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  1. Samuel was equally annoyed at the conflicting calls made by Hadicall and Becca, but with Wei Fang already getting her sword and deciding to plunge into the fray (what a girl), Sam settled for grudgingly drawing his hogleg and joining Becca. "Next time, one of you needs to defer to the other." He grumbled. Not that either were exactly preferable as leaders. Hadi just rubbed him the wrong way, but Becca was disturbing.
  2. When Lacey O'Malley went for his next interviewee, Hadicall was nowhere near to be found. That left Samuel Connell. Whom as the reporter approached, he realized was rather young, in his face, if not the eyes. The eyes seemed far older. "Mr. Connell, I was wondering if you..." "I'd rather not." Samuel interrupted, before the newspaperman could get things going. O'Malley frowned, not quite the blunt hostility of Becca Towne, but still. "Well, you do seem awfully young," he ventured, trying to pry something out of the adolescent. "I'm sixteen. My parents died two years ago. I''ve had to take care of myself since." Sam flatly stated, not elaborating on what they died off. With his years of experience O'Malley knew when he'd gotten all someone was willing to say, and here he had. "Well, then I'm sorry to hear that. Excuse me." Sam watched him going quietly. He knew the Epitaph paid more real attention to the true ongoings out in the Weird West. Unfortunately, the very people most likely to take anything appearing in the Epitaph seriously were those not well disposed towards it, or him. The Agency or the Rangers were not people a huckster wanted to get the notice of.
  3. "Samuel Connell." Sam tipped his hat to the famous reporter and renowned scientist. "And some might argue you can't stop talking, Hadicall. Anyway, a bit of a surprise, seeing you being around not far from our train wreck..." He frowned as the pieces went together... no, it couldn't be. "It's not like you were have burrowing right under the train though."
  4. Samuel simply waited, a hand drifting to his gun, just in case. Ironically to Wei Fang's internal musings, Samuel had not quite been in favor of making the obvious direct approach into the midst of the rail workers. That was all. And Hadicall would have been quite wrong. Just expressing sympathy to a person did not mean any form of desire for them. Of course, Hadicall was very clearly a ringy jerk. He did hope that Sister Claire would keep the talking. Becca was on the prod and would get them into something he didn't want to have to deal with again.
  5. "Underground?" Sam remarked in surprise briefly. "I suppose that might explain how a rail company works so close and yet Indians attack our train so easily. Or," Samuel had to acknowledge that unpleasant fact: "they don't care as long as we were traveling on a competitor." T'was a truth of the Rail Wars, that this might indeed be plausible.
  6. Samuel frowned just for a moment as he saw Claire's actions and the resulting light brought into the darkness. So she was one of the Blessed. Not people he'd encountered personally, but enough word and evidence of their works had made its way to him in time. The kind of people he'd always sought to avoid, and the Sister was one of them. Even more care with the matter of his magic then was required, lest she turn the whole group on him.
  7. It all faded away rather quickly, Sam observed, the rush of battle as everything settled down. The Indians broke off, and so Samuel was left with what he had to carry, a wrecked trail, and a surrounding desert. He picked up that he wasn't alone, a Chinese woman, who looked like a barber's cat with all the carnage and destruction around her. Then he picked up the other yellow-skinned bodies. Looked like her friends or family. All taken now. As a orphan of two years, Samuel understood her grief well. He followed her in the search for supplies - water, food, perhaps extra guns from the passengers. "I know what it's like to lose your loved ones." He told Wei Fang as he got to work beside her. "All the more when violence took them. There's a time when you can sob it out, but for them, right now you have to be strong and survive. And maybe get some revenge on the ones responsible. I'm still working on that one."
  8. That pause was the last mistake the brave would make in his life. Samuel's secret may have been magic, but flinging around cards of arcane power was something he reserved for the monsters and abominations. In most cases, he'd learned to be effective with a gun, all the more so since he'd been in his share of life or death situations depending on it. The Irish youth raised up his Colt and fired a shot. Mounted and slowed by his turn, the Indian was an easy target and tumbled off his horse. On the ground, lying on his back, his body displayed a clear wound ripped right through the chest. You didn't come back from that - well, at least with any power or knowledge that was purely mundane. After all, Sam had fought the walking dead before.
