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  1. DeeCee. Some people may call it Washington D.C. Some people may even change the "D.C." to the district of Columbia. But I grew up in DeeCee,and if you haven't been here,and seen the power brokers at work. I could tell you the great wonders,and the hidden places,but that is not what this thread is about. It is about where we are from and for me, that is DeeCee. Or is this thread about our ansetors?As I can trace my blood line back to a few nations.
  2. You would be amazed how much free time can go into work.Yes, you can go onto a site wile on a plane, but you can also flush out reports, go over back dated projects. I know someone who is much like Preston, and believe me, not one of her cases,or projects are closed until every detail is filed away.
  3. He is serving time in the big D, witch is part of the federal law enforcement. As the FBI,and CIA and a few other US based groups work with the directive.
  4. WHere I live if you get up to 100, you will swear that hell has commeth.I live by the pasific and when it gets hot it gets hummid.
  5. Starting the Sum Zero game One, the Trail of Frank Wilson was in Cambridge. He pleaded Guilty for 3 counts of man2, and perjury. He was sent too 24 year in Siberia, on the count that the state had no facility that could possibly hold him The Judge was Thomas, J. Clark. He is in his mid 50's,and respected for his views among his peers. Anne Baby was never seen in the court room,nor in the city. She is Clark Lawyer and drafted his will. She is not in it for anything of obvious value.
  6. The coffee house small, dark and full. It was nearly silent. Only one person was talking, her voice was low but it carried threw the whole room. Those light words plucking at the strings of hearts, as they were a harp. But this speaker wasn't a normal person. Her talents could be harmful, if she wasn't careful. She could play those harps too hard. She was behind a screen that covered her, and the light pointing at her causing a black and white ghost of herself She enjoyed the feeling that no one really knew who she was. She they would try to guess, and some bay be right, but they in the end didn't know. "We all need to closer. We need endings. We as people will forgive people's actions if they end their lives with a heroic dead. People with throw heroes to the ground for the smallest of mistakes. But at the same time people live their lives as if they will see the next day. Then the next month. The next year. Hell the next decade. People think that they will live forever and are shocked when they don’t. They think they can get angry, upset, hate and fight each other, because they will have time to make up. When they make up, they will make a stronger bond. But some times. Just some times…" She stopped. Smiling as she stood up, leaving the crowd wanting more. It was part of the poem. She was glad when she left the stage, and sorry for whoever was next. That is if there was another person to go up on stage. But she didn’t have time to think about such things long, as on time her phone rang. In a soft voice. “Are you using the phone I gave, good friend?” The answer was clear, and calm, as a man talked with his deep tone. “Yes, counsel. The medicine you have given me has really helps. At least it helps me hide what is inside me, but as you know I am still tired. This was my last fight. I am sad to say that I am going to have to go to bed soon.” She gave smile, even though she knew he couldn’t see it. It was a half smile, and somewhat a force of habit. She was sorry that he was going to die. But that is why he made his last move. “I know. I know all to well, but some things never change. On to the good news I hear you are sending Wilson away for 24 years. People over look perjury all the time. I know your hands were tied about the deaths, but 24 years in Siberia will make for a good start.” Clearing his throat. “And I wish I stood up for something when I was younger.” Answering softly. “You have clout now, your few words so well spoken will send the message to those who count in a far more loud than ten thoused marching children ever will.”
  7. I know where you are coming from. i have had to put up with many of the same things. I solved most of my problems by going out and starting my own company and dealing with people in ways that were less personal, or in places that game me the control over the conduct.
  8. Art and entertainment are not the same thing. Art and emotions are not the same thing.
  9. I hope you two enjoy your stay,and learn from those who cam before you. i would hate to see history repeating in a bad way.
  10. I would have to say that Movies never really did much for me. I do enjoy them,but they seem to be a flawed form of art. I do greatly enjoy books. I just finished reading a rather interesting one, Spirits in the Wires. I would have to say that those who haven't read it, should.
  11. Quote:Originally posted by Neil Preston: I gotta agree with the clueless part, Tarot. You really seem to be ... Tarot, if you ever want to not be noticed as a nova, can you? Or, for that matter, been confused for another beautiful, talented nova? Every second of every day, Totem is Totem and recognizably so. He doesn't enjoy the options left open for the rest of us "normal"-looking novas. Spend a few days walking with him and watching the inadvertent fear in people's eyes as he goes by. Deal with the reality that with his size and appearance there are places he can't go to anymore. People look at me (and if I'm recognized) and are pleased as punch to see me. I'm the nova healer. They see Totem and you can see the ones who are terrified that he might be hungry. Its a whole different world with an entirely different set of problems. Oh, Neal you see one nova that doesn't look human act like he looks,and so all novas must do so? I have seen what he is capable of doing when he losses his temper,and I have seen him do so more than once. But wait, he is not human looking,and there are places and things he can't go or do. Well, I do not look like a beast, but I do not look human either. I can't go many places either. I can't do many things either.I have to say that my life hasn't been the best either. I just tend not to put myself up on a cross because I am treated the way I act. Neal, Totem may well be blowing hot air.You may well be protecting your friend. I do not really know either of you well enough to make that call, but I can tell you that Totem has problems. He needs to deal with them,and if needs be I will do what I said I would.
  12. So you have been hit twice,and you think your threaten them will make it stop.You have used the law, and haven't seen the effects? Maybe because the best laid plans are often ones that go unnoticed. I have done my best to make sure that the busts have gone under the radar and in as low profiles. Mainly to not let them use the media as a weapon. If you go out killing them, who do you think the media will shine the heroic spot light on? You,or the mourning relatives of the people you killed? I have been put into a coma,and had good friends killed by these people.I have had the ability to kill more than one,and frankly I find the idea of doing what they do sickening. You want to play their game, I will not,and can not stop you. But I can sure as hell give you reasons not to. So if you want to go play "hero", I will go play lawyer.
  13. Well, so be it Totem, but remember this, that I have more love of life than you. I do not want the world to turn into a Gaza Strip,and believe me when I say this if enough novas act like you,then the whole world will know what it is like to live in the Gaza Strip. Do you really hate them enough to risk the lives f those you love? By the way, I here by point out that, you better pay your last visits to your friends,family and any prosperity that you can't carry with you. Because once you go down that path, their will be no reset button. As for protecting people, you are damned right I am. I am protecting my friends,my employees, and the fundamental idea of freedom. What are you doing? Becoming a terrorist. You are giving those you seek to destroy more reasons to hate you. You are not stopping the war,the death,the pain.You are spreading the war.You are rubbing salt into the wound. Mark my word, for every COMA you kill, 10 more people will take their place. And Tarot, fanatics are all to comon amoung novas. You will have to suffer for their mistakes,and I am sorry. I wish I could do more, but I have so many things to do.
  14. Quote:Originally posted by Bandwidth: Quote:Originally posted by Totem: Please Baby. What are you going to do? destroy my credit record? Seize my property? Have arrest warrants issued for me? Like any of that really matters to me. All of it is just a thin blindfold of civilization most people wish to live behind to protect them from the hard truths. Not that it will likely happen that way, but if any of those things happen...let me know, I'll fix it for you...easily And what would you do Mister Bandwidth, when his money is legally siezed by international law enforcement? Would you risk 20 years in the forzen waste for him?
  15. Well, first you get a big rock in space. Add a team of novas who can live in space, preferably one that can warp,and another that can make big holes in rocks. Add in some air tight building,and after those costs it shouldn't cost any more than a Ocean liner. So, do you happen to have roughly one billion laying around?
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