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  1. Alright, I got characters from Phoenix and Blade90. Still working out the kinks. In the meantime, would anyone object Phoenix playing two characters. They would be a nova couple, interested in breeding, of combat elites. Its my inclination from running table top games that I don't like characters playing two full PC's. Furthermore, while the introduction of 2 combat characters doesnt much affect Blade 90's choice of a bodymorph:Air/DensityDecrese character, it means I would pretty much have to insist that SkyLion think really hard about a MegaMentals and/or investigative ability. But I like to observe the democratic process. Dictatorship is quicker, but more people get shot. What say you?
  2. I figured you guys were waiting for more info on the type of stories you're going to be playing. I thought you might want to avoid this information at first, as you might consider it spoilers. Now it occurs to me that you probably want/need this information for character creation. Bear with me folks. Ive been a Abbie Storyteller before, just never on a PBP game. In that vein, then....***SPOILER ALERT*** The characters will be gathered in Caracas for a meeting following the events of "Into The Arms Of The Angel Of Wrath". Sophia has decided that small scale gatherings like this will serve to set faction policy over the next few months. Proteus still has power and she is unwilling to gather the faction all in one place. Besides Mme. R and the characters there are several other NPC's dropping by the Foxhole for this meeting. Most important are Kimberly Dane, the Novox singer and Antenna. Antenna is well known as one of Sophia's chief lieutenants. He is a walking surveillance suite with vast ability to receive and broadcast along the EM spectrum. Thus, he also serves as the Aberrants chief communication resources. Dane is currently in the area at the forefront of a revival of Tropicalismo, a politics, philosophy and musical style that first appeared in the 70s and 80s as a response to the US backed military juntas that ruled much of South America until recently. She has been using her South American jaunt as opportunity to recruit for the Aberrants. The story seeds I plan to offer (so far) are as follows: 1) Dane thinks the time is ripe for more recruitment, with Utopian popularity at its lowest ebb since its inception. She has recently made contact with a Colombian nova who seems like an excellent possibility, a young woman with the power to exert minute control over the immune systems of others. She stayed mostly under the radar of the cartels until she started making public use of her power to heal people of their addictions by forcing their bodies to reject their chosen intoxicants, forcing the patient to suddenly and permanently go cold turkey. Furthermore, Rumors abound that she has restored fertility to several baselines who had lost theirs working in the chemically saturated commercial flower industry. This means Proteus and others are also probably on her tail. She has recently gone underground and fallen out of contact with Dane. The characters would have to track her down, convince her of their good intentions, and then extract her from the country to the Foxhole or another safe house. 2) The Venezuelan government have been gracious hosts, but now is the time for the Aberrants to repay the favor. Since the collapse of the oil economy Venezuela has positioned itself on the forefront of new biotech economy. Recently someone has been disrupting these activities. By the nature of the attacks its quite obvious they are being carried out by Novas, but government investigators are at a stand still in their attempts to find out who. Top candidates include GreenWar and rival governments and corporations. The characters are to quietly make their way to a biotech farm and research facility in the mountains and provide security and (hopefully) bring the attackers down. I'm in the middle of fleshing out a third option, involving Antenna and the Aberrant response to the problem of taint (without chrysallis you gotta handle this shit on your own). Of course, other ideas are bound to present themselves in the meantime. But I thought you might want to see the way this is going. Did that help?
  3. By the way, I've already got an elite brawler. I want a spread of powers, so start about characters with powers suited to the other activities in the game...interrogation, investigation, infiltration.
  4. Some Mental. Mega-Perception and various powers in the Entropic suite: The character is VERY good at figuring out weak spots and taking advantage of 'em. I played a character like this briefly in Prometheuns Unbound. He may not be able to read lips at half a mile away, but he could tell you when a bidge, say, was on the verge of catosrophic collapse or when a rally was going to become a protest, when a protest was going to become a mob and when a mob was going to become a riot. Of course, this character would often give things a little push... CyberK as being a REALLY good hacker. You dont actually psychicly control machines, but with mega wits and intelligence (maybe even dexterity) coming out your nose. With a weakness of reducing powers to "touch" range as you've actually got to interface/rewire the thing. It could be argued that Pedro "The Mathematician" Santiago has mega-mentals to the point where the difference between his abilities and other forms of precognition, mind-reading and intuition are merely semantic. I like the idea of metaphysician. With range and other limits (cant do it though solid matter) and reduced quantum cost it works as Spidermans leaping or webslinging, eh?
