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  1. Okay need some help. I have a few questions on cohorts. How many can you have and what levels they can be?
  2. hmm.... i might go with a elf magus or cleric/oracle. I do not know precisely yet.
  3. I am still in. Working on characters or my character still. I haven't had much chance to work on him as I want to.
  4. Who still interested in this? I am.
  5. Who's interested in that virtual tabletop game? It sounds interesting, but iffy on getting it.
  6. Okay here is the basic premise of my character. He was once of a noble house whom was overthrown during an invasion. He survives the invasion, but barely. He took on an alias and slowly builds his own mercenary company with a help of a few friends he gather during his wandering after the invasion in search of purpose. His organization is quite successful and is often an wild card in the campaigns he was in. This is due to the precise and tactical movements and action he did. His group is often very small but well train and well armed. Now he is at an cross roads on what to do in his life. He desires to go home and try to do what's right. Yet he still does not have the resources to do such a large and lengthy means to take back a whole country and half the continent from his foes. Yet the reports he is getting are also very grim as well as from the various small holdings the country has. He has the desire to do something, but what he has to do will have to be precise and major. For what he does next will determine the lives of many people.
  7. Okay. Question what if you are trying to liberate an country. I mean I have an basic idea of what the country should be, but the problem is more with I have not done all the small details to it.
  8. I'll look into it more. I have to basically tell you a bit more of what's going on with the character. Yet I need to at least give you also some basic info on the area as well as who's doing what. I have not gotten that all done. I hope to get it done within the next few days.
  9. Okay. What's up with b.p? I don't know that much or that far on that. Can someone intel me on that.
  10. I have an basic idea on the character I am going to be using for the story. Yet I have not done much of his stats yet. Still am not sure what style to really go with. I have two idea on class to go with. Also as well as race.
  11. I am in still in the game. Just trying to figure out the basic setting and world. Does it take place in an well known world or are we making things up as we go? I need some more details in order to work on my character. I am going to hope to make my character an ruler as well.
  12. I have several ideas floating in my head for characters. I just need to figure out which one would be wise. Plus how many people going to be rulers? ,, An musketeer who severs an king. ,, An alchemist medical doctor who serves royalty. ,, An magus warlord. ,, An ninja or rouge seeking justice for an slight on his family. ,, An mercenary who runs an company who sells to the highest bidder.
  13. I am interested. I just need to know level and class. I actually have a few ideas on my character. An idea I been wanting to do was either magus, or a combination of gunslinger/alchemist. I am going to play an elvish character.
  14. I am interested. I just hope not to ruin things.
  15. hey here is a rework on an old character concept of mine. ,, puppeteer ,, concept: Artist Nature: Visionary Allegiance: No one Attributes: Physical: Str. 2 Dex. 2 Stam. 2, Mental: Per. 2 Int. 4 Wits. 4, Social: App. 3 Man. 2 Cha. 3 Abilities: Physical: Str.: Brawl (multiple opponents, blind fighting); Dex.: Drive, Legerdemain, Athletics; Stam.: Endurance, Resistance Mental: Per.: Navigation; Int.: Computer, Intrusion, Linguistics 2 (Native: English, Spanish, Japanese); Wit.: Arts 2(design, drawing), Biz, Rapport Social: App.: Disguise, Intimidate; Man.: Subterfuge, Diplomacy, Seduction; Cha.:Etiquette, Perform 2 (dance, singing) Background: 3 allies (3 allies.), 1 Resources, 2 Followers (stage hands), 1 Mentor (Acting Teacher or just a teacher.) Finishing touches: Willpower 3, Quantum 1, Initiative: 6, Walk: 7m, Run: 14m, Sprint: 26m Bonus points: Taint Resistant, Quantum Recovery 3, Photographic Memory, 4 specialty: (Legerdemain: Card tricks, Parlor Magic; Art: Sculpting;; Perform: Acting Nova: 90 points 9 attribute points: 3 n.p. Physical: Str. 3, Dex. 3, Stam. 3; Mental:Per. 3, Int. 5, Wis. 5; Social: App. 3, Man. 4, Cha. 4 Ability points (54) 9 Physical: Str.: Brawl 3 (multiple opponents, blind fighting), Might 3; Dex.: Drive 3, Legerdemain 3 (Card tricks, Parlor Magic), Athletics 3, Melee 3; Stam.: Endurance 4, Resistance 4 Mental: Per.: Navigation 3, Awareness 3; Int.: Computer 5, Intrusion 4, Linguistics 2 (native: English, Spanish, Japanese); Wit.: Arts 5 (sculpting, design, drawing), Biz 2 , Rapport 3 Social:App.: Disguise 3, Intimidate 3; Man.: Subterfuge 2, Diplomacy 4, Seduction 2; Cha.:Etiquette 4, Perform 4 (acting, dancing, singing) Background: 1 (5 dots.) 3 allies (3 allies.); 1 Resources; 2 Followers (stage hands); 1 Mentor (Acting Teacher or just a teacher.); Dormancy 3; Node 2 Mega Enhancement and Mega Attr.: 10 n.p. Mega Stam.: 1, Stam. Enhancement: Resiliency; Mega Dex.: 1, Dex: Enhancement: Light Fingers; Mega Intel.: 1, Intel: Enhancement: Linguistic Genius; Mega Wits: 1, Wits Enhancement: Artistic Genius Powers: 17 n.p. Force Field 5 points (lv.2) 5 n.p., Molecular Manipulation 1 point (lv.3 power) Molecular Animation 2n.p., Quantum Construct 5 points (lv.3) 10 n.p. Stats: 29 n.p. Willpower 4, quantum 5 (25) (69 points spent.) Finishing touches: Willpower 7, Quantum 5, Initiative: 10, Walk: 7m, Run: 16m, Sprint: 32 m, +2 Bashing, +1 Lethal, +1 Bruised, +2 Soak
