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  1. I considered shifting to studying each one of the thirteen practices in turn, but I decided to begin with a study of the one area I have focused in the most, so the next few pages are going to be studying the various arcana, and sense I'm going to begin with my focus, I decide also to focus on the five subtle arcana first, Death, Fate, Mind, Prime and Spirit, which tend to have more indirect or subtle effects, then I will move to the gross arcana, Forces, Life, Matter, Space and Time, which tend to have quite direct affects on things. Prime We begin with the one Arcana that is the most clear to me, Prime is the arcana of pure mana, it is one of the two ruling arcana of the Aether, the Supernal Realm that every mage of the Obrimos path, the other being Forces, and a strong indication that the essence of the Aether is energy. Prime deals with the essence and nature of mana, controlling and shaping it in different ways, within prime are the most powerful counterspells, the strongest ability to detect and analyze magic, and ability to shape and direct mana in ways no other arcana can, shifting and disguising magical auras, creating and destroying tass, even illusions and magical enchantments are found within this arcana, the masters can even create a hollow, meaning they are never without mana. Some of the more direct and offensive effects involve unraveling or ripping into something or someone's pattern, though the more advanced methods of doing so require advancement in more then one arcana, and I have been told, with the arcana of Mind it is even possible to create sentient self-willed illusions for the master of prime. Why is this possible? It seems that prime and mana is the underlining energy that makes all things real, everything living has a measure of prime in it, and without that prime, it slowly crumbles or dies. A member of the Order demonstrated this for me, pulling the mana out of a rock, which then became brittle and was easy to crush into nothing more then dust, living things also contain mana, but a living pattern holds mana better for some reason, perhaps as I study the Arcana of Matter or Life it will become clearer as to why. Personally, I have studied the counter-spelling and analyzing aspects the most, and my connections with the order has allowed me to learn a number of useful rotes in that area, but I also know how to shape the mana into an offensive effect, though I prefer not to have to use it. It is also possible, at my level, as a Disciple of Prime, to carry out a number of other effects with improvised magic, including some enchantments and working with tass or the energy of ley lines. I have made the sphere of Prime my most direct study because of a intense desire to know these things, to understand what lies at the heart of magic, which Prime seems to embody more then any of the other arcana. In time, I must extend my studies beyond, for all arcana seem to be connected, a degree of understanding the world, but I suspect I will always be coming back to this, that my studies in Prime will always be further then other arcana.
  2. "Lectures is it?" He paused a moment, then sighed. "Try to be helpful..." He thought about it a moment. "Though I suppose it was too much of the professor in my explanation, my apologies, in the future, perhaps I should just get some manuscripts and let folks read them at their own pace." He then shifted to the other matter at hand. "As to the matter of the Banishers, I know the Rend the Weave, Unweaving the Flaw and Bolt of Heaven Rotes, furthermore, I am able to see magic or across the gauntlet at will, so I can help there too."
  3. My experiences with the Mysterium have taught me more about mana then just the basics, the mystery of principle, or the mystery of doom requires quite a ritual to unfold, when I was told what I would have to go though, initially I was somewhat indignant, the idea of a performing a sacrific, even that of an animal for a mystical ritual seemed quite, archaic, some aspect of ancient religions or voodoo practices that had no place in the modern world. Nevertheless, in time I went though with it, and it was a discovery, an unfolding of the nature of mana that I had never quite realized, mana is not simply power or energy, mana is alive in a sense, free mana is rarely seen, as it usually congeals into tass or forms hollows, but in a way, all things, living, dead and never living are part of the essence that is mana We awakened make use of mana in many ways, but it serves me to remind myself that mana serves a purpose in and of itself, we may not entirely understand that purpose, but part of my goals is to seek that understanding, even if it makes it hard for others to understand me. Still, moving beyond the simple nature of mana, let us speak of the ways in which we shape mana to our desires. Spellcasting, which can be split into two kinds, rote and improvised, and from there, into two types yet again, covert and vulgar is where most of our mana tends to be directed. All awakened can use improvised spells, by virtue of their awaking, but outside of the ruling arcana of your path, it requires mana, no doubt do to the fact that your path shapes your spiritual essence, your connection to the mysteries almost exclusively. It is too bad that one can not awaken to multiple watchtowers, perhaps once, before the fall of Atlantis it was possible to work improvised magic easier, like it is in a hollow, but that is lost to us. Rote spells are learned processes, I know several of them, having learned them from the order, some of them are vulgar and some are covert, but in all of