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  1. This idea in no way negates Cuidad. It may help, but increasing interest in the board again. The Cuidad storyline isn't being moved on right now. The worst that this quantum storm can do is keep things the same.
  2. So I've been struggling with this character; I'll get a feel for her and then lose it. It's really been frustrating. So I'd like to request a chance to rewrite her. The IC reason for this is to happen is a quantum storm--a strange, intense gathering of quantum that soaks an area and causes mutations before fading. I'd like for Kitty to be caught in this storm. It appears to kill her, but instead rewrites her and teleports her essence (soul, mind, memories, etc) into a new quantum-built form. Her empty, dead shell remains behind. ,, This would be arranged by Coyote's rival, so there would be a storyline revolving around it. Then there would be Kitty's return, trying to convince people that she is the beloved dead actress. ,, Is this something that I could pursue?
  3. “That makes sense. She could copy my powers and maybe change her appearance a bit, if she was worried about the publicity.” Kitty smiled a little. ,, Connor tilted his head. “You think she’d decline because of that?” ,, “I don’t like people making a big deal about my tail, and she’s kinda got my tail but all over.” Kitty didn’t mean it unkindly; she was trying to empathize with someone who didn’t have a tail but a whole animal form. “Honestly, we’re doing this – we can invite anyone we want, even DSA people.” She grinned. “You could make Telluris a wizard or something. From what I’ve seen of him, he’d adore something like that.” ,, “He’d probably want Karrie in it.” At Kitty’s questioning look, Connor smirked. “They’ve been dating since Christmas.” ,, Kitty frowned. “Really? He seemed such a nice boy. Eccentric but nice.” The implication was that Karrie wasn’t, of course, and Connor didn’t correct Kitty. ,, “They get along better than anyone would have imagined. I think they’re a perfect match… like another couple I can think of.” Connor grinned proudly as she caught his implication and blushed. ,, “As much as I don’t like her, do you really want to compare their relationship to ours?” Kitty’s eyebrow arched as she stared at Connor with bemusement.
  4. “Benedict Cumberbunch.” Kitty smiled, her eyes unfocusing a little and becoming dreamy. “He’s cute, and that voice…” The last word was said was as much purr as word and Kitty added a slightly goofy smile to match her expression. “I’ve met him and he can play arrogant bastard so well, yet he’s a real sweet heart in person. He’s very professional, too.” ,, Kitty looked at Connor finally, though there was a bit too much of that smile left on her face for his comfort. “He could play a mad AI very well.”
  5. “If the AI battle involves our avatars really fighting, I’ll do it.” Kitty grinned unrepentantly as she confessed, “I really want to have an action part. It’ll be an awesome change from romances, dramas, rom coms and historical romances.” Kitty looked a million miles away for a moment, no doubt seeing her image suspended in front of an war scene or incredible explosion instead of inches from kissing a guy or gazing dramatically/sadly into the distance. ,, “I don’t know if we want to use Mark Hamil, or rather have him use that distinctive of a voice. Won’t that create a dissonance with the viewers? They’re expecting an AI and they’re getting the Joker, no matter how indirectly.” Kitty frowned. “Know what I mean?”
  6. They talked about inconsequential—or at least, less painful—matters. Kitty was glad to focus on the charity and not on her feelings, or Connor’s feelings, or anything else in this nasty, complicated mess. She hated the whole thing and if she could have just forgiven Connor to the point that it was all washed away, she would have. But she’d learned on a boyfriend long before Connor had entered her life that suppressing her emotions, whether they were “right” or not, would only cause them to fester and emerge later. ,, The casual conversation helped. Doing normal Connor-and-Kitty stuff was far more comforting than talking things out anymore, and the repetition of doing familiar things took away the awkward edge of discomfort. By the time that they’d eaten, conversation had turned back to the movie. ,, “I’ve had a couple of people ask to be part of the movie. Kevin Bacon, for one,” Kitty said, smiling ruefully. “He’s desperate for work… but of course, most of the actors from before Refugees are.” Between green screen and someone like Connor or Kitty, there was literally no work for human actors. “He offered to produce, fund, direct—anything.” ,, “You want to throw him a bone?” Connor asked. ,, “Don’t put it like that.” Kitty sighed. “I just feel bad for them. You and I have it easy. There’s rumors that we’re looking at a project together and people just fly out of the woodwork to join us on it. About the only corner of the business that we aren’t holding is indie films, and by definition any film we’re a part of isn’t an indie film.”
