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  1. Heather is amongst the first to come in response to the call. She is not particularly surprised by the Professor's new appearance, having watched it shift the day before. She moved over to the laden table and started experimenting with various dishes unfamiliar to herself, occasionally asking questions about the ingredients and making notes in her ever present journal. "It's nice to see such a wide variety prepared for breakfast, Professor. It is often overlooked as the most important meal of the day, and therefore a meal to be treated with proper respect and solemnity. I've been having a devil of a time the last few hours trying to explain to your computers what exactly constitutes a good cup of tea..."
  2. So far combats have been extremely short and meant more for the purpose of plot diversion or plot point, such as why Long would readily leave his world(the OOC reason being that he wasn't feeling up to being ST, and he kind of had to be while we were in his world, just as the Professor got saddled with the job while we are in her world).
  3. Heather stayed at the console where Sarah had left her, playing with the system and rapidly figuring out portions that Sarah had no clue about yet. Absorbing all of the text that flashed by in mere moments was no difficulty for the often strange young woman. Honestly, she had attention to spare to keep an eye on the unconscious Professor, though that was easier once she tapped into the internal security cameras and tasked a screen to watch the room, allowing her to keep the Professor, and herself, in the corner of her eye. As interested as she was in the newcomers, there was so much here to read, and she had agreed to watch over her travelling companion while she was incapable of defending herself.
  4. I have clear ideas of some things I want to do with the group. On the other hand, I have cross-time travel as well, so could travel with Irma if she wants others joining her in her trips. Playing with Irma's mind by winding up in worlds where Thetis is a good guy or where there is no utopia or Terragen at all could be fun. I'd want at least a third player for that, though.
  5. For one thing, do you really need 6's in every stat? If your backgrounds are variable, perhaps a variable background attribute with a maximum number of dots to distribute amongst them would work better. On the other hand, this story you wish to join has very much been cinematic in nature, not mechanical, so the actual stats don't matter anywhere near as much as how you play him. Honestly, the only reason I would allow it is if every person on the site who has ever played with you gave you a glowing recommendation. Since they have(or close enough--I've heard absolutely nothing bad), welcome aboard.
  6. Heather turned to Sarah, answering, "You know, I don't know. Only one way to find out!" with that she pulls her scanner back out and starts working on the console. It was obvious that the scanners on her device would not be able to scan through the scanners of the ship until she had done a lot more work calibrating both of them, but a temporary feed directly into the processor, could give her raw information that the sensors of the ship could not achieve and that her mind could then work out the patterns for. "From what I can tell, this person has no connection to humanity whatsoever. There is a vague genetic resemblance to foxes--do you have foxes on your world, Sarah? They are such cute creatures--but no more connection to them than people have to apes, really. I'm definitely reading the same signs of Chaos that I've been picking up from just about everyone I've scanned; I don't know if that is a corruption in the system, though. This device was top of the line medical tech before the day of Chaos, but whatever happened might have warped it as well. She is wearing rather tough clothing, and has a number of unusual devices on her." Heather continues to read her device, but a lot of it just isn't making any sense. Lost in the translation would probably be the best way to describe it, as the information is being filtered several times through different devices before getting to her, not all of which speak common mechanical tongues.
  7. Heather came out of the ESS, slapping her forehead. She marched across the sand, picked up her parasol, flicked a switch on the handle, and shook it, dislodging several bullets which dropped harmlessly to the ground. She then walked back to the ESS, closing her parasol on the way, compressing it down to an impossibly small cylinder that she slid into a pouch at her side. In the ESS, she returned to the Professor's side, observing with interest the way her body was healing from such a severe wound by reshaping itself into a form that had not been injured.
  8. The forum is generally open world, but our particular story we are being careful how many characters to let in, and making certain that anyone we let in is compatible with our theme and the story we are trying to tell, which is a Doctor Who homage, only instead of travelling randomly throughout time, we are travelling randomly across universes. We have two more players working their way in, which really hits the limit of how many people this story can hold without getting unwieldy.
  9. Heather looks over to Sarah and Irma and says, "You want to hold them?" She gestures towards the remaining attackers still in sight, who immediately shrink inside their clothes and come to a tumbling stop. "There you go. Now let's get the Professor somewhere more comfortable to heal."
