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  1. Hello everyone I'm pretty new here so...what's going on? nice to meet ya. Anywho, What are your favorite starting character builds, they can range from: Favorite themed character hardest character type to have survive but is a blast playing strongest character You know a character that makes you laugh and love the game I would start off, but I just started playing Aberrant and have only made one character. Have fun
  2. Thanks everyone for your help, I appreciate it. Is it me or is the Players guide a little confusing expecially for a newbie. It just doesn't seem to be all that organized well. Maybe it's from lack of a detailed table of contents. Anyways most of the powers and abilitites and such included are for advanced/uber characters. I don't know maybe I haven't looked through it enough. Tonight I'm breaking out the post it notes and organize the book, yeah
  3. I have one level of Mega-Dex, Mega-Wits, Mega-Str., and two levels of Mega-Stam. Now I'm planning on researching what all I can do with these tonight when I get home, but of course I'll take hand-outs. Thanks
  4. OK another question, I hope I'm not overstaying my welcome Ok please disect this for me, actually all I need to know is what does the seven represent because the 25 is the automatic damages from mega-str. 5 7[25] Bashing damage I apoligize for all the questions, but I don't have as much time to study the book as I would like too, because junk like working full time and taking 3 classes tends to get in the way of fun stuff. So thanks for the patients
  5. Wow, thats pretty nice compared to the other members in the party, well looks like I should focus on somemore damage dealing capability, next I'll throw on another level of mega strength, making it two lvls in it. More automatic succeses = neato.
  6. So with every point of quantum in eufiber you get one point in bashing and lethal soak, wow that rocks. Now how many quantum points in eufiber do you need for the extra level of bruised damage, or are you counting the extra one you get from mega stamina? Thanks He's actually become the groups tank, whereas one member is for ranged attack and alittle bit close combat and the other is total support with temporal powers and warps. My character has claws, Q-bolt, and hypermovement.
  7. We played out first session of Aberrant on sunday after finishing our characters. It was a fun experience. I enjoyed the extra storytelling and such, it's a nice change of pace from doing basic dungeon crawling. I reread this topic and noticed you keep mentioning that eufiber gives you extra soak. Currently I have 9 bashing and 4 lethal from 5 stamina, 2 mega stamina, and resiliant. Now I also have 5 pts. in the eufiber background and 2 pts. in the eufiber aff. merit. Would I have even more soak? I looked over the eufiber stuff brielfly, but didn't have much time due to homework and such. I guess thats something for me to check on when I get home from work and school.
  8. It looks like I'll be playing for the first time this sunday, oh hell yeah. Well part of the time we'll get to play, where as the the beginning the ST and I will help another person finish her character. How many players are usually in your story, We'll have three players and one ST, our regular gaming group. Wish us luck
  9. I started my character last night I almost finished the human side of creation except I still have to spend my bonus pts. I got about 10 extra pts. due to flaws, but the flaws that I took went with how I was going to play my character in the first place so It's not like a huge disadvantge. I'm goin to buy three merits, Quantum Recovery, The possitive Eufiber one (don't have book with me), and Ambidextrious. For the first two I might buy 2 levels into them. I was thinking on how to get the most more my pts. so here's what I think I'm going to do. With flaws and merits I'll have 20 bonus pts. I'll spend 14 to buy two levels of Quantum since it's only two cheaper than buying them later. Now with 6 pts left maybe a point or two in willpower and maybe some specialties. What do you all think. What are some of your basic strategies in character creation? Now when I buy my powers with Nova pts I'll buy Q-blast with an extra making it a lvl 3 power which would cost seven right? so I'll buy it tainted for four pts, saving three. Also I'll buy Claws with an extra making it lvl two for 5 pts. I'll having 21 pts left. I'll spend 12 on Mega abilities. I'll have two check into buying flight cause that would be an option, or I'll buy another pt of quantum, and spend the rest on atts., abilities, and background. 30 pts. can dissapper real quick, maybe I'll save alittle more on another power buy buying it tainted too. Well so far thats my plan, let me know what you all think or give me some pointers. Thanks
  10. Weave sounds really great but if it is supposed to be really rare my character doesn't really have a good rationale to have it, actually it really won't fit into his story. How do you know if an ability is rare? or is that something you all agree on? Well for my characters main offensive abilities I've decided to give him claws made of Quantom energy, but with a twist that I'll buy Quantum blast as well and have him able to launch the blades at people and regrow another one if needed. I like it.
  11. I read through the claw power acouple nights ago and to me it sounds you don't need to have actual claws on your finger tips, but instead you can have different types. I was wondering if that meant you could have a claw/spike come out of the top of your hand like Baraka or what ever his name was from Mortal Kombat. If thats the case I'll definantly go with those. I just don't want to be Cat boy. As for Eufiber, the skills that relate to it Weave and the background eufiber, those don't just effect your original Eufiber. Lets say you lose your Eufiber, but end up punking some other nova or buying? another set of Eufiber, after the Eufiber adjusts to you you can use your powers and such just like before. Is this correct. Thanks
  12. Acouple quick things I've noticed while reading my books that came alot earlier than I expected, sweet. In the players guide the power of weave is just nifty, I think I'll take that so I can weave my eufiber get-up (I'll be maxing Eufiber background and maybe the eufiber merit) into a sword and such. Now by taking the Weave power (I'm sorry I don't have my book in front of me I'm at work) with the enhancement "weaponry". I know that will raise the power by one level. If I only take weaponry thats about all I can do with weave right, unless I take the armor or tenticle? enhancment. Still a cool power cause if gives you unlimited possibilities for fighting. Also If I take just the weapon enhancement what other regular things are possibly with the power. If I can get a few examples that should put me on track to know its capabilities. The points flaws give you are bonus points, correct? Now another thing, the flaw uneducated, I saw would fit my character real well, due to growing up on the streets, but for the points you get, the disadvantage is unbalanced, you will easily spend more points on raising a ability or two under intelligence than the flaw gives you. I liked it alot but to bad it's not more balanced. Id there a restriction on how many flaws you can have? Thanks everyone
  13. Also to add some more whats a good amount of Quantum and Willpower to start out with?
  14. does anyone know any good sites on the internet with Aberrant material on them. You know fan-made or official. Maybe creation guides, compilied lists, FAQs. Let me know if you do thanks.
  15. We will be playing an super villian campaign, three players and 1 story teller. My character will be a melee character focused on speed more than strength due to specialization in a Sabre. So far we just went through the basic character creation but I have yet to spend any points on him, so far we only have one book and the story teller is borrowing it until we get our own. I ordered mine yesterday. It will still be a week or two until we have our first session. So far though Major - Physical (speed - stanima - strength) Secondary - Social (want him to be alittle suave when he has to fit in with the real world) Minor - Intelligence or what ever it is, He's not going to be the one in charge, A buddy of mine is going to be a Lex Luthor type Nova. My character will be a merc. hired by his.
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