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  1. Sorry I've been so scarce lately. Between finishing the summer semester, starting a new management job, and beginning a new relationship, free time has been in extremely low supply. Would you mind terribly if we put the game on hold until your new players arrive? I think by then things may have settled down a bit for me.
  2. Nick takes a quick look around the Martian landscape, a grim look playing over his face as he takes in the barren planet's surface. He spares a quick look at John, then turns in the direction of the Legion teams. "Guess we might as well go introduce ourselves."
  3. Gotcha. Incidentally, I've been holding my next post until 32767 does something. Let me know if you want to just go ahead with things, though.
  4. Nick shakes his head slowly, eyes on the holo. "I'm pretty sure I'm set, but I'll radio you if I need something unexpected. Most of my backup equipment is just a blink away, though." He reflexively does an extrasensory inventory of his equipment, then turns to the others. "Ready when you are."
  5. Nick glances from the holo to the vidscreen, then nods. "That sounds fine to me. You okay with that, Doc?"
  6. Nick picks up the rifle (a Vindicator II, I'm assuming), checking the safety and clip before nodding with satisfaction and slinging it over his shoulder. "Hopefully it won't come to combat, but some support would definitely be ideal. If there's really a bug out there, I'd rather have too much firepower than not enough." He glances again at the holo, and lets out a breath. "Well, the situation as I see it is that you contacted us upon arrival, to cover for the signal delay between here and home. The rest should work itself out, but I see no reason at this point to conceal our presence. Perhaps we should meet with the teams?"
  7. Nick's eyes go wide for a moment when he finds himself on a ship, but he quickly composes himself upon seeing the Martian landscape on the vidscreen. He sets his gear to the side, and grins at Whiskey. "Good to see you again, prodigy." He eyes the holo somewhat warily, absently reaching out with his senses to reassure himself that his autopistol made the jump okay. "What are the chances of getting equipped with a rifle, or something else with more punch, when we land?"
  8. "That's a sentiment I'm happy to share with you. I don't do well in space." Once Nick reaches his locker, he grabs out his usual essentials: Autopistol, Needler, Knife, Fieldkit and Medkit. He checks the minicomp on his belt, then pats his pockets to make sure he still has his various biotech. As an afterthought, he grabs a ration pack from his locker before throwing on his helmet and sealing it into place. Finally, he mutters a quick prayer in his native Greek and crosses himself, then checks the time. Fourteen and a half minutes since initial contact. He shoots a wink at John, letting a grin play across his face. "You've got about twenty seconds to take in all the color you can. For the next few days, all we'll be seeing is red."
  9. Name: Nikolos "Nick" Lekkas Background: Nick has been a Long Rider with the Upeo for about five years now. He originally hails from Greece, but moved to South Africa nearly a decade ago. His father owns a fairly large import/export business, of which Nick often coordinates the extrasolar activities. Role: The majority of his duties fall in line with the usual Long Rider bailiwick; he couriers information and goods out to the far colonies, usually in a way that lets him conduct business while he's there. Powers: Nick is well-distinguished within both the Translocation and Transmassion modes.
  10. Nick flips the record again and speaks into the datapad, "Roger that. I'd appreciate it if you could try and wrangle me up a rifle on that end, if there's suspicion of bugs out there." He sets the datapad aside, then begins double-timing it toward the lockers, pausing only briefly as John arrives. "Yeah, I'm Nick. Pleasure to meet you. Just on my way to get equipped for the party, if you care to follow."
  11. Well, that settles the lunch question. Nick immediately halts progress toward the canteen, and starts toward his locker. As he moves, he toggles the record function on the datapad. "No problem, John. Give me twenty minutes to gather my effects before transfer. I'm assuming my standard field equipment will suffice, but let me know if anything in particular is needed."
  12. With barely a moment's hesitation, Nick transmasses the datapad into his hands and clicks it on, all the while muttering to himself about rookies who don't know to do a slow pop with stuff like this, so the recipient has a moment to react when the object reaches them, instead of flinching from the noise of the 'port. Meanwhile, thoughts of getting a bite to eat from the canteen scurry away, chased off by the knowledge that communiques like this are never a trifling matter.
  13. Okay, so I suck and didn't get my background done today, but I swear it'll be done tomorrow. Meantime, I'll step IC anyway, if that's cool. ::biggrin
  14. I just finished my last Final Exam yesterday. The semester is officially over, and I'm now swimming in free time. To celebrate, I hereby declare today to be "Snacky Gets Off His Ass and Writes That Background" Day. With any luck, I should be 'Stepping IC' by this evening. ::ultracool
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