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  1. Grimm remained still as he assessed whether or not the gangers had spotted him. This was the Underground and he was aware of what it's residents though of his kind in general. When he was satisfied he hadn't been spotted he followed his companions away from the violence, unconcerned with the carnage the gangs were leaving in their wake. He had a fleeting thought that their targets might be caught in that crossfire, however concern for the bystanders didn't enter his mind.
  2. When the charming Ogre left to get his gear, Grimm took the opportunity to change and equip himself appropriately. In an ally he changed from the ballistic suit to the casual club wear he had on at the beginning of the night, and as he changed his new companions got their first glimpse of the skin tight high-tech armor he wore beneath. He strapped his pistol holsters back on and slung Heart Drinker, his specially designed Katana onto his back. He slipped his assault rifle and other gear in a duffle and slung that over his shoulder. As the group traveled through the Underground, Grimm remained silent but attentive. He found it curious that anyone would actually want to live down in the sewers but he kept that thought to himself. As they walked many of the residence, mostly Orks and Trolls, eyed them suspiciously and Grimm eyed them back as if to say We belong here, mind your own damn business. The gang war was both a concern and a bit of excitement for the young Elf. As much as he wanted to join the fray, he realized that business came first and a few of companions weren’t combatants. As a precaution he slipped Hear Drinker out of its sheath and drew his predator loaded with Hollow Point rounds as he ducked for cover.
  3. Grimm regarded the chatty Ogre coolly. "I am not acquainted with anyone in the magical world, unfortunately," He said. I can, however ask the people i know about this Jack Turner person. If he's ever bought a black market weapon then chances are he's dealt with someone I know." Grimm activated his commlink and took a few steps away from the group as he waited for Antoine to pick up the line. "Good evening Grimm," The half French half Spanish human said in a melodious Spanish accent. "I trust the job I sent you is working out well?" "It goes, Mr. Belcadiz," Grimm was always careful to be polite and formal when dealing with the weapons dealer. Antoine Belcadiz was a powerful man in the gun running business and while he looked kindly on the young Elf, he was not a man to irritate. "I was hoping I could trouble you for some information. I realize you are a busy man but I'm looking for information on a man named Jack Turner and was wondering if you had any dealings with the man or know someone who has." "Hmmm, any information I have or can gather will not come free, my pointy eared friend." "I realize that sir. Also, do you know any experts on the arcane who might be able to help me understand some magical theory?" "Very well, I will see what I can find out and get back to you shortly. As for the magical expert, I'll see if I can dig you up a name." Antoine click off the line and Grimm stepped back to his team. I should hear something about this Jack guy soon and my contact may be able to give us the name of someone who can help us with the magical stuff.
  4. Grimm looked blandly at Caesar as he walked away and then turned his attention back to Jian. "You know that's not really my thing right?" He said simply. "I suppose I could beat some information out of them but that could create other problems." He sighed as his hands flexed on the wheels. "Any suggestions?"
  5. Grimm pulled up to the team's meeting place in an old, slightly abused dull black car. He stepped out of the vehicle and his newly made companions noticed that he was dressed in the same casual business attire that he came to the meeting in yet appeared slightly bulkier than before. He felt better wearing his armor, having his predators on his person and his Nitama strapped to the underside of the trunk door. "I got us a temporary vehicle," He said to the group and nodded when Jian offered to go with Caesar. "If you need to store anything there is room in the trunk." He looked at Valkyrie and said "Since Jian is watching Caesar's back, I'll stay with you in case something goes sideways."
  6. "I am fine with that," Grimm said simply. "However, to be at my most effective, I will need to retrieve my gear." He looked around at the others feeling a little more in his element. "I suggest we all do that. I don't get caught out like we just were very often and I don't like it. We need to be more prepared."
  7. Grimm motioned for the others to hold a moment while he scanned the bar for any obvious threats before motioning the others to enter. He led them to a large table at the back of the bar and sat with his back to the wall. This gave him an unobstructed view of the bar, the patrons and the exits. The little Morissey Elan was back in it's hidden sleeve holster and he was really wishing he'd brought at least one of his Predators. From now one he wasn't coming to one of these damn meets without one. Every time he did the drek hit the fan somehow.
  8. When Grimm saw the others exiting the field of combat, he melted into the shadows but kept a close watch on their chatty Ogre companion. Clearly the man had more stones than common sense as he sauntered away from the firefight. Grimm's pistol was still at the ready, in case any of the bikers decided to send a few bullets his way.
  9. Grimm regarded the unsuspecting ganger with cold fury. Only cowards used drive-by tactics to strike at their enemies. These bastards had no honor and didn't care about collateral damage. Well, this time these they bit off more than they could chew. The Collateral Damage was fighting back! Grimm lifted his pistol and shot once, then quickly compensated for the recoil, aimed and shot the ganger again; all within just a few seconds.
  10. My apologies for the lack of posting. My body is still adjusting to working again.... 62 hours in 5 days... I am Le Tired! I will do my best to keep current so you guys don't get stalled out waiting for me...
  11. Bullets whizzed around the young elf as he moved for cover. Knowing his pistol's range, he waited, prepared to shoot any of the gang members who were stupid enough to stop and dismount from their bikes
  12. Just so you are aware guys, work just took for me this week. I have 5 days of 12 hour shifts starting tomorrow so I don't know how often I will be online for the next several days.
  13. At the first sound of gunfire, Grimm was crouched behind a parked car, his wired reflexes fully on. With a quick flick of his wrist his Morrisey Elan was in his hand and ready to go.
  14. Grimm, who had been silent through out this second round of negotiations finally leaned forward and spoke. "While I have no problems taking this man's money, i would advise caution. As Valkyrie mentioned, we don't know MacCallister's ultimate motivation regarding this rock and if push comes to shove I'd rather have him as an ally than an enemy." Grimm paused, as if in thought. "Still there is no harm accepting this offer for now. If it turns out MacCallister has no interest in the rock then it is to our benefit. If he does, well then we will have to improvise," After speaking he leaned back again and lapsed back into silence.
  15. Some of my friends were background on this show.
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