  5. Hey all. Real life takes up too much of my time. I apologize for my absence. Blade 90, I'm going to rule in favor of your BodyMorph/Density Decrease linked power. As long as you must use them both at the same time, its fine. Everyone else, PM me your characters when you get the chance. Here are a few more notes. Base of operations will be Caracas, Venezuela. The backstory to that will involve a Venezuelan government that is distrustful of Utopia but doesn't suffer from the usual anti-nova sentiment that afflicts most nations that take a stance aganst Utopia. Their position amounts to "polite refusal". However, their population (and the lure to new novas to leave and seek their fortunes elsewhere) is such that they began to look for ways to invite useful Novas to the country. Through several intermediaries Hugo Chávez contacted the Aberrants. As it stands now they have access to a spartan but well protected bunker on the outskirts of Caracas that has been dubbed "Madriguera Zorro" or "The Foxhole". Characters with history in South America and Venezuela may choose to integrate this history into their backstory. The game will begin almost directly after the events detailed in "Into the Arms of the Angel of Wrath" in WW:P1. Utopia is at its vulnerable but the larger anti-nova backlash that the invasion of Ukraine and the Amp Room brawl will engender hasn't yet begun. As I said in a previous post, I'd like to start off the game with some role (not roll) playing as characters are assembled at the Foxhole. Yeah, I know the "We're all assembled for a meeting but the boss hasn't shown up yet so lets get to know each other" thing has been done before, but its the best I got right now. I want to impress upon all of you that this is YOUR game. Wherever you choose to take it, I'll try to make it interesting. I refuse to rail-road my players into choosing any particular course of action. I encourage you to PM me ideas, story seeds, and new details about your character as play progresses. Okay people, lets get ourselves a forum and rock and roll.
  6. Hey people. Sorry, it has been (and continues to be) a busy week. I'm not going to have the time to give you what you want until monday. Between work, my boyfriend, helping plan a wedding (not mine...at least, not until they repeal DOMA), more work, attempting to have some semblance of a social life (HA!) and even more work I just havn't had the time this week. Just posting to let you know I'm still here, still putting everything togeather. Monday, all questions will be answered, I promise. Keep PMing me all that good shit.
  7. Details, Details, Details: Character Creation: Characters will be built with 40 Nova Points, according to the rules presented in Aberrant Players Guide. There's a twist however. Everyone will get an additional 5-10 NP worth of powers/megas applied by myself. I will use these to round out your character concept and power theme. What I add to your character may not be desired or seem useful right off the bat, but your going to have to trust me on this one. Although there are no official restrictions on Taint, keep in mind that this is a game of about two-thirds espionage and intrigue and one-third action. Placing restrictions on your ability to interact with baselines could become problematic (of course, those problems could also make for interesting role playing...its your choice). Once we get a forum from the great and all powerful Mods we can begin posting characters. As for the title of the game, I'm leaning towards "The Social Contract", a theory of Jean-Jacques Rousseau. If you study the theory and play the game, you'll see where I'm going with this. Expect more refrences to Rousseau and other political philosophers at the game continues. Sophia Rousseau WILL be major character. Although her powers tend to be less flashy then Divis Mal, she may surpass even him in her ability to gather and control information. Of course she also has a few offensive and defensive tricks up her sleeve. Story Elements from "A Breed Apart" will be introduced. I havn't yet decided if the rules presented theirin will be included as well. Play will begin in a South American Aberrant safehouse. The first week or two will be a chance to introduce characters and interact without any dice-rolls. This Intro Chapter will be titled "Discourse on the Origin and Basis of Inequality Among Novas" (another Rousseau joke)
  8. I had almost given up. A few more players and we'll be ready to rock. I was thinking the same thing, Blade. I've always felt 30 Nova points only ever let me get the barebones of a theme or concept on the ground. Furthermore, the group would consist of operatives with at least SOME experience. Of course, if you wanted to play the a newly erupted nova that would be alright as well. We'll just assume you erupted with a bit more juice then everyone else. I'm thinking 40 or 45 NP, with a variable of 1-5 handed out as awards during character creation. You'd could earn these points in a variety of ways. Detailed character backrounds and histories. Unique power themes and combinations also get my attention. Go forth and recruit, my minions. We got two already, I want at least 4 players signed on before I begin to lay out the details.
