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  1. On the Reflexive debate, I feel that there are a lot of ways in which Refelxive can be interpreted. Despite the name, it doesn't have to be a reflex. The power could trigger in response to precognition, or it could simply activate in a unit of Planck time. A Reflexive Force Field could be defined as a practically instant regeneration of an amount of damage, and so -whitin the context of the power- be applied after the event. Reflexive can be a disadvantage too. The rules example of a Force Field that goes off when an attack is about to penetrate other defenses, would trigger in response to attacks it could not stop, such as mental ones, and retrigger every time ping damage was done. Costing 3 q each time. On using Matter Creation to make antidotes etc, I feel that this should be allowable to a limited degree. If the MC character has knowledge of poisons, and can identfy the poison and antiodote, good for him. If he can't, well... I'd say he can make aspirin, or antabus if he knows them. But not "antivenom to this unknown poison" Or any "generic antivenom" I'd let him make first-aid equpment, bandages, etc. But that would be a lot less effective than Healing.
  2. Ah yes. I see what you are saying about being jumped messing you up permanently, while getting PPed is presumably temporary. I am convinced. Blythe was also known as Brain Trust, one of the original 4 aces. She could copy a persons mind, with skills, personality, etc into her own. Permanently. She had Einstein, Heisnberg, etc. She went nuts. I'm not sure if she was too tightly wound to start with. Maybe the mimicing power, weaknessed with "only skills and memories" and permanent power from taint? Cameo is a bit more difficult. If she had an object belonging to a dead ace, she could channel his mind -and all the psychic powers he might have had. I.e. she could do telepathy, telekinesis, etc, but not enhanced musculature or armor plates. I'm not sure how to do that. What springs to mind is Q-supermacy again, with a dumbo syndrome.
  3. Oh yeah, how could Brain trust be buildt? And Cameo? Some kind of Mimic maybe?
  4. Oh, yes, I can see that they'd die if nailed by Disrupt -in transition. I think if they were in a body, they would just lose the ability to leave. Die if they were forced out, though.
  5. Her name was The Bodysnatcher. Or so she liked to think. She was the one who mused about being the only one to survive a jump like that. I think. Operating from memory on a book I read years ago, I could be very wrong. The lawyer who gave them powers (Latham stJohn?)seemed to have some kind of Quantum Supremacy. Less overpowering in the Wild Cards universe, since most Wild Cards cannot buy new powers, just develop old ones. The "give nova points to someone" -techinique, whatsitcalled- only, and the futher limitation "only one specific powerset". About a level 4 power in total, Q 8 min. I always thought someone with parasitic Domination did have a node, just one converted to quantum waves like the rest of the body? Jumpers are quite terrifying. Except for the existence of a group of them, I'm not sure they are that much worse than the standard Parasitic posession users, though. I mean, they are worse, but so much that the q-min should go to six? Not sure.
  6. Yes, that was what I meant. We basically have two separate Posessions going off at the same time. I didn't realize Parasitic Posession lasts that long, but normal posession is listed as "concentration" while Parasitic only states how to leave the body. I see what you're saying on the "failed" jumps. I meant that Blaise was the only one to have survived actually jumping and then failing. The Bodysnatcher muses about jumpers who jumped "blind", i.e. without seeing their target, and none of them had survived.
  7. Yep As for the rest, Monster and Jumping Jack Flash had Absorption, as I remember. Starshine had both Absorption and Force Field. Jumping Domination and Parasitic Posession is a good call I think. How about Domination: Parasitic (Linked -3 levels of weakness, only works with: Domination: Parasitic : Affects Others ( -5 levels of weakness, only one target -self. -3 levels of weakness, linked to the original Domination) Only one target reduces the Affects Others Domination to level 3 again. Use the linked weaknesses to purchease the "permanency" strength. Which is horribly broken, but we know the end result is broken anyway, we might as well know why. The bodyswitching effect could either be a special effect of the power, or be purchased with weaknesses gained from the jumper leaving all his original poweres behind, and the failiure consequences. Only Blaise survived a failed jump, and he only did so once. But trying to Jump against a mindshield did not kill anyone, the Jump just failed to initialize. Assigning it instant death on a botch seems right. Thus failiures according to soak, as from a shield works, but a messup kills you.
  8. I think part of the problem was poor marketing. And the hiatus period was as wrong as they could possibly get it. No support when the Spider-Man Hulk, and X-men movies hit the public? Talk about missing your window. Marvel spent time and money to produce their own RPG at this time. Licensing and product placement deals would have generated vast attention. Edit: Betamax was a better system than VHS. But they wouldn't let anyone licence the system, and so VHS ended up with all the movies. There were some writing problems as well, but not as large. A couple of more straight relationships would probably not have hurt. The emphasis on gay novas was refershing, but a bit over the top.
  9. Depends on which country you are in? Amazon is a good bet anyway.
  10. On the multiple stacking Force Fields, after thinking about it, I believe the following house rule fixes it while retaining character flexibility: You can have multiple Force Fields. They stack. However, they are powered from your dice pool of Stam + Mega-Stam + total Force Field dots. So whenever you activate a Force Field you have to decide how many of the dice to spend on it, and you will have less dice available to power any other Force Field. You do get the quantum bonus several times, you are spending a lot of quantum and activations. For example, you have Force Field 2, force field: Wall 3,and Stamina 5. Total dice pool 10. When you activate your normal Force Field you decide how many dice to spend on it, up to a maximum of 7. (Force Field 2 + stamina 5) The remaining dice is what you can use if you then decide to activate Force Field: Wall.
  11. I definitely agree. I wrote up a version of Richards on the White Wolf forums in a "Dark Mirrors" thead where he had always had Spatial Mastery, and chosen to conceal it. He had little respect for the mental abilities of the public, which was why he chose to call himself Fantastic. Sometimes he put on a suit of armor with his psi-amplifier built in, and called himself Sinister.
  12. On a slightly different note, from memory basic Poison allows you to do either bashing or lethal damage. If you put an extra on a power, you cannot then use the power without the extra. Would this mean that Agg Poison can then only do agg damage, would you add the agg damage to the choices available, or would you lett the player choose between agg and lethal instead? (Character idea -rocker with tatoos of serpents on his arms. They move when he uses his powers, and if he uses poison, the serpent tatoos bite them. I used that for a low NP poison-chromatophores character)
  13. Going a bit into ST-land, I have enjoyed using the "Broad Category" extra from Invulnerability on Bodymorph, allowing the character a small group of Bodymorphs as a level 3 power. I find it balances well between normal Bodymorph and Matter Chameleon.
  14. I got the impression from other threads that if you stayed Dormed down for a long time, your body would produce viable sperm. A male body. Female eggs would be a different matter, but at that level, the Dormed body can be completely different. If your Nova form had lost an arm, your dorm form might still have both? The sterility cocktail turns the bodys own nova defenses against the reproductive cells, so my reasoning was no nova vitality = sperm count starts climbing. On the Dormancy body, I always assumed that the default was that it was the nova body without the Nova powers and Megas. However, when it is described as possibly being totally different at high levels of dorm...well I just assumed that the differences must be sustained by the bodys own natural systems, since no quantum abilities are available. And thus that changes which indicate a genetic difference would be inheritable? (Race, sex, height, eye color etc) I could easily be wrong here, of course.
  15. Interesting. What about the Jumpers, how could that be simulated? And the guy who turned into different people based on the drugs he took -Mark Meadows? Pulse would be Bodymorph: Light, with teleport added for the Lightspeed flight. Mistral has Weather Control. Isn't it great that they are continuing the series?
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