  16. (This is a fan fiction I wrote. Nothing more or less.) ,, Act One: Prolog Chapter One: The protagonist Four figures are on a bungalow patio staring out at a beach into the ocean as well as the sunset. All four are seated in two small round tables with a bottle of water and an apple for their dinner. It’s windows are patch up, and the entrances to it are barricade on all sides. patches of blood stains taint the once elegant wood. The beach was also tarnish by blood. But unlike the bungalow the beach was litter with dead bodies. All were heavily mutilated. Also unlike the bungalow, the beach was almost red with blood all except a few areas. The area where the beach ended and the sea began was the most unchanged part of the island. The tide of the ocean ebb and flow as it always did in it’s constant rhythmic state making sure that the sand kept it’s color. “You know they aren’t going to come hunter. No one is out there alive. Looks out there, do you see the cops or the military doing anything. Most likely they are also dead or worse...” A young lady said calm yet cold and blunt to the point. The lady was of oriental decent. She had eyes like the steel she carried and such gaze was focus on the young man she was talking to. She had a braided (tied, or look for proper term.) black hair that went to her waist. She was 5,5 in length and 150 in pounds with a c cup breast. She was athletic looking with some muscles showing on her clothing. She had on blue jeans and jacket over a white shirt. Both jeans and jacket looked larger on her, but she adjusted them so they could fit to her dimension. She had on black sneakers. At her side was a katana with a red wrapped leather hilt. An small blue backpack was on at her feet. She had not touch her meal yet. She was deep in a conversation with the young man. The first real one in her view since the whole thing started. So much of the time they were doing task for others to help them survive. Yet she also realized that helping those people also helped them as well. The only time she talked was when giving orders. Something she suspected Hunter did not like. Yet the man was useful to her, she needed as much help as he was going to get. Yet sadly this was what she had to work with. “I figured that much the first day Kenshin (sword saint. Find out the right Japanese name.). What I don’t get is why there is no signs of the authorities. I have not even seen any bodies of them. That what has me curious that’s all. It could not have been that sudden. No way the whole island was taken over in a single day. Hell we been here for a week and did not see any signs that this shit was going to happen. Where did it start and how did it hit so fast?” Hunter said in a annoy tone. Hunter was a Caucasian male in his mid teens. He was 5‘5 in length 200 pounds with slightly more muscular then Kenshin but still had a athletic look to him. He had the emerald eye of the forest. He had short neatly cut brown hair which was conceal by a wide brim brown leather cowboy hat. He had on a pair of brown leather boots, as well as camouflage jeans and jacket. Near him, and prop up was a compact bow and a quiver full of arrows. He had a first aid kit strapped to his waist. An k-bar knife was sheath in it’s own handle connected to his belt. Hunter view Kenshin as a jerk. He did not mind taking orders from a female or from people in general. He was raise to respect his elders as well as others. What he did mind was that Kenshin was at times being a jerk about it, and in his view made some questionable decisions. He wonders if this women was going to get him as well as the others killed. He did not know about the other two as he only known them recently. Kenshin on the other hand he has known for a few months now. Yet hunter did not speak up much since she got results for the most part without getting anyone killed. Even so there had been a few instances where he felt that there were more close calls then what should have been. He did not know how the others felt as of yet so he kept silent on the matter for now. “Well why would it not be so hunter? Don’t all the movies and games base on this type of event make everything go to shit within the first minutes if now half of the movie or game? I don’t see why it can not be the same with real life. After all natural disasters can have a similar impact, so why not this?” A young teenage girl said in a child like voice. She was the first to finish their meal. The girl was also Oriental like Kenshin, but that was all they had in common. She had long dye blond pig tails like that of her favorite anime and magna character. She had blue eyes akin to the ocean she was looking