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  1. Happy Birthday my Aussie friend. All the best. ::happy
  2. Cooooool. Thanks Prof. Stranger having mox in his arsenal will really help him keep things less-than-lethal. And for everyone else(especially Expendable), I tweaked The Stranger's costume a little bit. It's not quite perfect, due to the limitations of the program I'm using, but I like it. Tell me what you think.
  3. Extremely unhappy with the manner and topic of these...negotiations...The Stranger decides now might be a good time to start changing the subject. Using the subvocal microphone attached to his throat beneath his mask, he tries to contact Vinnie's other helper on this little mission. "Slither. I think I can free Ms. Cable fairly easily, but I need a distraction. Something that's enough to at least get the attention of the guards that are closest to the stage long enough for me to get her free. Don't move until I say, just think about it." While Slither mulls that over, the vigilante addresses Ghost next. "This is Stranger...I have an idea for how to free Ms. Cable and get us all out of here with as little bloodshed as possible. The lock holding her restraints is simple; seems like Adam here is depending on the dampening field more than he should. I've asked Slither to create a distraction when I say. When that happens, I will be at Ms. Cable in seconds, and get her free. As soon as I remove her from the dampening field, you can teleport her to safety and then come back for Slither and myself. If we're quick enough, we should be able to get out with no casualties. If you're even quicker, you might be able to grab Adam too, on the last trip. Shrug your shoulders if you understand and approve."
  4. I know I know...stupid car! Why does building something entirely from scratch have to take so bloody long!? ::brick ::glare ::wink Prof, what do you think about the mox injector idea? Is that something The Stranger would have access to, or be able to make on his own?
  5. Seating himself on the floor in a corner, Brandt watches the conversation unfold. Content to stay silent for now, he mentally addresses Esteban, asking for a complete description of what was observed. As Esteban(hopefully) explains, he puts his mind to work trying to understand what was causing this phenomenon.
  6. Never heard of it before you posted, actually. Check out this thread and the date: http://www.eononline.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=2016 Spooky how close the resemblance is though!
  7. This may help to give you an idea of the costume...this is what would be worn beneath the trenchcoat and fedora.
  8. That reminds me...please keep in mind that the Stranger has access to ridiculous amounts of money, and so his gear can and will reflect that. However, as SkyLion pointed out, and Expendable demonstrated, sometimes its the simple things that work the best.
  9. Some good stuff there, Expendable, thanks! Those are all things Stranger should definitely have. Not sure if the mox injectors would be allowed by Prof though...I know such things are available, but whether they're available IC to my character is a different story. Collecting forensic evidence is kinda part of what he does; I agree about not necessarily having a portable lab with him, but baggies and swabs would work to get evidence back to a lab. As for the vehicle...well, that's coming along. ::devil Originally, The Stranger was supposed to work alone...but, just like his inspiration(Batman), he's ended up picking up some friends and associates along the way. As far as actual crime-fighting though, he's usually by himself. Hmm...his costume right now is pretty basic, but I've been considering re-designing it. It's eufiber, so it can adapt a bit for different situations, but it usually stays the same. The main costume is all one piece, kind of traditional comic book style. Colors are a very dark blue and dark grey. Gloves and boots are part of the eufiber, allowing him to change his boot tread and glove grips on the move. The main carrying ability he has is his belt and harness system, which I previously described as being similar to the old military LBE(Load Bearing Equipment) harness. LINK Most of his weapons(such as his pistols) are attached to the harness. The belt is a separate piece that sits on the hips, under the harness. I may update the LBE harness to something more modern, like the LBV(Load Bearing Vest) used today. If you've ever watched Stargate Atlantis, they wear them all the time. Of course, Stranger can make his own, much more streamlined version, but that's the basic idea. He also wears a mask, on top of his eufiber. The mask is its own unit, and houses multiple viewing lenses. Thermal, low-light, and magnifying lenses(binoculars). It also has its own transmitter/receiver that works with his cellphone. He occasionally wears a fedora and long coat over his costume, giving him sort of a Shadow-like appearance. That's about all I can think of for now. I mean, I have the same book Skylion referenced earlier, The Ultimate Illustrated Guide to the Dark Knight,, and it is simply amazing the amount of detail and individual items that are laid out just in Batman's costume and belt. I'd like to get to that degree eventually with The Stranger, but take a different approach in costume design and appearance. Besides, Bats has had decades to pick out his gear and customize it...The Stranger's a relative newcomer to the crime-fighting scene.
