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  1. It is an idea proposed here. It is in the section labeled Schrödinger's Max.
  2. I think I have a solution for Max providing the Prometheus Chambers and bio-tech in general. Divis gives the technology to Max. Here's my reasoning. The technology is very advanced when it is introduced. To me this means only two explanations after I eliminate the time traveling paradoxical one. Either the tech is alien in nature or it was created by a super genius. Since I ruled out the Doyen already, that just leaves the genius. Who fits that bill better than a mega-intelligent nova? Now, I'm not implying that Divis made the tech himself even though that is a very possible reality. I figure that there were enough hyper intelligent novas to come up with the possibility of bio-ware and the tanks. In my scenario Divis even guided these novas in the direction of Psi research. He had always been aware of the effects of the Hammersmith accident. In addition to experimenting with Quantum effects, he also dabbled with Psi. Why give the knowledge to Max? Simple. Divis still harbors deep rooted feelings of homosexual adoration for the man. Divis's nova experiment on humanity failed. He decided it was best to take his project into another dimension that he created himself. Before he left, he handed over what Psi research he had to Max, knowing that Max would most likely use it to prepare humanity for the possible return of taint ridden novas. I figure the two men still kept in contact in some way or another. Sure, they may have been enemies, but I get the impression that they still respected each other. Divis sees the gift as throwing a bone to poor Max. What do you think? I still would like to incorporate Process 418 into my new version of the metaplot. I like the idea that the Pai de Norca recreates the Hammersmith accident on a larger scale to purge the Doyen, but with unintended consequences. I also like the tidbit from the Trinity Storyteller's Guide that explains Max's time jumping to the event and getting split in the timestream. I just need to decide what kind of impact that would have. Any ideas?
  3. This is what I don't like about time traveling. For instance, when Max was first exposed to "Z-Rays" at the Hammersmith event he traveled to the future and met himself as an older man. This older Max taught the younger Max how to use his powers. So it goes like this: Max travels to the future to learn how to use his powers so he can teach it to his younger self when he is older, and repeat. So Max can just hop around the time stream and take whatever tidbits he wants back into the past so that they will be there in the future. I don't like! Maybe if it is explained by jumping to alternate time streams that have different histories. I had always thought of giving all humans access to the dramatic alteration effects in Adventure, albeit a very mild form of it. It sounded cool at first, giving humans the power to shape their own destinies or something. I just never settled on it.
  4. I'm going to paint Daredevils the same color Andrew mentioned in an interview which was posted on NPrime. Unfortunately I can't link it because that sight is down right now. Daredevils are just really lucky or very skilled normal human beings that do amazing things. They just happen to be in the right place at the right time and roll the right numbers to get recorded in the history books. Max is not a Daredevil in my version. He is a psi user. Certain material about daredevils and Process 418 in Terra Verde will be ignored in my version. Superiors will be genetically engineered, cybernetic, super soldier creations. Japan still has quantum using novas that have control of their taint [for now!]. I remember reading in canon that the human genome data was lost in the Aberrant war and that genetic tampering was discouraged after the recovery. Japan has been exempt from this forced science ban and their novas have been secretly researching germline engineering all that time. They have discovered a way to determine if a human is latent. Latents can become psi or quantum users, and once they become one they can't become another. Does anyone remember a reference [and where] in Trinity that mentions the genome data is still floating around in pieces and might be recovered? Maybe Aeon still has it in their Babel Dossier. I still like the idea of Max using gyre surfing to see the future instead of time travel. Although, the possibility of him bouncing into the Venezuelan event and getting split is interesting. It seems to me that Max is really messed up. He must be totally confused and probably bat shit insane. Mal seems to have the same insanity problems but in a different way. Maybe I can go with a "power corrupts" theme and make them both complete failures due to their mental instabilities. Mal failed and had to take his project into another dimension. Max's benevolent Aeon Society has turned into a black ops operation that humanity would wholly disapprove of if they ever found out. If I do take away the Doyen's gift of the tanks to the proxies and give it to Max, how would I explain the tanks and biotech in general? I think it stated in canon that the Doyen taught the proxies about biotech and that is why it is so prevalent in Trinity.
