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  1. Smiling down at the woman reassuringly, Brandt glances over at Theo. "Dear, would you mind getting the door and kindly let the neighbors know that everything is under control now? The doctor will make sure she's alright. Let's try and give her a little privacy for right now." *And make sure no one else overhears when she starts describing her husband's eruption.* He stands, moving to stand next to Theo. "As a matter of fact, why don't you stay here with the doctor and I'll see if I can't go find her husband.", he says, clearly enough for the onlookers in the hallway to hear him. Waiting for Theo's agreement, he smiles at the women near the door. "Excuse me ladies," he says, gently closing the door behind him, coincidentally blocking it with his body. "Perhaps one of you could help me locate the poor girl's husband? I'm sure he'd like to know what's happened here. Do any of you know where he works, or where he might be right now?" *While I've got the door shut, you two get her out of here...hopefully to the same place they took her husband. Paul, keep her quiet. Give her something if you need to.*
  2. Switching the stove's burner off, Brandt kneels beside the woman and checks her vital signs. At the same time, he mentally sends to Paul. *Paging Doctor Paul, please. The fiery nova with you has a wife, and she's passed out on their kitchen floor. I'm fairly sure it's just from the shock of his eruption, but I'd rather be safe than sorry. There's also a whole crew of nattering housefrau's up here, and I'm sure we'll have an easier time dispersing them if they know a doctor is here to take care of the situation. Provided we can get even an inch of privacy, we should be able to warp her away before things get too out of hand. If she wakes up, she's likely to start screaming about what happened, and I've a feeling that would be bad.* ((Medicine roll, please.))
  3. Catching the hint, Brandt moves quietly into the apartment as Theo talks to the women outside. Overhearing the response to Theo's question, he sends back mentally. *Find Nina and keep the other women busy for a minute while I check the apartment.* Moving to the kitchen first, he tries to find the source of the burning smell; all the while keeping his eyes open for any hint of what happened here.
  4. Brandt smiles kindly at the older woman. " Thank you for the compliment. Please forgive her, it's just her nature to be concerned over someone being hurt. And no, we don't live here, not yet. As she said, we've just been looking around for someplace new." He steps forward, gently sliding past the other women to stand next to Theo. If she's unable to open the door, he gestures for her to step aside. "Let me try, dear.", he says with a smile, before using just enough strength to force the door open with his shoulder.
  5. Having watched the whole scene with a sort of rapt fascination, Brandt snaps out of it when Ash takes a swan dive off the roof. Smacking his forehead in frustration, he growls, "Idiot." Irritated, he watches closely as Ash bounces his way acrobatically down to the street below. Grunting sourly at his own unwilling admiration for the feat, he hears Theo speaking and turns to address her. "Agreed. Why don't you and I head downstairs, see if we can't gather any information on this guy and what may have caused his rather spectacular eruption. Johnathan, may I suggest that you, Paul and Zhenglai head down to assist Ash? I have a feeling things are going to go south very quickly if we aren't careful. Any more overt displays of novahood will gather us much more attention than I think we'd like."
  6. Brandt watched the video intently, tapping his chin with steepled fingers. "I don't suppose we have any audio on this scene, do we? It would be helpful if we could hear traffic, or anything that might indicate how busy the area surrounding the rooftop is. And, though I didn't notice anything during that first viewing, was the probe able to determine if there were any type of surveillance cameras nearby? In my experience, religions like to keep an eye on their collective flocks...especially if the religions are in as much control as we assume." He glances at Theo when she speaks, then at Ash. Leaning back in his chair, Brandt shrugs, not seeming too concerned about what they take with them. "Weapons are likely to be a big no-no. Other than that, I'm sure simple, tourist-style backpacks or messenger bags wouldn't catch too much attention. It looks like a decent-sized city, we should have few problems 'acquiring' gear if we need it." Surprisingly, he grins at Ash on that last part.
  7. Brandt smiles thinly. "I'm not the only one you need to convince. Can't say that I blame you for keeping your back-up plans under wraps, but if you'd trusted more of us, you might have that defense system up and running by now." He shakes his head slightly, obviously disappointed and more than frustrated.
