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  1. well I got an super hero concept or two done. I was wondering where I send it to be view at? I thought I sent it to one of your guys, but I don't know if the person was just off or if I wasn't suppose to pm such things.
  2. First off what age group will the characters be in. As well as what type of story will be doing. I have a few character ideas in my head, but don't know which to do right now. Basically they are from an idea for an story in my head, but wanted to also see how the charcters worked out in concept or at least in the cocpet of a superhero.
  3. Well I don't know which game I want to be in yet. Right now I don't know which games were open and not to be honest. I didn't want to cause problems by posting in any of them at that time which would disrupt the flow of the rp. I don't like to do that for other players. I want to get in at a time which would be appropriate and at a time the gm and others would allow.
  4. Is that what you are currently playing or all the games in your library?
  5. what video games do you guys play?
  6. Tory Yestin appears mostly a loner who wears a black lab coat most of the time. He was sent to the school by his father, the owner of Tri Edge industries. He was sent to work on the various instalations and projects the headmaster wants from him. He seem to be cold and distant most of the time to people. Once he is fixated on a project he doesn't stop on it till it is completed. When not doing various task for the headmaster, he is seen sleeping or relaxing reading comic books. He covers up his left arm and hand. Also he uses his hair to cover up his right eye. He also doesn't like to talk about why he does so. To those who knew him further would see a different side of him.
  7. Sounds interesting. So how long do we have in order to make a character? Plus where is the resources for the rpg?
  8. What games are currently open for players? I am new and want to get into an game.
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