  7. “I think it’s too soon to start laying on the adjectives, Connor.” Kitty’s expression and tone was one of wary regard. The waitress’s arrival forced her to have the last word until after they’d placed their food orders. ,, “We’ve called each other similar,” Connor said, returning to their discussion the moment it was proper. ,, “Yes but… Connor, I feel like I’ve been cheated on.” Kitty shook her head quickly, signaling to let her finish first. “I haven’t, I know that. But my heart feels betrayed. It’s dumb and I have no right to feel that. We weren’t dating or exclusive. It’s just hard for me right now to not think about it that way.” ,, Kitty propped her chin on her hand and asked, “Do you understand? I hate feeling like this but I can’t shake. So maybe hold off on singing my praises until I’ve gotten this worked out in my head.”
  8. Kitty stared at him a moment and finally sighed. She wasn’t satisfied with his answers, but she suspected that she’d never be satisfied. Just like her initial blow-up at the Christmas party, it didn’t make sense to her. The question was now: could she accept that she’d never be happy about Connor’s affair with Sasha. There was a petty urge to ask him which guy he hated the most and then go sleep with the man. But Kitty couldn’t be that person—not if she wanted to be someone she liked. ,, “It’s going to take time, Connor.” Kitty’s voice was sad and she looked tired as she spoke. “Like I’ve said, this hurt me. I know it’s kinda silly of me – we weren’t dating or anything. At Christmas, I thought we might be going somewhere, only I got possessed and decided to be all weird and angry. I don’t suppose that’s something Muse could do, was it?” Her question was a touch too hopeful. ,, “No,” Connor said, but now that he was thinking about it, there had been someone at the party who was good at manipulating emotions. ,, “Too bad. It would have been easy to blame her for that.” At his look, Kitty said, “I can be honest about how much I don’t like her. It’s enough that I don’t want to think nice things about her. I’d rather learn bad things about her, so it justifies my feelings for her.” ,, “That is honest.” Connor’s words were neutral and diplomatic. ,, Kitty smiled sadly. “And unfair, but I guess I’m not perfect, huh?”
  9. “So she was really hot is your answer.” Kitty looked sad. “I get that. I just didn’t think you’d give into that kind of… I don’t know.” She slumped back in the chair; even her tail drooped to the ground. “Yes, she wants to reform, but she’s not proven that yet. All she said is that she wants to; she hasn’t had time to prove that she’s sincere, and she certainly didn’t have that time when you got with her. I don’t know, Connor.” ,, “About what part of what I talked about?” he asked, needing to know if she was talking about his choices or his dream. ,, “About all of it. We’ve talked about how being beautiful isn’t what drew us together, and that was the best part of being with you.” It was Kitty’s turn to speak her mind. Her anger was gone and she was just sad as she talked. “I admired that about you, that you dated women who weren’t drop dead, like that Karrie girl. You seemed to see the person inside. So you may have seen something in Muse, but isn’t that a little quick? ,, “Honestly, I don’t like that you slept with her.” The words came out in a rush. “It really bothers me, and I guess I need to work through it, if we’re going to do anything together.” ,, “If?” Connor asked. ,, “If.” Kitty sighed. “I’m serious when I say that I don’t like it. Part of it is just that I don’t like her, and it really hurts to know that I’ll have to share you with her, always. Part of it is the way it went down; I was crushed when I came to the party, excited to see you, and she swept in and grabbed you like she owned you. Like you were hers. It really hurt. I felt cast off and now I’m just confused because you talk about having this dream of being with me, and then you were off sleeping with her. Even while wanting to be with me.” Kitty looked disturbingly hopeful as she asked, “Did she use quantum to seduce you?”
  10. “Connor. Listen to me carefully,” Kitty said softly as she leaned forward. Connor leaned too, unable to refrain from the conspiratorial air she was exuding. “Fuck the DSA. I do not care about the DSA’s hiring practices, their reasons for hiring someone or any of that. The only thing I care about is you. So this is about your judgment. This is about you deciding that you needed to have sex and hooking up with the nova skank. I’m not even kidding, Connor. Her partner count is somewhere in the triple digits. ,, “I thought you had more self-respect than that, Connor.” Kitty crossed her arms and straightened, frowning at him. “I can understand you finding company. I never assumed you’d wait for me to be ready; I wanted you to, but when I made the choice to not resume our relationship, I accepted the possibility that it might not happen. We left it off so well after that mess with the VR machine, and then I see you at Christmas and you’re there with someone else.” Kitty sighed. “I’ve gotten sidetracked. The main thing I wanted to say was that I could understand you hooking up with someone else. But why her? And if it’s because she’s hot… then you’re not the man I thought you were.”
