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  1. Here is the final episode of season 1. Thank you all so much for letting me share our series on your site (and for the great advice in chat regarding my Pathfinder campaign. It's going great). I'll be lurking.
  2. Our centerpiece episode, Chapter 11, was posted tonight. I feel really good about it. The sound work was monumental, but I got it all done in a couple days (not including the recording work I did ahead of time).
  3. Thanks for the tip, Chosen! I don't really understand how the greenscreen keying works, but I'll pass it along to my brother. What kind of video production do you do?
  4. My brother, the director, does all of the CG in Cinema 4D. Editing is done in Adobe Premier, mostly. I've been doing all the sound in Adobe Audition with a little help from Audacity. For episode 1, we set up a bunch of orange dots on the green screen so that the camera could be moving during shooting and still match the 3D background, but as you can probably see, actors crossed the dots many times and they are visible in the final product. Now my brother is doing nearly every (green-screen) camera movement in post. Also, starting with episode 7, he got a lot of backgrounds from Worldworks Games, so a lot of the backgrounds are actual images from awesome boardgame pieces, which adds a lot. Post is a ton of work, but it is so cool to see an episode transform to its final stage. Everytime I get the rough cut, I think we really messed up and it's going to suck, but once everything is added it seems to come together. I just talked to my brother, and it sounds like the next project will not involve a CG world. Way too much time. If you've stuck with us this far, I don't think you'll be dissappointed with the ending. In fact, the final two episodes are probably the strongest. We poured a lot of resources into 11 especially. Thanks for your support, guys, and for giving us a space to share our work!
  5. Episode 10 is up. I'm working on the sound for 11 right now and I think it has the potential to be fairly epic. Enjoy.
  6. Okay, everyone, I'd love to hear your thoughts on Episode 9. I know it's no DKR or Spiderman, but I put some work in.
  7. Really? I thought it was awesome! I liked Dark Knight better, but not by a lot. Nolan's attention to detail is obvious throughout. So many of the lines have two or more meanings that tie together so well. And the sound design is beautiful! I wasn't let down at all.
  8. Knowing that just makes the wait more painful.
  9. Do you think the tone will be similar to LOTR, or reflect the more lighthearted feel of The Hobbit? I'm kind of hoping it has the same ratio of fun/scary as the Fellowship, my favorite out of the trilogy (films).
  10. I don't know if any of you are still watching, but if you are....here is Episode 8.
  11. Chapter 6, everyone! Chapter 6 is ready. Enjoy a pint of ale with our heroes at the Chubby Princess.
  12. And BAM! Chapter Five. Any feedback is welcome!
  13. Allright, Chapter Four is up, and Five is very close!
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