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  1. So, going off of Sprockets idea I think it's about time we set some solid standards for what we should expect from the differnt levels of Mega-Atts. As vague as they are now, it isn't unusual to see some discripancy in what is expected from any level of them most especially for the Mega Mentals. Which is why I am suggesting we band togeher as a board and get a good idea of what can be expected at differnt levels of mentals, and perhaps later come up with a solid list of stunts for differnt levels of socials. Perhaps adding a new social combat mechanic to represent those Novas that choose to involve them selfs in public life at large. Just how many lives are all but defined by the Mega Charismatic? Just how massive are the throngs that raise their head at the mention of the current Hot-Mega-App? At which point does it become inevitble that all that you strive for is ever usurped by the Mega-Manipulator in the cornor? This list of possibilities and deminsions this could add to the game are endless, and can better serve to make players remmber that there is far more to the world of Abby then seek-and-beats. Without further aduie lets get the ball rollin! Mega Intelligence Intelligence in the World of Abberant is defined as the ability for one to make intuitive leaps in trains of thought, and to better manifest the world around you in ones mind. This allows those gifted with this Mega to always remain aware of the bigger picture. Where a baseline genuise breaks down the barriers in their problems, like a train through a field of corn, a mega-int must simply take the single step across and arrive at the very least to the borders of baseline thought. This manifests as Mega smart chemists instantly aware of what is possible in the realm of matter. Where baselines spend years at a time coming up with a process to make that new hit chemical that will allow millions of lifes to be saved in the next big war thanks to sleek new fabric body armor, the Mega-Brainy Nova can do it in a matter of months, weeks, days, and to the utter horror of a few-mere minutes. Mega Brainy Novas stand to indiviudally shift the throes of whatever environment they choose to impact and will one day lead the world in a direction few today have even dared to dream of. (Keep in mind, I think Int is irrevocably twined with skills, and therefore serves to enchance and benifit them) Mega Int Stunts Mega Int 1 *Defeat a grandmaster of Chess consistently while only vaguely paying attention. *Correctly discern the location of all enimies on a given field, if given a proper layout of the land, and the resources at the disposal of those your tracking. *Correctly discern the Flaws in modern day physics. (In other words, "I can make new kinds of bombs that utterly snigger in the face of the limitations thought of by modern man") *You can now do adding, subracting, multiplication, division, instantenously in your head no matter how complex the numbers. *All literature that you can atleast comprehend is understood second-naturedly. (I can read, and correctly repeat the morning news-paper) *Can rightly claim that Stephen Hawkings, J.K Rowling, or any other famous authors latest publishing "Shallow and Pedantic" *Skills can be learned in a manner of weeks where it takes Baselines months. "Some Mega-Jock dunked on me infront of a crowd, I go out and memorize and apply everything man knows about basketball to clown this foo with my supperior skills. Equally valid is mastering biology, or surgery.) *Correctly discern the most ideal places for traps to be placed, in any structure the brain has some image of (Whether through memory, schematics, etc.) . (Assuming the subterfuge skill) I wouild like to make a list of atleast 20 per a level, please feel free to submit your opinion, contributions, or arguments if you see fit.
  2. Is there any chance of a stunt list for Stam and Dex? (How about the other Mega Stats? Perhaps a community project is in order. Be a great way to maybe get some work going with N-Prime, White-Wolf remnants, and any other of the remaining cults to this game.)