  10. The Professor evidently capable of repairing herself, Heather moved to check the other two victims. Not everything needed a head to stay alive after all. She scanned both of them, then let her time field drop in case it was messing up the readings, but the device still had problems with both of them. She can be heard saying to herself, "You know, I never got around to recalibrating this thing in all the Chaos. I guess I'm going to have to rebuild the entire database from scratch."
  11. I believe we are being asked which player gets to choose her next form and personality, with the restriction being that the core elements of her personality and being must remain intact, in the same sense that the Doctor has remained essentially the same person viewed through a wide variety of lenses.
  12. A ripple spread out from Heather and seemed to wrap itself around each of her allies. As it washed over them, it seemed like everyone else suddenly slowed down, their personal time being greatly accelerated. The ripple approached Irma as well, but vanished into the more intense and focused field being generated by the chronokinetic. The ripple also approached the Professor but broke around her, as it did around the approaching forces, excluding them from the effect. She rushed towards her downed companion while manipulating the handle to her parasol, causing the delicate tracery on it to glow copper and gold, the parasol itself to expand a bit, and the pole to extend a couple of extra feet. Kneeling by the Professor, she jammed the handle of the parasol into the ground so that it was blocking any line of sight from the approaching forces. Heather next pulled out a triangular box about the size of her hand. From the front of the box, she pulled two probes out on wires and arced them to give them a different angle on the wound. She flipped a switch then adjusted a series of dials on the side of the device as it began to make a high pitched warbling sound. She pressed a button which caused a cool mist to blow across the Professor's wound, a mist which was illuminated by strobing colors from the device and its probes. Speaking very, very slowly, she said, "Stay calm, Professor. This Triple point detection analysis and recording device can heal almost any wound that is not immediately fatal or outside its database." Despite speaking so slowly, she still sounded a bit like a hamster on speed to those not moving at quadruple time.
  13. While Irma and Sarah were getting comfortable on the beach, Heather wondered out to the edge of the surf. She squatted there for a bit, examining the crabs scuttling about in the foam and apparently making comments to herself. She then headed out to sea--on top of the water. Watching her bob up and down as the waves passed under her was quite an interesting sight and attracted the attention of some of the nearby beach goers. Further out, she stopped to talk to a curious dolphin, holding quite an animated conversation with the playful animal. This conversation ended when both of her dragons appeared and dove into the water next to her to begin playing both with that dolphin and some others who soon showed up. Smiling with bemusement, Heather headed back to the beach.
  14. "Well, if he is going to shove it in my face, how am I supposed to treat it except as a gift?" This time, Irma can detect a hint of irritation lacing the innocent sounding statement. Apparently being mobbed had annoyed her as well, though she had been far too well mannered to show it. "Besides, what's the fun of learning how something works without studying the thing itself and trying to figure it out? Books are nice, but I've done almost nothing but read for the last decade, and I want to do things now." A stray thought causes her to add, after a moment, "Besides, the Professor and I use such different words for things that I would have to learn your dialect first to even understand the book, but no matter where you go, a boost reversal circuit is always, essentially, a circuit which reverses the boost."
  15. Heather seemed a bit bemused by all of this, once again not really getting what is going on. At the mention of pictures, though, her attention turns to the devices held by the people asking questions. Hmm, I wonder how those work. Grabbing one of the cameras from an unresisting camera man, she turns it over in her hands trying to figure it out. Having no luck, she sticks a fingernail into the side of it and peels back the cover to reveal the inner workings. "How inefficient and inelegant. Still there is a certain something to be said for simplicity of design. Where do you keep the pictures? Oh, I see, this bit must transmit the images to a receiver elsewhere. This power supply is awful bulky, though, and don't you have problems with so many radio transmissions clogging up the air? Mirrored particle interaction is definitely a superior way to convey information..." As she continues to examine the camera, and the other cameras continue to examine her, Ariel appears on her shoulder holding a fist sized sapphire. *Mama, there are lots of tasty rocks under the so warm sand!* She then takes a bite out of the sapphire, teeth sliding through the gem as smoothly as if it were a ripe apple. Heather reached up to scratch Ariel's neck, saying, "I'm glad you found lots of tasty rocks buried on the beach, just don't overeat and make yourself sick." It took a full two seconds for the first cameraman to compare his salary to the size of the gemstone the dracoform was holding before dropping his camera and heading full tilt for where the dragons had been digging earlier, followed closely by most of the news crew hounding them. You could get a princess story every day, but a treasure trove of buried gems was a once in a lifetime opportunity... especially if they could pocket some.
