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    Another character from my A/I setting...speedster. She has a thing for coffee and playing with things that go BOOM!
  4. I HAVE a bootleg copy of this on VHS still. And, after watching the theatrical releases of FF1 and FF2...I can say with a clear conscience: ALL THREE MOVIES STILL SUCKED! And, while I'm hoping it will do well in theaters, I think Captain America is tainted because idiot...er...the guy who played the idiot in Fantastic Four (Johnny Storm) is playing Steve Rogers...not something that builds my confidence. Though, in the actor's defense, he was in another "super" movie that I liked...a low budget (but fun) romp of a film called PUSH.
  5. Y'know, there used to be this unspoken, but respected rule in Hollywood. You do not do a remake of anything until you hit the 20 year mark (unless it's really shitty...like Batman Forever, Batman and Robin, and...of Course...Ang Lee's Hulk). If they had waited 20 years, that would have been cool. I myself am going to skip this film. Lee (as the Crow) and Michael Wincott (as Top Dollar)and Bai Ling MADE that movie into a classic. I just hate to see it become a victim of "Hollywood Recycling".
  6. Hugo Weaving as Red Skull? Okay...that would be interesting. Although, I can almost picture the Red Skull putting on a pair of shades and suddenly say: "Mr. Rogers....we've been expecting you." Sorry...an Agent Smith moment. Couldn't resist.
  7. I pretty much had given up on comics after Marvel screwed things up with their Civil War (and the disasters that followed). Then I stumbled onto Irredeemable and I was actually into reading comics again. Then again, for some reason, Irredeemable and Incorruptible kind of reminded of Aberrant a little.
  8. I'll be honest, I'm already giving Evans a thumbs down as Captain America. However, I will watch the movie and give the film a chance and I may change my opinion (after all, I went in expecting the new Star Trek to suck because I was sick of what "Bermaga" had done to the franchise, but that's a different topic). I guess my problem with Evans is that I figure he already starred in a Marvel franchise...twice...and guess what, the FF movies SUCKED. Of course, that's just my opinion, so it's really not worth much. But the way I see it, Evans has to get rid of the curse the FF movies and I don't see him doing it.
  9. And maybe someone mentioned this already and i haven't found the post for it, but I have to ask. Has anyone here read "Irredeemable" or "Incorruptible" by Mark Waid?
  10. I haven't played Aeon Trinity yet (or whatever the sci-fi future part of the trilogy is called), though I've skimmed through the timeline and it seems like it turns out badly (at least from the limited info I got). However that's neither here nor there. Why do I like A! and Ab? Simple. I liked the some of the plot lines. Adventure! in particular got my attention because I have a soft spot for the "retro"/pulp-era heroes. But for me, I think what I liked about it was the "history" of the line. Because all three games/settings basically told a story...and I liked most of the sub-plots and intrigue. Granted, didn't like all the ideas in there, but I liked how things kind of tied together in a sort of continuity. And I like that. But hey, that's just my dumb opinion.
  11. I remember coming across a terrible episode of Law & Order SVU that portrayed gamers as neglectful parents. I think it was a little over the top...I know some gamers who have kids, but I never see them act like THAT.
  12. KJ4


    At the moment, I'm just going to lurk and read. And maybe discuss a game when I can. I don't have time to play, unfortunately. Although that might change when winter hits.
  13. KJ4


    Hey...I heard that "victi-" Besides, like I said, been working up the guts to get an account here. I always thought of this place as sort of "mecca" for Aberrant purists and that you (like some Disney fans) would be screaming to have me crucified.
  14. KJ4


    Heh...true, but that "rocket-science" came in handy for those of us who liked figuring out how to set up power frameworks and power pools.
  15. KJ4


    Yeah...well, I've been warned about how die-hard some of you are about Aberrant, so I've been kind of wary that you would skin me alive if I ever showed up here...metaphorically speaking of course. :-D
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