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  1. I'm having to re-write my whole background from this change and I've not had time. I'll get something sent when I can. I'm still unwinding a few other character-related things in other games as well. This weekend I'll try to knock things down.
  2. I am heavily delayed on getting the background set. With Long's game starting and I need to get some lingering things completed as well, things are stacking up. I am still in for this, but I need time.
  3. My background needs the most work... unfortunately. It was written for one world, and now with the change I need to rebuild a lot of it. I'm working on it this weekend though. My background DOES need a re-write. But I don't need to change stats or anything. Just change the fluff on some things.
  4. I second that mindset, Mala, but keep your notes. You'll never know if you might be able to use them again.
  5. Well at least the first step of my change is complete. ,, That and with the change, my character being a "Legacy" heroine seems to work better with heroes being around since the 1950's. ,, Next week I should have a new background all set up. Then I look forward to helping getting things rolling!
  6. Looks brilliant. I'll get to changing Ensign's... I mean The Mariner's background accordingly and soon. Would a transplant superheroine from Minnesota make sense? ,, Also, what can I do to help? Something needs input?
  7. I wouldn't mind getting the opportunity to "respec" Ensign a bit. Perhaps calling her "The Mariner". Which means I would have to do some renaming... Luckily Chicago is on the Great Lakes and LA is on the Pacific. I'm up for LA personally. Some of it is the fact it's just nicer weather. For actual though, there is a logical reason to have the LA-San Fransisco area to become a Megaopolis. Have it be rebuilt after a BIG ONE type earthquake/tsunami one-two punch. This would also be "the event" that brings supers to the public's attention in a far greater role than they have been prior. ,, This would allow us to rebuild the area as a mega-city, and allow us some free reign on the layout. ,, (OOps, I meant San-Fran/LA. Derp. Corrected.)
  8. Is there anything I can do to help with the process, then, in regards to our new city? What needs looking into?
  9. That's reasonable. ,, Looking forward to seeing the build process for the city.
  10. Adjust background? Well at most what I would have to do is have E move there. After all, Minneapolis isn't known for the super-crime places like NYC or LA have. ,, So the questions are then: ,, Which country will Megacity 1 be in? What will be it's location and climate? Population? ,, Not looking for a full simulation, just a bit of info. ,, Also, I think I might be able to find something that can generate a map. Can you guys wait a day or two and I can post up a few candidates?
  11. And Carv you keep delivering!!! I could hug you!
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