  9. As Samuel woke up, a hint of smoke made him cough, and he rose up from the wreckage shivering as the fading echoes of animal-headed things hunting him reverberated in his mind. So much like the homestead now. It always was like the homestead - the monstrous spirits would never let him sleep in peace again until he was in the grave. The whipping sound of the arrow banished thoughts of the ethereal, the gambling festivities that had been his destination. Never had his hometown been attacked by Injun raiders, but everyone had heard stories, known someone who had. In the end, the West wasn't big enough for the white men and the red men. Especially not right now, and Samuel intended to live on. Keeping low, but brushing off his vest, Samuel checked to make sure his speed-loaded cylinder was prepared and the Colt hogleg ready to go. But just to be safe - Samuel closed his eyes, and when he opened them back up... the manitou stared at him. "Ready to play?" It suggested in a twisted tinny voice. The cards hovered over a manifesting table, and Samuel impatiently nodded. As soon as his hand was shuffled and floated out to him, he slammed the set down. "Full house. Any better?" Naturally, the manitou looked surprised, and Samuel knew he had what he needed. "Good." The void faded back into the train car's infernal internals, and with the buzzing magical energy, Samuel weaved a hex that would keep him untouched. A card briefly appeared, glittering in his left hand, but Samuel instinctively jerked it toward the ground, in case other passengers were alive. More assured of security now, Samuel clambered out of a gaping hole in the car, gun and backpack held firmly.
  10. I figure I can resurrect the old Samuel Connell huckster concept. I mean, I already have the full sheet and background still lying around.
  11. Samuel snorted, leaning back in his chair. "I suppose so, Captain. Right then. Does Sokolov seem particularly flush? Or shady? Fine - this technically is a shady business, but we'd all agree it's better to not be knifed by our client - metaphorically speaking."
  12. Samuel cracked a grin as Sable dished out the righteous annoyance of a daughter upon her insistently intrusive father, and took the moment to get both salad, and a sandwich. The fresh, delicious taste of genuine food was something he'd found jarring to usually go without. The lunch meat being chewed in his mouth normally would have been prepped all natural and local, preserved or new. It would certainly be hearty, either from the few kinds of livestock diligently raised generation after generation on Black Forest - or as Samuel had regularly done, hunted or gathered flora and fauna perfectly edible. ,, A mark of how life was far different when these meals were a sign of good fortune. The usual paste or canned slurry was practically abominable to someone of Samuel's experience. You shouldn't have to survive on something that looked and tasted like your own shit. At least the Esperanza's crew already could expect another paying job. ,, "S-sho," Sam gulped his mouthful down, and inquired with a sly eye, "Let me guess: he wants to send off something quietly. Maybe a young strapping stowaway boy who can make the girls here all nice and comfy?"
  13. Samuel was helping Sable in the kitchen, chopping up vegetables for the salad while the young girl busied herself with other tasks. She briefly smiled at him, and it was so sweet Samuel couldn't help but smile back. Hadicall had been so occupied in his fixing argument with Deezy that he'd been totally ignorant of the fact that the 'kid' he'd put on warning was alone, unsupervised with his daughter. Well, as far as Samuel was concerned, Hadicall could take his suspicions and toss it gottam however deep - ,, Samuel cut off that line of thought before he accidentally cut himself with the chopping knife. Sable was too young for him. Fine, Black Forest years were longer, and that made age a somewhat more fluid thing, particuarly in the young, impressionable, nearly-adult years. Sable certainly wasn't too young in the literal sense, as far as people back home would have seen it. ,, The difference, Samuel felt, was that went you'd spent years worth of Sol time potshotting Concord officers who contemptously invited the bullet, lived on meager rations and survived on the land, it left a mark. The mark that made him far less interested in sweet young women - girl - that imagined wearing a nice dress and sweeping down a ballroom floor. The music cut off, and Samuel sighed. "See you in the dining room, Sable. I'll bring out the salad." ,, When the hunter joined the rest of the crew, he was carrying a cheap but functional plastic bowl with a mixture of chopped vegetables. Samuel plopped it down on the table before leaning back in his chair. "First course, salad."
