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  1. Thanks for the page annotations. It'll help immensely. Does this mean we're getting close to showtime?
  2. I'll study up as time progresses. Unbookmarked PDFs are annoying.
  3. Whoever came up with the term YOLO never thought of someone like me...

    1. Aphrodite Pandemos

      Aphrodite Pandemos

      YOLO, say no no. Isolate yourself and just roll solo. Be care-folo. You oughta look out also stands for YOLO!

  4. I'm not going to do solo fics with this character, it just seems to me this character is cursed in general. ,, I think if this doesn't get back running I'm just going to give up.
  5. Has anyone heard hide nor hair from Dozer? I'm starting to get worried.
  6. If I remember it was core only (Aberrant+APG) no splats.
  7. Well that and this Santiago seems far more different in general to "The Mathematician". It seems that the timeline has already diverged... ,, That's good. Let's see what other surprises happen.
  8. What's so special about "Pedro Santiago"? ,, If you don't mind me asking?
  9. Naomi's ears twitched on Janet's comments. "I've been trying to figure that out, those footprints. I thought they were just some clever prank." She said sighing. "I guess I wasn't ruling out the impossible properly." ,, Turning to Sean she simply smiled. "You know, if this Santiago has some techies working for him, he might be able to engineer some clothes that not only would be comfortable, but perhaps control your... ahem... no offense intended but your... umm..." Naomi cups her hands near where her underwhelming breasts are. "...let's just say to properly protect your body." ,, She let off a strained grin. It was a bit awkward to bring that up. "Hey, I got problems too... finding hats that are compatible with my ears and having to modify my pants and skirt!" She said, her tail creeping up like it was saying 'hello!'.
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