them, it is easier to work the magic then doing so, but it requires greater knowledge of the world we live in, knowledge of science or the occult, or empathy with the human condition, or even knowledge of blades and weapons. It is also less subject to the nature of paradox, the fallen worlds measure of response to the mage's influence, and rotes from arcana outside of your ruling ones do not cost mana. I suspect this is because you have made yourself work within the worlds boundaries, at least within yourself, in your own understanding, but the truth is difficult to be sure of. Improvised magic, on the other hand, requires sufficient mastery of the arcana in question and the force of one's connection to your watchtower, the force of your supernal will. For me, being a disciple of prime, there are many things I can do with it without knowing specific rote spells, ways in which I can affect the force of mana momentarily. Spellcasting, regardless of if it is rote or improvised can be covert or vulgar, and to further understand that, we come to paradox, without paradox there would be little difference between the two kinds of magic, other then one being more obvious then the other. Generally working covert magic also gives less danger to paradox then vulgar magic and it is sometimes possible to hide a spell that would normally be vulgar as covert by making it seem to be natural. Generally, this is the difference between vulgar and covert magic, vulgar magic imposes it's ideas on reality, breaking the laws of reality, covert magic works with reality as we understand it.. and sleepers, humans who have no knowledge of the magical world, also impose a greater degree of reality by their presence. This is likely the reason awakened are often loners and hermits, it's easier for us to work magic alone, or with other awakened without the presence of the sleepers. Why humans have this affect, is a matter of some consideration, but I suspect it's due to the fact that every human is a potential awakened, it's interesting to note other kinds of supernaturals don't seem to have the same effect.
  4. "Most of the things belonging to my brother and sister are gone, but I have a few pictures, not sure it that will help you or not, but I hope it would be better then nothing." He responded, wondering, not for the first time, if the trail hadn't gone to cold to find them, it was doubtful that they were alive after all this time, but stranger things had happened, and sense his awakening, he knew that the world was filled with endless impossibilities.
  5. He sighed. "My little brother and sister went missing a number of years ago, long enough that most people think they are dead, that may be so, but I was able to ascertain only that something supernatural was involved, maybe it's the same thing, maybe not, but I would be willing to work with anyone to try and find out what has happened to those who have vanished." He looked around the table a moment, then continued "If we are going to go explain a few things about ourselves, in terms of the arcane, besides my ability with prime, I'm also an apprentice in spirit, and an initiate in mind and forces, and I wish to add the study the basics of life and space to that understanding, though I wish to master prime before all others, understanding the essence of mana first and foremost," He smiled slightly as he continued. "To that goal, I follow the legacy of the Seekers, the Eyes of Ain Soph, for those of you who know them, if you do not, just allow that it makes it easier for me to see and find the nuaces of magic and well as the spirit world. I know about half a dozen rotes, mostly with regards to prime, and dealing with analyzing and dispelling magic, but should I need it, I also know the celestial fire rote. Besides that, I also have a rather deep knowledge of the world of occult phenomenon, if you find something you don't really understand or need details about I can certainly help there." He then turned to Maeor/Randel. "We don't know enough to form anything other then a Cabal or two, to join our forces, taking any further steps then that at this point would be pretentious and dangerous... also, I'm not willing to jump hip deep into awakened politics before knowing more about the local situation then we do, and before my understanding of the arcana is deeper.. that is the lesson of Icarus.. you can reach high, but be wary of reaching higher then your capabilities... which is why I chose it as my shadow name." He then shifted to look at the group as a whole. "I would suggest, if we chose form a cabal, to ether form it with everyone here, or if we form into two allied ones, to try and see that every path is represented between the two."
  6. "I suspect there must have been a Consilium in the area, I would have expected that Altas would be part of it, it seems odd that he would disappear and we would find nothing of such a group in the area.. in fact, what I think we should look at first, is forming a Cabal, if it eventually expands to become more, then that would make more sense then trying to force ourselves into a role I don't believe we are quite prepared for." He paused a moment. "It seems like we have a good mix of paths and orders here, and I would be willing to work with any of you to further increase our understanding of the mysteries, or strengthen the influence of the orders here in LA." He paused a moment. "Also, the disappearances are important to me, I know of other people who have disappeared without a trace over the last decade or so, something supernatural must be involved in it, and if it took some of the mages that were around here, it must have been powerful."
