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  1. Extra for Matter Creation or Molecular Alteration technique of Molecular Manipulation (possibly the Quantum Conception power from A Breed Apart as well as any other power that requires the expenditure of perm will to make something permanent) Permanency (Min Quantum 6) System: Allows the Nova to make objects or alterations permanent more easily. Instead of a point of permanent willpower, at Q6 the Nova spends three temporary willpower points to make it permanent, at Q8 spend two temporary willpower points and at Q10 spend a single temporary willpower point.
  2. The links lead to dead GeoCities webpages. Would it be possible for you to re-upload them?
  3. Here are a few Extra's - Psychic Projection (for ESP) Extra allows certain powers, primarily mental or sensory powers, to be used at the ESP viewpoint as if the Nova was there. It can be used to channel area powers, like Holo or Animal/Plant control, or single target powers like Mirage or Empathic Manipulation, but not direct effect powers like Disintegrate or Quantum Blast. Fast Scan (For ESP) PreReq: Far Scan Nova only takes one minute to be able to set up a viewpoint, regardless of distance from the Nova, and has a plus two added to the difficulty, regardless of distance. Target finder (For ESP) This extra allows a Nova to find a certain person with their powers with relative ease. Someone that the Nova knows very well, such as a family member, a best friend or a lover can be found with no difficulty, and they can project their consciousness to that person’s location with ease. Someone that is known by the Nova but not on a personal level, such as a movie star or the friend of a friend adds one to the difficulty roll and someone who the Nova really doesn’t know except in vague detail, like by reading up someone’s medical or legal history or knowing something of note that person did, adds another one to the difficulty.
  4. Seems like a cool idea but I have a pair of questions. The Warp Graft, what are the mechanics behind its use? And since it's a permenent level 5 gadget, does it get the recharge of one point per hour for free, or can it only be recharged from the Nova's own pool, or can it be bought as a special level 6 gadget to get the recharge?
  5. Okay, here's a tentative Body Mod version Body Modification – Anima Object A nova with this power has objects that are incorporated into their Quantum signature. The cost of the objects is dependent upon the size of the object being incorporated ● 1NP/3XP - objects must be of relatively small size (a handgun, a long-bladed knife, a PDA, etc) ● 2NP/6XP - the objects can be midsized objects (a sword, a rifle, a laptop, etc.) ● 3NP/9XP - the objects can be large (a car, a small Cessna type plane, a small speed boat, etc.) ● 4NP/12XP – the objects can be huge (a small jetliner, a yacht, a diesel powered submarine, etc.) ● 5NP/16XP - the objects size can be astounding (a jumbo jet, a cruise liner, a battleship, etc.: larger objects could be possible with Storyteller approval.). When the object runs out of something (gasoline, ammo, power, etc.) or is damaged in some way, the Nova can pay quantum equal to the NP of the objects size to fill or repair it. And here's an update of the Level One power version
  6. This power is based off of a power one of my old gaming buddies had found on the net. We modified it for the game we were starting up at the time, but didn't get much playtesting of it done as that game only lasted for about six sessions. I don't know who the original idea came from and the site we got it from was taken down a couple of years ago. Here's our version, and I'll add more from my old gaming group later... Anima Object Level: 1 Quantum: 2 Dice Pool: N/A Range: (Quantum + Anima Object) x 10 Meters Area: 1 Object Duration: Permanent Effect: The character has small objects of anima that they can summon and dismiss at will. Multiple Actions: Yes Description: A nova with this power has objects that are incorporated into their Quantum signature. They can have as many different objects as they do have dots in this power. The size of the objects possible is dependent upon the Novas Quantum rating; at Q2 the objects must be of relatively small size (a handgun, a long-bladed knife, a PDA, etc), at Q4 the objects can be midsized objects (a sword, a rifle, a laptop, etc.), at Q6 the objects can be large (a car, a small Cessna type plane, a small speed boat, etc.), at Q8 they can be huge (a