  5. So I recently went back and reread all the material I could find about the Trinity metaplot. The reason being is that I am trying to salvage my enthusiasm for designing a campaign. I love Trinity, but a few things always bugged me. 1- Mercer's Time Traveling: Why is it that Mercer is the only individual in the whole setting to be blessed with this ability. He obviously uses it to make plans for the future by preparing himself and others in the past. These manipulations have a direct effect to the way history plays out. I do think that Mercer finds it very difficult to accomplish his goals when utilizing his time traveling methods, and that his plans don't always turn out the way he wants them to, but he still has a dramatic effect. What are the odds that another person who gets similar powers from any available source becomes capable of the same thing. I know, I know. Its for the integrity of the story. I might as well ask that the ability to time travel at all is completely banned, but this denial could only be explained by a writer's difficulty to make his or her story work. I believe that when you delve into the theoretical science of the genres, you just have to include time travel. So I'm left with a conundrum. I don't like that Mercer is the only character in canon jumping around messing with the continuum, but I can't bring myself to omit the possibility from my view of the plot. 2- All Those Morphs: I get confused. Who is an eximorph, when do psiads appear, and just what the hell are daredevils? There's telluric energy, psi particles, quantum forces, and taint radiation. Just how are they supposed to all interact? I believe most of this confusion is due to the fact that several writer's had their hand in the pot, and the story somewhat evolved over its history. I seem to prefer the original ideas and wish I knew what Andrew's desires were for the direction of the story regarding these aspects. Bruce's influence seems to have taken all possibilities and thrown them together. Unfortunately we didn't get a chance to see it played out. Perhaps if I had I would be pleased with the result. I'm sure there were many other creative minds that changed the integrity of the story at various points. The beauty of the Storyteller privilege is that you can write and rewrite whatever you want. I just need it to make sense for me and for my players. 3- Damn Doyen: These bastards screw everything up! To top it all off they are complete wimps! I do feel these aliens deserve a place in the plot, but I don't like how much power they actually have. The proxies are subject to their every whim. Why don't the Doyen just possess them all and get 'er done?! They just seem to make dumb decisions. Maybe because humans are so alien to them they can't completely comprehend the human condition enough to adequately anticipate all the crazy things humans will do. I'm trying to redesign the metaplot in a way that addresses these problem I have with it. I am going to express some ideas here and see what everyone thinks. I would need to know how a seemingly minor change would affect the rest of the story. Since the story of Trinity is so frickin' huge, I need help. First of all I want to simplify and clarify what energy provides what powers and how these energies interact with each other while still maintaining many of the cool elements provided in the canon. In my view there are only two types of power providing energy; psi and quantum. The Adventure! reference to telluric or "z-ray" energy was just that era's explanation for those energies. Max got the psi end of the spectrum while Mal got the quantum. Mal's development can progress unchanged, but this leaves's Mercer's abilities in need of some explaining. Currently there is no canon mechanics for psi to allow for time travel. I do think that time manipulation is within the realm of psi use and I even think there is some home brew aptitudes around. I have even toyed with the idea that Max doesn't get the power to time travel, he just becomes a very powerful precognitiant. He sees the future and adjusts the present to compensate. He spends so much time gyre surfing that he isn't able to completely oversee his plans in the present resulting in them not being as effective as he would like. Should I include the Process 418 block I might need to explain how Max adjusts for that as well. Either way, I like the idea of the two rivals getting each side of the coin so to speak. With just psi and quantum flowing about, the possibility of all those morphs becomes simplified. There are psions and there are novas. I would still have differing degrees of these two types. Some would be naturally occurring, without the need of a tank for instance. Some might be able to use their energy type without the danger of a negative effect, albeit with limited results. I would still include psionic dysfunction as well as taint. I would have taint negatively affect psi use, and psi use negatively affect quantum use. Mal gets to implement his utopian idea by imbuing humans with quantum use. In turn, I would hand over the gift of psi use for humans to Max. The Doyen no longer are the ones who provided the tanks, Max finds a way to do this. The Doyen are still around and view taint as a threat, enlisting the Chromatics and harassing the proxies and other psi users via possession. The Pai still tries to recreate the Venezuelan tragedy, but his goal is to purge the Earth and surrounding area of the Doyen which he just recently discovered. I'm not sure what else to do with the effects of the event. I do like the aspect of not being able to see past it before it happens and before it after it happens. I just don't like all the other craziness Bruce and his writing team included. So how would these changes affect the rest of the story? Would any aspects of the game need to be re-explained? Hopefully this will provide some enjoyment for those of you still floating around here. I would hate to be written off as another crackpot who wants to create a lot of work to fix something that isn't broken. Thanks
  6. Great point! I love incorporating little "realisms" like that into a game. I am definitely going to add it to the scenario. Thanks! PS - I was beginning to think I had been black listed on the site. A whole month before I got a response! I didn't expect a celebration or anything, just some recognition I suppose. There is the download counter that shows response, but I was beginning to worry that I had posted a corrupted file that wouldn't open or something.
