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  1. The causative effect really varies depending on what sort of campaign you want to run. If it's an upbeat, sunny one with taint-resistant second-gen Nova offspring then the idea about a cure for the sterility cocktail is probably the better one to go for. In the game that I GM for we have seen a sudden increase in the Nova population in the last year or so. Going from 6000 to 10000! But nearly all of the Novas that erupt now (say...90%) have very generic powers (blasts, flight, enhanced damaged resistance...occasionally Warp) and much greater levels of starting taint (one per dot of Quantum). Pretty obvious what I'm doing here isn't it? These "second-wave" Novas are essentially nascent Trinity-era Aberrants. The fall is starting if you know where to look for the signs. The reason for the boom is linked to the Terats (I don't want to say any more as a couple of my Players still haunt this site). Did someone mess up? Is the rising taint an inevitable side-effect of messing with the quantum forces time and again? Is there a darker purpose to all of this? Hopefully the Coalition will find out before it's too late.
  2. Essentially what we're talking about here is a psychological version of the Dumbo Syndrome aberration. I'd be hesitant to make this a Weakness though. It would probably be better as a Flaw. Focus (3pts): The Nova must use a physical object to channel one of her powers, for instance a pistol to channel a Q-bolt. The object does not have to be unique (ie any pistol will do) but the Nova must be in direct physical contact with the object or the power will not work. Unique Focus (5pts): Similar to the 3pt version but the Nova's focusing object is unique (ie a pendant given to the Nova by a loved one, her father's cop badge, etc). Without the specific object the Nova's power cannot work. If the object is destroyed then the Nova loses a permanant Willpower point and gains a Derrangement of the GM's choice.
  3. Mal can unerupt novas... wouldnt it be logical to say he could control taint? If he could then what would he need to undergo Chrysalis for? I reckon that Chrysalis is the closest that anyone gets to controlling taint (and, as it points out in the Teragen bookm, by the time the Aberrant War kicks off it's not enough to do any more than slow the fall of Nova-kind).
  4. Kinda. In the final adventure of Aberrant Worldwide: Phase 1 (called Into The Arms of the Angel of Wrath) Pax and Mal clash in Bahrain. Partial stats are given there for them. If you fancy them I can throw them up here (assuming they're not already up somewhere on the site). Basically Pax is a Q6 Nova with oodles of M-Str. M-Dex, and M=Sta (with some others on a slightly lower level). His powers are described as him being able to "manipulate kinetic energy on a city-shattering level". That manifests in a variety of effects based around TK. Mal is a Q8 with a vast array of powers based around plasma energy and manipulation of quantum forces (basically, if it has the word "quantum" in front of it in the power list then he has it in spades). Things like Temporal Manipulation and Warp are also mentioned. He's got multiple levels of every M-Attribute. To be honest, I never really use either as characters with actual stats. They're so powerful that it's better to leave them vague so a battle against them is something PCs need to plan and plan for rather than getting lucky because Mal botches a dice roll.
  5. It's existence is pretty game altering already. For example, Immolate + Agg comes pretty close to shutting down Totentanz or other "attack multiple times" types. Although I personally wouldn't allow it to act as a force field so there's nothing to stop Totentanz ramming one of his trademarked spears through an Agg-Immolate Nova's face. If they don't have the appropriate protection.
  6. After many years of walking in the wilderness I return! But only to mention that, even with mental communication, the clones are still under GM control (effectively NPCs that do whatever the PC says). So I'd say that the clones act at least a couple of levels of Initiative after their creator as he relays commands to them.
  7. In theory? Yes you can. But I can't see a good GM letting it be done. I'd smack the Player with my kewl Golden Rules skillz and move on ::biggrin
  8. Isn't there something in one of the books (could be Project Utopia) that talks about attempted node-removal from criminal or "damaged" Novas? I seem to recall it saying that, beyond a certain period post-eruption, the node simply regenerates itself if the Nova's still alive. Aside from any other problems associated with a penetrative head wound, I would consider giving the injured party a dot in Temporary Taint and have some kind of whacky power-overload take place. The node is the source of a Nova's control over the quantum forces, so it stands to reason that disrupting or plugging the flow of that power, even temporarily, could have damaging consequences for the Nova and their surronding area. Another suggestion is something similar to what happens when a quantum gadget reaches the end of it's usefull life. The Nova instinctively dumps all of it's Quantum Pool in a flash of energy that does one Bashing level per QP in in the pool to an area equal to the Nova's Quantum x 10m. Although I wouldn't suggest that really, too much room for Player abuse.