small jetliner, a yacht, a diesel powered submarine, etc.), and at Q10 the size can be astounding (a jumbo jet, a cruise liner, a battleship, etc.: larger objects could be possible with Storyteller approval.). They can call such objects to their hands at will. The objects will behave in all ways normally except that they have unlimited usage (I.E A gun never runs out of bullets, a PDA has a seemingly limitless amount of RAM and Battery power.) Objects can be dismissed as easily as they can be summoned. The object is continuous from summoning to summoning (I.E. a pocket organizer summoned on Monday, then has an appointment entered into it, it is then dismissed, when it is again called forth on Wednesday the appointment remains.) however any damage is automatically repaired each time it is summoned. The objects in all other ways are normal and can be used freely to perform there functions (Knives can be thrown, guns can be fired, ropes used to climb, etc…). If an object and the nova are separated by more distance than the range of the power the object automatically dismisses. Normally an object requires no quantum pool to summon or dismiss, however the character can have multiple copies of the same object in existence so long as they are willing to pay one quantum pool to create each one beyond the first. (Once created they last until dismissed or the nova moves out of range.) The nova can have no more objects in existence at one time than they have dots in this power. Extras: Permanency (The nova pays three quantum points for additional objects beyond the first, but they are permanent and do not fade if the nova moves out of range, they can however still be dismissed and do count against the total number of objects allowed), Multiple Items Incorporated (Each purchase of this extra gives the Nova three items per dot incorporated into their Quantum signature.), Multiple Items Manifested (Gives the Nova a dice pool of Anima Object + Stamina, the Nova can have as many items in existence as dots in dice pool + successes. Each additional level of this extra purchased grants an additional + dice pool amount of objects that can be in existence) Weaknesses: Finite (1 point, the object must be recharged, reloaded, etc as normal); Fragile (2 point the object is not automatically repairing and must be repaired normally if damaged.)
  7. No. ::laugh I only gave it a quick look over as I don't have much time at the moment buy it seems to be good. I really like the 'MacGuyvering It' section. But in the Gadget Quick-Reference chart, you have the listing for level four & five powers, but not for the minimum base quantum that would be required for them. Or did I miss that in another part of the guide?
  8. Good idea for powers that have already have an area, but what of powers like Q-Bolt and Disintegrate that don't have an area. I was trying to make an upgrade of MIRV. But looking at my prerequisites, I don't think I made it high enough. So for making a non area attack do this, should I make MIRV the PreReq, up the Q-Min or should it be that you select the Area extra then choose Selective?
  9. O.K., I'll drop it here and bring it up with Blue Thunder should he show up again. Just a quick explanation before I put this on the back burner... The reason that I wrote it up to effect anyone is that in the Teragen sourcebook it's hinted at that Narcosis attraction worked on even Divis Mal, who's gay and has a partner (if not actually in love with) in the form of Scripture, and since he's got Psychic Shield it would probably best be explained that she either has Empathic Manipulation or a very high Mega-Charisma if not both, rather than Domination or Hypnosis. So I wrote that up to kind of reflect that. At least that's how it makes sense in my mind. That's a good point, since things like Empathic Manipulation, and the Look of Love enhancement Sprocket wrote up (at least I think thats the right one, can't look it up as my copy of Forceful Personalities is burned on a disk and not on my hard drive at the moment) have such a variable effect. I'll work on it to include such a variable effect and try to have a workable Enhancement for the possible future supplement of Blue Thunder's. How 'bout this for a one or two dot Mega-Charisma mini-feat... - be able to usurp a influential politicians or business executives or a pop-culture icons reservations at an exclusive restaurant just by showing up and having a few choice words and a smile. ... or would that be better as Mega-Manipulation?