  7. Thomas was about to respond to Randy, he wasn't entirely certain about them forming the local consortium, he'd just come looking to form a cabal and now they were hip deep in awakened politics. "I'm not sure we're ready to form the local consortium, is anyone here a Master.. or even an Adept? I'm a Disciple of Prime myself, but that's where my understanding of the mysteries is deepest.. " Then he paused as something Lucian said fully registered. "Atlas was your initial teacher? He's been missing for months now, simply disappeared, I can't imagine him leaving a student without teaching him more, something rather drastic must have happened." He paused, that sounded strangely similar to the disappearance of his brother and sister a number of years ago now, which meant that it was something to be pursued. "I wonder.. " His voice faded slightly as his words turned to thought.
  8. From the Journal of Icarus.. Knowledge is Power, so I have chosen to record a measure of understanding of the mysteries, their practices and the power found within them here, for my own edification and that of others, perhaps in time, this primer might be useful to other awakened, there is much I wish to know, and to understand, but if nothing else, it is useful to me to record my thoughts. I am by nature, a teacher and student, I see almost everything though that particular lens of focus, all beings are students of reality, but the awakened know reality is more then what it seems. So, I begin my studies in the mysteries, I will cover each of the various arcana first, though I have yet to fully begin to understand all of them, within each is the hints of enlightenment, I have begun asking the various masters available from my order to better understand the secrets hidden within. We begin with a basic study of magic itself, manipulating the essence of the universe, we call this spell casting and it can be found within the 13 practices within the 10 arcana. There may be more beyond that, but that is the realm of archmastery, and the Archmasters are good at keeping their secrets, until the day I stand among that dizzying height, I suppose that level of understanding shall have to wait. The first step of magic, is understanding mana, the measure of your mana depends on the strength of your mystical will sometimes called gnosis, it's in essence, the strength of your connection to the supernal and your path's watchtower, this is your ability to work with magic, but mana is the essence of magic itself, in the raw, the things that one of the awakened can do with enough mana is in essence, miraculous, but that is in essence part of what magic is, the ability to do things that would otherwise be impossible..mana is the fuel which fires our magic, it can be found in many places, not the least, within the mage himself, but generally we draw mana from hollows, or with use of the sphere of Prime.. something I'm actually very good at. Mana has many uses, one can even use it to quickly heal wounds, even without knowledge of the life arcana, but the most important and common uses of mana for the awakened is in the essence of spellcasting, sense it must be used to cast improved spells outside of the ruling arcana of one's path, to work magic at great distances, to increase the force of damaging spells, and certain aspects of spellcasting take more energy, or mana then others.
  9. "Come, Randel, some basic history to the newcomer is in order, though I am somewhat surprised that neither the orders nor the seers have initiated any contact with you, and you are lucky not to have met any banishers yet. As a teacher in history and literature, as well as a student of the occult, I can't stand by and allow him to sit here ignorant of what we are discussing, furthermore, the principles of our order begin with the concept that knowledge is power. To allow him to remain ignorant while we discuss matters of such importance is not merely irresponsible, it is wrong, and unworthy of our calling." He paused for a moment, to let the others take his words in. "Now, if you wish to discuss matters of greater importance, I'm all for it, but I find it difficult to imagine what is more important then imparting knowledge to one of the awakened before the Seers get a hand on them, or the Banisher's try to kill them... Later, I will take the young mage aside for a very basic introduction in the mysteries, if he agrees. I will save the more complicated explanations, such as the 10 arcana and the 13 practices for then, but a basic introduction in the history of magic and the orders is necessary now, so that he is not completely lost our discussions. After all, he is one of our number, and as such has the right to the most basic knowledge." Looking around for a moment he turned to Lucian. "You can call me Karus, short for Icarus, a hint of both promise and warning.. to myself actually.." "So, basic history.. understand, that there are plenty of suggestions that this is allegorical or not entirely correct, but in the investigations of the orders, this is as close as we have managed to get to the truth. "Ages ago, we think, long enough that biblical times have no real meaning, magic was much more free, and the awakened were much more common, gathering in what was to become called Atlantis by now, a center of learning and magic unparalleled before or sense, the library of congress and the lost libraries of Alexandra were but shadows compared to the knowledge and power that became centered in Atlantis. There's a lot more too it, but basically, in the end, power corrupted, as it always did.. some of the mages of Atlantis, who we now call Exarchs, attempted to make themselves as Gods... absolute power beyond all mortal imagination.. They built a celestial ladder to the heavens, and stole magic from the world.. and that would have been the end, you would never had awakened, had they won completely.. but the Oracles fought them, and each of them built one of the Five Watchtowers, bridges between the Supernal and the Natural, and you were touched by one of them when you awakened, without the watchtowers, humanity would sleep forever, which was the goal of the Exarch's as we understand it. More on this later, but that is a very basic's history, or allegory of what happened.. "As to why this is important to us now, the Seers of the Throne live to serve the Exarchs, as their agents, who would enslave humanity utterly, that they might sleep forever. The five orders, who we believe, save with one exception, and I leave that instruction to members of the Free Council, came from the 4 orders of Atlantis itself, and seek a different path, to enlighten and guard humanity, and to oppose the Abyss, the darkness that came with the fall of Atlantis.. we represent the Orders, and that's part what we're gathered here to discuss." He paused. "Now, that should clarify some of the background.. we can discuss the details, in a question and answer session after this meeting, if you like."