  9. Regarding your question about why Project Proteus embarked on it's sterilisation campaign. Yes, you are essentially right. It was fear of a world populated by insane demi-gods that drove them to such extreme measures. Considering the sheer destructive power that just one Nova can unleash, they obviously thought it would be a bad idea to allow unrestricted breeding. Especially when their nuclear transfer experiements at Bahrain produced Nova children with a shockingly high amount of power. Presumably they would have eventually worked out that 2nd gen's are more resistant to taint. But who knows what they would have done with the info.
  10. Although it is recognised that second-generation Novas are more resistant to taint, they aren't invulnerable. So it's entirely likely that they fall like their parent's did. It just took a little bit more time to happen. Taint seems to be the unavoidable end for Novas (it's that wacky White Wolf "doomed" character theme). It's been made clear in certain sourcebooks from both Trinity and Aberrant that the levels of taint amongst the Nova population sharply increase in the run up to the Aberrant War. I seem to recall the Teragen book talking about how even chrysalis doesn't help all that much towards the end. Doesn't the Noetics book suggest that, without the stabilising presence of baselines, taint somehow works that much quicker?
  11. Well the idea is that we're playing Adventure to take a break from the conspiracy and paranoia of Aberrant. A bit of balls-to-the-wall action and outlandishly high adventure with oodles of optimism and hope is just what we need. Plus zeppelins! The Dramatic Editing looks like a challenge, but also a lot of fun. I like the idea of a system that encourages imagination and heroism. How have you been dealing with it?
  12. My Players seem to be loosing their zest for role-playing, and I think it might just be that our four-year long Aberrant campaign needs a few months rest whilst we recharge ourselves with outlandish tales of daring do in a World of Aeon where the darkest secret is the identity of The King of the World. The appeal of zeppelins and pulp adventure seems to sound good to them, and at least one was smiling broadly at the thought of Dramatic Editing. So we're going to assemble a team of Aeon adventurers over the course of the next few weeks with a view to launching at the end of July. I've got an adventure in mind but don't want to give too much away as some of my Players frequent this site. Sufficed to say: The dead will walk! Injustice will be fought! And it will all end in a cataclysmic battle on Isla del Nullos! So bearing that in mind. Any advice from seasoned Adventure GMs. Tips on how to handle Dramatic Edting and things of that ilk?
  13. Sounds entertaining. But if you can get a general idea from each of the Player's about what sort of abilities/powers they think are cool, that way you can perhaps modify their powers to make sure they get stuff they'll like. Alternatively give them the opportunity to change some of the powers you give them before getting too far into the storyline. One thing I've learnt as a GM is to give the Players a certain amount of leeway when it comes to the Character they have to play. How's the story going to run? Are they going to go through training at a Rashoud facility? Or will you give them the choice of running off to the Terats or DeVries?
  14. Essentially it's a discussion of the rise of the Inspired of the Adventure era from the perspective of Mal (then Dr Primoris). Basically the seed of the philosophy he introduces to the Teragen. It's followed by a counter-argument by Max Mercer. You can see from the Primoris letter why he sides with the Nazis in WW2.
  15. Cheese of the devil? Genius. Some more from those whacky Coaliton Novas. Evil Claw: Do you think we can hire Totentanz to protect us from himself? Storm Shadow: (on his Taint-derived MPD and the fact his alter-ego can take over whenever it wants) I'M NOT THE SECONDARY PERSONALITY! I CAN SPEND WILLPOWER! Evil Claw: Can you wage a beige war on us? (Diplomatic negotiations with the Chromatic race rapidly go downhill). Redback: (wearing Lance Stryker's head as a glove puppet) I'm the Stone Badass and I say Redback should be in charge. What! What! What! Gryffen: (to Redback) I'll shapeshift into a long pole and put my eye at one end, then you can stick me round the corner and I can see what's ahead of us. Redback: (to Gryffen)...You...you want me to put my hands on your scaly one-eyed pole? Gryffen: Well, um, yes. Redback: I'm going to be killing you now. Mr Orange: (on Gryffen's suggestion that Claw erases someone's memories) Why don't we just erase their heads?