  9. I like the idea of including the good, the bad, and the ugly of America for your seven wonders. So Im going to take a stab at a few. Now, I'm a Washingtonian, born and raised. As in the District of Colombia. And if you want to talk about the good, the bad, and the ugly of the United States then DC is a good place to start. The vital center of our nations democracy suffers from a distinct lack of democracy itself. We lack representation in congress despite the fact we have more people then Wyoming. Thanks to a Supreme Court decision we cant tax all that beautiful government land, so we're constantly broke. Not that DC can control its own budget, The US Congress controls that. And did I mention that it has been unspoken tradition during Republican control of the House of Representatives to give chairmanship of the DC Oversight Committiee to the the most racist southern representative they could dig up, up to and including Jesse Helms. The joke gets even funnier when you learn that DC is 80% African-American. Okay, my point before I went off on that rant was that DC is not just the happy collection of bland marble buildings you saw when you visited here for an 8th grade civics field-trip. Now, if making an entire city a wonder seems a bit too abstract I have a suggestion. The National Mall: Nothing combines the bright promise and dark pomposity of the American story better then the national mall. The contradictions abound. A place of protest (MLK's March on Washington, and countless others) bounded on two sides by buildings representing the summit of governmental authority American authority, the Capitol and the White House. The Museums of the Smithonian represent the promise of arts, technology, and innovation. In reality, museums have fallen into disrepair and some (such as the American History Museum and the Air and Space Museum) amount to little more then propaganda and extended advertisements for Lockheed-Martin and Boeing. You've have the stately WW II memorial. The Vietnam memorial juts out like a jagged scar, a wound on the nations psyche not yet healed. The Mall served as a gigantic field hospital during the civil war...the ground is seeped in blood and history. Oh, and did I mention that it all appears to be built along the geomantic ratios of a masonic temple? With the Washington Monument at the center? Sorry for slipping into hyperbole and flowery prose there for a second. It happens to the best of us. I don't know much (read:anything) about the Scion setting and mechanics, but I gotta imagine there should be enough there for a few stories. In the next few days I'll give you some thoughts on the Pentagon and an American Wonder. Just wait until you hear about Ground Zero Cafe.
  10. Themes and Names: The theme of the story and the nature of our antagonists should probably impact on our name choice. Are we waging a gurillea war against the government and corporations? Ultra-Violent gangbangers? A pseudo-mystical vaugely cultish hive? All of the above? Lets hear some more character ideas and we can begin to flesh this thing out. Names and/or gimmicks are probably one of the last things we'll settle on.
  11. I'm leaning toward the Clear/Telepath option right now. A radical psi-nippon "cultural terrorist". Kind of a cross between a culturejammer (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Culture_jamming) and an independent journalist. Lots of street level contacts. Not much combat capability. I'll message the professor about maybe giving him some jury-rigged recording/broadcasting equipment as well trinity-era implements for vandalism (they've got to have come up with something more interesting then good ol' spray paint by then). If anyone is thinking of playing a character with decent Electro-K let me know. 'specilly if you're going a hackerish route. Mayhaps our characters collaborated in the past or some such thing.
  12. An anarchic gang struggling for survival while lashing out against the cruel and unyielding society that unknowingly spawned them? I'm so in.
  13. Well, with the death (or extended coma) of "Prometheans Unbound" I still gotta get my Abbie fix somehow so as of late I've been starting to work on the beginnings of something I've been wanting to run for a while. An "Aberrant (the Faction)" game. Im thinking of going for a kind of noir political/spy thriller type feel. Covert ops covers alot of territory though, which I intend to exploit. From the high-octane action of the Bond and Bourne movies to the slowly unfolding political chess games of British miniseries such as "Tinker, Tailor, Soldier Spy", "House of Cards" and "A Very British Coup". ,,Before I move any further, I'd like to judge the depth of interest for this type of game, as the number of players and the variety of characters they create impacts on the structure of the game. I intend to steal a lot of great ideas from BT, including structure (branches and chapters) and the "Create-An-NPC" type thread. So have at it, and let me know what you think. Feel free to use this thread to brainstorm ideas about characters, stories, hideouts, and anything else. The Aberrant faction has perhaps the least written about them. This provides great freedom but also creates the burden of basically creating another splat-book of history, ideology, game rules, and story-hooks.
