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  1. Nice Job folks. I'll be using this in an up coming little gem as part of "the abandon space ship in the middle of no where" adventure for Trinity.
  2. I'm starting an Elites game after watching Iron Man, Lord of War, & the comic book Wanted. What do you folks think it takes to run a good Elites game? Could this culture still be around in the time of Trinity among the Aberrants?
  3. There are three things I love about the system first all of the games are a part of a unified whole. That saves a huge amount of time when I'm running a complex campaign of stuff that needs to get done. The second reason is the rich universe to play with. While there is a meta plot to the game it doesn't have to be used at all. Trinity & its bothers are my go too sci-fi game system. Anything from a bug hunt to the most lofty cosmic game can be run.The great part about this game is the perspective of the characters. While there is some thud & blunder in the world its a quiet type of thing. The games are up beat in both tone & scope. Baring all of that in my mind I've used the Trinity System to run other game system worlds from various other companies. The results were great. So inclosing there's very few systems that cover so much ground for me.
  4. Well first of all its nice to see your still posting. First let me explain exactly why I dug out the Trinity Storyteller's Guide & what this all means to my players & myself. While I do realize that in no way, shape or form is this book complete there is enough of a skeleton to for a storyteller to get something out of it. This all came about because my girlfriend bought Gamma World D20 & thought she was doing me a huge favor. There's only one problem, " I hate D20" At the time I was running a highly successful Trinity game (D10) & it was going great. But then the characters took a wrong turn into what supposed to be a dimensional gate way in the background of an adventure. During the same adventure they all looked at me starry eyed. "So where did we end up?" ::unsure "Umm We'll pick this up next week." ::brick God there are times when writer's block sucks & this was one of those times. At the moment I've got a huge amount of stuff going on in my life with the housing crisis. ::wacko My only source of peace is my hobby & the love of family, friends,etc. Sorry to jump all over the place but that's exactly how things are. I need to channel these feelings into a story cum adventure. I used to so look forward to the Year of ---- events. I keep wondering what it would be like to adventure in a post world of darkness setting but on an interstellar level. The post about the taint buttered monsters really hit home for me. Where do they go from there? Perhaps this world reached its high point of technology ala the Trinity or Gamma World level & then magic came back with a "Bang"
  5. Well I just got Dreams of The First Age today in the form of a couple of pdfs. Well my impressions of the books are actually pretty odd. The 1st Age reminds me of the pre-Matrix age seen in the Animatrix with bits of the Star Wars movies thrown in along with pulpy goodness. Now I'm a bit torn about this. ::brick Far too much material & now comes the hard part editing myself
  6. Wow not much going on around here lately. So I recently I've been messing around with Scion & looking for new stuff to download & such. I came across the Trinity Storyteller's handbook & began to read through it. The book looks like it could have been a classic but needs a lot of polish. But I don't have the time so instead I'll simply raid the damn thing for what I need instead. I've had to combine both my Exalted group & my Trinity group into one night. This might cause headaches for most but I saw it instead as a challenge. I simply took the Star Trek Voyager route & created an Umbral Station with several different types of WW types on it. The fact that the World of Darkness had been destroyed added a very desperate edge to the adventure. Add in some Abby level traps & tricks plus a few more moral dilemmas & instant crossover with more flavor. So we'll see whats shaking later. Anyone else use the crossover factor?
  7. Mr. Watson, I don't mean to be forward but I would also like to see the Shared Universe of Trinity get more then equal billing but become the standard by which other sci-fi rpgs are judged. I happen to be calling on my brothers & sisters here to go not only here but here as well. http://www.shadownessence.com/forum/index.php?showforum=405 The D20 experiment failed & frankly that stinks but I want to generate entirely separate board. Away from the ArtHaus shadow, I know that theres more then enough interest in the game. ::sly D10 forever! Power to the Aeonphiles. ::hijack
  8. Sigh its nice to be back home. ::laugh Where do I start? Lets see none of the stats about any of the characters are current. So if you don't like something then change it. Marvel is great & do yourselves a favor pickup the DELUXE CITY C A M P A I G N S E T which I've used for years for Aberrant. Kids got to love them
  9. Whoa talk about topic cross over. I've been running this type of thing since Trinity came out. Hi everyone, nice to be back among the living again. Scion Demigod fills that nice Aberrant niche just fine & forget power creep its power ladders here. However I feel that more people get Scion then Aberrant which is too bad since the systems are so very nice together. Its that Marvel crossover feel without the background rewrite everytime the series ends. ::sly Anyhow in answer to a Dune question about the scifi feel of the games check this out http://www.turnto23.com/news/14600341/detail.html Some of Philip K Dick touch this turf as well & lets not even get into superman. For my money Odd John by Olf Stapledon handles the touche' aspects of non human (humans) with some real maturity. Read it in full here http://www.geocities.com/olafstapledon_archive/ The only other hard sci fi novella that scared the crap out of me as a 14 year old was Without Horns Unknown magazine 1940. Its about a mutant child born to a husband & wife who takes over a small town & the goverment agents tracking the creature down. The usual 1940s us vs them metality is evident but the agents portrayal is very Adventure. Ive run a Trinity aberrant hunt based on it. Nice stuff but your milage may vary. For the last three years its been Storyteller Taint World! A bit of this & that with lots of other stuff mixed in. Besides I didnt like the identity of the colony so I used my own. :warp: I'll be back soon.
  10. So what your saying is that the device has the actual quantum pool itself? Interesting way of doing it? Could this effect apply to other devices & items. Eric quietly sneakes off to grab a copy of Doctor Strange.. ::devil
  11. So Adventure is the superior system in your view? ::confused
  12. Ok what are the system differences between The World Of Darkness & Adventure? Combat, Character Creation, etc.. etc.. ::blink
  13. Ok so I'am watching Batman Begins. The only complaint I have besides his annoying girl friend is the fact that this Batman didn't make his own tools. He borrows them from Wayne Enterprises! I love Batman but there are way too many versions of the Bat running around. My thinking about this entire movie was the way in which Bruce Wayne was driven & I couldn't get it out of my head that the attitude seems to run through Aberrant alot. ::confused Anyhow how do we decide whats cannon in our game as gms? Which version of XYZ Marvel or DC character do we use? Another point do we check with our players before making a cannon decision about using a marvel or Dc characters in the campains?Do we tell them up front about changes or that there will be this stuff in the game? ::confused What are your opinions? Should I bother posting after not getting enough sleep. Words & letters become a hard concept to grasp. ::brick I end up editting the post 3 hours later.
  14. Well he's got nothing accept his ego as a medical condition! Seriously though I've always wanted to use Doom in an aberrant game. He's sort of one demension if played wrong. However an entire campain can be built around him. I saw Kingdom Come mentioned on another thread so I'am going to put my two cents in here. Another series with the epic scale of Kingdom Come is Earth-X. This series is so packed with ideas that it can be huge. However the early issues are some of the best for idea stealing(er borrowing) for Aberrant. The idea being that everyone on Earth gains superpowers. Things don't go so well.. ::sly
  15. ::ninja ::ninja ::ninja ::ninja ::ninja ::ninja Not much & welcome back! One small thing? Could someone tell the ninjas that I personally don't need them? Anyhow welcome back to Eon! Nice to have you in house again! ::biggrin
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