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  1. Thank you, but not to worry. I had planned for it and we are taking this time to actually live a little. Spend time with the kid, learn how to fight with a sword. You know the important stuff.
  2. I will have to take a look at that. I am officially un-employed now, so I have some time on my hands.
  3. Yeah, sort of lost my luster at this point. I'll keep checking in from time to time though. Hopefully he comes back and the game is successful.
  4. Was where I was going too Sky...except for the last part, which while splendid George Carlin...is awful.
  5. Basically a few powers, like dominate are triggered if the target breaks the contract. He drafts a contract that they sign, and enables the powers to function if they don't fulfil their bargain. If they do, they are not harmed and can keep any gifts and fortune...as long as they last. The actual contract is merely a thing. It was just a cool flair I thought. He has skills that make him draft real good ones. Does that help?
  6. I think its more of the former. BT has put up an impressive amount of info and thought. He has blown up the boards with stuff. While I'm excited to see my prologue and get the game rolling, I think the doomsday scenario is less likely. He probably is busy or unmotivated or blank minded and hasn't posted in a few days. These things do happen. Some slack must be issued...pressure probably is not the best medicine. I of course could be wrong, and when it is clear that I am I will edit this post to read "YEAH WHAT SKY AND COTTUS SAID" -Shade
  7. The boards are still activating their powers of smuggling distractions into our player / st lives it seems.
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