain PL on baseline humans, why not just say everyone must take at least a 2 in Stamina to signify the life-enhancement of the rock, and use the templates in the core book as provided?. This means that everyone would have at least a Toughness and Fortitude of 2 and at the same time making them PL 1 defensively at minimum. ,, I still think to keep all PC's on "level" playing field, everyone should have the same number of power points to start with. why not give everyone say 120 to 150 points to start with (I'd suggest 150), and say the maximum Power Level a PC can be is 12. That way, those people who want to play "lower powered" or "street level" characters can build to the PL they want and either save any extra PP for development or use it for diversity in their concept, like gadget/equipment buying, and those going for the upper echelons of power have to focus their build on getting there.
  6. Another question. Why not make all the players the same Power Level? The disparity of power between even a couple of Power Levels can be quite dramatic. ,, On another note, you might want to reword the part about the PL 6 normal humans. In the core book, supporting cast ranges from PL 0 (Bystanders) to PL 5 (SWAT Officers and Soldiers). Just something to be aware of...
  7. Lance would work very well in this scenario as well. From helping out on the frontline of the disaster to investigating the cause and the raid on the cartel itself. He's got skillsets that would help in all those situations
  8. "Relax, don't worry about it," Lance said casually. "It's a common point of view and from a certain perspective it's not wrong. My money and looks open a lot of doors for me but they also bring baggage of their own. Just remember that people are people and regardless of their financial status; all people have issues and problems of some sort." Lance was smiling softly as he spoke. Never once did he come off as conceited or disingenuous. He turned back to Ross. "So I'm curious, What is witness protection really like? Is it at all like the movies, where they stick you in some little town in the middle of nowhere?" He sat on the edge of one of the tables. "And what about now you are free of the program, where have they set you up? Is it some dingy little apartment or somewhere decent?"
  9. "I'm still waiting for my musical number," Lance said with a mischievous gleam in his eye. He tactfully avoided the pitfall of dragging Ross back into memories of what was clearly an uncomfortable history. With the context from Ross' story, Lance was able to make a connection to the Shreveson name and was quickly able to paint a mental picture of what growing up in that environment must have been like. He pulled his phone out of his pocket and fiddled with it as he said. "I'm sure I have some music on here that would work." At Kami's comment he turned a quizzical look at her. "What makes you say that? Is it because I'm good looking and have money?" He asked. He didn't seem offended by her comment but genuinely curious. She also wasn't the first person he'd encountered who held that opinion based on his appearance and wealth. "I've faced plenty of challenges both before and after my eruption. Me being here, for example, is an attempt to handle a situation that hasn't 'gone my way'."
  10. "I see," Lance said in a distracted tone. Karrie saw a familiar look in Lance's eye. It was the look that she knew she got when she latched on to a project or mentally disassembled and new piece of technology that came her way. Her further irritation changed to a whisper of smug satisfaction when Lance's brow wrinkled, an indication that something hadn't clicked for him. Lance realized that he'd been staring at the interface for a minute or two and turned to regard the others who were all watching him. A quick read of the tension in the room and subtle (and not so subtle) body cues, Lance realized he'd overstepped. To Karrie he said, "I'm intruding, I apologize. Sometimes I get ahead of myself and step on toes," He flashed his killer smile at the offended genius. "Will you forgive my rudeness?"
  11. Okay I'd just like to go on records and say "Eww!" to the Erector in the tech section. Who in their right mind would make a device that eats people to build buildings?
  12. "Why hello there," Lance said when the cute native woman crashed into his legs. He casually dismissed the offered poncho with a casual wave of his hand saying "I won't need that." Before he could offer his hand she was up on her feet and introducing them to Telluris, one of the DSA's poster boys. "A pleasure to meet you both," Lance said with genuine warmth. "I'm Lance, Lance Kensington." He swept past the others and into the laboratory proper before anyone had a chance to reply, carefully stepping over and around the various multicolored spatters of paint that marked the furious scene of a recent paintball battle. His hands were folded behind his back as he nosed around, careful not to actually touch anything. He glanced at everything, rapidly taking in the details of the various projects with a vaguely bored expression that fooled all but the most observant of people. "So this is the famous DSA think tank? Where all the magic happens?" He said, a slight smile gracing his features, before stopping in front of a half completed device. "Hey is this a quantum entanglement communicator?"
  13. Lance listened attentively to the others talk smiled when Kei brought the apple pie. They were both keeping their cards close to their chest. Understandable since they were all still basically strangers to each other. He took a bit of his pie, savored it for a moment and then spoke. "I find myself here by way of a bargain that a cynical person might call blackmail," He said casually. "Are you saying you've been blackmailed into joining the DSA?" She said, her voice rising just a tad louder than she intended and filled with more than a hint of indignation. The heads of a few people sitting close by turned to look at the group for a moment before turning back to their own business. "No, no, you misunderstand," He said waving his hand as if the accusation of blackmail was a trifling thing. "Let me start at the beginning,” Lance paused momentarily, as if to collect his thoughts. “So, several years ago I met a very lovely older gentleman on a trip to Dubai. On the plane we got to talking and after introducing him to the mile high club he told me all about how he was drummed out of the Marine Corps during the 'don't ask don't tell' years and how he'd started his own security company." "At the time, he was looking for investors to help him take his company to the next level and considering I was, and still am, always looking for businesses to invest in; naturally we struck up a partnership. Fast forward a few years and the company wins a bid on a contract in Afghanistan. The American military needed a peace keeping force in an allied civilian town that was part of a critical supply line but couldn’t spare the soldiers to police it themselves. Everything is fine until some sort of political maneuvering shook up the DOD and someone in power who doesn’t like my friend began to make things difficult for him. There is a chance that not only will he loose the contract but Direct Action could be declared illegal; its employee’s declared war criminals." “Wait a minute, wait a minute. Are you saying you run a Mercenary company?” Kei said skeptically. “Uh, how does that jive with what we do here exactly?” Lance dismissed Kei’s concerns with a gesture “I am investor, a silent partner at best. I don’t actually run anything. That is what Darcy is for. Anyways, when it became known that I was involved with Direct Action, Director Horst contacted me and offered me a deal. If I signed on with the DSA, he and his superiors would use their own political clout to make Darcy’s problem go away and everyone is happy. So here I am.” He ended with a shrug of his shoulders, as if to say it was no big deal.
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