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  1. You do realize that Regen can't work on Agg damage, right? And Hardbody only allows you to use lethal soak, not change the agg damage to lethal? Honestly, I'm not too fond of agg as a damage type in Aberrant. Defense based characters are hard enough to build as is(I know, I have one), and even with Hardbody, Agg is impossible to heal with Healing or Regen, it takes five times as long to heal as lethal, so any agg damage is going to take characters out for a good chunk of time. And that's a brick. If you want something that's sidelining non-brick characters for weeks/months of game time or dead, agg is a good choice.
  2. Hmm, I'm sure people will have better mechanical ideas along soon, but given that you're talking about death and the like... My first reaction is that you want the High level aberration of Hideous, which makes Face of Terror permanent, which can already cause baselines to run in terror, faint, or suffer heart attacks. Given that that's Taint 8, it's still quite a bit, plus max out Mega Ugliness and Intimidation. Really, the power is kind of reaching, and anyone with a permanent version of that is basically unplayable in even a Teragen game. Seriously, that would be a threat to everyone in the world, basically keep the player from even associating with other novas due to their reactions to him. It's a sound concept for the world...but I wonder if the player realizes how much it's going to cut out play time.
  3. Well, it's been quite a ride, that's for sure. And given all the players look in here, if you have any questions for us, rather then the GM, go ahead. And I understand what you mean about the night shift, it does make for a quiet time to reread.
  4. Man, 89... There's a lot after that you have to get through. I almost envy you, even as I'm looking forward to playing in Session 176.
  5. *shrugs* As I said, my group doesn't declare actions before initiative, period. If you're going to keep that, then yes, keeping actions general will be of much greater aid. (Attack, defend, move, split actions) And as the person who's almost always at the bottom of the initiative pile in my game(depending on my rolls, of course), it's really not that frustrating, even given my gm's habit for mass combat(I've had thirty actions go off before my first turn in one example). You can always hold actions to restart the initiative order, or leave and reenter combat, though that will cost you a turn or so. Plus, I hate to say it, but someone is always going to be at the bottom of the pile. And over time, it's likely to be the same people, unless you engage in an initiative arms race. (We have something like a twenty difference in initiatives, I believe, given the various concepts) Of course, if this frustrates your group that much, yeah, you might want to put a limit on initiatives and roll every round. As for the difficulty idea...difficulty raising is bad, much worse then losing dice. And it will become more intuitive after a while, though if you're going to do a chart...ten dice has a max of five actions with a split, 9&8 four and the like. Has your group played White Wolf games before this? I mean, I always used to have this same problem in Vampire, which is one of the reasons our group runs this way. No comment on writing down your skill pools? Really, you use the same stats + skills 90% of the time, it should cut time down for your people.
  6. Hmm, and this might be combined, but another issue is...well, I'll be honest, you shouldn't roll initiative every round. It does kind of mess up those who had bad rolls in the first round, but it saves so much time that it is worth it. Also, those who do active powers(such as the Time manipulation) need to do so at the start of the fight, or at the start of their turn, to get the full effects, which might clear up things for your group. It sounds like that may have been an issue. And yes, that does make things that are reflexive or innate much more valuable. And, though I'm being long winded already, would you like a couple of sample turns from my group's game?