  10. "Elder would be pushing it, strongly.. Maeror, I may be more established within our order, but I much confess, I doubt my experience with the mysteries is any more established then yours, in that area we are students together, in fact, I'm not even versed in the death arcana yet, sense it is the inferior arcana within my path." He paused a moment then and looked over to the others. He had extended the invitation to Randy to come, and now was wondering just how many mages were going to show up, a good strong cabal would be something to be desired, and joining with the other mages was not a bad thing. He looked at those present considering the fact that the lovely young woman who called them together was regrettably of the Free Council, while that wasn't as bad as being a Guardian of the Veil, and even a Guardian was preferred to one of the Seers, it was a minor regret. Not that he couldn't or wouldn't work with her, or even make friends, but it did make him slightly more reserved in some of his considerations. Of course, having Imriel and Whiskers as the Arrows pleased him, in many ways, the Arrows and the Mysterium were mirrors of one another and often worked together well, though their focus was different, and so far, it looked like there was a good mix of orders and paths here already, hopefully they could join forces and build a cabal together. He had been about to speak again when Astra entered the room and he smiled slightly, the shimmering of aura here was quite apparent, and he remembered her from the party before. "Good Evening, welcome to our gathering."
  11. "I suppose repeating ourselves may happen a bit over the new few hours, very well, I go by Karus, short for Icarus, but I find, I prefer the shorter version of Karus. Mysterium, Obrimos." He looked at Imriel with a certain degree of interest as he spoke up, considering how the man made his own introduction. "Complicated..that could well be the description of life as one of the awakened, we see more complications then the sleeping dreamers out there, but we have more opportunities to complicate things anyway."
  12. "I'll make sure to keep that in mind." He paused a moment as he had been about to say something more, then decided not too. "We're waiting on the rest before we begin introductions, I would imagine?"
  13. The arrival of the vampire was a slight surprise to him, the dark aura of the being left it clear he wasn't human, but then, many folks at this table were supernatural on one level of another, a mix of a number of different beings, though there were a few humans here too. Overall, it worried him a bit, and he had gone quiet letting the others go around the table, and get drunker and drunker, without doing more then taking a sip or two of his own drink as a number of members of the party became more and more, inebriated. He didn't say much, just watched and waited, the game couldn't go on much longer, for there were folks at the table who were very, very drunk. It wasn't that he had more tolerance then them, he'd just joined the game late, and hadn't drunk as much, though he was starting to feel the effects a bit, a light headed, but not quite buzzing yet, and he reached out to turn over a joker. "Well, that's interesting.. I believe that means the card is whatever I say it is, right?" He waited for a yes from folks then he thought about a moment. "New rule, anyone who asks or answers a question has to take a drink."
  14. Being one of the teachers at the university made this a lot easier for him, at least getting there was very easy, it was better that Trissa had picked out the room at least, he could have done so, but there would have had to be a reason and an explanation for the matter, this was easier for him at least. Finding a parking spot wasn't necessary at all, he already had one, he simply had to stay where he normally would have left for home, so here he was, knocking on the door and entering when invited in. He hoped that this would go well, developing a cabal was an important goal to him, a group of mages could achieve things that alone were simply impossible, and of course, it was good to have someone watching your back. "Good evening." Thomas said as he entered the room, giving Triss and Wakki a smile as he entered the room, and adding some chips and salsa he had brought to the refreshments that were already there. So, he was the third one present, it was interesting that everyone involved had been to the party, it seemed to be a bit of a stretch in terms of coincidence.. of course, where mages were concerned, chance and luck were sometimes the difference between vulgar and subtle magic's, and fate was sometimes directly involved. "Look's like I'm the third person here, that's about half of us, if what you said over the phone was correct?" He glanced questioningly at Triss who nodded in response.
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