  16. Heather starts to talk, saying, "A beach sounds interest-" before being cut off by Irma's departure. Looking to her friends, who fly over to her, she vanishes without any discernible sound. Looking around at her new surroundings, she takes a moment to orient on Irma and Sarah, who are a few hundred meters down the beach. Not bad for a quick calculation to an unknown destination following the quantum slipstream of a sloppy teleporter. the attire, or lack thereof, of the people around her is such that she just pretends not to see them, even as a part of her mind takes notes. If you accidentally see more than you should, it is only polite to pretend the incident never happened, though her current situation stretched her ability to pretend. By the time she reached Sarah and Irma, she had somehow managed to acquire even more covering that she had been wearing. Added to the corsetted dress and jacket she had already been wearing, gloves covered her hands, stretching under her coat, she is wearing a yellow hat with a light veil, and is carrying a jaunty yellow parasol angled to block the sun... and her view of a few nude sunbathers. Her dragons are nowhere in sight, though the fountain of sand behind her gives a rather strong clue that they are playing around in the lovely warmth of the beach. "Hey, there. I thought I would accompany you if you don't mind. I find that seeing new places is more fun if you have someone to see them with."
  17. Heather stood there, much more comfortable in the bubble than she had been in the suit, studying the doctors more intently than they are studying her. She seems particularly interested in what appears to be empty space to most of those around her, but to her eyes are filled with the emanations from the devices doing the scanning.
  18. "I'll give it a try. It has to be better than this thing. It is just so... indecent. You can almost see my legs through this thing!" She frowns at the pets comment, and a little cooly states, "Friends, not pets. They help me out because they like me, but I do not own them. If you want them to stay in isolation, though, I strongly suggest giving them some food. Fish and charcoal biscuits will likely keep them munching long enough for your friends to do their scan."
  19. Heather comes through the door a little behind the others. Her suit looks oddly bulky, especially around the hips and waist. It takes a moment for the other to realize that she is wearing her dress under the containment suit. "Don't you have anything more comfortable or better fitting than this? Or could I just set myself on fire? That would be much easier and kill most bugs off." She keeps trying to smooth her dress down where it is bunched up, oblivious to the looks she is receiving.
  20. Heather wanders forward. Slow to react to what everyone else had correctly deduced was a threat, she did little beyond watch the short and bloody fight. As Mech leaves with the head, she pokes the bloody stump on the body and examines some of the wounds. "Is this a common tradition around here? There doesn't appear to be much of the poor fellow left." Intrigued by the spears, she picked one up just as Galahad and Ariel appeared--or re-appeared it would seem, as Galahad bore a nasty gash along one side and they both seemed to be absolutely furious. Across the multiverse there is a lesson that has been learned many times, though never twice by the same person: Never piss off a dragon. The reason for this was amply displayed as flames so hot they were nearly black shot out of the two cute flying reptiles, flames that consumed the body so thoroughly there was not even ash left behind. Then, ire sated, they followed their friend/mother figure into the ESS.
  21. Click to reveal.. Wyrd *rolls* 1d10: 3+12: 15 Heather looks bemusedly to the others and follows behind, saying, "Dang it, now I have to update my travel itinerary again."
  22. "If you're worried about your friend, that's easy enough to check on," Heather tells them. "Galahad?" The bronze dragon appears from nowhere and lands on Heather's outstretched hand. Reaching for the link between them, she sent, *Would you mind checking on this lady's friend for me? She's in that really interesting ship, remember?* *Yes, Mama. That place was fun* came his telepathic response, followed by him disappearing. "Hopefully this will keep him out of trouble as well."
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