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  1. Well as I said I got a solo thread that is in desperate need of completing. I got it all plotted out in my head I just need time to sit down to work on it. That will give the Main Kitten something to do.
  2. Rip grinned. This was the moment she's always waited for. Instead of killing in the dead of night on someone's orders, she was fighting in the defense of normal people. There was a different feeling in her... was this having a purpose in life that was your own? No matter, the introspection would have to wait. Action was needed, her teammates needed it... well more they needed her to be a team player and she wasn't going to leave them wanting. When Idris lept into the air, there was a beauty to her that was something to see. The white light glinting off of her diamond-hard claws, the predatory litheness of her body, the faint striping on her tabby-pattern fur made her seem more akin to a Tiger than just a normal housecat. Her ears pinned back to make her strike. Actions Movement: Leaping to close the distance Standard: Attack with Retractible Claws *Strength-based Damage 8, +2 STR, Improved Critical - 25 DC damage Attack Roll Tommy OOC *rolls* 1d20: 7+10: 17 [Tommy OOC] 2:44 pm: I think I'll hold back on a hero point this swing. [Tommy OOC] 2:45 pm: There will always be another go. Combat Status Hero Points: 1/1 Conditions: None
  3. I'm with Jaunt on this, take all the time you need. I got enough stuff on my end to do with Idris when I feel like working on the solo.
  4. Idris grinned putting her helmet back on, tightening the straps. She remembered some simple spanish phrases she was slipped for the mission a while back. ,, "¡Alto! Policía!" she shouted, followed by unloading into the squad, A couple were dropped instantly in a red mist, another took a wound to the chest. The last guy panicked, and Idris capitalized leaping out of the brush, cold-cocking him. While she as on him, she pulled her knife and slit his throat. As he was on the ground wheezing through the blood and gore, his radio chirped up. "Responda! Por Dios, responde!" ,, Idris turned on his radio and did her growl again. Licking her chops making it sound like they were getting eaten, the sound of the guard she knifed only sold the horror story she was leaving behind. She grabbed the radio, hooking it to her own vest, grabbed some spare ammunition, and continued on. Tonight she was going to tear this place to the ground. ,, Back at the Mansion "El Hefe Gordo" as he was called sat drumming his fingers. "Okay, explain to me how a damn cat is killing my men." "It seems that is the fact of matters, sir... If I may offer..." The woman straightened her black hair, her brown eyes had a look of malice behind the goggles. "I've made it my career hunting simple beasts like this. After all... the illegal trade in tusks and other manner of trophies has made the both of us quite, quite rich." ,, Her french accent was light, and it turned the boss on. "Well, as long as you can bag me a damn new carpet, chica, we can get back on to business." ,, She nodded, grabbing her AR-15 bespoke with scopes and other tactical equipment and headed out of his office. ,, Back in the jungle, Idris was closing on her target when the sound of gunfire. "What in the hell? That's no cat!" She said, and Idris could hear that over the radio. Someone had night vision. Thankfully the shots landed behind her as she disappeared into a brush covered culvert. ,, "Hefe... mobilize the mercenaries you hired dammit, time for them to start earning their pay..." ,, Idris grabbed her rifle, looking at a hacienda overlooking the ocean. It was all within reach, at least this probable place they were roomed up in. She unloaded into the windows. "You mean that wake-up call?" ,, "Who is this? Who are you?" ,, "Oh... someone who is about to leave nothing but a burning wreck of a compound. Unfinished business." ,, El Hefe Gordo picked up his mic while Idris checked her work, a mercenary jumped up, nursing a head wound when she caught him with her claws. ,, "I don't know who you are, pequeña perra colegiala, but you're dead!" ,, "Oh, sorry, but I've just made you waste all your investments so far to get me." ,, There was a shot, hitting at her feet, and Idris bolted, ripping out the man's larynx as she moved. ,, "Good god, El Hefe, you better get the hell out of here!" ,, "El Hefe Gordo doesn't run, Perra!" ,, Idris grinned, followed by hopping over a parked jeep, slinging her rifle up, she aimed right at the poacher. "Say Cheese, bitch!" ,, She unloaded, the look of shock on the woman's face before it was obliterated by gunshots was one Idris would remember for a while. Landing on her feet she pulled the radio up to her face. "Hey... El Hefe Gordo, your frensh maid just bit the big one. She's a Jackson Pollack on the wall now." ,, "Don't call me fat you limey bitch." ,, Idris looked around. Not distracting herself with the banter. "Good luck." Idris said, tossing the radio away, as well as her firearms save for her pistol. She was going to get her hands dirty from here on.
