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  1. There was no doubt Tarmon would do as asked of him, even if the Harbinger wasn't as generous and only told them where to go and deal with finding the place on their own. He looked around at this fellowship that was about to form and understood his role immediately. Without him their chances of success would be greatly diminished and he lacked skills which were obviously necessary to achieve their goal. Subterfuge and sleight-of-hand for example... but he was sure T'riss was more than well practiced in those 'arts'. The huge Ankassim simply lowered his head in acceptance of the quest given to him and his peers. "We shall not disappoint you.", he simply stated, almost as straightforward as the young Skrofan did before him.
  2. "You're asking the wrong questions.", the huge Ankassim interrupted angrily as he got back to his feet rising to his full impressive height. Maybe no one had noticed earlier but he was wearing a robe with the holy Symbol of Ankassar embroidered on it which probably put him somewhere in the ranks of Priest or similar clerical status. "How dare you demand answers? We have been chosen - the only question is not to ask 'Why' but humbly request 'How can we be of service?'", he glared at T'riss mostly, who in his eyes should be punished for her insolence but he was not the judge so he simply waited for the Harbinger to tell him what to do.
  3. Tarmon instantly dropped to one knee averting his eyes from the imposing figure. From all the places he had travelled he'd never suspected to find one of the Harbingers of Ankassim in this temple. Nothing here reminded of the teachings he learned in the Temples of the Four Winds. Many questions arose in his mind, questions about his destiny and his place in the world. He was just a mere Battlepriest and maybe not all the knowledge and wisdom was shared with him whichwas understandable. The most important question had already been asked although he couldn't believe the audacity the Fen-Woman had to ask it in such direct way. He felt humbled by the divine presence of the Harbinger, how dared she raise her voice above a whisper? A low snarl escaped his maw but he remained quiet. He would respect, the ancient.
  4. Once the huge Ankassim had adjusted to the situation his anger was aroused. He didn't like being shoved around, he didn't like being kept in the unknown. He was used to be in charge of his own fate and not at someone else's mercy. Snarling the large creature followed his new companions, waiting for a moment to regain some control of his fate and thus his life again. This must be a test of some kind..., he prayed as he forced himself to stay calm and levelheaded.
  5. The large Ankassim's reaction was only natural as he spread his wings to catch his fall... but he didn't fall. The odd sensation was disturbing and very unfamiliar. He was used to drop from altitude when he was flying as a means of aerial maneouvre but this was completely new to him. His yellow reptilian eyes narrowed to slits as he tried to focus but nausea took the better of him making him take an uneasy step sideways to regain his bearings.
  6. The towering Ankassar had kept to himself as they were escorted to their new destination. He watched the smaller folk with a mixture of curiousity and estrangement. He respected the other cultures but somehow no matter how open-minded he tried to be he always came to the same conclusion: There was an obvious reason the Ankassar were the chosen race... While his fellow ‘prisoners’ lamented about their situation and possible exposure to chaostaint Tarmon had to suppress a chuckle. He had done nothing wrong, he had broken no law and he certainly wasn’t in league with any chaotic powers. The silly superstitious behaviour of the Skrofan only added to his general prejudice. ”Patience. I am sure this incident will be swiftly solved... unless one of you is responsible for the fire onboard that ship? Now would be the right time to confess, then we have enough time to formulate a strategy.”, his eyes wandered from one to the other trying not to judge them but something about his posture and presence made him appear very much like a judge... and the executioner in one person.
  7. If the huge Ankassim was worried by the revelation of carrying a Chaos-touched Muthay he didn’t show it. His tunic showed the holy symbol of Ankassar and showed his status as Battle Priest – his faith would surely protect him from any curse caused by Kaer. He nodded at the authorities and followed Wa’ne while he tried to maintain his calm facade. ”Ankassar will protect us. Be strong in spirit and body and you shall be save.” The certainty of his voice sounded almost arrogant, as if it was a given fact and unshakeable truth.
  8. Even though the flames had been extinguished Tarmon didn’t feel safe on board of the ship. It could be already sinking without anyone noticing it and when you did it would be too late to get off the ship. Tarmon carefully picked up the Captain looking for a way to get off the ship. His eyes found the mast which had fallen towards the dock and creating an impromptu bridge which he could balance on. ”Hold on – I try to get us off the ship.”, he explained and moved his hulking body towards the mast, hoping the ship would carry his weight just long enough for him to get to safety. ,,Click to reveal.. (Athletics Check for Balancing) Roll: 15 +6 Modifier = +21Tarmon is trying to get to the dock and get some solid ground under his claws. I provided an Athletics check just in case.
  9. Ah! - And I thought that he was hauled over to the dock with that crane thingy the others handled to lift him out of the hole. So he is still on deck - The flames have been extinguished, though?
  10. Tarmon didn't pay much attention to the ship and instead focused on the dying Muthay. Spreading his wings he automatically granted himself some space while he spoke with his deep baritone voice, "This man needs some air to breath and Ankassar's good will" The huge Ankassim reached with one hand for the prone body of the Captain while his other hand rested on his broad chest. Then he spoke in a foreign tongue, <Ankassar, oh greatest of all, please save this man from certain death and grant me the power to heal him with your soothing breath. Ankassar, keeper of truth and justice, if this man was a righteous soul spare him from death> Click to reveal.. (Activation roll for Healing Winds of Ankassar) Roll: 18 -10 DC = +8 PASS.That's a Healing 6 effect btw. Activation roll was successful Golden light gathered on Tarmon's chest and channeled through his body down his extended arm. The golden light engulfed the Captain briefly and then Tarmon just watched if Ankassar's Healing Winds were able to save this poor soul from death.
  11. Time wasn’t on his side and he wasn’t even sure if the Muthay would endure his attempt to escape the flames. At least he tried and if Ankassar was merciful he’d help him safe this Muthay’s life today. The huge Ankassim positioned himself under the hole he made and saw the hook dangling above – maybe if he timed it right he could jump up and grab it and pull himself through... It was a daring plan but he had no better options left. Click to reveal.. Athletics-Check Joani *rolls* 1d20: 11+6: 17 Reroll spending HP because Damon is a meany Joani *rolls* 1d20: 17+6: 23 Tarmon propelled his huge frame through the hole breaking a few planks with his wings and shoulders on his way out and managed to grab the hook which groanded briefly under the unexpected weight. Almost half a ton of Muthay and Ankassim dangled on the hook and Tarmon had lost his orientation. Hopefully someone would see him and pull him to the dock. “I got an injured Sailor here! Someone help us!”, he yelled as loud as he can.
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