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  1. If I built a different character for this game, what would you guys like to see? Any reccomendations? One side of me wants to try something new, another wants to try something that failed to launch or something that never got going.
  2. Seems the more things happened on their arrival the more it seemed she had no place in the group as she stepped out. Hellhound and Blitz started off in their own conversation and Hellhound acted as if all he wanted her to do is record him and Blitz being useful. That and having the annoying Sigil around just made things absolutely worse. Naomi crossed her arms. saying nothing, keeping a wary eye on the dogs.
  3. I'm going to wait until the scene advances, the thread really ran away from me. I honestly didn't know there were more posts after mine. I don't know how, but yeah.
  4. Naomi opened her helmet on her suit. She's learned to be properly... prepared when riding in the Beast. Her suit has had modest cosmetic changes, mostly the front of her helmet was now transparent, in fact the HUD was still running lighting her face with a odd blue light. "Really? At least it doesn't seem creepy... been getting a bit burned out on all the supernatural strangeness lately." She sighed as she sat back. "Been feeling lately every step forward we take we take a step back. Samson and that new girl are gone, Starting to wonder if this is all we got..." Then again, Naomi's been the 3rd wheel alot recently. Doesn't help she's just gotten over a concussion and had to deal with Sigil as well. If anything n Naomi's mind this has been a backslide into complete uselessness.
  5. The second one most likely. The body has enough room for armor modification. It could probably accomodate rating 5 armor with a sealed environment. Talking in real world terms. I really should stat up THE BEAST. Anyways I'll post after one or two others post. Hopefully if I get M&M3 in a week or two you'll really will start seeing ideas coming out of my head.
  6. Important to know in case any evil mind controller gets into Sigil's head. Just forge some cold-iron manicles and you'll be like any other mortal. And that'll give us time to get your head straight.
  7. I think a thread would be alright. Something that isn't dealing with a crisis or a demonic ghost would be a change of pace, although some time should pass to the ranch trip. Naomi's still getting over her injury. A week or so should suffice.
  8. I was talking with Heritage, and we both agree that I've just not had enough time with SB in character and some frustrations really juet effected my choices recently. I and Heri came to an understanding, and I am here, but I will wait until the end of this particular arc with Hellhound to resume participation as Superball.
  9. "I think I'll head to my room, I'm sick of Sigil's insults." She takes up her breakfast. "No one insults my character and leaves before I can retort." "As far as I'm concerned... if the deal is broke, it's broke. She does anything that threatens the team, then deal with her. I'm done with it." She leaves looking even more frustrated. She had almost reached a state of calm before Sigil wrecked any chance of detente between the two.
  10. Naomi grunted in a frustrated way. People knew the tone. Last time was when she tried to get the fuel efficiency in the beast up 50%... and managed to get covered in gasoline and sludge from the engine. Or the time at a public appearance a kid managed to press the right button on her wrist when she was trying to get Naomi's attention and the kid ended up holding on for dear life as Naomi's suit took them both up above the city for 10 minutes before Naomi managed to send a program to colby that sent a landing sequence program into the suit. It was a grunt of frustration and failure. She walked over to a table and started absentmindedly reading the news of the day, and started eating her breakfast again.
  11. Naomi isn't in her best frame of mind right now. A ringer to the head will do that. Sigil's shenanigans and disrespect only exacerbates the issue. She has several points. That and Sigil has brought out some negative traits in Naomi. Remember, NAomi is 18 she still has that bit of a teenager's lack of self control, and lack of wisdom.
  12. "The deal, was to learn about society and become self sufficient, Sigil, you ahve done not of the sort at every turn other than to disrupt the lives of everyone here." She squinted. Focussing her rage into a concentrated, tactical scalpel from her sledgehammer of a tempertantrum. This is how a supergenius gets pissed. "I don't know from whish misbegotten dimension you popped out of, and quite frankly I don't care. You are here now. Get damn used to how we do things or you will find yourself alone ona strange planet that would care less who you are. I am suprised for one that was royalty wasn't taught even the basics of ettiquette in society." "Unfortunately every lesson and scrap of guidance I have given you has only been squandered on juvenile behavior." She gently pushes the cup out of the way. "Also Coke is a mild acid and contains high fructose syrup. It is practically a posion when you combine it with caffeine.Luckily you haven't developed a habit as Caffiene is also habit forming and can be addictive." She grinned. "I wonder if a fat fairy can fly... Maybe if I can strap a weather balloon to your waist..."
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