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  1. "Weakness is a thing that can take different forms." Gary retorted as he entered. "Not everyone is able to fight, but can uphold humanity in other ways. As for the parties: most of the Legion isn't able to, you know. The rest have their own traditions. And I had more work to do." There was something obdurate in Gary's manner, as if preparing to receive a verbal joust from Delgath. "I run an army and protect a city. Paperwork is involved, much as I loathe it."
  2. "Dread has a problem with near-utopias." Gary dryly noted for Sota's understanding. "He thinks they're too calm and soft. If it's not trying to tear his head off, it's shit." In that sense, Gary differed from the other war-dedicated superhuman. Dread seemed convinced on 'helping those who must help themselves.' Gary defended them regardless because humanity was in such a precarious and dangerous position that contempt was a luxury not affordable. Still, the man-child did his part, and Gary was willing to work with him.
  3. "Delgath, what did I tell you about answering talking gems!" Gary snapped. "You remember what happened last time, don't you?" Then the surge hit him. Well, it could have been worse. Given the still unclear nature of the item, and a realm being... created, better to be safe than sorry. "Protection. Well-guarded." Nothing more, and nothing less to be added.
  4. Gary shrugged at Delgath's display. He had prior experience with the war Throne-bound and understood his idiosyncrasies well enough. Delgath was not malicious, but he had his code that defined his actions. He also suspected the man had a very uneducated childhood. Well, the gem would go into the more expert hands who could determine if it was dangerous. The Legionnaires followed him back into the truck.
  5. A gunshot cracked, sending a bullet wreathed in a deathly black aura through a spider's body. A wave of more black radiance cut through more. Gary Norton, head of the Legion of the Dead walked forward as reinforcements of the Legion formed up behind him. Due to the sudden scramble to Sota's van, he hadn't had time to bring along any of the main zombie hordes. "Pick your targets, fire at will." Then again, it didn't matter as Gary gestured again and the corpses of lizardmen and ogres rose to dumbly tear into their former companions. With all the Throne-bound present this was likely to be overkill. Although the joint force attacking a single caravan seemed just as extreme.
  6. Gary Norton Name: Gary Norton - Commander of the Legion of the Dead Description: Level: 1 XP: 0 Facts: Origin: East Coast Refugee Past Career: Natural Strategist & Tactician Relationship: Commander of the Legion of the Dead Background Gary Norton was one of a convoy of refugees from the east that the Paragon Indigo guided out into the western lands years ago. To the surprise of many, Gary demonstrated himself to be possessed of unearthly powers as well, forming the Legion of the Dead. His reasons were simple: the nascent arcology (and humanity in general) was threatened by a horde of monsters - and his necromantic powers allowed him to muster his own horde in response. The Legion itself comprises not just Gary's undead, but living soldiers who elect to join and dedicate themselves (and acknowledge their corpses will be reanimated to continue the war afterward). Its' motto has been adapted from the old French Foreign Legion quote: "You have joined the Legion to die, and Gary will send you to where men die." Gary's Legion has operated around the Phoenix-Vegas Arcology during its rise, serving as an active shield for the nexus-city.
  7. "Right." Gary frowned after Swara finished the dire tale - "We can't let that happen. The world would suffer terribly for the loss of a blond babe like you." Though given the details for Mission Ethereal were pending on Sarah's investigation, that left the need for a topic shift. ,, "Speaking of which, can I ask - how many boyfriends have you had? If that pizza boy was an indication... actually, did he get the guts to ask you out?"
  8. Gary's mouth dropped a little. Now things were starting to clear a little. Maybe, probably. "Ghost talking I can do. Not sure why you need to invade and take them on to let me get up there. What kind of curse is this?" ,, "Gare-bear...." Swara began to whine, uncomfortably... Gary sighed and relented. "Ok, if you don't want to say now, your call. You'd have to give me some filling before we actually begin though, so I know what to ask. When did you have this shindig in mind?"
  9. Gary raised an eyebrow. "Doesn't sound very James Bond to me. Is there a catch involved in the process?" Unless Swara was just playing it up or something. He didn't have a grasp of her psychology enough to have any idea.
  10. Gary leaned back, and seemed to relax a tad, according to Swara's keenly honed wolf-girl senses. In his case, well, she hadn't chewed him out, and at this point the Sin-Eater had come to the conclusion that this was now over to Declan, August and Swara. Some things undeniably blatant, as a Sin-Eater. In Gary's case, he wasn't going to change Swara's mind here. ,, He had more cheese-covered food, which he rolled around his finger like a cigar. "Okay. So... what was this about spy stuff? Or was that your way of asking me to be your James Bond?" Gary grinned a little, and twitched his eye away from a peek at the girls.