  3. How about introducing the idea of stunting to Abby, from the Exalted and Scion line? I mean it sounds reasonable that if the thing of Quantum is it's infinite power, and it's ultimately unionized existence with it's respective Nova might allow the idea of "Quantum lets Nova's regularly do things that should absolutly not be fucking possible simply by virtue of their will." (I know that the Players guide sorta phased over it, but it seems like it has a lot more potential than RP'er fiat) Could also serve as another big reason for the whole Ab v Monkey conflict. How does it look when an otherwise ordinary man sits down to a table and basically eats enough to feed a small village. I mean most people eat until they've had their fill whether their actually "full" or not. What does that mean for Nova's with even the slightest bit of mega-stam? Do a pack of Nova buddies who all have high Mega Stam sit in resteraunts all day living it up while eating a neighborhoods supply of food in a week? "These Nova's are parasites. SOMEDAY THEY'LL EAT US OUT OF HOUSE AND HOME---OR PUT US IN THE FIELDS!" Or when Spider-Freak jumps 50 stories out of a building and catches a lamp-post without ripping his arms off, that HAS to stick in the craw of most scientists, and the vast majority of the knowledgeable. Or that super-sexy Nova Schlong-Dongg with the 18 inch Dong-O-Terror and enough Mega-App to make virtually any woman fawn after him, what happens when he inadvertently steals away with half of the women in their little town and the worst part in the eyes of the men-folk? The women aren't even rupturing or being torn asunder for their infidelity with that magnificent freak meat! Think about it, modern-day Pans roaming the mid-west with Tens of thousands of Followers. Thousands of men divorcing their wifes, and giving their every resource for the sake to worship eternally at the feet of the mighty All-Woman. Finally what happens when some young kid jumps out of the window to catch a branch and snap his neck because "They can do it!" That could be a fun way to introduce earlier beats of Abby-War with Nova restrictions, and bans, and such. My point is, stunt offers an explanation beyond "It just does", and at the same time could offer a lot to the story. And it's a pretty cool way to do combat in any environ social, academic, or physical. Granting dye based on vividness, creativity, and coolness of the description.
  4. This might help. Modern day weight chart It was designed with white-wolfs God game Scion in mind. Which system for mega---errr, epic attributes is pretty much a souped up, cleaner version of Abberants...But without all the hyperbole.
  5. I do not suppose you need anymore assistance with this particular project? I got a bit more time as of late and would love to get involved in a project like this.
  6. For some reason while watching an episode of Cartoon Networks hit series Deathklok Aberrant creep ed into my mind when the series protagonists, a group of death metal R.O.C.K stars with a pension for causing destruction, mayhem, and upheaval where ever they travel despite their genuine and general antipathy for anything and everything not having to do with them or their metal. The economy of the world is literally based upon how much music these guys sell, their every effort to appear humanitarian (And this of course is only when not to do so would cost them money, or tax-cuts) ends in catastrophe for all involved but themselves, from unleashing an endless horde of starving, horny, angry kittens upon an island for the severely deformed and retarded. To get the band to perform again to save the world market, ended with hundreds of countries donating the worst prisoners from every nook and cranny of the world to be used in a live performance piece where the band executed the prisoners with their own outlandish methods--However it all goes horribly wrong when these millions of prisoners, the most hardened, brutal rapists, predators, murders, beyond words---Mens whose countries had long since given up on, and condemened them to death---Were set free by accident into the American wilderness...And the World smiled and thanked deathklok for the contribution. I was wondering if this would be a good example of what really high Mega-Soc's can do? And if not, what do you guys think the limitations are? Also, I have been wondering for a character I wanna play if I can get another Abby game going; I want him to have high Mega Soc's, Ugliness, positive Charisma, and Manipulation. I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on how such a being would interact with the world of Abby?
  7. But heres the thing...Jesus and other prophets, died. Theres really no reason to expect a Hero, especially on the large scale, or even a supervillian acting in the macrel scale to die, or even be hindered by much. They are just too big, monsters that can disintegrate everything within a three mile radius, outer-things that should not exist with the capacities to think hundreds of steps ahead of any opponent that collects it's massive perceptions, Creatures so beautiful that to look upon them is to know absolute fealty and love, vicious demons that can talk you into literally burning your life away on the pyre of sacrifice!I could go on and on and on. Hell, one powerful psychic based hero could probaby keep control of a 1'st world government, and except for other nova's or just plain cockiness on his part he can probably pull off violating any sense of true democracy for as long as it he remains top dog. My point in all of this, is supers are probably very capable of keeping their hand on the ball as long as they keep their numbers up, and stay atleast half-way sane. Sure not every supe is likely to be Machiavelli and Superman's lub child, but there really doesn't need to be more than a few operating to usurp humanities "Free will" and fuck everything up.
  8. Hrrrmmmm...ya, Q5 maximum Feel free to use non-core powers (Like from the Abberant Fan Companion, Teragon, etc.)
  9. Though with the allotted amount of Nova points, curious to see what people come up with. 100-NP 250-NP 500-NP
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