  8. Actually I'd like to vote for Zhenglai. I was impressed by his whole persona. I like the old-guy schtick, especially his argument with Esteban.
  9. Brandt looks up, his expression calm. "Yes. How long have you known that the Meklar were this close, and how many other teams have you had before us?"
  10. My bad dude...I thought you said Node Spark was necessary. My apologies. ::smile As for the Taint, temp is much preferred than permanent. Keep in mind too, you've already got nasty rules for burning off temp Taint in your game, so there's a real good chance that a character that tries this even once, they're gonna end up with perm Taint anyways. Just noticed you edited your post...I'd say 2 temp taint. That's if you combine it with the existing rules for power-maxing. This way, the option is there for a character to REALLY push themselves if they need to, but there are some serious drawbacks to even trying it.
  11. Brandt, standing near the ETPH, glances up at the sky after the flash goes off. "Not that we're pressed for time or anything," he says sarcastically, "but I think perhaps we should speed up this conversation." He steps directly in front of Patricia, suddenly moist eyes contrasting with the harshness of his tone. "I cannot possibly understand how you must feel right now, but you really only have two choices right now. Stay here and die, or come with us. Regardless of the optimism of my colleagues," he says, glaring at Esteban, "your world is going to be nothing more than a shattered husk very soon. You might, might!, be able to take out the scout ships that are bombarding cities right now, but they are nothing compared to the rest of their fleet that will be following."
  12. While I don't necessarily think it's too harsh(after all, normally you can't buy new powers at all in session), I do have to say I don't really see the point, if Node Spark is required in the first place. One of the things I've always dug about Abby is that powers are supposed to be thematically-linked(usually based on the psychology of the individual or specific circumstance of eruption). It's very comic-bookish that way, which is why I like it. I've always(reluctantly) accepted that there is no system built into the Aberrant rules for power-stunts or spontaneous power acquisition. Your original post gave me a tiny glimmer of hope, but then you nuked it with the requirement of needing to already have Node Spark...which is designed to be a limited, faction-based power. I also say I've got to agree with SkyLion about the XP cost for the one-time use powers, and the Taint. For a permanent purchase, of course you have the pay the XP, but eating a point of perm Taint is just insane. Temporary taint I can see, because you're pushing yourself, just like Power-Maxing. Speaking of which, I've always wondered why the Power-Maxing rules couldn't be modified for this kind of thing. Like, up the Q-cost and eat some temp Taint, so if you do actually manage to pull it off, you're friggin' exhausted and stuck with some fresh Taint.
  13. ((Giving this one a kick in the pants...it's good idea I'd like to keep going with.)) Irritable and impatient with this whole mess, Brandt decides to take matters into his own hands. "Screw it.", he mutters, before altering course to aim directly at one of the exterior walls! Staying just below the speed of sound, he grits his teeth at the expected impact and tries to plow through the wall before pushing himself hypersonic to create a massive echoing boom inside the building.
  14. Upon receiving Paul's mental message, Brandt shakes his head sadly and then calmly moves to start setting up the ETPH, before stopping abruptly and cursing loudly. "We need to get back to the original site in order to for this damn thing to work." He looks at Theo and the Obsidian Mask. "I can make it there pretty damned fast, and I can set it up even faster; but I'd rather the rest of our merry little band was there as well. Ideas?" While they're thinking, he tries to contact Paul. *Are you still on mind? If so, listen. I need to get the ETPH back to our entry location for it to work. Should I head there now and set it up, or wait for Zhenglai to warp all of us there?*
  15. Brandt's other eyebrow raises to match the first, giving him a genuinely surprised expression. "Well, then. That's a unique perspective on the matter. Personally, I never cared before what their reasons were...I'm not sure I care too much even now. I can certainly understand why it would be relevant, and I'm glad that at least someone in our little group is considering it." He smiles at her briefly, then he looks up at the sky, his smile fading. "I hope the people here have a chance."