  14. Samuel Connell Physical Traits: Weight: 160 lb. Height: 5'10" Age: 16-18 Gender: Male Ethnic Background: Caucasian Eye Color: Blue Hair Color: Orange-Red Handedness: Right Public Information: Samuel or Sam - as others might choose to refer to him, came to join the Esperanza in the company of Cherry, making them the 4th and 5th in chronological order of the crew. Initially, they booked passage on the ship, but throwing in some minor work for a little money and time's passage ended up leading to them becoming full members of the crew. Samuel, though young, is a demonstrated capable sniper, tracker, scout and even knows a bit of first aid. He has, however, shown a distinct refusal to discuss his past, or how and why Cherry came to be his companion. When [insert crew member] suggested out loud Samuel might have seduced Cherry, his embarrassed flush lasted only a second before turning into an annoyed glare. But it's clearly not that, anyway. Sheet Level 1 Achievement Points: 0 Race: Human Career: Scout/Sharpshooter Profession: Free Trader Abilities: STR 8, DEX 12, CON 10, INT 10, WILL 12, PER 8 Untrained: STR 4, DEX 6, CON 5, INT 5, WILL 6, PER 4 Resistance Mods: STR 0, DEX +2, CON -, INT 0, WILL +1, PER - Stun Boxes: 10 Wound Boxes: 10 Mortal Boxes: 5 Fatigue Boxes: 5 Last Resort Points: 1 Current / 2 Maximum Actions Per Round: 2 Action Check: Marginal 14+ / Ordinary 13 / Good 6 / Amazing 3 SKILLS (Skill Points: 30 + 30 Int + 5 for Human, Broad Skills Purchasable: 6) Athletics: Ordinary 8/ Good 4/ Amazing 2 Vehicle Op: Ordinary 12/ Good 6/ Amazing 3 Modern Ranged Weapons: Ordinary 12/ Good 6/ Amazing 3 - Pistol (rank 1): Ordinary 13/ Good 6/ Amazing 3 - Rifle (rank 3): Ordinary 15/ Good 7/ Amazing 3 Stealth: Ordinary 12/ Good 6/ Amazing 3 - Hide (rank 1): Ordinary 13/ Good 6/ Amazing 3 - Sneak (rank 1): Ordinary 13/ Good 6/ Amazing 3 Stamina: Ordinary 10/ Good 5/ Amazing 2 Movement: Ordinary 10/ Good 5/ Amazing 2 - Swim (rank 1): Ordinary 11/ Good 5/ Amazing 2 - Trailblazing (rank 1): Ordinary 11/ Good 5/ Amazing 2 Survival: Ordinary 10/ Good 5/ Amazing 2 Knowledge: Ordinary 10/ Good 5/ Amazing 2 - First Aid (rank 1): Ordinary 11/Good 5/ Amazing 2 Awareness: Ordinary 12/ Good 6/ Amazing 3 - Perception (rank 2): Ordinary 14/ Good 7/ Amazing 3 - Intuition (rank 1): Ordinary 13/ Good 6/ Amazing 3 Investigate: Ordinary 12/ Good 6/ Amazing 3 - Search (rank 1): Ordinary 13/ Good 6/ Amazing 3 - Track (rank 2): Ordinary 14/ Good 7/ Amazing 3 Resolve: Ordinary 12/ Good 6/ Amazing 3 Interaction: Ordinary 8/ Good 4/ Amazing 2 PERKS & FLAWS Flaws: Powerful Enemy (Concord Military), Bad Luck ATTRIBUTES Motivation: Staying Alive/Vengeance Moral Attitude: Ethical Character Traits: Courageous, Honest, Helpful, Hateful (Towards the Concord) EQUIPMENT 9mm Pistol (Actions: 3, Acc 0, Mode F, Range 6/12/50, Type HI/O, Damage d4+1w/d4+2w/d4m, Clip Size: 15, Hide +3) 7.62mm Sniper Rifle (Actions: 2, Acc -1, Mode F, Range 200/400/800, Type HI/O, Damage d6+1w/2d4+1w/d4+1m, Clip Size: 5, Hide -) Battle Vest (AP 0, Type O, LI d6-3/HI d6-2/En d4-2, Hide +2) First Aid Kit Belt Wallet Worn Clothes Lighter Flashlight Backpack Survival Gear Rations Duct Tape Holster
  15. ,, Berth and coin sounds about fair for Samuel too. Tracking, sniping and combat - plus knowing a bit of first aid too.
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