  7. In the Aberrant games I have run I wanted Taint to be an integral part of the theme. As stated earlier in this post, other than buying powers Tainted, it hardly ever gets acquired in the game. I redesigned Maxing Out as well. In addition to the changes, I designed scenarios where the players were practically forced to Max Out in order to succeed or survive. Of course I also made sure they were on the path to understanding Taint and how to harness it or eliminate it. My goal was to make Maxing Out easier to use, more beneficial, and more flexible. Maxing Out This is the equivalent of pushing the limits of your node. You may typically only Max Out once per Scene, but the Storyteller may incur additional penalties for exceeding this limit. The nova may Max Out at any time during a turn, even if it is in response to another action, as long as it is performable by the power being used or gained. To Max Out, the nova spends one point of Willpower and must make a standard Willpower + Node roll [the storyteller may apply a difficulty to the roll if appropriate]. If successful, the nova immediately gains a point of Temporary Taint. The nova then gains a number of successes equal to her Quantum rating plus any extra successes gained from the Willpower + Node roll. These successes can be applied as per the chart below. For each success taken advantage of, the nova must spend one Quantum Pool point in addition to the number of Quantum Pool points required to fuel any power being used. Of course, you are limited to the number of Quantum Pool points you can spend in one turn by your Node rating. # of Successes Effect Gained One....................Add one automatic success to the dice pool for the duration of the power. One....................Add one automatic damage success to the damage effect for the duration of the power. Two....................Double the duration of the power. This can be applied more than once, each use doubling the duration again. Two....................Double the range or area of effect. This can be applied more than once, each use doubling the range or area of effect again. If used on a power that has a range and an area of effect, you must apply successes to each one separately. Two to Ten..........Increase a Mega Attribute by one dot. The success cost is equal to two times the dot number increased to. For Example, if increasing your Mega Perception to the fourth dot you must use eight successes. The duration of the increase is equal to a number of Turns equal to your Quantum + Node. Standard limitations to the maximum Mega dot you can have still apply. Three.................Raise the power rating of the power by one dot for purposes of additional effects for the duration of the power. This extra dot is not used to increase your dice pool for the power. Your power rating cannot be raised above five dots. Three.................Gain the use of any Extra [except Mastery] for the duration of the power. Three.................Gain the use of any Enhancement for which you currently have at least one dot of the corresponding Mega Attribute. The duration is for the listed amount of time described in the Enhancements description or for a number of Turns equal to your Quantum + Node if duration is listed as a permanent effect. Three to Five.......Gain the use of a new power which is rated at one dot for each five successes used. The power may only be used once per Max Out in this way. You must meet the minimum Quantum requirement to use the power. A level one power takes three successes, a level two power takes four successes, and a level three power takes five successes.
  8. I can't wait any longer. I've been working on this adventure off and on for a while now. It is specifically designed for a group of beginning Aeon Trinity operatives. It still needs some work for my tastes, but I don't think I'll ever have a finished product I'll be satisfied with. I might as well post what I have. I don't think I will be violating any copyright laws, but if the admin thinks so please take it down. I hope it gives some Storytellers a spark to run Trinity and keep Aeon alive! 1st_Assignment___Frantically_French_2.doc
  9. What about the smack?! Does anyone have any cool ideas for drugs? With all the advances in medicine and chemical engineering, I want to include a wide variety of desirable pharmaceutical substances my players will want to use in game. I came up with one... Enhancers These drugs come in a variety of types that vary in name from brand to brand. Although each type targets a different body process, they all do the same thing mechanically. They enhance a single Attribute of the user. For the duration of the drug's effect, the user gains the benefit of a Quality associated with that Attribute even if they do not have four or more dots in it. Each type of Enhancer is designed to target one Attribute and provide one specific Quality which is determined when the drug is purchased. Duration: one hour Addiction Rating: 1 Detox: +1 Difficulty for one hour to all rolls associated with the Attribute that was enhanced. Cost: ●● per twenty doses Any more?