  10. Not sure if this should go here or not as it's an extra rather than power or enhancement. It's also a work-in-progress so let me know what you think. Full Power MIRV PreReq: Quantum 4 Nova can target multiple individuals/targets with the same attack/power, and have it inflict its full dice pool, but takes 4 levels of unsoakable bashing damage due to the strain placed on the Node. If the nova chooses to have all the targets hit with only half the full dice pool the damage is reduced to 2 unsoakable bashing.
  11. When I said feat, I was referring to the mini-charts and not saying it should be an enhancement. Sorry about the confusion. IIRC, there already is an enhancement like that in Forceful Personalities. The reason that I wrote it up for a mini-chart was that mega-attribute enhancements are things you pay quantum for and it generally happens with minimum role-playing (AKA with seductive, the Nova gains three auto-successes and if combined with seductive looks that makes a total of six auto-successes, which is enough to get pretty much any baseline and get a number of Novas with out any additional roles or much role-playing necessary) where as straight up mega-attributes require some amount of role-play before you roll. Here's my shot at a mini-chart for it... Mega-Charisma • 4 Dots - Seduce anyone regardless of their prior commitment, social/cultural/religious mores or their gender and sexual orientation I recall that someone mentioned that Blue Thunder asked for contributers to his e-book project, should he return point him in my direction if I don't see his return, as I have a small (very small) number of thing some gaming buddies and I came up with that might make a good addition to his e-book.
  12. I thought that only naturally occurring psions emerging after the Venezuelan event would have access to all the aptitudes and that tank dunked would still be limited to a specific aptitude.
  13. - Seduce anyone regardless of their gender and sexual orientation The Players Guide seems to possibly hint that some Novas can possibly influence a person into choosing something that could be considered out-of-character for the victim (QNA section, pg. 180). I'm not sure if that would be a M-Charisma or M-Manipulation feat though, as I can see arguments for both ways. M-Cha - Enhanced force of personality and charisma to get people to want you M-Man - Enhanced Manipulation skills to get them to desire you even if you are the wrong type ::confused Thoughts on the matter and if it might make a good feat?
  14. How about strains of flesh eating virusus, such as Necrotizing Fasciitis, and types of flesh eating fungi? Flesh eating virusus can be lethal in as little as twelve hours and there's a type of flesh eating fungus that, while affecting less than a thousand people a year (if memory servers correctly) but is lethal to more than 99% of people affected. If these were turned into bio-weapons for the game, they would be rather nasty I would think. Especially if the fungi one could be made more transmissible. And I remember Blue Thunder making a post to that effect back when I first showed up in '06. Even though I lurked for the course of a year, I never noticed that he had left. If he does show up again, I'll see if he would be up to a collaborative project.
  15. I was just wondering about that, since, as metaphysician pointed out, there are ways to overwork yourself to death. What initially made me think about that was an old webcomic where one of the minor characters who was always getting the short end of the stick in life ended up with a woman who was always on. At first he was always bragging about being with a woman who always wanted him and only him, but as the comic went on, he realized how much of a double edged sword it was, and she wouldn't take no for an answer, ever, and after five months of this storyline, he was killed from overwork and exhaustion. I was just thinking that a Nova with the right enhancments and powers would be able to force a partner to willingly continue to engage in such activities long after they would normally say enough, and force them to work themselves beyond exhaustion. Another question along a similar vein is what happens when a dynamo man and dynamo woman with different levels of M-Sta hook up. In an earlier post it was suggested that a baseline woman could do what a dynamo man could do at M-Sta 2. So my question would be what would happen when a M-Sta 2 dynamo woman hooks up with a M-Sta 4 or 5 dynamo man? Would the normal 'whoever has the highest mega attribute generally wins' or since woman have a natural advantage in this aspect, the higher M-Sta man would be considered an equal to the lower M-Sta woman and they would be able to satisfy each other? Could you please expand upon how you see it as a form of Poison. If it was a form of quantum power, I would think that it would more likely be Quantum Vampire that steals health levels and with either a weakness or abberation that the power could only be used during intercourse. Sorry if my last few posts seem to be of a rather sexual bent, but I'm curious.
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