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  1. Oh, all the PCs had a very large mastery of Q1-5 powers, in addition to the ubercosmictitangod stuff. --the above-mentioned matter creator had a lot of enhancements and, I recall, several bodymods NB
  2. Perhaps the genetic flexibility of the Coalition is a very, very specific and entirely unconscious version of Biokinesis, thus "locking" them into one psionic archtype? Consider the Qin; the Doyen would've preferred the Qin as anti-Aberrant soldiers, but learnt quickly that Qin had reached a psionic endpoint, evolutionarily. Maybe this has happened to the Coalition! And yes, The Colony and its Aberrants've actually mated with Coalition breeders. It flat-out states that in Alien Encounter: Deception. Quite a few furies are descendents of The Colony; this was done on purpose, as The Colony has power over its progeny. Hence, all the Coalition breeders're really doing is creating a new species of sub-Aberrant mutant to fill out their corps of soldiers. --so far, all the Coalition has managed to get is a highly Tainted sub-Aberrant phyle NB
  3. Oh, on average, the group's PCs had Quantum 8-10 with a whole bagfull of powers at ridiculously high levels. I had a Matter Creator with Matter Chameleon at 6, Matter Creation at 6, as well as Creation ex Nihilo at 4, with the proper levels of Mega-Intelligence and the proper enhancements to be the ultimate inventor. Eufiber? Fah! He built an entire planet-encircling orbital defense battery for Eden, on a whim. -- NB
  4. Over at RPG.net, I once ran a Play-by-Post game wherein the PCs where 300 nova-point novas, from Eden (in the Trinity era), who were sent on a diplomatic mission to consolidate ties with Aeon and the psi orders. It was set right after the events of Alien Encounter: Deception. I set no Quantum limit, and, well, the characters were....just fucking insanely powerful. --God only knows what they'd've looked like had I handed out 500 nova points NB
  5. As we've discovered, Coalition breeders've been unable to create true Coalition psion hybrids or Aberrant hybrids. Even the fury phyle is really just made of deformed, psychotic monsters without actual Quantum powers or Mega-Attribute/enhancements. And as for psychic hybrids, there's been even less success than that! Why is this? Why can't the Coalition gain acess to paranormal abilities? Is the DNA sequence that causes Aberrants, psions and the Inspired simply too unique to the Human species to ever be stolen by the Coalition? Or is it just that the Coalition needs more time to examine the Aberrant and psion DNA they've acquired thus far? And furthermore, have any of you used furies in your campaigns? And if so, how similar to Aberrants did you make them? --this is something that intrigues me greatly NB
  6. Now I have read all the setting material, mwuahahahahahahahaha! Actually, this would make a rather excellent RPG supplement detailing Kantzu Lu Ge on its own merits. --so, was Lonestar ever published? NB
  7. Now it is mine, mwahahahahaha! --I'll start reading it in less than an hour from now NB
  8. I'm a gay man, so please bear that in mind as I ask my question. I'm not a homophobe, nor am I attempting to mock my fellow homosexuals, so everyone calm down. My question is this: Who is the top in the Divis Mal/Jeremiah Scripture relationship? Who is the bottom? It might not be as clear-cut as you'd like to think. In The Authority, Apollo is much more powerful than the Midnighter, yet clearly Midnighter is the top in the relationship. --I know, I know, totally inappropriate question, but hey, as a gay man, I'm curious NB
  9. Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes, Trinity: Battleground willbe mine! --mine oh mine oh mine! NB
  10. ......and what would you do with the Doyen? White Wolf was obviously setting that species up to be the next Cosmic Menace, after the combined aberrant/Coalition force had been dealt with. --maybe the Doyen have biotech that rivals low-end nova abilities NB
  11. I'd say The Colony wants both the Coalition and Humanity for its own purposes. Remember The Colony doesn't want Earth for sentimental reasons: It wants Earth because of Humanity, to use as breeding stock for aberrant and sub-aberrant servitors. This isn't an invasion, so much as a joint rape attempt. And the Coalition's breeders can breed with novas, thus giving The Colony yet more breeding stock! --I'd say both the Coalition and Humanity are equally ****ed, if The Colony wins; the Coalition just doesn't know it NB
  12. Right before the three Aeonverse lines collapses, staggered back in d20 format, then died completely, the metaplot had manuevered things so that the Coalition/aberrant invasion of Earth was only a few supplements/modules away. Earth had its allies: The novas of Eden, the Qin, the psi orders, and then, towards the end, the Chromatics, plus, the Upeo wa Macho had returned. Earth had jumpships, teleporters, novas, and potent alien allies. Plus, Event 418 had occured, gifting Inspiration to Qin, the Coalition, and humanity once more. Arrayed against them were a race of super-tech aliens and cosmic Mythos-esque aberrants. We were only likely a module trilogy away from The Big Event.... ....but sadly, it never happened. So, I ask the Aeonverse fans of Eononline.net how you would run The Big Invasion, or how you did run it, if you've already done so. I still have plans on running a 3 generation Aeonverse epic (one campaign using Adventure!, one using Aberrant, and the final one using Trinity), and the invasion will be the capstone to the epic. --so, what would you have done, if you were in charge of the Trinity line? NB
  13. Suppose the war between the Coalition/Colony and Earth and its allies ends in Earth victory. The Colony's aberrant, I'd imagine, will get shuttled off to some prison-world by the novas of Eden, kept under lock and key by gods equal to them in power. But what of the Coalition? Obviously, the Coalition is terrifying by human standards. They perpetuate themselves by rape. They've moved across the galaxy like sexual locusts, raping entire worlds dry, and then leaving the smouldering ruins to re-grow....IF possible. They are a species of hentai tentacle-monsters, and no human, after such a war, will ever forget that. Would peace be possible between the defeated Coalition and humanity? Would the breeders be annihilated, leaving the servitors to live on their own (if they can live on their own)? Would the breeders be left alive, but kept under strict quarantine, and allowed only willing human partners for genetic "sampling"? Or would the Edenites take them away, too? --remember the general horror of what the Coalition represents before answering NB
  14. Indeed. Once they were done raping them as a species, they zipped off towards Earth at FTL speeds, leaving the Erebans a broken, shattered people. --I wonder how they feel 'bout their Goddess now, now that she's abandoned them? NB
  15. Does it have any news powers, novatech, or Mega-Attribute enhancements in it? --me likey new crunch NB
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