  11. Anger roared over her like a wave of heat; her skin literally felt like it had been passed through an oven. “I’m sorry that my sister’s death and my grieving were so inconvenient to your sexual needs.” Connor flinched, because whether he was in ass-mode or not, it was clear that he’d mis-stepped there. “I’m also sorry that you aren’t man enough to go without sex for more than a few weeks. Jesus Christ, Connor, if you wanted to fuck her, just say you wanted a ride on the Muse-go-Round.” ,, Kitty was just getting started. “Oh, do you know where I first heard that charming nickname? A chatroom of Muselings, those many lucky who have been granted access to her inner sanctum. And that’s just the polite name for her lady parts. Yeah, it’s an entire site dedicated to people who have gotten laid by Muse, who are there to help others connect with her and get laid by her. If you joined, you’d get the honorary status of a Museling, maybe more, depending on how many times you had sex with her. More than ten, and you’re a Musetaineer.” ,, Kitty spread her hands and said, “Seriously, Connor. What the hell?”
  12. "I didn't read them." Kitty glanced away, out the window of the diner for a moment. "I didn't get them until right before the party, and I didn't have time to look at them before. Then I didn't want to look at them." ,, "So I guess we should talk about that." Connor's expression became reluctant but he didn't avoid the subject. ,, Kitty met his eyes. "You may not want me to." Her words could have been bitter, but they were just honest. ,, "No, but I meant what I said about not losing you." He held her gaze, unflinching. "If we gotta talk to get to the point that we're friends again, then I'll talk for as long as it takes. So tell me what's going on with you, Kitty." ,, "What's going on is that I have a great deal of respect for you." The second she started talking, he could tell she was going to unload into him. "You're one of my closest friends. And I can't believe that you'd sleep with that woman, but you did. Once I started to actually pay attention to the tabloids, it was clear you guys were close." Disgust twisted her face as she asked, "How could you associate with someone like that, much less have sex with her?"
  13. Kitty gave a one-shouldered shrug without really saying anything. She’d kept herself busy so she wouldn’t dwell on things, but she didn’t want to tell Connor that. “Eh, I’ve a couple of projects in the works, and a ton of charity functions, so I’ve been running around like crazy. And I’ve been out to China to see Master Guo, too.” ,, “How’s that coming?” Connor asked, looking sincere and interested. ,, Kitty chuckled ruefully. “Slowly. There are six year old boys who are better at this stuff than me, which is really embarrassing. But it’s good. There’s something so peaceful about it that’s just liberating.” Her smile became serene for a moment. “What about you?”
  14. Kitty sighed, her shoulders sagging as she felt the impact of Connor on her. It wasn’t his quantum; it was the fact that he was Connor, honestly. He’d always been able to get his way with her, no matter what it was. She should be stronger, but she wasn’t. “All right. I’ll be there.” Kitty started to stalk away, only to pause and add, “Don’t make me regret it, or I’m going to twitter that regret.” ,, Connor smiled, confident that she’d never be so public with her anger. Then he remembered that she’d never threatened to do that before either, so maybe this time she was serious. ,, * * * * * * * ,, Vito’s was unremarkable from the outside. The wood siding was painted a dull white and there were no external decorations. But the diner’s parking lot was full, a testament to its food, and the clientele were all older. The music that played was the loudest thing in the room; the geriatric set were content to enjoy their delicious food in relative silence. ,, Or they had, before Kitty had entered. Now they all stared at this nova who had come down from the heavens. When she heard one of them whisper, “That’s that Kitty Price!” she smiled ruefully and approached the nearest table. ,, By the time Connor had arrived, she had worked most of the room, signing autographs, talking and otherwise making nice with the public. Your turn, she mouthed, grinning at him, when he saw the situation.
  15. “I’m not comfortable being your friend.” The words poured out; weeks of anger had festered and built pressure until it burst forth. “You’re dating or whatever that woman – do you know who she is? She makes dirty comics and sleeps with everyone. Jesus, Connor!” Kitty stopped, aware that they were in public and that the other members of the committee would soon be in earshot. ,, Kitty visibly restrained herself. “This isn’t the time, I know. I’m sorry about unloading. I just… I never thought that you’d take up with someone like her.” The disappointment was clear in her voice. “I shouldn’t have said that. I’ll see you around, Connor.” She spun gracefully on her heel and started to leave.
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