  5. Can I change my actions, as if Rebekka is acting first with what she does I wouldn't be tossing a can at the demon to piss him off.
  6. Hypnosis save [Tommy OOC] 4:09 pm: Okay time for that DC 20 to resist that Hypnosis... Tommy OOC *rolls* 1d20: 18+10: 28 --- [Tommy OOC] 4:10 pm: So is anyone awake to witness? [Carver] 4:11 pm: It's fine. [Tommy OOC] 4:12 pm: cool Idris' ear twitches. "Lovely." She knew the demon-like mutant was up to no good. And his probable partner as well. "That's not what we needed." She runs off into the now panicking or paralyzed in fear crowd. That demon was going to be introduced as to why she was named rip. Her claws come out of her fingertips as she bee-lines for the Demon. She'll be in range of one of her signature attacks soon. "Showtime..." She hated the fact there was too many innocent bystanders keeping her from closing the distance... but all she needed was one opening... Initiative [Tommy OOC] 4:10 pm: And the Initiative Tommy OOC *rolls* 1d20: 7+10: 17 --- [Tommy OOC] 4:10 pm: So is anyone awake to witness? [Carver] 4:11 pm: It's fine. [Tommy OOC] 4:12 pm: cool Combat Status Hero Points: 1/1 Conditions: None
  7. Idris knew if there is a plan, it's in play, so it was better to play her part. She moved through the crowd, actually away from the point of interest with Grav, heading to where she was ordered, one of the pedestrian overpasses overlooking the area. She liked having a higher ground. She mumbled under her mask... ,, "Gods? How can man be god? It's the powers that be that push people to the extreme... want the truth, you guys hid it for far too long. Ask them." She said, her ears moving in a way as to suggest those cute "Nekomimi" style ear headbands that reacted to biofeedback. "You hold back the truth and it will bubble and boil like water under pressure, and sooner or later... pop." ,, Idris was playing her own game. Getting people to think. If mutants were real and the information was being suppressed... there was something to be said for popping people's bubble of comfort now that she saw it. ,, "Whatcha mean, truth, Otaku?" Someone said in Japanese. But they knew English well enough. ,, Idris turned to the person passing, dismissing Idris as nothing but some oddball anime-obsessed tourist. "Simple... look at that." She said, pointing to Grav hovering in the air. "That is no special effect, sir. That is the truth." She leaned against the fence, making sure her tail didn't move as if there was bone and tendon there. "It's been right under your nose... out of the corner of your eye. It's nothing to be afraid of, it's those scared of losing their power on the masses that want you to be afraid." ,, Idris was playing off all the science fiction one of her guards used to watch all the time. "The start of a new era is always frightening. Particularly the most wonderful ones." She said looking about the crowds. She hated not being armed, but then again she still was. Her claws if needed were more than up to the task, if she had time to close the distance. ,, The worker was frozen in awe. "Your mouth is open." Idris playfully pointed out.
  8. True. ,, It's just I take my enjoyment from success, not getting kicked in the balls. I like putting the effort in to working to a optimal conclusion. I mean yeah, plans fall apart, but that is half the fun, that and if you got a plan you can handle most surprises as you've got something you can improvise from. ,, I mean yeah, people like failure for the drama aspect, but running willy-nilly into that failure leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Particularly when (in this theoretical) better things could have been done. ,, I mean no plan means you can roll with the punches, but no game plan means you don't know what to do if the plan starts to go south, like where our safehouse is or when to put plan B into effect. ,, You can't plan for everything, but certain things can be put into play when things go sideways as a general precaution. ,, It is what it is now though. The die's been cast no matter how it's looked at. So, let's see what happens.
  9. Yeah, but a sub-optimal result can end up ending a game. Party wipe, anyone? Or how about there is a whole boat load of that anti-mutant gas and we end up shut down and all captured? The DHEA is pretty good in making sure you don't get out. That's a fate worse than death in my opinion.
  10. Yeah, then again no one offered to plan either. And IC planning could have summarized the OOC planning. ,, But, again, no one asked. That and by the time I thought of doing this we were already rolling, and my IC post for a plan was sort of a invitation OOC to get a plan together. That and I had too much on my plate in the first place to think of this until now, and of course... everyone just pushed forward. ,, I'm not mad, just we could have gotten a better result with some forethought.
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