  11. The male libido said to let it go there. The superego, reasonable, intellectual part of Gary said to damn not well let it go at this point. Sadly, the clash had still been very sharp in his mind - he hardly forgot anything anyway. Accepting that he was about to kill any chance with Swara, Gary just shook his head sharply. ,, "I hate to say this Swara, but that's bullishit - the complete opposite of what actually happened as I recall." Swara blinked for a moment, surprised she was hearing this, then Gary pressed on, frowning severely. "First off, when August was more or less just mentioned by Declan, you implied she was.... let's just go with a call girl, if not for the money. He made it clear it was an unacceptable insult, you then changed forms and said if he didn't like it, brawl was on. You did brawl then. When August came, to her face, you called her weak and useless, and threatened to 'put her through a wall' if August even said one cuss word to you. And again, in front of Declan." ,, The dénouement wrapped up here. "Then you tried to invoke Uratha laws or whatever, Declan pointed out you he didn't subscribe to them, then kicked you out. So quite aside from anything else, you should be apologizing to Declan and August for being invited into his house and then calling his long-time girlfriend a whore, provoking a fight in his home, again severely insulting August, and then threatening to cripple or kill her because August was understandably upset. I know you're all for reckless and stupid, but that's what it was. Refusing to apologize and get their help would be reckless and stupid - and it seems you will pay for it with your own life at this rate." ,, Gary sighed and firmly set his face to bolster his position. "Did anything I say get through to you?"
  12. Gary had just started to take a sip of his drink when Swara's last line brought some very interesting images to mind. A sequence of coughing and sputtering, dislodging his drink and then embarrassingly blushing while using his napkins to mop up the spillage followed. "Ahem." Gary flushed more. "Sorry about that... went down the wrong pipe." ,, Limp as an official explanation understated the credibility of those words. Still, it was awkward to face his own attraction to Swara, and she might just indeed be jealous of August.... but Swara really did feel she was in over her head.... Fuck it. Gary had intended to change the subject, but... if I go down, I go down trying. ,, "August and Declan are good people. I've spent a lot of time with them, so I can tell. I know you're still frustrated about it and jealous - but I do think you need to bury the hatchet. He's not into you, so there's that. And as you said - you're overwhelmed. I'm aware that half of our lives poses considerable strain on the normal half." ,, *Scratch-Rustle-Rustle* *Yeah, I know. Left my own teen life behind for this crazy one and you. Stop shoving that in my face.* ,, Heedless of Swara's potential reaction, he pressed on. "Going back hat in hand and apologizing may not be your style - but I think having that issue buried and them willing to help you out more will get you back from the brink."
  13. In Gary's case, it was rum going down his throat. Started for a moment by Swara's crass remark towards Declan, Gary coughed awkwardly, but trying to prevent his drink from going out the way it came. So more extra-awkward seconds followed to make sure it went down safely. Gary grabbed a napkin to wipe his mouth off. ,, "You guys really need to figure out how to get past the other night and make up." Of course, that was guaranteed to open the spigot to more unpleasant issues - currently unwanted. Gary went to cut off the chances of that post-haste. "Moving on, no heroics lately. I have been holding lessons with August, Business with Ghosts Intermediate and Advanced. Actually, helping out their houseguest as well. Apparently, exotic beautiful women do fall out of the sky into Declan's yard. Zoe is like us - so to speak - and from the 70s." ,, Swara had only enough time to wonder if August was counting up kitchen knives before Gary shrugged. "That's the non-normal stuff. Mostly, I've been keeping the bills away and wondering if baseball will finally be steroid-free. You on the home front?"
  14. "Alive." Gary shrugged, casually. Swara's glossed eyes covering up the supernatural cyberpunk war saga blinked and bulged momentary. Ok, that's a figure of speech, right? Cause I mean, if he's alive alive... Swara found herself unable to decide whether that was a good or a bad thing. "Working at the bookstore can get dull, but it does get moolah. And I can pay for our date. Speaking of which, would you like to sit anywhere in particular?" ,, "....No?" Swara felt the inner worry. He really thought it was a serious date. Alert Agent Wolf-Girl! Alert! ,, Gary nodded, and found a booth for them. As they finished sliding in and looking at each other from opposite sides, Gary with a little showy move, flashed out in front of Swara a small thin colored paper bundle, from which a few roses extended. Very nice roses. ,, Well, Mrs. Tolliver had been very happy to help. Too happy maybe, in that nosy neighbor way Gary suspected. ,, "For the lovely lady." The way Swara's gasp inflated her chest was a nice bonus to the faint sense of embarrassment (the good kind, Gary thought) on her face. "So how's Swara?"
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