at. She was the shortest and lightest of the group at 4‘0 and 100 pounds with a cup breast. She was also the most agile of the group by far, and more elegant then athletic which made the other surprised when she did move the first time they saw her. She was dress in a blue blouse with pink heels with long white shocks covering her legs, and a short blue shirt like those a Japanese high schooler would wear to school. She had a small pink backpack on the floor. She had a stick down by the floor that looked broken. The girl knew she had to find something studier soon if she was to survive another day. Yet she did not let it go too deep into her head. She was glad to be alive. She did not know when she could die so she counted each day as a blessing for now on. She also thanked her three savors for such. Yet they wanted her to stick with them. Said they were like her. She did not know what that meant at first till she realized the harsh truth of the matter. She did not know if she was glad or to be afraid. Even so she keep up the bright and hopeful attitude. Someone had to among them. “Simple Usagi, this is not some game or movie. This is real life girl, we don’t have a reset button here to reverse anyhing! Do you think your family going or our friends going to come back in a instant like magic! If so then your more mad then what I though you were!" Hunter yell at the girl losing his temper. This made Usagi scared. “You talking too loud, you could make them appear. It’s bad enough we have to be around these rotting corpses, I don’t want to announce our location by your big mouth of yours Hunter.” A deep male voice said to hunter. The voice was not very loud, but the tone made Hunter shut up quickly. The voice came from the fourth member of the group. By far the toughest looking member of the group. He was also oriental like the girls. Yet unlike them, or Hunter he was heavily muscular and had both the wit and skill to utilize his strength as best as possible. The man was 6‘0, 300 pounds. He had brown eyes and short messy brown hair. He looked the role of some diliquent if one did not know him. He wore a pair of dirty white sneakers with blue jeans and a white t shirt cover by a thick jacket. An actual hammer was at his side with a large backpack laying on the floor. The man was easily known by hunter and Kenshin as he was in the same grade as them. Yet neither knew much of him except from here say. Yet most of what was said about him was just that, and not the truth about the guy. The young man like hunter and Kenshin also had an nickname which was hammer, but not for the rumors told about him. He had a keen eye and wit to him, and did not speak as much as the others. Even so he helped out and gave advise to the surprise of the others when he view they needed it. Hammer was enjoy his meal taking it slowly and enjoying his meal. He even like the conversation and the question being asked. It was one that he was thinking of as well. Hunter was the first to address it unless the other people he meet. He may not have been the brightest student at the school, but even he knew something was up. What he did not like was Hunter losing his cool. Something he did occasional in the past with Kenshin. They were rivals more then anything else. He just hopped the two could put that aside for the better of the whole. Yet hunter blowing up at the new girl surprised even him. The new girl as far as he knew called her self Usagi, yet if that was her real name he did not know. The girl was a lower classman so he did not even knew less about her. Just that her sister and parents came along for the trip. Like the rest of them, they were left behind by others who wanted to save their own skins and figure the group dead. Hammer wonder how ironic it will be if he saw them among the dead. So far only hunter has, and he does not know if Kenshin has either. If she did she did no speak it. Usagi whole family was discover among them though. Yet she is holding up better then what he though. “Even in a natural disaster there are rescue operations as well as help from local law enforcement or the military Usagi. Yet so far, there has been none. I wonder what happen to them.” Hunter said after he calm down in a much quieter tone. “Probably helping out the people in the city. They may have not just came here yet.” Usagi answer. “I doubt that.” Kenshin said. “Most likely they are hiding or fortified if they are not dead already.” “We don’t know the situation of others, but what we do know if our current situation.” Hammer said. The others listen in. “We got what we came to get in this area. Even if he had to do it in a criminal way.” Hammer said as he nodded to the two gas cans at the side of the wall. “We should have used some of it to burn those bodies. The stench is sickening.” Hunter said. “Simple we don’t want to attract more of them. The only reason we are even here is that it’s the most safest place at the moment presides our headquarters. Plus we have others we need to take there. We have an person inside who is injured and another who is going to help the person get to the base. I don’t want to be out there right now. There are few lights on, and I do not want to risk an ambush. There