  10. Okay...so now we have: Flashlight Lockpicks Pepper Spray Handcuffs Multitool or tool kit Recording devices(audio and video) Grapple line or cord. Extra grapples. Throwing spikes(Stranger don't do Bat-a-rangs) Firestarter(matches, lighter, possibly Acetylene torch) Smoke grenades First Aid Kit(wonderful suggestion) Rebreather(of some kind) Particulate mask(possibly) MicroComputer(already has one, a PDA, I just forgot to include it) Thread(kinda covered by the cord above, but a small sewing kit is a good idea) Seasonings(I like this one, can't say how useful it is for crime fighting tho! ::biggrin ) GPS tracking device Chalk(a cool and unique suggestion) How about communication? Stranger already has an encrypted cell phone that uses an earpiece built into his mask. Any other ideas for this list? Forensic equipment, chemicals? More light sources?
  11. Or Stranger-Belt, in this case. I was looking through my copy of the Guide to the Dark Knight, and perusing his list of toys. Some were very very cool, though I imagine a bit unrealistic in Aberrant terms. So I'm asking for help. I'd really like to have a concrete list of things The Stranger is likely to carry around every time he's in costume. Now, I have done such lists before in PM's with Prof, but I always have the nagging feeling that I've forgotten some vital thing that will end up biting me in the ass later. I'm asking for your help, my fellow geeks. ::biggrin If you could make the perfect Bat-Belt for Aberrant, what would it contain? Here's some easy stuff I always think of, and which matches some items in the traditional Bat-Belt. Flashlight Lockpicks Pepper Spray Handcuffs Multitool or tool kit Recording devices(audio and video) Grapple line or cord. Extra grapples. Throwing spikes(Stranger don't do Bat-a-rangs) Firestarter(matches, lighter, etc) Smoke grenades Kinda tired, so that's all that's coming to mind right now. If anyone's got more suggestions, I'd love to hear them. ::happy
  12. Shifting back down to his natural(but still metal-skinned) form, the blood-spattered Joe shrugs. "We could kill him I guess. But how do we know which one's the original? Unless we get that one, offing a clone doesn't mean much. Hell, I already splatted two of 'em."
  13. Seeing Ms. Cable alive brings a mental sigh of relief to the vigilante above her. Immediately, he starts taking a closer look at her bindings and surroundings, trying to see if there's any way he can manage to free her.
  14. Prof, because Ghost's and Adam's actions will definitely affect what The Stranger does next, I have to ask: How much of this bit has he witnessed? I know he had to do some sneaking around and climbing rigging during the whole time Ghost has been talking to Adam, and I'd rather not jump the gun(lol...so to speak) if there's no way Stranger could possibly affect this scene.
  15. Rourke glances over at his newly appointed comms specialist when he hears Kapriski's voice coming over the radio. "Confirm that transmission, let her know we're ready here. Then stay on the horn, keep trying for more information on anything that's happening out there." He looks to the other Greens that have just been placed under his command. "Chambers, as soon as the folks from Bravo arrive, get a head count and see if there's anyone missing that shouldn't be. I don't want anyone left there if we can avoid it. Also see if you can get an update from them on the status of Vlad's tunnel. Daniels, you head to the infirmary and help out with readying supplies for evacuation. Epstein..." He leans down and tilts his head sideways to grin at the scout pinned under Julia. "You seem good with kids. Could you take Julia back to the infirmary, hang out with the kids and keep everything on track back there for me? I'm going to wait here for any new arrivals."
  16. No, 8th is where Rourke is, along with a bunch of NPCs. I think Heritage is trying to make 8th a point of retreat right now, since it's the only place not actively under attack and has medical supplies.