  10. Face of Terror mentions fainting and heart attacks, but doesn't really deliver in the mechanical area. I guess you could apply the automatic successes it gives to a certain appearance related power [a modified Stun Attack or Mental Blast power perhaps]. As far as being unplayable, the player has been successful so far. He simply wears a mask all the time. Of course, if his secret were to ever get out...hint, hint. I've found it to be very entertaining from a Storyteller's point of view.
  11. You are definitely correct. This is a mega power to say the least. I like the idea of turning it into a sweet of powers. It just really fit the character concept. I am not worried about the player abusing it. He is a great roleplayer who only has fun when everyone else is having fun. The character goes to great lengths to make sure the power does not get used. Like I said, he originally wanted it to be an aberration. I just thought it would be easy to make it a power made permanent by an aberration. The duration is listed as Concentration. I guess that means the character suffers a permanent +2 difficulty to any action he performs. I might need to alter that, unless the player feels it is appropriate. Any different ideas to make the player's concept work? The idea is that if his millions and millions of fans start demanding to see him, he will be responsible for countless injuries or deaths by them just looking at him.
  12. I wonder if anyone will notice this. I've been coerced into running an Aberrant game. One of my players had an interesting concept. The character is an actor that is at the celebrity level of Tom Cruise [influence 5]. After his eruption, he wanted to have an appearance that caused people to have negative effects like paralysis, blindness, unconsciousness, death, etc. He wanted it to be an aberration that was always on. The character was in hiding after his supposed death. He is afraid of his zealous fans finding out he was alive or the unyielding paparazzi finding him for what his aberration will do to them. I decided to make the following power and make it permanent with a high level aberration. Unearthly Visage Level: 2 Quantum Minimum: 3 Dice Pool: Appearance + Unearthly Visage Range: Special Area: Special Duration: Concentration Multiple Action: No Description: The nova can cause their appearance to change into one with hyper physical features. The visage becomes one of abnormal beauty coupled with appalling hideousness that can only be described as not of this world. This preternatural physiognomy can cause adverse effects in those observing it; ranging from simple shock to cardiac arrest. The severity of the effect depends on how close the viewer is to the nova. If they are within a number of meters equal to the nova's Quantum rating, they must make a resisted Resistance roll versus your power roll. If the viewer fails, they suffer a myocardial infarction and will die in a number of turns equal to their Stamina unless they receive immediate medical aid. A trained person must administer CPR and make a successful Medicine roll before the number of Turns passes to save the victim. Performing CPR successfully prevents death but leaves the victim in a coma for a time to be determined by the Storyteller. Of course a victim suffering a coma will still require medical aid from trained physicians to survive. Novas who are affected by the power at this close range are naturally more resistant and only suffer Unconsciousness on a failed roll. The duration of Unconsciousness is left for the Storyteller to determine and may typically last a scene, but this can vary based on different circumstances. Anyone who makes the resisted roll must also make a Willpower roll at a difficulty equal to the number of dots you have in Unearthly Visage. Failure results in the viewer becoming Dazed for one Turn. In addition to the effects above, while using this power everyone able to see your features with enough detail [typically about 30 meters for a normal baseline] also suffers a difficulty equal to your dots in Unearthly Visage to any rolls made while viewing your appearance. This last difficulty does not apply to the Stamina and Willpower rolls above. Extra: Inexorable Gaze [Your visage can cause even the stalwart nova to collapse with cardiac arrest. Any nova gazing upon you that is within the proper distance and fails their Resistance roll suffers the same effects a baseline does. It does take extra effort on your part to have the same effect against other novas. Your power roll is done at a +1 difficulty and it costs you three extra points from your Quantum Pool for each nova affected.]
  13. I've noticed a couple of references to a Virulence rating for poisons/toxins in the official Aberrant material as well as the fan published stuff. I can't find any mechanical information as to how the rating works. Was it left out or am I missing it? Thanks
  14. To be honest, I don't remember where I got it. I thought I got it here. It was a long time ago. It seems fan written to me.
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