are dangerous things out there, that I don’t want to contend with with our current predicament.” To add to his words, a loud ominous roar was heard in the distance. All could hear it as clear as a bell. None dare to rectify his logic on that matter. They all had face what was behind that roar and knew it was not something they like to face again unless they absolutely needed to. Silence fill the air for a few moment till Kenshin spoke softly. “We should have left them here and get back to them in the morning.” Kenshin said. “They may not lived the night if we left them alone.” Hunter said. “What if....” Hunter said but was interrupted by Kenshin. “That is a different matter. I was not seriously injured and still could prove useful. One of them could have left the other one behind. We cannot save everyone. I fear that person not long for this world anyways.” “You don’t know that. Plus you have no right to judge a person. For all we know the person can get better.” Hunter said. “What of those at the base? How long do you think they will be safe? Also how long do you think we can be safe there. The more we can put a distance between us and those things the safer we can be.” Kenshin said, but did not want to say what she knew they were. It was one of those proverbial cat in the bag deals. You knew what it was, but no one was going to say it. Somehow by saying it made it more real for some reason, even when it already was so. “I do not want to leave anyone behind if we can prevent it. The more people we have the better our chances, you even said that yourself.” Hunter said. “Yes, but I also said that there comes the risk of more exposer to them finding us.” Kenshin said. “Kinda ironic since we are constantly meeting them. If you wanted to not meet them then why are you here?” Usagi asked. “The same reason you are.” Kenshin said. That left them all silent. They knew why they were chosen for the mission. None of them said it out loud, but it was a truth they could not deny. The sounds of screaming is heard in the distance as well as the loud roaring. “We better set up watches. I have a feeling this is going to be a long night.” Hammer said.
  17. (This is a fan fiction. Well a loose one, but still a semi fan fiction.) ,, Chapter one: Felix is staring out at the forest trying to find his way around. An dark fog, darker then the night itself, obstructs his view. He could not even see himself. He felt the cold winter winds when he should be feeling the heat of summer in the air. He knew things were off, if they were not then he either was in a coma or he was not where he was originally. Felix decides to go with the second option. He goes to recall his day as he walks around hoping to get out of the forest. Felix day had started off normally. He got up, and went to get dress. He put on first blue jeans. Then he put on a white t-shirt. After that he put on white shocks and black boots. After he got dress he went to the mirror to comb his short dark brown hair so that it parted his way both way. His blue eyes are like that of the sky. He is an teenager who had tan white skin. He had an athletic build to him, but was a nerd at heart who loved to play video games and read books. After eating breakfast and brushing his teeth Felix went off to go to the library. He went to take back the books he borrow and to get new ones. He does this every few weeks. As he was exploring the library he spotted an large simple leather bound book. Normally he would not had noticed it except for it's title and the fact it was in the non fiction section. It's title was Final Fantasy. He figured it was some sort of history or art book. He goes to get the book as well as a few others he wanted to read. Felix went to the forest to get to his favorite spot to read. It was his favorite spot due to the fact it was isolated and it was deep in the forest where few people went to. It was by an small spring that had an waterfall look to it. It was an warm summer day, and the forest was vibrant and alive with life. He took an natural path he discovered to get to it. It was faster to get there, but was more harder to trespass. Yet he liked that. He felt like he was an adventurer in some fantasy story or explorer from some ancient time. When Felix got there he was surprised to see someone there. He made a lot of noise, yet the person seemed to not even care, yet Felix could see that she noticed him. The person was sitting on a stone staring out at the area around her not caring about the area around her. She was behind Felix. Felix goes to get closer to see more of the person. When he gets closer she turns around to stare at him studying him as much as he was studying her. She was an elegant female. She had an athletic look to her. She appeared to be the same age as he was. She had pale white skin. She had green eyes like that had the same life as the forest around her. She had long dark hair that went to her waist. She wore blue jeans and a pink long sleves shirt with brown hiking boots. To Felix she had was an lovely looking women. Her body was not very curvy, but her body had an petite beauty that attracted him to her, plus the air of mysterious also helped. "Hello." The female softly said as she