  17. Backstage: Hidden in the shadows for now, The Stranger considers his options in the few moments he knows he has before he's likely to be spotted. As much as he'd like to get one of these Templars alone, without their armor, long enough to squeeze some answers out of them, he knows rationally that such an attempt would likely end in Ms. Cable's death, if not his own as well. Remembering why he's really here causes a sudden surge of guilt...he was supposed to be here to help save someone, not continue his personal crusade. Not wanting to attract any attention by glancing around, he mentally reviews everything he's seen of the area he's in, and tries to move somewhere that's will conceal him as well as giving him a chance to see more of the main area of the theater. So far he'd seen nothing backstage but guards; he had to assume for now that Ms. Cable was being held elsewhere. At the very least, he might be able to find Ghost, and see how the Elite was faring. He didn't dare any radio communication; even scrambled there was a good chance they'd detect the noise it generated.
  18. "Well thank god that worked." Switching to his mental voice, he address Esteban through the link. *Looks like the mox did the trick, and just in time. Get downstairs with the others, I'll be down as soon as I finish up here. And keep in mind what you were able to see, I'd like to go over that with you later.* Glad that things are finally starting to calm down a tiny bit, Brandt spends the next few seconds darting around the tweed-coated eruptee, freeing anyone that's still stuck. If he's able to finish before the authorities arrive, he grab Mr. Cinnabon and speed back to the others in the basement.
  19. That's kinda the way I like it with Rourke. Man o' mystery. ::biggrin Of course, no PC has ever really tried to talk to him or find out about him ICly that I know of. But yeah, common knowledge(among those who dealt with THRONE anyways), is that he's from Permafrost and hitched a ride back to this world right before this big attack started. There are obviously some of the Greens who know more about him than they're telling(like the psychiatrists and other higher-ranking officers), but they're not talking either, for their own reasons. Heritage and I have talked about his personnel file, and H may be posting some stuff about Rourke in "Meet the Characters". Rourke doesn't really know enough about himself for me to want to do a file. I don't want to give to much away OOC. I will say this though...I may not be doing very well with it through the typed medium, but Rourke's way of speaking and general behavior are supposed to be very reminiscent of the good guy in old Western flicks. Kind of a John Wayne deal, but without any pronounced accent. He always addresses women as ma'am or miss, is generally very polite and soft-spoken, and uses terms like 'reckon' in everyday speech.
  20. So she's a literal hottie?! ::laugh What's weird is that the more you describe your character, the more I think she's a perfect match for Rourke! ::biggrin He's actually more than able handle pretty much all her aberrations.
  21. Having smashed his way through one of the OMAs, Joe is already turning to plow through the next one when he notices the gunfire has stopped long enough for Lodestone to start talking. Stopping where he is, the big Elite can almost feel his heart pounding from the excitement of the situation. He can't really tell, though. In this form, he's not even sure he has a heart. Standing still, his massive body poised for the next attack, he barely registers the thin film of his enemy's blood falling to land on his shoulders and head, lightly coating his coppery shifting skin. He waits for their response.
  22. Taking in the scene, the masked vigilante decides onward and upward will be more likely to take him where the action is. Sliding silently through the doorway, he gently closes the door behind him and heads for the stairs, trying his best not to leave any trace of his passage. Senses primed for anyone coming near, he creeps up the stairway.
  23. Zero Hour: Ever so quietly, The Stranger moves across the room towards the door, sliding his body flat against the wall next to it, positioning himself to be ready to attack anything that may open it. He waits, disciplining his breathing for slow, even breaths as he listens to the footsteps. If they continue on and recede, he checks the door to see if it's locked before making an attempt to open it and peek out. If they decide to come through the door...well, he had tried to avoid conflict.
  24. The Stranger accepts the earpiece, nodding as he reviews the security information and layout Ghost hands him, his enhanced memory allowing him to easily absorb the new data. Listening attentively as the other man continues, he nods again at the suggestion that he and Slither find their own ways in. After a brief pause to make sure Ghost was finished, the gray and blue clad Nova calmly walked off into the shadows, already planning his route in. On the move, he considered the best areas of entrance with the least security...making his decision within seconds, The Stranger slunk through the shadows and began his entrance to the old theatre.
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