  14. First off, watch who you're calling abnormal in polite company, please. Second, the presence of queer (used here as shorthand for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered) characters in White Wolf games is noteworthy. WW is the only gaming company I have seen so far to include queer characters in any number. This is part of the attraction of WW games to me and many other queer gamers. We like seeing ourselves reflected in the games we play, even if it is through a mirror darkly. True, the inclusion of queer themes may in part be for their shock value...but wasn't shock value and mature role playing the reason we're playing WW games in the first place? If we wanted moral absolutes and tidy theologies we'd be hacking our way through a 10foot-by-10foot stone corridor in AD&D 53rd edition (now with even more charts and tables!). Simply put, I want my role playing to be edgy, progressive and receptive to queer themes. Because so much of the rest of my life is spent dealing with the staid, conservative, and (sometimes violently) heteronormative world around me. At the very least, I can imagine the people writing the games (and getting the money I pay for them) probably wouldn't be grossed out by the sight of me and my boyfriend holding hands or begrudge us joint healthcare and hospital visitation rights. I have my quibbles with WW, of course. Every lesbian is knock-out femme, usually with incredible death dealing powers. Its chainmail bikini's for the grownups. Outside of "Montreal by Night" gay men are either victims or saints. Oftentimes, a persons queerness will be the focus of their entire character and/or personality. This actually decreases my appreciation of those characters. Andy Vance fits this mold. Hes a victim (the circumstances of his eruption) and works in one of the gayest occupations imaginable. He uses the word "fabulous" a lot. You think he is a sound concept because he has a narrative you are firmilar with (RIP Matt Shepard) and can therefore easily integrate into your worldview without too much work. Mal's queerness (I'd say hes bi...a Kinsey 4 or 5) is integrated into his character without overtaking it entirely. Also, its a refreshing change to have a gay man as a bad guy without him being a pedophile...that is to say, to have his villany dependent on his gayness. Secondly, watch who you're calling a deviant in polite company, please. Drag, S/M, and group sex (Glamora, The Master, and Tommy Orgy) may not be your cup of tea, but we've suffered quite enough from being labeled deviant and therefore somehow deserving of the hatred, bigotry, and threat of violence we face. And if T2Mites arent 'normal' enough for you I dont know what is. Im not trying to flame you Edsan. I just wanted to give you and others on the forum my view. Queer characters should not be confined to their expected roles and WW should not be derided for the few times they manage to break out of stereotypes. And by the way...gay men arent JUST tops or bottoms. Maybe Mal is versatile.
  15. ***The Meeting*** Loki swoons noticeably at the Swarm Queens kiss. It would seem not even he is immune to her charms, even after repeated exposure. He quickly regains his composure and catchers her attention before she can leave the room. "Natalya, one more thing..." he takes a deep breath, as if about to say something of vital importance to all those assembled. Instead he merely shoots her that infuriating grin of his "...Kings Bishop to G4. Checkmate in three moves. I win again". The Queen merely smiles at this and sweeps from the room without another word. ((Edited: Loki will still be shadowing Erik, weather he is asked to by Kyle or not. He reasons that the presence of two "brains" means a very deep game is being played here. Thus this mission will have (a) a high leathality quotiont and ( great potential for mischief and a chance to destabalize established power structures. In any event, he decides he needs more information and shadows the more mysterious of the brains)) ***The Party*** Loki can be found sitting with Artemis and her artists. He is smoking a marijuana cigar (a blunt) the size of a baseline child's arm. Currently his is in mid-rant, extolling the baseline artists to produce works critical of the weakened government. In the wake of the Ukrainian crisis and the destabilization of the Russian government now is the time to ferment discontent in the people. Every revolution must have its artists. Picasso and Guernica. In reality, Loki has a rather low opinion of their work. They are no Picasso's and they wont ever produce any work that will inspire a popular uprising. In his work to weaken the Russian government further following the Ukrainian crisis, however, every little bit helps. (( Loki is making use of his natural agitator enhancement to ply the artists. He is purposefully making himself the center of attention. Those not otherwise engaged cant help but be drawn into his oratory. By keeping the crowd distracted he hopes to provide the others the chance they need to do their work))
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