finish studying him. Yet at the same time she gets up in a defensive posture expecting trouble. "Hi, my name is Felix Browning. What is your name?" Felix asked trying to be calm and cool. He did not want a fight or want to harm her. "Name Rosa." Rosa replied quick and elegantly. "Do you have an last name?" He asked. "Maybe, but not giving it." She replied in a playful tone and smile. Felix smiled. He liked this girl so far. She had an cunning to her elegance. "So what brings you here?" Felix asked. "I came exploring this place. I am new to town. I take it you are a native here." Rosa replied. "Yes, I was born and raised here." Felix replied. "I noticed not a lot of people go here. Why is that?" Rosa asked. “Not a lot of people come out here. Most don’t like the forest, they want it turn into some sort of developmental project. Still enough people, mostly the more powerful people in town, make sure the place is not touch by land developers. I like the place due to it's silence." Felix respond. "I never heard an forest as being silent." Rosa said. "It's more of a natural silence, being with nature and not in the city. It's the feeling of being alone and out of the reach of civilization that lets my imagination span when I read my books. It adds feeling to them." Felix said. "And I take it that you come here to read often?" Rosa asked. "Yes." Felix said. "Can I read with you?" Rosa asked. Felix was taken back by the question. Rosa was a stranger, and he did not know her motives. Yet Felix could not deny such an simple request from a lady. He agreed to it. As I went to put his book bag down, one book fell out of it. It was the final fantasy book he had gotten earlier. Rosa went to pick it up before Felix could get it. She became curious of the book. That surprised Felix. He figured it would not be something that she would like. She wanted to read it anyway out of curiosity. It had words written in a strange languish neither Felix or Rosa had seen before. The images were of a fantastic creatures and heroes or villains. After reading it both felt tired and fell to sleep. Felix woke up in a strange fog. He was concern for himself, but still needed to get out of the fog. It’s darkness was foreign to him. He could not afford to stay here. Animals could kill him easily in the state he was in. There were also non animals that could do that as well. Plus he wanted to know what happen to the girl. Felix question if that was the truth. Sure he could have waited. For all he knew Rosa was silent and was waiting for the fog to pass. He calls out her name. Felix did not get a response. He wonder if she left before the fog. He checks for his wallet, which was there with money as well. So she did not rob him. Something in him wanted to explore despite the dangers. Lot of questions filled his head and no answers came. The two most important ones were: What causes the radical change in weather? Also why was the fog so thick? These were abnormal weather events where he was at. Then just as quickly as it came, the fog vanish. What replaced it surprised Felix, and almost killed him. An arrow almost hits him, as it hits a tree near him. He sees an battle going on. A few were humans, but many were the creatures he saw in the book he read. He wonders if he was in a dream, or if he had lost his mind. Either way, he was far from the safety of home.
  18. Kohaku goes to focus on the flyers and kill them so to let the melee characters take care of the melee ones. He sees ones and goes to fire at his foe with his phantom attack. He hopes to at least take it out in one shot. If not at least clip it's wings off. ,, attack AceWildcard *rolls* 2d6: 1+5+4: 10
  19. I want to do a pathfinder game. I am going to do a game which gets people into the water and explore mechanics, exc. Basically a game for starters. As such I am going to be using the scenario Black Fang's Dungeon and go from there. I am hoping this would reach other people who would want to be gm's. I am thinking on doing small linear arc's in a overall open world game. I want to talk with others to figure out how this is going to go before starting anything. ,, The guidelines are simple. Basic guidelines of creating a character. All playable character start out as 1st level for right now. Though the problem right now is I do not know what setting to do it in. I am thinking on keeping it in the pathfinder setting unless you think a better setting is wiser. My main focus right now is to see who is interested and get ideas flowing.
  20. yeah. But who elese would be interested in it? Seem we two are the only ones. I may just do this in another form if this is causing a problem.
  21. Okay. I figure as much. I am still interested in a pathfinder game though.
  22. I am thinking on gming a one time session thing. Though it could become more frequent. I wanted to do the short adventure in the beginners box. I may add more if you guys want or let others hold the reigns and do a open world game.
  23. I was thinking either biopunk or mage with an emphasis more on combat, but still can do other things like chat and such.
  24. How much money = karma do we used for buying items and such?
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