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  1. This kind of insight was what i wanted. Much to se if we could do any changes in our settings. This looks a lot more balanced then the way we have it. Thx a lot.
  2. Ok, I get what you are saying. And as you say we play with little more speed, cause roling dice takes to long sometimes. But we still have the difficulty syst, which works pretty well. Sure sometimes you get fantastic results with 15 successes (funny, depending on what you are doing)and the same goes for botches. I would say the GM decides how well the system is used. He is very experienced and handles the telling very nice. Experimenting with many systems and trying to build new ones are fun. I like your answer but not really satisfied with it though. I was more wondering if anyone tried playing the same way, and if, what rule modifications they had done and so on ? If there are any mods someone did that worked well, please tell me! //David
  3. Me and my group has made a little special rule to our Trinity World. Instead of roling 32 dice all the time we instead role 1 dice, and have to roll under our total ability score. So if i have 3 dex and 4 martial arts, i am to roll less the seven to success This way sure makes everyone a little more powerd up, but why not. when you have 9 dice in something you are truly good at it, almost the best in a human perspective. And if you are you just don´t fail every other time you want to do something. And this way it makes the game much more deadly, and that sure is fun! Like i just read on another topic"i don´t want creatures the size of the moon to frigthen the players" or something like that now even Joe hologram with a nice rifle is a nasty man! What do you think about this setting? Feedback please!
  4. Best game: Since i have not played adventure i can´t talk about that one, but it seems cool. And Trinity i really like since you are just superhuman, and not an Abberant God. Sure Abberant is free to no limits but playing a god soon becomes to boring i think. Trinity makes you powerful but the ass-crack abberants are a lot harder, allways ! I like all my chars very much, but i´ll choose Greg"Greggan"Egan(i know, ugly damn name) cause ha was probably the ugliest being in the universe without degenerations, and a true clown.
  5. Hi im new here, but have played trinity for a while now. And don´t you think you are overpowering your chars with this settings? they are half abberant this way from my point of view? //david
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