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  1. Rocks? Are they sedimentary, metamorphic, or igneous?
  2. This shouldn't have cracked me up, but it did.
  3. Outstanding, we got the four and an interested fifth. Whatcha say, BD, think we got something?
  4. Mary Masters

    Mary's Stuff

    Sketches and stuff
  5. ok working on my sneaky soldier type here. human form inbound with background.
  6. Finally got a concept down, got a system in mind, now before I start making house rules it is time to guage iterest. It is a space exploration game in the vein of classic 1950s-1960s space operas modernized. What I have seen by what I am going to run it'll be like Star Trek and invites Halo to take a vacation there. The characters will be members of an away team on ship, tasked with assisting the crunshier scientists and diplomats in terms of security and survival. Also, they handle piloting the shuttlecraft that go from the ship to the planet below (NO TRANSPORTERS!). The team will be expected to be ready for combat, but must have some diplomatic skill and social tact in the process. House Rules - HERE If you're interested, the USS Noble Endeavor awaits.
  7. I am just wondering if there is any more information on this campaign coming down the pipe here. I'm interested as well, and the time is helping me come up with a character, I just think alot of what was discussed in chat hasn't made it here to the thread. Just hoping Mistress comes back soon with some goodies to help keep this momentum up. I'm still sold on the idea, I just think we need to get a update.
  8. I'm going to need a little bit of time to think of a character, if I can't get something whipped up in the next few days, I'll just have to wait until I free up some character space. I mean, I think I got a idea, I just need a little time.
  9. I think this is a pretty big experiment for a M&M game here, so I would think at least for a while, the answer should be no, but after the game gets moving then the answer should be yes.
  10. Simple solution. You might think me crazy... Have us at PL 12. This is a OW game, so assuredly we would be the movers and shakers of the world. Disregard.
  11. I'm interested, just gotta think of a concept and back history... OW sorta needs that.
  12. For a branch... you chose... wisely. My Dad spent a stretch in the Navy. Good luck, and don't get into too much trouble. Looking foreward to hearing about it!
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