  16. Oh, and if anyone else is wondering what all of those knives actually are...here's a list! ::happy From top left moving down we have: Benchmade 705BST, CRKT D.O.G., a Seax made by Tinker of Tinker Knives, a fixed blade by my pal and knifemaker Atomic Zero, an all-TI knife by Neil Blackwood(I believe the model is called the Grifter), and a wood-handled carbon-steel knife made my a knifemaker from Hungary whose name I can't remember right now. Along the bottom row we have: A little Kiridashi made by Dav Winch, a Clinch Pick made by Shivworks and Trace Rinaldi, a Bear Claw by CRKT, a tiny but amazingly functional necker called the Bitterroot(by Rob Simonich), a CC TI knife by Neil Blackwood, a small TI push dagger by my good friend John T. Wylie Jr, and another small necker made by Alan Folts. From the right row moving up from the bottom: Strider WP Wharncliffe, a small hunter by Chandon Knives made with damascus, bone handle and mokume bolsters, another Strider WP(Spear Point), Simonich Urban Raven, Emerson PSARK, Strider SNG. In the middle: A small SAK I found on vacation with sentimental value, and a friction-lock folder conceived by Pat Crawford.
  17. Thank you Alex and Phoenix for the pretty comment, I think they're pretty too. ::biggrin Oh, and Phoenix, if its the one I think you're talking about, that's a knife produced by Columbia River Knife and Tool, called the Bear Claw. http://crkt.com/bearclaw.html As for the SAK(Swiss Army Knife), well, they are legitimately good all-purpose tools, but that's not why I have that one. That one is a memento from my trip to Kauai with Wish a couple of years ago. We went hiking with a guide on Princeville Ranch, and one of the places we stopped was a pool fed by a small waterfall. I waded into the pool from the shoreline to get a better angle on the picture I was taking of the waterfall, and after taking the picture, I started to make my way carefully back to shore(the rocks were very slippery). As I watched where I put my feet, I noticed something red and kind of shiny in the water below me...originally thinking it was a piece of glass from a beer bottle, I became a little irritated(I hate littering), and so I reached delicately into the water to pick it out so we could throw it away. Imagine my surprise when I instead removed a Swiss Army knife! It seemed to have been laying there for some time, because it was covered with crusty mineral deposits from the water. I showed it to the guide, and asked if she wanted it back, to try returning it to whoever the original owner was. She told me to go ahead and take it; judging by the appearance, that knife had been laying there for at least months before I found it, and she would have no idea how to even find who previously owned it. I did feel bad a litte, because I know how I would feel if I lost a knife on vacation, but eventually decided she was right. So, I took it home, cleaned it up a little, and now it sits safely in my collection box as a keepsake. BTW, here are some pics of the waterfall where I found it, and what it looked like originally before I cleaned it up.
  18. Depends on the knife, really, but most of the time it's about what you'd expect. Packages and boxes at work and home, sometimes food, etc. Why, what do cut with your knives? ::tongue
  19. Meanwhile, in the Nevada desert.... Brandt stared thoughtfully into the horizon for a few moments, not speaking. Finally turning to Theo, he raises an eyebrow at her. "Do you think we'll actually survive this lunacy?"
  20. Just for giggles, thought I'd share an updated pic with you all of my knife collection as it stands now. Not quite the volume it used to be when I was younger, but I like to think I've gone from quantity to quality. ::biggrin If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Edit: For those of you who may not know, I've been collecting knives for nearly 15 years now. As many of my friends(and my wife) will tell you, I probably know entirely too much about such pointy things.
  21. Gargh...my apologies for it being so belated, but Happy Birthday!!! ::biggrin
  22. That was about the funniest damn thing I've read in a long time. ::laugh ::laugh ::laugh BTW, you do realize that, in the Ultimate X-Men anyways, Colossus is gay?
  23. "I'll stay here, with whoever else wants to. Either way, if you do plan on warning someone, I'd do it quickly. We're running out of time."
  24. At Zhenglai's announcement, Brandt opens his mouth, then closes it, momentarily at a loss for words. Racing, his brain speeds along multiple trains of thought simultaneously, each path starting from this moment as its point of origin before narrowing more and more until they all reach the same conclusion. "We need to leave. Cameras can be left behind to gather data; hell, we can use the little rover Michal has, or any amount of sensory equipment available that geek has cooked up back home. But the bottom line is that this world will be destroyed. With us on it. I count my job as saving MY world, not someone else's." Brandt looks frustrated, and almost can't believe what he's saying, but determined to make his point clear.
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