  16. I recomend the Teragen book, which is not only a great source of inspiration for campaigns it's also a damn fine read. Lots of entertaining debates between Terats on what it means to be transhuman. The only possible flaw with it is the lack of stats for the top Terats (although I like it like that, I've enjoyed making mine up from scratch). If you fancy following the metaplot then Aberrant Worldwide: Phase 1 and Phase 2 are good. Even if you don't much of the adventure material and characters can be cannibalised for use in your own games. Out of the little splatbooks I'd suggest Reignofevil.com
  17. God I'm glad you people aren't Players in my group ::wink There are only two broad spectrum Invulnerability powers that should be allowed by any right-thinking GM and those are Kinetic (Physical) and Energy. Everything else should be either defense against a specific Quantum Power (ie Invulnerability: Time Manipulation) or a specific damage source. So Invulnerability: Radiation grants soak against damage against the soft/hard radiation sources spoken about in the corebook. Invulnerable: Flesh protects you against a bare-knuckle punch sure. But your attacker could wrap his fists in, for instance, clingfilm for a one-punch knockdown (if he was a mega-strong). An attuned object is not flesh so it cannot be soaked. Attuned objects are simply synchronised with the Nova's quantum field so that quantum effects don't damage it. It's still made of the same material. Eufiber is a synthetic material not flesh. Same thing applies.
  18. Invulnerability: Primates. Soak everyone's damage! ::wink
  19. Nice one Gil. Continuing (or perhaps resurrecting) the conversation. How do people deal with drugs and disease in their games? I quite like the idea that the Nova metabolism is capable of dealing with anything from home-brewed poteen to cyanide with nothing but a Resistance roll. My group had endless fun at the start of their adventures ordering cocktails of alcohol mixed with drain cleaner and petrol. Of course that stopped pretty soon after one of them botched a Resistance roll whilst necking a bottle of vodka. Drugs like mox, adrenocillin and eclipsidol are custom-designed for Nova physiology so I don't normally allow a Resistance roll to overcome them except in exception situations. A good example was one of my Players using his Stamina Vampire power to get to Mega-Stamina (5), I was happy to allow him a Resistance roll. Naturally Adaptability and Health still work as per normal. Of course the Players have encountered Nova-strength nerve agents whilst breaking into Proteus compounds. Have to say I was pretty disapointed when the boys beat Melchior and stopped the word turning into The Stand. I liked the imagery of Novas being the only ones who could walk into the plague zones relatively unharmed to deliver aid.
  20. Or grab whatever gear he used to initiate N-Day, hop through a Warp Gate to Chrome Prime and produce a whole generation of quantum-powered Chromatics. ::blink
  21. Depending on various factors (Quantum and Power dice pool) it's actually anywhere along a predetermined "line". So the middle of a busy street in NYC, a corridor in Bahrain, or the middle of the ocean. All possible arrival points. Of course Players being Players my lot would no doubt each choose a separate location being paranoid of reprisals and traps. So if we drew a diagram of their teleport pathways it'd be like a star spreading out in various direction. How's about Teleport linked with Intuition? First sign of danger and you're out of there. Of course your teammates might be a little annoyed when you constantly jaunt off just before the elites attack. Invulnerable: Conspiracies anyone? Invulnerable: Taint? For the munchkin games? Actually one actually possible Invulnerability would be Invulnerable: Pretercognition. No one can see where you'll be.
  22. Personally I don't think Nova popularity would fall, not even Proteus would think that getting rid of the superhumans just as a nuclear-capable alien warfleet hove into view would be a good idea. More likely they'd be recruiting as many as possible to throw at the oncoming Chromatics in order to buy time to build a fleet of their own. Especially when they realised that the Chromatics were going to wipe out the "seed species" for the corruptors as well. What does everyone think the Teragen reaction would be? Would they attempt to get off-world to a habitable planet where they could have some time to prep their defenses? Perhaps hijack a warship and set out for parts unknown? Or would Mal save his "children" like he did at Bahrain? Will the big fella put a few focused plasma strikes across the bow of the Chromy fleet and tell them to back off?
  23. Well, I wasn't planning on giving it to them. We were joking around. It's the image of a group of people suddenly vanishing in bursts of energy towards a variety of random locations leaving behind a confused Totentanz. Of course the flip side is any building would be secure against my Players. Just hire T to stand around looking impressive. They try to walk in dressed as clowns and instantly get teleported off to random locations. ::biggrin
  24. My Players want Invulnerable: Totentanz. Well that or Reflexive Teleport (the presence of Totentanz).
  25. I think there'd have to be a certain amount of common sense involved in Invulnerability. However... Considering that gravity is one of the quantum forces, your Nova is effectively cutting themself off from part of their power source if their Invulnerability refers to ALL gravity. So... +6 Diff to using all powers sound alright? ::biggrin Plus it's not technically the gravity that's causing the damage, it's the hitting something at high speed. If you're immune to time then doesn't that impair your ability to operate within normal time/space? You aren't affected by the procedure of one moment to the next so you either don't exist from everyone else's perspective or you're a never-changing statue. Surely Bodymod: Longevity would be easier?
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