  7. Well, my group tends to not declare actions according to initiative rolls, but just run through the scene by the rolls. We declare attack, defense, or a mix. This rewards higher initiative players who can go first, but doesn't stick people into unusable actions(an issue I have with White Wolf in general, to note). If you're attacked before your "turn", in the first round, you can declare defense, or if you acted the previous round, any remaining defensive actions can be used...or you're out of luck(and likely hurting). Also, all actions but defensive ones go off on that player's turn, just for ease of play, instead of book -2 initiative order. To note, for a starting game, Time Manipulation implies a really high starting point. You may want to run a "play" fight without extra actions just to get used to how splitting pools work. Another thing that will certainly speed it up...are you playing with the official sheets? They have a box next to the all the skills that lets you just put the number in so you don't have to recalc it everytime . Also, if you cut power use to one active quantum power a turn, like the book rules, it will speed things up greatly. And as I'm one of the people who agree that extra actions shouldn't be split, it's exactly this reason, it complicates bookkeeping and way overpowers speedsters. For your example...let's assume you had two extra actions. My group does it this way, if we were ignoring the book about only one "active" quantum power a turn, which you shouldn't(Q-bolt or Immobilize, flight is a scene long). Q-bolt(first action, no penalty) Immobilize(second action, no penalty) Flight(third action, first split -3 dice, and to note, my st wouldn't make you roll for it unless you're dealing with a fair amount of flying opponents or obstacles) Punch(Brawl + Str, first one that should be written down, -4 dice) Defense(Dodge + Dex, written down, -5 dice) Of course, my group has already been playing for quite a while, and we tend to know our dice pools by heart, you might even want write down your dice pools for powers until you're used to them, though most are just stat + power. It's been an issue for my character, who has the most complicated setup in our game(Shapeshift, while wonderfully versatile, means I have to recalc most of my damage codes and soak each fight, I just tend to have it memorized now, but for someone like that, let them have the book at hand, and pregened powers which they can grab and have the effects written down already helps) And the funkiness of full dodge...well, at least it's easier to remember -1 from each successive roll, but given it almost never comes up in game, you'll likely want the book open to there. Edit: On the ST declaring what NPCs actions are going to be...well, our way doesn't have that issue, but yes, in book order, he(or she) has to declare the NPCs action, at least in general(attack, defense, fleeing or power use) unless the npc has something that would prevent it from being known. (Invisible until his initiative, surprise attack, that sort of thing)
  8. Hmm, interesting. And certainly not the worst choice, though I'm sure that by now our st has picked out a couple of songs. And the fact that at least some people consider our grouping important...
  9. Old movie sites? I know that there's a lot your players have likely never heard of, or heck, even use IMDB to to find older movies and google image them. That said, there's not really a lot of really good image sites for something as broad as that that I'm aware of.
  10. Yeah, in our game, and by reading of the power, it would be three separate purchases. After all, each is a separate invulnerability to the question of "Specific form of attack" in the power description.
  11. Well, interesting idea. For Artemis Strength: Is Easily 8, given her shapeshifting is usually used to pump all of her physical stats. And Strength is one of the easiest. (Her warforms tend to stuff like Dragons or huge bears.) Intelligence: 2. While she has a three Int, she has almost no intellectual skills. There are quite a few baselines smarter then her. Speed: Actually, likely a 7 with her shapeshifting. Without, more like a four. She can nearly keep up with Hermes when she tries. Offense: Oh, tricky. Likely a 6, given her complete lack of any ranged options, though in straight melee combat she's likely close to an 7(10[25] lethal with her claws and strength maxed. And usually 5-10 extra dice from her attack rolls.) Defense: 8. easily. Her base soak(without using shapeshifting) is 41 bashing/lethal(through durability). Add shapeshifting and she easily gets into the fifties, along with anywhere from 18(base) health levels up to 27. Then Regen and healing. Versatility: Hmm...5. Mainly because when it comes to the physical side, she's anywhere from main tank to main spy to support(Healing and perception through the roof) Plus, she tends to have a lot of contacts spread across the Earth and beyond. But she sucks in direct social situations
  12. Honestly, for me it's simply life is too damn hectic. I dropped off Mars when my grandmother died and I got stuck with a month long flu that knocked me out to near pneumonia. Then, new job with varying hours(I can work anytime between 5am -3am some days) and other responsibilities means that I just don't have time for more games. Hmm, something that might help, I've noticed. People over on rpg.net, talking about Trinity, but no one here has jumped in and said "We have some of the ebooks and the community." If you're on another message board, throw a link in your sig if the board allows it. Or simply mention it.
  13. Huh. Add area to that, and it would be about perfect. aka, a counter to her infrequently seen Healing Volley. And I do have the xp for at least some of that. At least, it would be something that I can see Mark approving, though expensive to finally get. But, considering that charging it up to five would take Absorption five, I'd likely be better off buying my Claws up first.
  14. Oh, True, and I thought about Absorption for the damage soak, at least(Hey, I can always use more soak). The problem is deciding what it should feed into, I'm already maxed or close to it on my various physical stats. And I usually use my shapeshifting to make up the gaps.
  15. Eh, there's a profound difference between going without sleep and the amount of time you can deal with strenuous activity like fighting. For instance, I've gone five days without sleep(Which, by the way, I never, ever recommend), but more then ten or twenty minutes of strenuous activity make me need a break. Even in the modern day, it's very unusual for heavy physical fighting to last for an hour uninterrupted. Moving it to a day at Mega Stamina one is still very impressive enough.
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