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  1. "I don't know much about my people, we kind of are spread out, I just know my mother doesn't have the wings I was given, but this form still isn't really different for me," she added breaking her long silence. "Is it painful to change so much, I mean it's like an illusion to me, but, I mean I hope I am not intruding or being too direct."
  2. Eri was silent, she had resigned to drawing again, she kept looking at them, to show she was listening. Taking a moment to take a sip from her drink she paused from her drawing, "I have never once been in the human world, I would like to some day." She brought her attention back to the drawing at hand and nodded to herself as she looked up at them once again.
  3. "it's interesting, it's not very challenging, except that there's so many people here, you can just get swept up." Eri sipped on her tea, she could be very shy at times despite her previous vigor.
  4. Eri tilted her head and says with a burst of energy, "well we will make it a nice water!" She was coy and reserved earlier, she may be forcing a bit of energy, but she wants to be cheerful. She places her hand over her eyes to shade them as if on safari scouting game. Spying a drink vendor she exclaimed, "there!" Eri walked the two of them there quickly, "the best bottle of water you have please." The vendor was a little taken aback by the pale energetic girl, "of course miss here you are." Eri pays him and holds out the artisan water, "here you are Aria." She offers a bright smile, "I would like some tea."
  5. Eri smiled, "that sounds amazing, maybe you could show me around, maybe not your favorite hiding spots but just around mostly." She grinned, "well I think I have everything I need to start drawing more of the things I experience here, would you like something to drink? My treat." She was new, she felt maybe forming a rapport would be a good idea.
  6. Eri offered a shy smile, "both, actually," she picked up some more charcoals, "I actually like all arts, and try to learn and practice as many as I can, though my performance at the play showed some inexperience, I am sure I can do better." Walking further down the isle, she knelt down to look at some art tablets, "what about you? I bet you're good at more than just acting."
  7. Eri was very quiet, her voice was like an tiny wind as she poke, "yes...please do. come....it's good to see you again." She turned slightly pink in the cheeks and walked along with them, she was shy, she had dropped the ball in front of everyone with her performance.
  8. Eri took his hand and he helped her up, she was quite the skittish beauty, quiet like the landscape of winter, her voice like a whisper on the wind, "yes, please, uh, lead on I have only really been there once." She was lying but, she wanted him to feel more important.
  9. "I wouldn't want to trouble you, I have more in my dorm," she thought a moment, shuffling a little. "I mean, well I guess you could join me if you want, I don't mind, though I might enjoy drawing a wolf, I don't really have one." She wasn't sure of the situation, she fumbled her way as she attempted to socialize, while her voice was impossibly pretty, her words were fuddled.
  10. Erilynn turned quickly and held her tablet to her chest, "b..big." She flushed, "er, yes, I uhm, am." "I mean in the cold, you startled me..." she bowed, "apologies for the response, I can be a bit skittish at times, are you another student?" Eri questioned innocently, her large eyes soft and piercing against the white backdrop, "you caught me after I ran out of paper..."
  11. Erilynn was out, her attire had not really changed, a tshirt and jeans were all she really wore today. She wandered about the campus, this scene had not been around for a while, at least she didn't have to talk to the Dryad about this. Eri wandered about with her picture pad and took some sketches in charcoal, she had survived her embarrassment and was enjoying the scenery.
  12. Eri changed out of her costume and met up with the others, "uh, I thank you for the offer...."
  13. Erilynn tried her part, her snowy cheeks became flush quickly as she stood infront of everyone, her lines were beautiful, albeit the wrong ones, and full of soft underbreath curse words, in the end she moved off stage quickly, it was fortunate that she only messed up one part.
  14. "Sure," she nodded and allowed herself to move along with Lumah to be measured. She was a little flushed, a pink tint to her snowy cheeks. She offered a smile to Lumah, before either of them was measured, "good luck."
  15. "I will try my best, if I can, I am not sure what type of role you would be asking..." her cold demeanor hid her inner excitement, which could only be picked up by the best of empaths.
  16. Erilynn gave a little bow, "I look forward to it too, you can call me Eri if you'd like," she offered a sweet smile. Eri spoke softly, a chill was with her, but there was a beautiful resonence with every word uttered, even if it lacked formality, it just seemed, refined. "Miss Nekomone, would it be possible to find out where I will be staying, I seemed to have left without that bit of information."
  17. "Only when necessary mother, I did not expect you so soon." She bowed low in reverence, "I would show you around if you would like, I have not seen much though..." She trailed off watching another student walk by, who was quite attractive, and Miss Nekomone.
  18. She had filled her pad, she had enough to now produce full art of her new environment, she smiled, a slight pinkish tint took to her cheeks. Eri blinked, she totally forgot to get information about the place, or even where she would be staying. "Shit," even such a vulgar word, left her lips sweet as honey as she began looking about for someone who looked official enough to perhaps glean information to the end of figuring out her place.
  19. Erilynn found herself wandering the campus, many people were arriving, bustling around, while she meekly wandered around, everything was back to it's greenery and beautiful scene. It was completely different' from the wasteland she was used to. She stopped to sketch many times in her wandering, she was quite good at quick things, taking mental images of them to finish later. The quiet girl continued on, most seemed content to leave her to her solitude.
  20. She blinked, she loved to dance, she hoped festivals had dancing, they sounded like they did. Eri packed up her bag. "I guess, the theater won't be hard to find..." she picked up and left to wander, if she got frustrated she would just fly to check out the layout.
  21. Erilynn sat working on her drawing, her chair moving in the commotion of their rise, her balance keeping it from tipping over as she perched on top of it, "ah....this is good morning in this land?"
  22. Erilynn offered a wispy goodnight as Yuuki left, she curled up in her chair continuing her work, "I...uhm, don't sleep...so, I will keep an eye out if anything should come in during your rest... please sleep well all of you."
  23. Eri stared at the hot cup before her, it was steaming still, she reached out and jerked away slightly. She breathed in and concentrated, her hand hovering in the steam as it began to diminish and disappear. Eri then picked up the cup comfortably and took a sip, it was bitter, and cold. Just the way she liked it.
  24. "Yes, please, thank you, no, just regular is fine." She never really drank anything more than water before, she stared at the steaming cup slightly vexed. She politely set down her drawing pad, covered so no one could see and awaited some sort of cue.
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